Monday, October 9, 2017

How to Have a Successful NaNoWriMo (Bonus: Without Dying)



But this one has true purpose! Last week I had a dear soul seeking advice on how to venture into the NaNo waters, and I’ve had multiple people ask me similar questions throughout the years. Thus I decided to finally just write a whole post with some tips and tricks on how to have a successful NaNoWriMo.

ALSO. Most of these apply to just writing a novel in general. So even if you’re not participating in NaNo, this may still be beneficial. (I PROMISE I LOVE ALL OF YOU.)

Naturally everyone’s NaNo experiences and writing habits vary from one person to the next. Some of this may not be helpful at all. But these are just some tips I’ve learned over the years to help me stay on track, keep some of my sanity (#LIES there is no sanity during NaNo), annnd NOT DIE. Which is always a plus!






If you’re anything like me, the moment midnight strikes and October 31st turns into November 1st, you’re only focus is WRITING. All those other silly life-y things are just a distraction and annoyance because WORDS. MUST WRITE. MUST REACH WORD COUNT. WOOOORDS.

But wait! You didn’t answer that email you promised you’d get done. And what about all the laundry that’s piled up? And and and…what if the worst of the worst happens? What if you get…WRITER’S BLOCK????

The last thing you want at the beginning of NaNoWriMo is to realize you have 2938493 other things that need doing. Or to be writing happily along only to get utterly and woefully stuck in your story and not be able to continue writing.

That’s where we take advantage of October. I always refer to October not only as “NaNo Prepping Month” but “Catch Up Month”. Because that’s when I make sure I’m fully caught up on emails, commitments, housework, whatever it may be! When November 1st hits, I like my plate to be empty so I can focus fully on my story. Sure, things will still pile up throughout the month, but at least they won’t be piling up on top of an already huge to-do pile.

Then there’s the ever dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK. Fun story, I used to be a full pantser. Plotting a story was unheard of! But for my first NaNo I decided, “Hey, what if I attempted plotting a story to assure I don’t get writer’s block?” And so I did. And by that I mean I wrote a nearly 10k-word chapter-by-chapter outline. (I have an obsessive personality, okay???) Needless to say, no writer’s block plagued me that NaNo. I always knew what scene came next. Which was lovely. Thus I plotted for the next NaNo, and all the ones after that. These days, I consider myself a plotter more than a pantser. (My young self would be shocked at my adult self.)

But ANYWAYS. I’m  by no means saying you should write a 10k-word outline. (Some of you may actually value your sanity. I obviously hate mine…) I’m just saying, even a little plotting is good security for when you have to write a whole novel in only 30 days. But if you’re a hardcore pantser, ignore my advice! YOU DO YOU.

(Buuut if you want a step-by-step guide on how I personally like to plot, you can read THIS POST. Except I hesitate to share it because I wrote that back during my FIRST YEAR OF BLOGGING. That post was written 7 years ago, guys! But it may still help if you’re looking for some plotting ides. Just…read at your own risk.)



The first week of NaNo is a magical time. You’ve just embarked on an exciting adventure. You’re stepping out into the great unknown, ready to pour those words onto the page and see what amazing discoveries you find on the way.

Then the second week happens.

You’ve been writing nonstop for a week. You’re exhausted, have consumed an unhealthy amount of caffeine, and your plot is falling apart. All you can think of is, “There’s still THREE MORE WEEKS OF THIS???”

(Okay, the second week is oddly usually my favorite because I’m getting comfortable with my story and in the habit of writing every day, SO THERE IS HOPE.)

By the third and fourth week, all the things you’ve been ignoring have begun to pile up, the dishes in the sink are reminiscent of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, there are Thanksgiving plans to be made. That silly Life thing is getting in the way of the words! Suddenly you’re finding you do not have nearly as much time or mental energy to write as you did that magical first week and your word count is suffering. So what are you to do?

