Monday, January 7, 2019

Goals of 2019

Happy 2019, my elflings! It’s…it’s…2019. That feels so weird to type out. But I’m trying to embrace it, because it’s A NEW YEAR. Which means new goals and dreams and hopes and adventures and I’M EXCITED.

I do hope your Christmas and New Year’s was lovely. I am back from my little holiday break, and excited to be here because, though my break was fantastic and muuuch needed, I’VE MISSED YOU ALL. A LOT.

Being as how it’s (somehow) a new year, that means GOALS. My favorite. #nerd I’m going to do like I did last year and list out all my goals for 2019 because nothing like the pressure of accountability to get me into gear. Woot, woot!

Funnily enough, a whole lot of my goals for this year are the same as they were last year. Some because, well, I didn’t achieve them last year. *COOOUGH* But a lot of them are because I did achieve them last year (miracle of miracles!) and want to keep the good habits I picked up.

So let’s get started!





Eheheheh. So this has been on my list of goals for the past…3 years now? Because I just keep editing and editing and editiiiiing. BUT. I feel like this next edit may be the last it needs before it’s *gulp* ready for querying. It’s gone through so many changes, and is like one billion times better from it’s first draft thanks to my AMAZIIIING beta-readers. And…and I think it truly is almost ready.

I don’t think this next edit will be nearly as intense and time consuming as last year’s. But LOLZ. I really shouldn’t say these things, because the universe does so love to prove me wrong. So WE’LL SEE. But I’m quite excited to dive back into my beloved story again. I haven’t touched it since September and I MISS IT. I’ve been working on it so long, it’s become my comfort place, if that makes sense. My home. And I’m ready to return! Plus, last year I discovered that I actually really, really like editing, of all things. o.o So for once I’m not terrified of the idea. Huzzah! (Miracles really do happen.)



Brb while I go hide in panic for 3 million years.

Ahem, so yes. I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. The fact that I haven’t queried yet is just SHAMEFUL. I’ve been meaning to for yeeeears. But, at last, I think I have a book almost properly ready for it. Plus I did quite a bit of research on query letters last year, and I have a copy of the 2018 Christian Publishers Market Guide to go through, which should help a LOT. So…I think I’m ready. I’msonotready.

I’m setting a goal of at least three because I work best with very specific goals. My original goal was to try to research some agents and hopefully query to them later this year. But then I realized with something that vague, I’d never get up the nerve to do it. But I’m stubborn and when I set something specific like this, I usually try my hardest to DO it. So yep. 3 agents it is (at least, but I may try more). #halp



If I’m going to be querying I need a “resume” of sorts. I’ve been meaning to do this for actual YEARS. And this is gonna be the year. I’M DETERMINED.

I’ll hopefully be trying to write some flash fiction for Havok (which just launched it’s new website last week, by the way!), and I have a list of some other magazines to look into. BUT I’m aaaalways looking for more, so if you have suggestions PLEASE SHARE! I’m so new to this. Any help would make me love you forever. (JK, I already love all of you! <3)



Um, so hi, yes. I feel like this is coming out of the blue but, honestly? I’ve been wanting to do this for years (do you see a pattern of procrastination here? *cough*). Blogger was a great platform to start out with when I was a little baby blogger, but it is time to switch to something more advanced and professional looking. I mean, sheesh, come March I’ll be blogging for EIGHT YEARS. o.o Like…it’s time for something more serious and permanent. Past time!

SO YES. I’d really like to do this. The idea has TERRIFIED me, which is why I haven’t done it yet. But I was looking around at step-by-step guides the other day and, though it looks like it’ll be time-consuming, it does look doable. Maybe? Hopefully? I’msoscared. So I’m gonna try!

I don’t know when. I was thiiinking maybe in March or April? My blogiversary is in March, so it’d be cool to do it after being here for 8 years. But WHO KNOWS. Knowing my procrastinating ways it may not even happen. Eheh. But I wanted to give you guys a heads up so you don’t freak out when suddenly everything has changed over here. If I do it, I hope to get a domain name too. So yeah. Serious changes may indeed be coming. BUT DON’T WORRY. When the time comes, I’ll let you guys know it’s about to happen. *nods*



YES. This is probably happening again this year and AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED.

