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Song of the Ovulum Book Review

This review contains slight spoilers but nothing that should ruin the story for you.

Song of the Ovulum CoverSynopsis
It has been fifteen years since Billy, Bonnie, and the rest of the gang discovered the truth about their dragon heritage and went on a dangerous and amazing adventure. After saving the word and even other worlds with it they thought it was finally time to settle down and live the rest of their life in peace. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

The world put up with the idea of dragons and humans with dragon traits for a while, but soon began seeing them as a threat. Now the people enslave all those with dragon blood, leaving these old heroes separated from their loved ones, or imprisoned and tortured.

After struggling through turmoil in foster care, 16 year old Matt joined military school where he proved to be one of the best. Now a strange man comes up to him claiming Matt has dragon traits and asking for help to save Matt’s parents he never even knew he had. Can Matt use his military training to help these odd people who are supposedly his parents?

Lauren, after going through foster care herself, finally had adoptive loving parents and a seemingly normal life. In one night all that crashes around her when a winged man and ghost-like woman capture her and destroy everything she knew and loved, claiming she has a mysterious gift that they need use of. Something she does not even know about herself.

In a tight, secure base the characters struggle to release their loved ones and put right all the wrong that was done. But is it possible within a base filled with guards, guns, spotlights, and even tanks?

From Bible times to present day, odd humans with even stranger special traits, old foes and new, faith and newfound love, and a raging battle against dragons and high-tech machinery, Song of the Ovulum is a fast paced novel you will get dragged into immediately.


Song of the Ovulum is a contemporary, Christian, fantasy novel and is the first book in the Children of the Bard series, a continuation of the Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire series by Bryan Davis. This series takes place fifteen years after the last series ends, introducing new characters while also reuniting with old.

If you have not read the Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire series I highly suggest you do before picking this book up. While there is a summary of the last series in the back of Song of the Ovulum there is still some confusion that might take place for the reader. Nearly all the old characters return while very many mentions from old events are referred to. Besides, the other series are fantastic! A review for the Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire series can be seen two posts under this one, in the ‘Book Reviews’ link on the side, or you can click Here.

As the synopsis suggests, Song of the Ovulum is mainly set in a high secure, military base specially designed for imprisoning dragons and “anthrozils”, humans with dragon traits. While many old characters appear, the main characters you see are Matt and Lauren as they try to help the others free Billy, Bonnie, and Ashley (three anthrozils themselves) from this dangerous prison while attempt not being captured themselves. Not only is this a near impossible task because of the many armed guards, fences, and spotlights, there is also unearthly villains stalking their paths and causing much trouble.

While the heroes in present day are going through great lengths and struggles within the dangerous facility, the story also jumps back to Bible times, starting all the way to a couple of days before the flood. Here the reader is introduced to Joran and Selah, a brother and sister who are known as Listeners, having the unique ability to make barriers from song and music with the use of a special lyre. They know that the flood is coming and are dreading being swept up into its waters and drown with the rest. Both are quite surprised when they are instead swept inside a strange object known as an Ovulum, a glass orb of sorts. As the siblings attempt to find their key of escape from this curious place, they step through events in time, from the great flood to medieval days all the way to the present, learning many lesson with each step.

Just as all of Bryan Davis’s other stories, this book pulls the readers in immediately and will not allow them to let go. Excitement, danger, heartache, and love are all woven into Song of the Ovulum that makes one beg for more.

Being a continuation of the other series, Song of the Ovulum brings in many old characters as well as introduces new ones. I found this most exciting. I got a thrill every time one of the old characters appeared and kept anticipating seeing more and more, they were all as lovable as before and make for wonderful story telling. Then you have your new characters. Bryan Davis proves his amazing talent for character making once more. I loved every single new character introduced right from the start and that love just grew more and more as the story continued. Mr. Davis never makes for flat characters, which is one of the many reason why all his stories as so wonderful.

The villains introduced, old and new, were just what I want a villain to be, scary but intriguing. Bryan Davis does not make your run-of-the-mill villains. From a winged-man, an ancient mad scientist, to a near ghost lady, the readers are captivated by these strange people and absorbed into the story wanting to know more and more what these evil beings’ plans really are.

Other Material
Song of the Ovulum is a Christian story with many Christian values written expertly within it. The biggest theme of this book is God’s great mercy, and is told in a beautiful way that brought tears to my eyes.

The love the characters showed one another in Dragons and Our Midst and Oracles of Fire was one of the greatest reasons I loved those books, and this series is proving to be no different. Such self-sacrificing and willingness to do anything for one another helped put that same passion within my own heart.

I loved this book intensely, and it was amazing to see all those characters I love so much back again, but there is one thing negative about it. While it is great to read about all the characters again and have even more books from the Dragons and Our Midst and Oracles of Fire series, it is also rather sad. After reading the last series I think most readers wanted the dear characters to finally live ‘happily every after’ after all they had been through. Unfortunately, that is far from what they got. While, yes, I was glued to the pages and hypnotized with the story, as well as squeeing for joy every time another old character made an appearance, I was also rather sad throughout it for their sakes. Nevertheless, I still highly suggest reading this new series if you enjoyed the others.

Appropriate Ages
Though love and mercy flow within the pages of Song of the Ovulum, this book is filled with imprisonment and suffering, making it not the best read for younger ones. Though not seen often, there is much mention of ‘science’ experiments done on the anthrozils and torture in the terrifying prison. Things get rather intense as the characters attempt to sneak around the secure facility. Then you have guns, tanks, and fire breathing dragons battling together.

I am making this sound graphic, it is not really, but I would not suggest it for young people. Teens and adults alike, on the other hand, will find it most enjoyable.

Just as the Dragons and Our Midst and Oracles of Fire series, I would suggest the very least be 14 years in age.

Bryan Davis did it again, bringing back his old beloved series and making it new and exciting. This book was spectacularly written, with an exciting plot and amazing characters, old and new. If you have read the Dragons and Our Midst and Oracles of Fire series and enjoyed them then Song of the Ovulum should be your next book purchase.

I cannot wait for the next book!!

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