Take advantage of the magical high of the first week! Rack up them words while your mental energy is still filled up. (And while you still love your story and don’t want to burn it with fire and throw the ashes in the ocean.) Use that first week to write as much as possible so you’ll have a cushion for when Life happens and exhaustion takes over. Trust me, your second-half-of-November-self will be singing praises to your first-half-of-November-self.



If you look at NaNo as a whole, it can seem…daunting. I mean, 50,000 WORDS IN 30 DAYS???? ARE WE CRAZY? (Well, yes, but that’s not the point.) But here’s the thing, you really only have to write 1,667 words a day. That’s the designated daily number to reach that 50k. Not too overwhelming, right? Of course, that means you have to write 1,667 EVERY DAY, and if you miss a single one you’re suddenly behind on the word count. *cue crisis*

So I like to make myself a goal of 2k minimum a day instead. Just like using the first week to rack up the words will form a cushion, adding a little extra to that designated 1,667 also gives a nice comfy cushion to halt those uncomfortable crises. And that little 333 extra words really doesn’t feel like too much extra work, but it adds up in the long run!



On the flip side, instead of making one set goal for every day, making different goals each day is a huge help. Because some days are just going to be busier than others.

For example, on the days I’m going to be home all day, I may set myself a crazy goal of 5k for that day (because I hate myself apparently). But on the days I’m at work, I have to be more realistic and shoot for just 2k for the day.

No matter what, I always try to set some kind of word count goal at the beginning of each day. Because if I didn’t, I may just say, “Eh, I’ll write when I can” and then…“accidentally” scroll on Pinterest for 2 hours. But a goal helps me stay focused and forces me to keep writing until I reach it. Because I CANNOT FAIL. #Perfectionist

And word count goals aren’t the only kind! I also set rules for myself. One that helps a TON is the rule that I’m not allowed to touch the internet or update my word count on the NaNo website until I’ve written the first 1k or 2k words for the day. THAT’S SERIOUS MOTIVATION. Or maybe I’ll set a rule that I can’t watch the newest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic until I’ve reached my daily word count goal. Again, MOTIVATION, amiright?




Writing is a lonely, discouraging adventure. Sometimes it feels like Frodo’s journey to Mordor was easier because at least he had Sam, right??? But we have to face this journey ALOOOONE. *drapes arm over forehead dramatically*

But wait.

Do we have to do it alone???

Guess what? YOU DON’T. Especially not during NaNo! Because with NaNo, you’re traversing the same journey with thousands of other people. IT’S MAGICAL. Buuuut, unfortunately, you’re still technically in your bedroom typing up those words with no one but your cat to keep you company. And holing yourself away for 30 looong days can get…depressing. That magic spark at the beginning may fade and you start questioning your life choices.


NaNo takes so much mental energy. Trying to tackle it and keep up the optimism by yourself is HARD. So what to do?

ANNOUNCE TO THE WORLD YOU’RE DOING NANO. Tell your family, your friends. Chat with people on the NaNo forums because what better support group is there than people going through the exact same thing you are? You can even select on the NaNo site what region you’re from and you can attend actual, real life write-ins with people in your own region who are participating in NaNo as well. Fun stuff!

Social media is also a lifeline. Twitter (<—shameless plug to my twitter account) is my favorite place to hang out during NaNo, because it’s quick, so doesn’t cut into much writing time, but at the same time I can keep up with my fellow Wrimos and scream and cry and whine share my own progress. We even post snippets over there and our current word counts and cheer each other on. I love my little twitter community!

How ever you do it, JUST FIND PEOPLE. Whether in person or online. A support group is vital! Not only to have people who will keep you accountable, but also to get some encouragement boosts during those days when you just want to crawl under your bed and never look at a keyboard again.



“I thought we were talking about writing, Christine,” I know you’re probably thinking. “What is this foreign word exercise???”

I KNOW. Craziness. But, believe it or not, exercise is good for you and even helps with your writing. SHOCKING, RIGHT????