It’s absolutely not set in stone because money and life and health and blah. But it’s definitely looking promising! I especially want to go this year because it’s at the same location as last year, and having that familiar setting will be way less overwhelming and easier on my body and mind since I’ll know what to expect, how much walking I’ll be doing, etc. So yeah, I’m really hoping it’ll work, because it’ll be sooo much easier having a location I’m now familiar with.



This is always my goal, and it never seems to happen. *shakes head* I average 30 books a year, which is just pathetic. I really, really want to make more time for reading this year.

And to go under this category, I hope to read at least a couple of nonfiction writer help books. As well as read lots of fairytales. It’s been ages since I’ve read some fairytales, and I miss them! Plus, I have reeeeasons for needing to read all the fairytales again but that’s a secret for right now. *griiins*

I’m also hoping to read at least one popular series this year that like everyone in the world has read but I haven’t. A couple of years ago I read through the Percy Jackson series, and last year (it feels weird referring to 2018 as last year o.o) I read Harry Potter (FINALLY!!!), and I want to keep up this streak. It’s just shameful that I haven’t read certain series. I’m thinking this year I might do A Series of Unfortunate Events. I did read the first 2, but that was years ago! So I want to read them altogether now. Mainly because my sister is obsessed with the Netflix series and says I HAVE to watch it. But being the good bookworm I am, I want to read the series first. But we’ll see! I’m very much a mood reader and try to make reading fun and stress free and not some obligation, so I like to leave my reading goals pretty loose and carefree. Otherwise it feels like a chore and that’s the last thing I want reading to be!

I also may totally steal Tracey's idea and read one book of Bryan Davis’ Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire/Children of the Bard books a month, because there’s exactly twelve. I’ve been wanting to reread them (and I actually never did read the last two of the Children of the Bard series! O__O), and this seems like a fantastic plan! Plus, I never reread anymore and I MISS IT.



I mean, this is a given. And this year will be my TENTH NaNo. In a row. O_O So like, I have to participate!



I got in a fairly good routine of exercising for about 30 minutes most days last year, and I definitely want to keep this up! Or…restart, because NaNo and the holidays sort of killed the routine. Whoops. And I’m feeling it too. I spend so much time at the computer, my muscles get really sore. It’s definitely time to get up a routine again!



This was a big goal for last year and did I accomplish it? NOPE. Well, okay, I do feel like I did make more of an effort to not work every single second of the day. But I still got a lot of burnout that probably could have been easily avoided if my workaholic mind would just CHILL.

This year I reeeally want to make more of an effort to give myself some rest and allow recharging time. I’ve been feeling a serious decrease in creativity for like…a year now, and I think it’s due to not taking the time to refill that creative tank and REST.

My hope is to “clock out” by 8 every night. And actually stick to it! Because I always have intentions of doing something like this, but, again, my workaholic self usually just ignores the idea of self-care. But maaaaybe this year will be the year I for reals take care of myself mentally and physically. One can hope. XD



I usually try to choose one word to focus on for each year. Last year was INTENTIONAL, to be intentional about chasing my dreams and  using my time. And, for like the first time (*COUGH*), I stuck to that word for most of the year. I don’t want to quit. I want to continue being intentional in every minute of this precious life I’ve been giving.

And so the word for this year is an add-on, if you will, to last year’s word.


That’s my hope for this year. Because with intentionality, you have to have a bit of bravery. The biggest reason I hadn’t seriously edited most of my books yet? I was scared of editing. The reason I haven’t queried anything? It terrifies me. The reason I’ve yet to submit anything to a magazines? It’s SCARY.

Fear has brought my dreams to a screeching halt. And I’m tired of that.

Last year I stumped the fear a little bit and edited Burning Thorns as well as pitched it to a couple of agents at Realm Makers. And I want to keep pounding at it until it’s gone completely.

