Monday, November 20, 2017

NaNoWriMo ‘17 Week Three: In Which I Hit 50k and Squee About Christmas


How. Did. This. Happen.

This NaNo is zooming by faster than any NaNo I remember. I cannot believe we’ve already passed the halfway point and are now careening full speed toward the finish line. Who’s driving this month anyway??? They are going way past the speed limit!


I am back with another weekly update like I did with the first week, highlighting my days from last Monday to now.

Week Three had a bit of a bump in the road, but the highlights far outweighed the bumpy bits. Overall, I’d say last week, Week Two, has been my best week thus far. I was on a writing high all last week. I feel like Week Two tends to always be my favorite week, even though most people hate it, thus the term “Week Two Blues” started rolling around the NaNo community? But because I can’t be normal, Week Two is when I’m my happiest. I’m settled into my story and have gotten in the habit of writing every day, and it’s still early enough in November that I’m still somewhat bright eyed and bushy tailed and haven’t quiiite crossed over into zombie land yet. But then there’s Week Three. That is when I start getting that slump and the exhaustion of writing and writing and writing sets in.

That happened to me a little this week. But I think I’m getting out of it now that the excitement of the final week is in the horizon. Although, like I said, there were some great highlights of this week, too.

SO. What went down???





I started the week off with a bang when this happened:


I. Was. So. Excited.

I wish I could say this means I’m nearing the end of my book but HAHAHAHAHAHA…no. I’m just laughing at the days when I guestimated this book would be around the 80k-90k range. Now I’m pretty positive it’ll  be closer to 125k????? Someonehelpme.


And get this. My sister made it to 50k that very same day! We did not plan that, it was purely happenstance. But it was amazing! We were so exciting. She made it to 50k just two hours before I did, so she won. XD BUT I’M JUST SO PROUD OF HER. She rocked her first NaNo like a superstar! That day she finished up her project at 54k words, and thus was completely done. Which meant she’s leaving the rest of NaNo for me to do ALL ON MY LONESOME.

OKAY. I actually have some super amazing writing friends (basically ALL OF YOU), so I never feel alone during NaNo! It was awesome to have someone in person to do it with for at least the first couple of weeks though. The good news is, she’s already talking about what she wants to write next NaNo. I have officially created another Crazed NaNo Obsessed Person. *CACKLES* My work here is done.

ANYWAYS. Monday was absolutely amazing, but also craaaaazy. Mondays are always my get-chores-and-stuff-done days, so add that on top of NaNo and Mondays during November basically = Frantic Christine trying to get ALL THE THINGS DONNNNE. So yeah. That day I made it to 50k, celebrated with my sis (a.k.a took celebratory selfies with her #Duh), and then rushed around trying to do alllll the cleaning and laundry and other stuff. Which meant I did not get as high a wordcount that day as I’ve been doing.

Words Written: 2,694 (Which was my lowest to write in a day this NaNo up to this point.)



Tuesday was a good day! I had absolutely nothing going on that day, was super pumped about making it to 50k the previous day, and was so productive the day before I felt like I had permission to solely work on my story this day. SO I DID. I did a lot of writing outside because it was super nice and was loooving where I was in the story.

For a bit there my main character Karis was, erm, not having a happy fun time. Eheheheheh. *COUGH* There was some seeeriously creepy stuff going on. Not that I was having totally fun writing it. Nooooo. *cooooough*

Okay, but seriously. I was actually feeling kind of bad for my bby girl Karis. But this day of writing was a place where Karis bounced back and got her drive to fight again and I was just squealing and rooting on my girl.

Karis dug her fingers into the journal and gritted her teeth. Enough of this. Enough running, being pulled underground, tossed to and fro and nearly killed. Enough secrets.

If the Isle was going to be rude, well, then she was going to be rude right back.

It was just a really, really good day of writing. The words were coming so easily and I had a blast.

Words Written: 6,064 (The most I’ve written in a day thus far this NaNo!!! And it didn’t even feel like that much work, miraculously. The words just flowed. Ah, how I wish writing could always be like that day.)