Okay, so, truthfully, I don’t exercise neeearly as much as I should. But I do find it even more important during NaNo than other times because we’re spending sooo much time bent over our computer screens. I mean, yes, your fingers are getting an unbelievable workout but, ya know, SPOILERS: we do have more than just fingers.

Last year I made a habit of exercising every afternoon during NaNo. It was super hard to pull myself away from the computer and cut into my writing time. But you know what? I actually wrote more words that NaNo than I had for the last multiple NaNos. I realized taking a break and moving my body around for a while helped refuel my creativity and energy. I was pumped and ready to dive right back into writing after each workout.

Plus, you know, it helped keep me alive and stuff.

It’s also good to get up and move every 30 minutes or so. Lately I’ve been occasionally getting up from my laptop and doing a few jumping jacks. Because, turns out, sitting at the computer for 5 hours straight isn’t good for one’s body. WHO KNEW???

Yes, it can be hard to force ourselves away from the words, but, in the end, you’ll be so glad you did.

(And I’m mostly just telling myself this because I’m the worst about forgetting to exercise. SO EXERCISE, CHRISTINE. SHEESH.)



Just like getting up and exercising can help refuel your creativity as well as save your poor muscles from misery, switching where you’re writing does the same.

This one is a big one for me. I do my best to write in different places throughout the day. Sitting in one place can be a drain on body and mind. I’ve learned if I’m feeling unmotivated to write, simply switching to a new seat can recharge my imagination.

If you’re able, move to a new location every hour or so. And I don’t mean you have to leave your house. Just find a new place to sit. I’ll switch from my chair in my room, to the bed, to the desk, to the porch swing, to the table on our deck, all in the course of one day. But also taking your laptop to the library or a local coffee shop is great, too!

Just move around! The change of position and scenery will do wonders for your motivation.


(water is probably good too)

You now why it’s a stereotype for writers to consume unreasonable amounts of coffee?


Not only does caffeine reboost our energy enough to churn out a few more hundreds or thousands of words, it’s also just much more fun to have something tasty to drink while you sit there writing and writing and writiiiing. Taking a sip of something delicious is a nice little break for our minds as we ponder the next sentence. It breaks the monotony. All around, it’s a win-win!

So yes, drink that coffee! I mean, come on. Writing 50k words in 30 days? YOU’RE GONNA NEED COFFEE. It’s science.

But it doesn’t have to be actual coffee! There are all manner of tasty, caffeinated drinks to boost your energy. Sheesh. It doesn’t even have to be a drink. Why not have a pack of gummy bears and eat one every 100 words? (By the way, little reward systems like that is fantastic motivation as well.) Just something to keep your mind alert and help you not lose it as you sit there writing for 5 hours. (Oh wait, we just discussed how we’re not supposed to sit at the computer for 5 hours straight, didn’t we…?)


Immense amounts of caffeine isn’t exaaactly the most healthy thing for your body. You still need water! We’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day after all. I don’t think 8 cups of coffee counts… I pretty much always have a glass of water next to me. Like, at all times. That way I’m drinking it throughout the day and, ya know, not dying. Because when we’re in that writing zone it can be hard to remember to get up and drink some water. So it’s good to make sure you always have some next to you. I sometimes find I drink more water when I’m writing, because when I get stuck on what to say in the next sentence, I’ll end up reaching for my water as I ponder how to word it. And, well, I get stuck on how to word things…a lot. So I end up sucking down that water preeeetty fast while writing.

Basically, JUST TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. It can be easy to slip into bad habits during something as crazy as NaNoWriMo (trust me, I’m the queen of bad health habit…). But making sure you’re healthy is so much more important than getting thousands of words in a day. (<— LISTEN TO YOURSELF, CHRISTINE.)

And, as I mentioned earlier, you’ll probably find yourself able to produce more words if you keep your mental and physical energy up.



Back in the olden days, I always thought if I wrote, I had to set out a couple of hours at least to do it.

Then NaNo happened.