Being a writer is SCARY, guys. Being a creative in any form is one of the most emotionally invested jobs on this earth. We’re literally handing our hearts to people to poke and prod and critique. But if God has called you to be a creative, I can think of nothing more tragic than letting fear keep us away from that calling.

So this year I want to be BRAVE. To intentionally use my passion for stories for God’s glory, and stop letting fear drag me back from my dreams.

And there we are! My hopes for 2019. All pretty scary goals, which is precisely why I strongly feel like brave is the exact word I need for this year. It’s going to take a lot of bravery and determination to achieve these. But I grew a lot lost year, and formed some good habits. And I feel like I’m now ready to put everything I learned last year into practice. We’ll see how it goes! *nervous laughter*

Whatever happens this year, I do hope to use my time wisely and soak up the moments. We have a whole new year to start over, to stretch for those dreams, to see God’s fresh mercies every morning. So let’s tackle 2019 with joy and excitement. It’s gonna be a good one, guys, I’m feeling it!

HAPPY 2019!!!




Who’s in complete and utter shock it’s 2019??? *raises hand* I can’t get used to it! How was your Christmas? Are you excited it’s a new year? What’s your biggest goal for 2019? I’d LOVE to hear about it! And I truly hope this year will be a blessing to each of you. You’re all in my prayers! <3 I can’t wait to tackle another year with all my dear internet peeps!


  1. AHHH These are such good goals!!! I believe in you: you can do it!! I finished A Series of Unfortunate Events last year, and YES definitely read them!!! They're easy enough to read that they don't take a lot of time and it's SO GOOD!



      Did you? SO FUN! I definitely, definitely need to read them all! Because yes, back when I read the first two, I read them each in one sitting. So even though there's 13, I don't feel like it'll take too long to tackle them. I'm hoping to do it this year! :D

      Happy New Year to you! I do hope you have a beautiful 2019! <3

  2. MY CHRISTINE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! *tackles-glomps* Agh, I've missed you so very much--it's wonderful to see a post from you in my feed again! ^_^

    Three agents is an awesome goal! I'd, uh, kind of like to start querying myself...*shuffles awkwardly* But I know my book may not be ready for that in time. It's not on my official list of writing goals for the year, anyway, because I'm hopeful but not crazy. I'm only just not beating out draft 3 of this book and MAN draft 2 was a disaster. xD

    Burning Thorns was SO GOOD--I wish you the bestest best of luck with edits on it this year, and I hope you can query it soon! It definitely deserves a place in the literary world. <3

    For me, I think my biggest goal is "keep up with writing goals," which may or may not have, er, 14 subgoals. #HelpMe I did a whole post over on my blog about my goals for the year, but getting my book ready for Realm Makers and getting published at least once (hopefully on Havok! *grins*) is a big one.

    And Brave is the BEST word. I love it so much--it's very similar to what my word for the year is. <3

    So glad to have you back! 2019 is going to be AMAZING (also REALM MAKERS!!!!!!! *screams hysterically* I KNOW I'VE BEEN EXCITED ABOUT THIS ALREADY BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOUUUUU)

    1. AWWWW!!!! *tackle-glomps back* That just makes me feel all fuzzy-ful inside! <3

      Oh my goodness, THAT'D BE SO FABULOUS IF YOU QUERIED TOO! And hey, just getting that mindset is the first step!

      SLDJFLSJLDJLJDF. I'm soooooo happy you liked it! (I hope to go in and reply to some of your comments on Burning Thorns soon here. I feel bad not acknowledging all you amazing beta-readers lately. Life exploded those last three months of 2018. :-/) Thank you so, SO much! Your encouragement keeps me going. <3

      I just read and commented on your own post today and SDKJFLJSLJDF. You have so many amazing goals! Like...I am in awe. But you wrote nearly 600k words last year! You are TOTALLY gonna knock these goals out of the park. I know you can do it!!! (And huzzah for trying for Havok too! :D)

      Oh my goodness, I think I forgot to comment on your post about your word. Because I was thinking the same thing--how our words are so similar. I LOVE that! We have a lot of similar goals for this year I think. It's gonna be great encouraging one another as the year goes along.