Normally I have work on Wednesdays, but my bosses asked if I could work Friday instead of Wednesday this week, so I had another rather free day to write. Although I did have a couple of things to do early in the day (which included going to get McDonald’s coffee with my sister so, like, I’m not complaining). But then early in the afternoon I was able to dive into writing.

This was another really fun writing day. It mostly consisted of a scene where Karis was discovering something verrrryyyy interesting and just *griiiins* IT WAS FUN.

I didn’t get nearly as big of a wordcount that day as the previous day, but I had things going on during the first bit of the day, like I said, plus I was just pretty tired. I hadn’t gone to bed at a decent hour since…October 31st? *COOOUGH* I think it was catching up with me. I needed at least a little chill time, because when I’m not doing Life, I’m writing. I haven’t even READ anything since NaNo started! *GASP* *CHOKE* *ACK* So even though I could have continued writing that day and gotten in more words, I decided to take that night off and chill and paint my nails, and just RELAX a bit. Although…I didn’t go to bed early and catch up on sleep like I should have but…IT’S NANO! *throws responsible decisions out the window*

It was good to take a smidgeon of a break (even if was just a few hours before bed), and overall I was still pretty pleased with my words from that day.

Words Written: 4,005



Officially diving right into week three and the second half of NaNo. Like WUT EVEN???

I was home all this day but ended up cooking supper with my sis and also had to get to bed at an actual decent time since I had work the next day, so I didn’t get the chance to go as crazy on the wordcount like Tuesday. It was still a nice day though. I even brought my laptop in the kitchen and managed to get in quite a few words whilst tending to supper. The things we do to get those words in, amIright?

I wrote some prettyyyy emotional scenes in the story this day. Which means…IT WAS GREAT. Because the emotional scenes are my fave. Make all the characters cry! Bwahahahaha!


Words Written: 4,005 (No, this is not a typo. I wrote the exact same amount of words two days in a row, completely unintentionally. I DON’T KNOW HOW.)



And this is the day my Week Three slump reared its ugly head. >.>

Even though I was exhausted going to bed, I hardly slept at all, and had to get up early for work, so then I was beyond exhausted. Then work was pretty busy, making me more exhausted. By the time I got home, the idea of writing made me want to fly to a deserted island where my laptop could never find me.

So I chilled a bit and had supper. Buuut then my stubbornness won out. I was not going to let the day go without writing at least 2k words, though more would be better.

I…probably should have just taken the day off and let my brain refuel. But that’s not my style. #ForeverIrresponsible

I did write. In fact, I wrote 3k words. But…wow. Those were probably the most bland, awful 3k words in the history of ever. I had to painfully drag out every. single. word. I was just too tired, and had been writing a ton for days on end and not allowing myself to refuel much. Everything was dry and hard to write and bleh. Definitely my most difficult writing day so far.


Literally me that night.

I had work again the next day, so I gladly stopped at 3k and crashed. But I went to bed feeling discouraged and drained and fearful I didn’t love my story anymore.

Words Written: 3,046



Whereas the night before I barely slept any, that night I slept like the dead. After such a good night’s sleep, I woke up and realized the world hadn’t ended and everything was going to be okay. WHO KNEW, RIGHT???

I went to work and had a pleasantly quiet day. I get off at 2 on Saturdays, so I planned on going straight home to write, hoping writing this day would go better. But instead my mom and I ended up running some errands and doing a bit of shopping and things. Thus I didn’t even start writing until after supper that evening.

And you know what? Writing went SO much better and quicker.

Because over the course of that day I learned 3 things:

1.) I HAVE TO TAKE BREAKS. I had been going for over two weeks so focused on writing and staying up late and just in Obsessive NaNo Mode, I had barely given myself a chance to rest and refuel. But after getting some good sleep and taking most of Saturday to just get out of the house and away from my laptop and live a little, I snapped out of my slump and found writing enjoyable again. I so needed this reminder, because even throughout the course of the day I was very hesitant to go shopping. My obsessive side kept screaming, “YOU HAVE TO WRIIIIITE.” I was kind of freaking out that I was going the whole day without writing. But that evening, once I did write, I could feel the affects taking a break and getting out of the house had made. The words came so much easier. So I’m trying my best to remember that. Breaks are so, so, so important. I’M JUST SO STUBBORN AND OBSESSIVE HALP.