From my very first NaNo, I quickly learned the value of writing in short bursts between those life-y things. Waiting for your lunch to come out of the oven? Go throw together 100 words. Sitting in the doctor’s office? Pull out your phone and get some words down. It may seem like writing in 5 or 10 minutes increments won’t add up, but it does!

In general, I definitely want to set aside a couple of hours at a time to write and fully disappear in my story for a while. But, unfortunately, Life happens (#Rude), and it’s great to get in the habit of writing some words amidst Life.

To me, that’s the true point of NaNo—to teach us how to find time to write even when we don’t have time to write. To create those stories we’ve always wanted to amidst our crazy busy lives.

I can’t even begin to number all the good writing habits I’ve learned by doing NaNo each year. (I mean, sometimes I don’t act on those habits I’ve learned but, ya know, knowing them is a start, right? *cough*)



NaNo can be a stressful time.


Okay, okay. NaNo is a stressful time. But you know what? The whole point is to just have FUN!

Sure, the “goal” may be to write 50k words in 30 days. But I firmly believe that’s not the ultimate purpose.

The TRUE purpose of NaNo is to help us create the stories that have been buzzing in our head, aching to get out. To teach us how to make time for writing amidst our busy lives. To just have a good time and write stories with countless other people around the world!

So it doesn’t matter if you write 500 words or 50,000. What matters is that you did write something. I repeat…


You stepped out bravely and did your best and made progress on your creative pursuits. And that is what makes you a winner. Not your word count.

So don’t let that scary word count number stop you. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back. JUST WRITE AND HAVE FUN.

There is something so special and magical about NaNoWriMo. It’s something I’ve been trying to put into words for 8 years now, and I still can’t. You just have to experience it for yourself.

So if you’re wanting to give it a try, DO IIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!

I promise, you won’t regret it.

~ ~ ~


LET’S TALK WRITING. Do you have any things to add to my list? Any habits that help you get those words to the page (without dying of stress #Bonus)??? Do you like to plot or pants your novel? Or are you a plantser and do a little of both? (I’ve literally done all 3 because I’m a weirdo.) And do you have any other questions about NaNo I didn’t cover here? ASK AWAY.

P.S. If you’re doing NaNo, I’d looove to buddy you over there! You can find my profile HEEERE!!!


  1. Agh. I'm having struggles with a 20k story due in December - so glad I'm not attempting NaNo this year. Still, I can use a lot of these tips for when I'm drafting SOI. Thanks, Christine!


    1. Oh no! I'm sorry you're struggling with your story. That makes sense you won't able to do NaNo this year. You're probably making the responsible decision! I'm glad these tips were still helpful though. ^_^

      I do so hope your story will start behaving itself!

  2. I always wondered how someone even attempted Nano, these tips make it seem more manageable. Almost makes me wish I was doing it.

    1. Wait... Have you never done NaNo, Skye? For some reason I had in my had you have! I...I don't know why. o.o But that's okay! It's definitely a...commitment. Heh. My family hardly even sees me during November. XD But still, it's a lot of fun and it'd be amazing if you did it sometime! :D

  3. Great advice! Hopefully this will help me get to the coveted goal.

    1. Thanks! So happy to help. ^_^

      You've totally got this! *fistpump*

  4. I wish I could do NaNo this year... but I can't. But these tips are a lifesaver--will definitely be coming back to these in April when I DO go for it!!!

    1. Awwww! I wish you were too! D: But I understand. Sometimes Life just doesn't allow for these things. The good thing is, NaNo will always be around for when you do find time for it. And yes, there's Camp NaNo, too! :D How fun you'll be doing it in April! I'm bad and hardly ever do Camp. One NaNo a year is usually plenty for me. *sheepish grin*

    2. Aw, thank you. I'm definitely thankful it happens on such a regular basis.

      Also: What movie is that first gif from? I've seen gifs of it around frequently and was just wondering. XD

    3. It's a fairly old Dreamworks movie called The Road to El Dorado. I think I only ever saw it once back when it was new, so I really don't even remember anything about it! But gifs from it definitely get around! XD

  5. *whips out notebook and starts taking notes* xD I did a few of these last year for NaNo (#asupportgroupsavedmylife), and I'm not sure if I'll be doing a formal NaNo this year (SADNESS), but if I do then I will definitely need this post.