  3. These look like great goals, Christine, and I can't wait to watch you nail them! Querying 3 agents is indeed a specific, exciting, glorious one. And "Brave" is such a wonderful word.

    1. Awwww! Thank you so, so much! <333 I don't know if I'm gonna nail them but...I hope to pursue them anyway. Hehe. But you are the sweetest and so encouraging! I do hope you have the most amazing year!

  4. Burning Thorns - WHOOO!!!! Yeah, that was an epic book. Can't wait to see how the epicness grows once you've edited it. :)

    I'm hoping to get back to exercising again...I kind of slacked off in 2018, sadly. My goal is to run another Ultra in October, so better start running...

    REALM MAKERS is gonna be EPIC and I really hope to go this year. Just depends on if I can get off work. But still ITS GONNA BE AWESOME and even just seeing everyone's pictures and hearing their stories will be fun!!!!

    1. *incoherent squealing noises* You are so sweet, Julian! I feel utterly blessed to have had you as a beta-reader! <3

      That sounds so awesome! But yes, it's so hard to keep up a routine. I fail at it on a constant basis. Ugh. Here's hoping to a better year in that regard!

      EEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!! I'm so, SO hoping you get to go. That'd be AH-MAY-ZING! It's such an amazing experience. But I'm with you. Seeing people's posts is a BLAST. It's gonna be great! :D

  5. Good luck with querying and editing! Burning Thorns is EXCELLENT, and if it doesn’t get published at some point . . . well, those agents don’t know what they’re missing. XD


    1. AWK. NICOLE. YOU ARE A GEM!!! Thank you so muuuch! I'm so very thrilled you liked it and utterly grateful for your input on it! <3 It means the world to me!

      OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS. WE MIGHT GET TO MEET THIS YEAR. :O AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I HOPE IT WORKS OUT. *crosses all my fingers and toes for good measure*

  6. Your back!! Love all your goals Christine!! I definitely have a ton of goals this year that I hope to complete (mainly because last years goal completing didn't go so well :/)

    Love your word!! Being brave is definitely something I need to work on as well.

    Hope you have a lovely 2019 dear!

    1. I am back! And so happy to be. ^_^
      Awwww, thank you! I do hope your goals go wonderfully this year! I'm sorry it didn't work out last year, but isn't it beautiful that every day we get a new start? Sometimes life happens, and that's okay, because there's always a new day ahead. ^_^

      Thanks! I fail so HARD at doing hard things and being brave. Hopefully this is the year I can break out of that.

      Thanks for everything, girl. I hope your 2019 is amazing as well! <333

  7. This looks like a lot, but all such lovely things to do! I really hope you success with querying! My biggest goal is to polish up two of my novels, enter one of them into a contest, and query agents. Plus I'm going to Germany for six months as an au pair - so excited!

    1. It...kind of feels like a lot. LOLZ. We'll see how much I ACTUALLY accomplish. XD But thank you so much!

      Oh my goodness, you're going to be querying too? EEEEEE!!!! Praying for you! <3 And *LE GASP* You're going to Germany as an au pair??? That sounds like something from a movie! I LOVE THIS! I can imagine you're excited. AAAHHHH! That is so awesome! All the best to you! :D

  8. Yay, you're back! I hope this year sees lots of progress for Burning Thorns and your other projects!

    I. . . am a bit scared to do goals for the whole year, because I have no idea what it's going to look like --- I have to move out soon! Where I end up could shake around almost any goal I make for that slightly longer term, so for the moment I'm focusing on "stuff to do before I move anywhere", which is only slightly holding the panic back when I really think about it. . .

    1. Thank you SO much, Sophia! You've been one of my greatest encouragements with Burning Thorns. I'm so grateful to you. <3

      Oh man. Yes, I can totally see how that would scatter any set goals! I think making a goal of just getting things done before a big move happens is a good one. Wow. Sounds like you've got some big new adventures ahead of you! I'll be praying for you! I do hope this year proves to be a blessed one as you venture out. <3

    2. Thank you so much on both counts --- that means a lot.

  9. GIRL - message me and I will happily dump a landslide of links to magazines and such on your head xD. Seriously though, if you want links I AM YOUR GAL, I make a new collection of places looking for submissions every month! IT'S INSANE ;D.