2.) ENCOURAGEMENT AND PRAYER DO WONDERS. God was with me that day. While I was at work, since it was a quiet day, I was reading people’s blog posts on my phone, trying to catch up. Well. There was not one, but THREE encouraging writing posts my amazing friends had made.

First there was a post by my dear Savannah about taking a break when writing gets obsessive. YEAH. TALK ABOUT TIMING. Then the precious Jenelle had a post up that was an encouragement to overwhelmed writers. It was so uplifting I actually almost teared up! It was exactly what I needed to hear that day. Right after I read that, I found my one and only Tracey had just posted about writing from a healthy place, which was a post with 8 absolutely golden tips on balancing your writing life and not pushing yourself over the limit. I NEEDED THAT SO BAD THAT DAY. The timing of these posts was impeccable.

One of Tracey’s points was to pray over your writing life, to take a moment to say a prayer before each writing session and include God in your process. This is a habit I started doing myself last year, and something I even talked about in a recent post of mine. But do you know what? I hadn’t once prayed before any of my writing sessions since November started. Somehow I had completely forgotten! I’ve been so frantic and obsessive to get those words in, I haven’t included God in my process any. I am so ashamed. I felt like God used Tracey’s post to give me a good, heavy nudge to include Him in my writing process again and PRAY. And so I have, and I’m already seeing the good affects it is having.

I was so uplifted after those posts, and so in awe. I truly think God was reminding me He cared about my writing and to keep on, even when it gets hard, because He gave me this passion for words for a reason. (But maybe to also rest and take care of myself a bit. *cough*)

If you’re feeling discouraged, CHECK OUT THOSE POSTS. (And give those girls a follow, because they’re the actual best. <3)

3.) LOOKING BACK AT SOMETHING YOU’VE WRITTEN THAT YOU ACTUALLY LIKE IS A HUGE BOOST. This NaNo novel has been turning out so, so, so messy. Yes, I’m totally loving the storyline. But the words have just been horribly bland. I’ve had these occasional moments of panic where I think, “Do I even know how to write anymore???? Have I ever been able to write? Do I have as much writing talent as a boiled peanut?” So I decided to go back and read my short story I wrote back in February (shameful plug) because it was polished and one of my (hopefully) better works. And you know what? It was SO encouraging. I’m no bestseller, but it did show me that yes, I can string words together that don’t look like rotten marmalade. Seeing something I’ve written that I do actually like was just the boost I needed to continue this story.

Saturday was a day of learning and growing. Although, knowing me, I’ll forget everything I learned and slip back into Frantic Obsessive Christine Writing Mode.


I don’t know if you guys are aware, but Alice is actually me.

Regardless, Saturday turned out to be a good, refreshing day after the blehness of Friday. And that night it was super windy and rainy and cold, and since I had let myself refuel that day, writing was very nice and cozy and just fun.

Words Written: 3,100



THIS WAS A HAPPY DAY. I was feeling good about my writing again, and since I had such busy days Friday and Saturday, I was going to dive in and write all day, maybe even do another 6k word day.

Welllll, that didn’t happen. Because…

WE STARTED DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS. The day we decorate is like my favoritest day of the year! Because CHRISTMAS! I was so excitedddd. We still have a lot we’re going to do, I think. But we got a good start and just lksdjflkjsdjlf. CHRISTMASSS. I LOVE DECORATING. AND CHRISTMAS. AND JUST THIS WHOLE SEASON. It’s cold and happy and exciting and I can listen to Christmas music (literally doing that right now whilst writing this post) and just CHRISTMAS, GUYS.

So yeah. I was okay with not being able to write all day. And on top of Christmas decorating, I also had to find time to WRITE THIS POST. Since Monday happens to come after Sunday. CRAZY, RIGHT??? Thus lots of writing time got pushed aside yesterday. Buuuut I had just learned the day before that taking a break IS GOOD AND NECESSARY so I was (mostly) chill. Sorta kinda. Maybe?


Words Written: 2,025 (Annnd now this is my lowest wordcount day for this NaNo so far.)