    1. Hahahah! I'm honored!

      Support groups are the bessst! My writing buddy literally keeps me alive during NaNo and...really through my whole writing journey! Lol. Writing friends are the greatest!

      That is sad you might not do a formal NaNo! D: But I guess life is just like that sometimes. I totally understand that. But if you do end up doing it, I'll have to buddy you over there!

  6. Let me just say YES to allll of this. Last year was my first NaNo and I almost killed myself because I completely neglected to look after myself physically so I'm resolving to do better this time. Not as many late nights, more exercise, more water. It's going to be great.

    1. *BEAMS* I'm so happy it was helpful!

      Oh man, I understand! Most of this post was basically me yelling at myself because I develop really bad habits during NaNo. I did do a lot better taking care of myself last year and actually ended up writing my most words for any NaNo, so I'm trying to remember that for this year. XD

      But yes, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! <3

  7. Oh, dear Lauri, you are the BEST!!! *throws virtual hugs your way* This is so helpful - I simply can't say just how much. I feel like I've literally tossed myself into this NaNo thing FACE FIRST, without thinking. And I'm so afraid with my life, my job, my responsibilities, etc. etc. that I won't be able to make it to 50k - and that would KILL me! The last point you made regarding having fun, that's what I needed. I LOVE to write, even if it's not all that great - it's something I really enjoy. And jumping into this with the goal being 50k... well, I think I've forgotten that this can be FUN. So needed that reminder!

    And the link you posted! I wrote down all the steps baby Lauri made way back in 2011. That's gonna be my goal this week to prep my novel. You have such common sense! YOU GENIUS YOU. ;D And it was so sweet to see how your writing/blogging has grown since then. Your bloggy personality has changed a good bit - it's awesome!

    Thank you, my dear! This survival guide is PERFECT. I'm sure everyone will agree, if they haven't already. :]

    1. D'awww, Sarah! *returns virtual hug* I'm so very ecstatic this was helpful!

      No, no, no. You're gonna do GREAT. Really, the best way to do NaNo is face first. XD Just jumping in and DOING it is the best way! And yes, the most important thing is to have fun. It can be stressful and discouraging, but it's also magical and addicting. Which is why I do it every year. Sometimes I think I'm crazy doing it all the time. Why would I bring so much stress to myself every year? But then I remember the magic and joy and GOOD TIMES and I tend to forget about the stress. All that to say, IT'S GONNA BE GREAT. There are going to be hard days, days you'll question your sanity, but in the end you'll be so glad you tried it. ^_^

      Oh my goodness. *blushes* That post is so old. XD But I'm glad even after all this time it was helpful to someone! And I hope plotting goes well! I need to get busy plotting myself...
      It's good to hear I've grown as a blogger. I had NO clue what I was doing back in the day. XD

      That just makes me so happy to hear! Thank YOU, Sarah! <333

  8. I totally get what you're saying about NaNoWriMo having something magical about it that can't be explained. I feel that every year - I'm pretty sure there's been at least one year where I've decided not to do it and then changed my mind on October 31 after seeing everyone's prep posts and getting emails from the website and stuff. (THAT IS THREATENING TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR - THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS YEAR - WRITER HAS A NOVELLA TO EDIT.) Ahem. So it does make me sad that I'm not doing it this year, even though I know it's a good decision, because there is something that draws me back every year despite the insanity.