    Best of luck with all your goals this year, Christine! YOU'RE GOING TO ROCK 2019 <3 <3 <3

    1. I was literally thinking of you with that! Thank you so much for the offer! I suspect you're going to get lots of messages from me about magazines and things! :D You seriously awe me at how much you submit. I need your ambition!

      Thank you! YOU AS WELL!!! I do hope your 2019 is the BEST! <3

  10. Great goals! I have a few of these for myself too. I really hope I can go to Realm Makers and meet you. That would be amazing! :D

    1. Thank you! ^_^

      Oh my goodness, I am holding on to all the hope in the world that we both end up at RM. Meeting you is basically on my bucket list! EEP. It'd be amazing!

      But whatever happens, I do hope this year will be a beautiful one for you! <3

  11. "Brave" is a really good word. And it actually goes along with one of the goals I have for this year, which is to get out of my comfort zone and be a little more extroverted. Being around and talking to people I don't know well gives me so much anxiety and I really want to get out of that.

    Ughhh I keep bringing this up but I'm so hopeful that I'll make it to Realm Makers this year! I'd appreciate prayers that it'll work out... there's just a thing or two that needs to fall into place.

    It's funny, I feel like a lot of people are saying that they feel like 2019 is going to be a good year! I feel the same way. I'm excited for 2019. :D I hope you have a great year. <3

    1. Thank you! I DEFINITELY need to work on being braver and stepping out of my comfort zone. That's beautiful you want to do that as well. It's so HARD stepping out and doing things that scare us. Ugh. I've let myself miss out on so many things because of it. But you planning on going to Realm Makers is a HUGE leap. I felt like it REALLY helped me be braver. And EEEEEE!!!!! Talk about it ALL you want because I AM SO EXCITED! I will definitely be praying it works out! <3

      Really? That is fantastic! It does seem like there's a lot of hope spreading around for this year, which is wonderful! Thank you so much, girl! I hope yours is as well! :D

  12. Best of luck with all your goals!! I find I often don't put myself out there as a writer because I'm scared, too. My success is inextricably tied up with my sense of worth (thanks, society), so I'm afraid to put myself out there because if I fail, I might find out I'm not "worth" anything at all. And then what will I do? But hopefully we can be braver together in 2019!

    Eleanor | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you! <3

      I feel you so hard! Being a writer isn't just something I do, it's who I AM. And if I get rejected time and time again.'ll feel like people are rejecting ME. BUT. I know that's not true at all. Our worth has absolutely nothing to do with what we do or accomplish (society is so great at making us believe that >.>). It's taken me yeeears to come to this conclusion, and I still have to fight those doubts, to stop playing the comparison game, to just accept ME. Because I get judged a lot for my choices. But I know my worth is in God. He created us to be who we are meant to be, and successes have NOTHING to do with it. You're an absolutely beautiful person, Eleanor, and whatever you accomplish or don't doesn't take away from that. (And if you ever need to rant, my inbox is always open!)

      I do hope this year will be absolutely wonderful one. And yes, let's embrace bravery! :D

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  14. Good luck with querying agents! I would love to hear how that goes because I am curious about it.
    One of my goals is to make it to Realm Makers this year as well! I hope you are able to make it!
    Happy 2019! Lets hope this year goes slower than the last one.... ;)

    1. Thank you! I will try to keep you guys posted! It's a terrifying venture, but it's time I fiiiinally do it. Haha.

      OH MY GOODNESS. THAT IS SO EXCITING!!! EEP. I do hope it works out!

      Happy 2019 to you too! And goodness YES. I feel like I was just listing out 2018's goals, and here we are a year later. CRAZINESS!

  15. I'm glad you're back! And I can't wait to see what you do with Burning Thorns! It was so good and I know that it will be even better!