My week was…something! I think it was mostly a good something? But something for sure.

Remember how I said I was trying to take this NaNo a smidgeon more easy this year than my past NaNos? Yeah. No. That plan breaks down more and more each day. I had made that plan back when I thought this would be a DECENTLY SIZED BOOK AND NOT A MONSTROSITY. But now I’m realizing if I don’t keep at a rapid pace, there’s no way it’s getting done by the end of the month. So…Crazy Christine NaNo Mode seems to be trying to take over again.

Case in point, I was pretty sad at my “low” wordcounts this week. Because, in my head, I want to hit 5k, or at the least 4k, every single day because I apparently hate myself??? So when I just get 2k-3k a day, I feel like a failure??? WHERE ARE MY PRIORITIES? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY SANITY? SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME A CHILL PILL. SHEESH.

I honestly think I can get this novel finished or very close to finished by the end of the month. And I’m reminding myself that if I have to continue writing throughout the first few days of December to finish it up, THE WORLD WILL NOT END. (But… *points back at Alice gif* I never listen to my good advice. Never.)

This coming week is looking to be a pretty full one, panicking me a smiiidge since I probably, again, won’t be able to do my ridiculous 5k a day goal. BUT IT’S OKAY. I’m still writing, I’m still having fun, and this book will end eventually. I’m currently on chapter 17 of 25, SO WE’RE GETTING THERE.

Also, I’m still utterly in love with my Karis and Jonah bbys even though this week I put them through so much horribleness. Ooooops.


AND WE’RE ALMOST TO THE LAST WEEK, GUYS!!!!!! I hope this coming week will be absolutely fantastic.



I’m pretty sure my wordcount would be double if I counted my blog posts as NaNo words. GOOD GRIEF. Enough of my babbles. I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU GUYS! How has your week been? How did the first half of NaNo go? What’s the second half looking like for you? Are your stories treating you well? CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW CLOSE WE ARE TO THE END???? Tell me everything!


  1. Yay for you!!!! I finished Saturday night, but only got halfway through my outline. So yeah, this books gonna be big. But it wraps up a trilogy, so that's alright.

    I don't even want to talk about Christmas....WHEN DID IT COME ROARING ROUND THE CORNER?? We just STARTED 2017, did we not???

  2. And seriously. Karis is awesome. End of story.

    1. Thanks!
      WHOOOOOO!!!! YOU GO! :D :D :D THAT IS AWESOME. But man, do I understand! My book is turning into a MONSTER. I feel like I'm never gonna finish it. XD

      I KNOW RIGHT??? I'm super excited about Christmas, but at the same time, SHOULDN'T IT BE MARCH OR SOMETHING WUT EVEN??? It's so crazy!

      *squeals uncontrollably* I can't even express how happy it makes me when other people like my characters. Thank you so much!

  3. Oh Christine, you make me smile on this Monday morning :)


    Karis is a really awesome character!

    Oh wow, Xmas already??? I don't start decorating for Xmas until 3rd week of December (I follow the Church's Christmas season which runs Christmas Day to Candlemas). Just the thought of Xmas now freaks me out.

    *sends Christine a bunch of frosty pills* LOL BREATHE GIRL, IT WILL BE FINE.

    Things have gotten off to a good start this week - my first blog had it's first birthday yesterday!!!


    1. D'awww! You're making ME smile! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm excited! ^_^

      MEEP. It just makes me so happy when other people like my characters. You are making my day!

      Yep! We always do it in late November or early December. XD We do a lot of decorations, so we want to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible and feel like it was worth all the work. Lol!

      Hahahaha! Thank you! I think I need them. I always go so crazy with NaNo. XD

      That is wonderful to hear! And AAAHHHHH! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! *throws confetti*

  4. This is so awesome! You're doing terrific, Christine. Don't put yourself down for not getting to 4k a day, though. (Seriously, how do you do that ALMOST EVERY DAY? YOU ARE A MACHINE. People think I'm impressive because I can throw down 2.5k a day...yeah no Christine is the queen. XD)

    And that GIF of the Christmas tree! Is that from Elf? Because I haven't seen that movie (shameful, I know) but that GIF IS BEAUTIFUL.

