Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello Spring!

Today marks the first day of Spring! Spring has always been my favorite season, not too hot, not too cold. Everything starts to grow green again and the world is dappled in color as the flowers bloom and blossom. Even now I see bees out my window buzzing around doing their busy bee-like business (enough B’s for you?). It makes me smile.

Sun in the Trees

I love Spring because it gives me a sense of newness. Upon the trees, small green leaves are replacing the old with a freshness of life and protection and greenery to the land once they have grown. Buds are sprouting everywhere, promising beauty to the world. Light green grass is replacing the brown dried up leaves of Fall and Winter, spreading its merriment across the ground. Saplings are popping up, seeing daylight for the very the first day of the many hundred years to follow as they grow into flourishing trees. Baby birds are poking their beaks out of the shells and making their first sounds of life. Everything is new and fresh and lovely. You can almost feel the flower buds’ excitement as they anxiously await to finally open up and kiss the sun’s rays after waiting for so long through the cold months.

It’s that joyfulness of life that makes me want to take my shoes off and dance in the newly formed grass.

Life. Something so amazing that even the smartest of scholars cannot always understand. Just as the buds await their day to bloom and see the sun’s light smile down on them, we await our day to become blossoming flowers and see our Savior, Jesus Christ, smile upon us. With this newness of life spreading across the country, I think we should freshen ourselves and work towards that goal of blossoming into beautiful flowers that welcome the light instead of shuddering in the darkness.

As the world receives new life, we should as well by giving our life to Christ and work our way to those blooming flowers. It is joyous, amazing…beautiful.

Before you know it, those buds you see out your window will be blossoming flowers, reflecting the sun’s light and making the world lovely. Shall we join them?

Pink Flowers

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