    And brave is a great word. I may have to steal it. ;)

    1. Awww! I'm glad to be back! ^_^

      YOU ARE SO SWEET! Thank you! Your encouragement and input means so, so, sooo much to me! <3

      You go right ahead and steal it. Hehe. We can encourage each other to be brave together! ^_^

  16. I love this post so much! *hugs it* Your goals are awesome and I hope they all go fabulously! :)

    BT ediiiits! I'm still available for a final proofread! ;)

    And querying and submitting stories. So scary but so good. YOU'VE GOT THIS.

    Realm Makers! I so hope I can get there again myself (like you, love that I'd be familiar with the location!). We'll see, of course, and it may not happen, but I so hope that it can!

    I'm hoping to read catch up on Ilyon (and HP) so good for you for planning on getting through a series! (And ooh, you should totally do the Bryan Davis ones!!) And hey, you do read a lot! It's not pathetic, I promise! I think you read more last year than you did the year before, and you know what--as long as you are enjoying the books you're reading, it doesn't matter how many you read. It's not a contest! Do enjoy it. <3 *huggles* (Also, fun fact: Goodreads says you read 34 books, but that handy year-in-books thing says that you read 10,764 pages!! And that is NOTHING to sneeze at. Mine says I read 19K pages even though it looks like I read 123 books which sounds big but isn't when they're short. *snorts* And I wasn't busy WORKING and EDITING AN ENTIRE BOOK and WRITING ANOTHER ONE this last year like you were and you still read 10K pages! I mean, HP is huge, just saying. ;) All of that to say, I'm so glad you're going to try to read more and I hope you find lots of awesome books to read, but don't feel down about it either! <3)

    It's going to be my 10th NaNo too aaaahh! Ooooh, Wordpress, yas! And exercising and unplugging--I should as well. :P

    Brave is a beautiful word for your year and I hope it goes well! I love everything you said there and I totally don't do most things because I'm afraid. Heh. I should work on that too. :) Basically THIS POST IS INSPIRING.

    I . . . don't actually know what my goals are and it's stressing me out, but OH WELL. I shall have to write up a post and maybe that will help. ;)

    HAPPY 2019 AND MAY IT BE AWESOME FOR YOU! *clangs frying pans*

    1. AWWWW!!! THANK YOU! My goals kinda terrify me, but that's why I've got "brave" as my word, so. Hopefully I can conquer them. XD

      I'd LOVE you as my proofreader after I do this edit! We'll have to talk about it more when the time comes, but I'm so honored you're willing! <333

      AWK. Thanks! Definitely scary, but it helps SO much to have you encouraging me. <3 (And being there when I need to rant. Bwahaha.)

      OH MY GOODNESS I HOPE SO TOOOOO. I couldn't imagine going if you didn't. D: Crossing all my fingers that we can both go again because WE NEED TOOOO!

      It's so hard to keep up with these popular series sometimes. o.o But I'mma try! And thank you for the reminders and encouragement! I think I'm too hard on myself when it comes to reading... Which is silly because I read for FUN. I have to remind myself it is NOT a competition. And you're right, I think I did read a bit more this year. Maybe... Lots of those 34 books were short stories and novellas too, so. XD But yeah, HP WAS quite an undertaking. I feel very accomplished finishing that! And, again, I read for fun. So I really shouldn't put so much pressure on myself. Thanks for that reminder! ^_^

      YESSSSS. It's gonna be amazing doing the TENTH one. EEP! :D And yeeah, I gotta work on those things. Haha.

      Thank you! I fail so, so hard at doing hard, scary things. I hope I can do better this year but...we'll see. One step at a time, right? ^_^

      I'm so sorry you're stressed! D: There's really NO reason you have to have a big list ready the second the calendar changes to a new year. And no reason you have to have a list at all! You're always SO good at being productive and getting things done and keeping up with stuff. You really, really don't have to put even more pressure on yourself with a big list if you don't need it. It's gonna be a good year, and I KNOW you're going to get so many awesome things done. I'm ALWAYS in awe at all you do! You're going to rock this year, I know it. ^_^ (And I actually maybe have a post with more thoughts on putting pressure on ourselves and overworking and such coming, because it's been on my mind all week. So...that may be coming.)