    Good luck, and finish strong. <3

    1. D'awwww, thanks, girl! I think I needed that reminder. Because if I'm the queen of anything, it's craziness. I have serious problems. XD I need to chillll! Hahaha!

      It is from Elf, yes! And oh my goodness YOU NEED TO WATCH IT! I have seen it like 23984 times because it NEVER gets old. It's sooo hilarious!

      Thanks! You're the best! *hugs*


    NaNo went terrifically and I finished my novel SHORTER than I was expecting so I've had half the month of just relaxing. XD Well, actually I moved on to looking at editing my novella from July Camp NaNo but I've been taking it pretty easy and it's been really fun.

    YOU'RE DOING REALLY WELL, GIRL. <3 KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. *tosses motivational pizza*

    1. I KEEP ASKING MYSELF THAT. LIKE HOOOWWWW???? *faints with you*

      GIRL. I was watching your stats in awe. YOU DID SO AMAZING! And EEP. That is the BEST when the novel ends up being shorter. That's happen to me like...twice. Haha. But it was such a happy surprise! And whoa! I totally admire you for taking on ANOTHER project. I basically CRASH after NaNo and don't even think about looking at another project until like...January or February. XD You are awesome!


  6. So much words! I wish I could write like that. I get super excited for Christmas decorating too, I basically am Buddy the elf at Christmas.

    1. I probably SHOULDN'T write like this because they are suuuuuch messy words and may take me a million years to edit. XD

      SAAAME. I turn into Buddy like once November 1st hits!


    I must dash and go write and I know if I start replying to everything in this post it will turn into a monstrosity BUT THIS WAS ENTERTAINING TO READ (as always) and thank you for shariiiing!

    Remember that you're awesome and that anything more than 1667 words per day is PHENOMENAL AND AWESOME and more than a lot of us are doing, so keep being epiiiic, darling! ^_^ Don't get down on yourself if you don't hit the 5K per day you want, because you're still doing INCREDIBLY and you're totally going to face this NaNo monster the rest of the month and win triumphantly! :D CONGRATS ON YOUR 50K TOO. You're just so awesome and an inspiration!!!! KEEP IT UP, LOVELY LAURI FRIEND! <33333 ^____________^

    I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!!


      D'awww! I'm happy you enjoyed it! I keep fearing these posts are just boring and redundant. XD

      CELTIIIII! Again WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH YOU??? AWK. That was so encouraging! I needed to hear all that. THANK YOOUUUU!!! I just get TOO obsessive and compete with myself which is ridiculous and just... *collapses* I need help. Lol. YOU WORDS WERE SO ENCOURAGING. THANK YOU! <333

      YOU TOO! LOVE YA! *hugs*

  8. Yay for you and your sister hitting 50k!!! That's amazing! I'm glad your writing is going well overall, and that you haven't had too many bad days. ;)

    CHRISTMAS. I am so ready for all of it. XD At the same time, though, my family doesn't like it when Christmas overshadows Thanksgiving, so we have a tradition of waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up decorations and start listening to the music. But I am SO READY for Christmas music... it's been crazy hard to wait! I'm continually fighting the urge to turn it on, and I often have to shout at myself like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof: "TRADITION!!!" Lol. It will be all the more special for the waiting, I'm sure. ;)


    1. Thank you so much!!! :D

      I LOVE CHRISTMASSS! But that is a good tradition! I was literally thinking just today how all the Christmas stuff overtakes Thanksgiving. So I think it's sweet your family makes sure to focus on Thanksgiving first! And yes, then it'll make Christmas all the more special because you waited for it! ^_^

      Speaking of which, I hope you're having a very happy Thanksgiving! <3

  9. Hey, you know what??? (I mean, aside from the fact that I love you and you are an inspiration to me.)

    I have been doing awesome with NaNo this year!!!!!

    Like... I'm not DOING NaNo??? But I wanted in on the madness so I told myself IUD plot some stories and write 10K but school obviously had to come first because this ius senior year and I can't get behind.

    Well. I wrote 10K and plotted 3 novels.

    So I raised my goal to 20K.

    I'm at 15K right now AND intensely plotting ASN extra story/series and basically having thee time of my life?!!?!?