      HAPPY 2019 TO YOOOUUUU!!!!!!! I do hope you have the BEST year! <333

  17. YOU'VE GOT THIS. Love seeing your goals! They seem totally attainable,but I completely understand the procrastination/stalling/lack-of-diligence thingummy... That's ME. YAYYYYY!!! It's the [most likely] FINAL edit of BURNING THORNS!!!! SO darn excited for you, dear Lauri!!!!!!!! You got this! Beat that fear back & tackle those queries! I am so not at the same level, but I can certainly imagine the fear of taking the next steps to publication. SOOOOOOO proud of you, girl!

    Ooooh, submitting to magazines sounds fun! I'd love to do that, but don't see it on my radar any time soon (other than the current non-fiction e-mag I write to). Best of luck to you on this! And Wordpress sounds like quite the adventure---but beautiful! I agree with the quality of Wordpress blogs. I've just never looked into them really. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the switch (& pray you have no issues WHATSOEVER).

    Realm Makers!!!! And reading---YES. Me too! NaNo---OHMIGOODNESS, not sure I wanna THINK about it just yet... HAHAHAHA but your TENTH???? Whoa! LOVE love love your word for this year. I believe it to be so fitting.

    Great post! as always! Much love to ya, dear Christine *^ - ^* <3

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, M'DEAR! You're always such an encouragement to me, I can't even express how much! <333

      I'm hoping I can find some (and find time to actually write articles/flash fiction haha). I've been wanting to do it for EVER. Hopefully this'll be the year! As well as switch over to Wordpress, yes! Prayers are SOOOO appreciated. I'm TERRIFIED I'm going to do something dumb and accidentally ruin my blog or something. o.o ACK. So your prayers mean the WORLD to me!

      Don't worry, NaNo is very far away! We don't have to think about that right now. Haha. (Even though my silly brain is already thinking about the novel I want to write for it and I'm just like, "Shhhhh, not now!" XD) And THANK YOOUUU!!! I will definitely need a lot of bravery to attempt these things. Meep. o.o But the encouragement of dear friends like you helps me push on. <3

      Thank you for everything, sweet Sarah! Love you, and happy new year! *HUGS*

  18. I AM IN SHOCK. 2018 LITERALLY FLEW. BY. It's insane. O-O WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GOOOO?!?!?!?!?! lol
    2018 was... A YEAR. lol. JAM PACKED with craziness - good and bad.

    I've figured out so much about me, about GOD, and my relationship with Him. So much. <3 So thankful to be blessed with ANOTHER YEAR to grow and become more deeply rooted in my faith.

    Also, we figured out a lot about my sister (LHE) MEDICALLY. She's been having stomach/digestive issues, and it's been kinda crazy. We've been finding a lot of foods that she can't eat and are trying to get her on a special diet so that her stomach isn't BURNING 24/7. So.... yeah. Please pray for her and for us. We're going to the doctor soon (have an appointment scheduled) and are trusting in God to help us through. ;)

    Love ya, Christine!! You have been SUCH an inspiration to me - you don't even KNOW - and I hope all goes well for you. <3 <3 <3

    1. I AM IN SHOCK TOO. I feel like I say it every year, but I mean it this time when I say 2018 was one of the fastest years of my LIFE. Just...HOW??? o.o But it was a good one!

      That is so beautiful you did all that growing in 2018. You're such a sweet person, and a blessing to me! <3

      Thank you soooo much for updating me on your sister! Because I've been targeting her in prayer. That is a relief you guys are starting to figure out ways to help her stomach not hurt as much. I know how hard that is though. My brother is severely allergic to anything dairy, and finding foods he can eat is such a challenge. So I totally get it. It's so, so hard! I will absolutely continue to pray! <3

      Love YOU, girl! You make me smile with every comment. Like...I have no words! I do hope your 2019 is the best year yet! *ALL THE HUGS*

  19. I feel like writing "2019" has become natural more quickly than it usually does in the new year! Nooo idea why. But it's still kind of weird to think 2018 is over! o.o

    THIS LIST, THOUGH. IT MAKES ME SO EXCITED. And a lot of our goals are super similar! Oh--seeing you mention NaNo reminds me, I should add "do my first NaNo" as a 2019 goal. Or maybe I'll hold off on making that an official aspiration until after I see what post-college life looks like. >.>

    I can't tell you how thrilled I am with every bit of news on editing Burning Thorns and querying agents. I just--squee! I cannot wait for the day I get to hold BT in my hands... blow up Bookstagram with it... write a review for it... *dreamy sigh* <333

    And brave. Such a good word for this year. I've been so proud of how much you've been growing in all kinds of ways lately. 2019 is just going to bring you to new heights, girl! <3

    1. That's funny, because I did that last year! I had no problem transitioning to 2018 for whatever reason. But I'm having a TIME typing 2019. It feels so weird. I don't even know. XD

      AWK. THANK YOU!!! And yesss, we DO have a lot of similar goals. I LOVE it!
      Oh, ooooh. YES. This might be the year you get to do NaNo! :D But yeah, that's true. Guess we'll just have to see what November looks like for you. But I hope it works out!

      GIIIIRL. Your encouragement keeps me going! I don't even have the words. Just THANK YOU! <333

      And there you go again, making me speechless with your precious words. You lift me up so much. Thank you for everything! *HUGS*

  20. These goals sound awesome! I changed over from Blogger to Wordpress a few years ago and LOVED it! One of the best blogging decisions I ever made. Also, I must go look and see what you've shared Burning Thorns. How exciting that you want to pitch your novel to three agents!!! Please let me know when you do and I'll be praying! Wait…I'll start praying now! ;)

    1. Thank you!!!

      Oh did you? That makes me feel better! And way less terrified to take the plunge. :D

      D'AWWWWW!!! You are such an encouragement and prayer warrior, girl. Thank you for the constant support! <3

  21. These are some amazing goals for this year! I’m seeing if I can attend RM this year. It’s still really up in the air because I have to get some year goal stuff solidified this month and I want to attend two conventions back to back in May so I’m seeing if my finances can allow it. *crosses fingers* I kinda want to try to attend a conference where I actually won’t be pitching at. ;) And just focus on networking and learning.

    1. Thanks! :D

      Oh my goodness, REALLY??? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I hope it works out! I was SO sad when you decided to not attend last year (though I COMPLETELY understand!). I want to meet yooouuuu! That would just be amazing.

      Oooh, not having the stress of pitching would be SO nice. Lol. I'll be pitching since it'll probably be the only conference I attend this year but...I'll probably schedule them first thing this time so I can get it over with and then just enjoy the rest of the conference. XD

    2. I want to meet you so badly too! Maybe we can be roomies for real this time!

      Makes sense! If I come I'll give you an inspirational pep talk. ;)

    3. It looks like I'll be rooming with my dad again this year, otherwise I would LOVE to room with you. But STILL. You being there would be the bessst!

      I'd love a Tori pep talk! :D I was literally shaking with nerves before my pitches last time. Lol.

  22. Haha, 2019 sounds so futuristic! *robot noises* XD

    Ooh, you're making the Switch™, huh? XD I'm excited for you! Wordpress has been a really great experience for me, and in my opinion, it's definitely lot easier to interact in the comments! ^_^

    Oh gosh, don't feel too bad about averaging about 30. I got about 20 books read in 2018, so... I'd say you're doing pretty good! XD

    Here's hoping you have a marvelous 2019! <333

    1. Right??? XD And 2020 is going to be worse! That doesn't even sound like a year, more like something from a sci-fi show. Just HOW?

      THE Switch is right! Haha. But yeah, I definitely hope to this year. Been meaning to for so long... Maybe this will finally be the year! And it's assuring to know you enjoy it. ^_^

      Awww, thanks! I think we know so many speedy readers, but, really, I'm pretty sure the average person doesn't even read a whole 5 books a year. So we should be proud! Hehe.

      You too, m'dear!!! <3


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