    All that to say -- my big-cast idea WORKED. Big cast = bigger book. (Why didn't I think of that before??? My wee smol book only had like two characters???? No wonder????)

    Also. THIS POST. This post made me resolve that NEXT YEAR I am going to write 4Kish every day and write a 100K novel like you do every year. *firm nod* I SHALL INDEED!!!

    (Btw I aspire to be you in case you couldn't tell.)

    1. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

      I was actually wondering if you were doing something, because I saw your stats on the NaNo site and was just like, "OH MY GOODNESS, SHE'S WRITING WOOOORDS!" (Because I totally stalk everyone's stats on the site. XD) I AM SO PROUD OF YOU.

      And that is the besssssst you are having so much fun and making a bigger cast is working for you! I CANNOT EVEN EXPRESS HOW HAPPY THIS ALL MAKES ME!

      Oh my goodness, that is awesome! It is sometimes an...overwhelming goal, but it's also pretty fun! Just...crazy with very little sleep. And my family basically doesn't see me for a whole month. XD BUT IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF YOU DID THAT!

      GIRRRRLLL. What am I going to do with you??? I'm just sitting here giddy and grinning over your whole comment! But don't be me! Having two Christines in the world is a terrifying thought. :P BE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ACTUAL GREATEST! <3333

  10. Over 2000 words every day??? That's impressive! I think pretty much all of last week my word count was 0... I've been a bit busy. :)

    1. I proooobably should take it easier sometimes. XD But thank you so much!

      That is okay! Sometimes life has to come before writing and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! I probably should put some things before my writing and prioritize better. Lol. XD

  11. It sounds like overall you had a very good week for Nano! I mean you did reach 50k! I know it wasn't as productive as you would have liked but no sweat. "The sun will come out, Tomorrow!" I'm preaching to myself here too. I was not as productive as I would have liked to be either. Granted I was babysitting 3 extra boys, making a total of 6 boys between the ages of 4 and 10, Friday thru Monday! I was actually surprised I was able to write at all with them running around like a tornado through my house. We survived without any trips to the hospital! I almost forgot, two of them got the stomach bug! Which meant I did not sleep well, you know having to get up to clean up vomit and diarrhea and all that. Since Friday I've only gotten 6553 words and tomorrow we leave for Mexico thru Sunday. The good news is I only have 7k to go to reach 50k!!! I probably won't finish my book but I think I will make 50k :) Happy Writing and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks so much!!! I do think I'm waaay too hard on myself with NaNo. I get so obsessive. I need to remember that as long as I'm still getting words in, it's all good!

      Oh my goodness. I'm overwhelmed just hearing about all you've had going on! 6 young boys for a week??? AND they had stomach bugs? YOU POOR THING. But wow! You are a SUPERHERO managing all that. And you're STILL getting words in? Yep, an actual superhero. I'm just...I'm in awe. What a week!

      And you're going to Mexico? HOW EXCITING! Yes, I'd definitely say you shouldn't push yourself to finish your novel amidst all that. You have done and are doing so, so, SOOOO amazing! YOU INSPIRE ME!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I hope you're having a good one! ^_^

  12. CONGRATS, CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Keep up the good work!!! Loved the snippet. Your WIP sounds so cool. XD
    My week's been good; I got another belt in my Kung Fu class; so that was awesome!!! XD Happy Thanksgiving!!! :-D

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU PRECIOUS THING!!!! You are making me smile so big!

      Oh my goodness, THAT IS SO COOL! Congratulations! :D

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I hope it's a blessed one! ^_^

  13. YAY FOR HITTING 50,000 WORDS!!! :D *spontaneous dance party with cake and balloons*

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! *dances with balloons and noms cake happily*

      You're the best, girl. XD

  14. It sounds like you've been having fun! I'm glad you had a recharge day. I've been dealing with burnout too and I'm writing half of what you are. XD I also had an exact word count twice. XD You're not crazy. XD

    1. It was a really great NaNo! But yes, recharge days are so important. I...tend to forget that and burn myself out a lot... :-/ I never learn! Lol.

      Girl, you did AWESOME with NaNo and I'm so ecstatic for your win! You were a rockstar!

      Seriously? That is so funny! I just don't know how that even happens. Lol.

  15. Waaaay past the speed limit indeed!

    Haha, I love how you ENJOY week 2 of NaNo when everybody else is starting to hit bumps in the road. But I'm sorry week 3 wasn't as great! Still, it sounds like you pushed through...and based on later posts, it ended off wonderfully. ^_^

    AND LOOK AT YOU, HITTING 50K ON DAY 13 LIKE A BOSS. I'm also eating up the little snippets you share because they're so tantalizing! Had to laugh about you writing outside, though, because today was absolutely freezing cold and the thought of writing outside in the snow and wind makes me want to curl under my blanket all day. XD

    I totally relate to enjoying the emotional scenes! Those are just so fun to write for some reason, even if the emotions are 100% negative. I was just editing a chapter of Mirrors Never Lie yesterday that was almost entirely an argument between two characters, and it was a blast. XD

    Breaks, encouragement, prayer, and looking back over your writing--all are fantastic ways to refuel! And awww, thank you so much for the sweet shoutout!!! <333 I feel specials. ^_^ Savannah and Jenelle's posts both came at good times for me too!

    ^that Alice gif, though--so accurate. XD

    BUT BUT BUT CHRISTMAS! *squeals* I'm sooo excited for it this year (pfft, I get excited just about every year)--maybe because it means taking a BREAK AND NOT GOING TO SCHOOL AND NOT HAVING A WRITING DEADLINE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN EIGHT MONTHS HALLELUJAH AMEN. xD But also all the festivity and family time and giving gifts and celebrating Jesus. <3

    Anyway, your NaNo posts never cease to be fun! They're like little slices of your writing life, which nosy me is allllways curious about. ;)

    1. P.S. Not having Twitter, the only way I follow your tweets is by the little sidebar on your blog, and so I just saw your sweater fiasco. Firstly, oh no, spilling on your clothes at work is the worst! (But thank God for moms.) And second, you're so pretty! I don't actually know if I've seen an actual smiling pic of you before?? Like your profile is your thoughtful writerly smile, but I don't think I've ever seen you grinning before. (I sound like a creep-o, don't mind me...) Anyway, you're gorgeous. <333

    2. So much past. Like jet speeds going on!

      I always have to be backwards from other people. XD And yeah, there were some bumps, but week 3 did end up being a good one! The whole month was miraculously good!

      *BEAMS* I was excited! And thank you!!! I...may have a whole snippets post coming in the very near future, but you didn't hear that from me. *coughity cough*
      Hahaha! I suppose if I lived in Canada I prooobably wouldn't write outside quite as much during NaNo. XD OH. BUT TRACEY. IT'S SNOWING TODAY. That neverrrrr happens for us, BUT WE'RE GETTIN' ACTUAL SNOW AND I'M SO EXCITED. And you're probably laughing at me for being so enthusiastic over like...1 or 2 inches of snow for one day but...yeah. We southerners get excited about these things. XD

      So glad I'm not alone in this. And YES. The negative emotions are usually the most fun. XDD Writers, watcha gonna do with us? *shakes head*

      Your post was a HUGE blessing to me! You always have the most amazing timing with your posts! <333

      I quote that to myself allll the time because it's so me. XD

      YESSSH. CHRISTMAS! :D :D :D And same, I'm basically always excited about Christmas. BUT IT'S CHRISTMAS! And that is so fabulous you're finally getting a break! Goodness knows you need one! o.O HALLELUJAH AMEN INDEED. XDD

      D'awww! That makes me happy. And is a relief because goodness do I post about NaNo a lot! Lol!

      Hahahaha! It was quite an experience. We were laughing pretty hard after the fact. XD But I was definitely glad Mom was able to bring me a new sweater because, man, that coffee was EVERYWHERE. XD

      You know what, it's never occurred to me you've never really SEEN me besides like one or two pics. o.O I feel like I basically know you in person and I forget these things sometimes! But thank yoooouuuu! That's so sweet of you to say! And that's not creep-o! I always soak up pictures and vlogs and things from my internet peeps. I think we're all very curious about each other. XD


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