    1. So you get that, too??? It's...addicting! It totally pulls us in every time. XD

      Awww! You're not joining in this year? Well, I WOULD try to convince you otherwise, but I'll be nice. ;D And I admire you for taking the time to work on your novella. I have things I should be editing too but...I can't resist the call of NaNo, however much I shouldn't do it. *cough*

      I do hope your novella goes well! And hey, there's always next NaNo! ^_^

  9. I absolutely love this post! Thanks for the tips!

    1. EEP. Thank you so much! That makes me happy! ^_^

  10. who is this heretic suggesting you can NaNo without dying

    (...seriously, though, this post was amazing and I know it will help me during the month of horror that we writers willingly put ourselves through! [why tho])
    Jem Jones

    1. Ah man. You caught me. I lied. We're all actually zombies because NaNo kills us every time. It's inevitable.

      Tehehe. Thanks! I'm so glad it was helpful! NaNo can be a craaaazy month. I don't know why we do it every time. I guess because we writers inherently have no sanity. ;D

  11. These are great tips! I always keep water with me at my desk. I do like staying in the same place though when I write because my desk is my writing space, but sometimes I'll go to the local cafe or sometimes life forces me to write somewhere else cause holiday vacations. XD I also try to clear my schedule as much as possible for NaNo. I'm trying to schedule all of my blog posts for November and finish a bunch of commitments and plot!

    1. Thanks! ^_^

      That's good! It can be so easy to lose track of time and go hours without liquids. What's hilarious is my desk is my least used space for writing. XD I will sit there occasionally but if I'm in my room I mostly prefer the recliner I have in there. But yes, sometimes we just gotta roll with life. Like right now I'm literally typing this in the car. We writers work when we can. Lol.

      Good luck scheduling everything and getting it all done! I'm working on that myself and trying (and mostly failing) to not panic at all I have to do. *nervous laughter*

  12. Great tips! Very encouraging and doable. I hadn't intended to do NaNo this year (I'm handwriting my draft, and though it works well for me, it would be hard to write 50k that way!), but now I'm rethinking that decision. :-)

    Haha, I'm a weird combination of plotter and panster. I need to know where my story is going and what I'm ultimately saying. And (when actually drafting) the next few scenes at least. But I make it up as I go when writing the outline!

    (Also, I submitted one comment, but it seems to have disappeared. Apologies if you accidentally get two identical comments from me!)

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you think so. ^_^
      Wow, you're handwriting your draft??? THAT IS AWESOME. I sadly don't have the patience to do that anymore. Heheh. But I sooo admire those who do. That'd be amazing if you joined NaNo! :D

      I totally get that! I've written a story or two where I did some plotting, but not a full outline. I used to pants all the time. And then a lot of stories I plot to ridiculous degrees. And, really, I like it all! But yes, I guess when I'm writing my outline I'm essential pantsing the outline! I've never really thought about it like that!

      (That's so awful it ate your comment! D: I only ever got this one comment from you.)

    2. Thanks! Y'know, hand writing actually works better for me because I can imagine and record ideas simultaneously. Typing is quick and handy--but it's so fast that I get to the end of my thought before I've created the next--which means I stop to think--which kills momentum. :-) But the slower pace of hand writing means my progress doesn't outstrip my imagination. That, and my big ol' blue binder is portable, so I can take it to the hair salon and write while I wait for my turn in the chair (did that yesterday!)

      It's funny how that works--sometimes it just depends on what the story needs! Once concept might be better developed by a freewheeling imagination, and another might benefit more from carefully planned details. Writing is definitely an adventure!

    3. Huh. That makes a ton of sense! I can totally see how handwriting helps you think more about what you're saying and keep a good steady pace. Wow! I haven't thought about that much. And yes, being able to write on the go is great! I used to hand write my stories when I was younger and carried my notebook everywhere. But over time I got spoiled to typing. *sheepish grin* I think hand writing stories is still a beautiful thing though! I love how people still do it.

      "Writing is definitely an adventure!" <-- So, so, SO true. But I love it! It's awesome how each story has its own personality. Writing is just a magical thing!

  13. Agh yes to ALL OF THESE. Especially having a support group. For me, that's really what's going to push me to keep going, even when things get rough.

    Also caffeine helps. A lot. ;)

    1. SUPPORT GROUPS ARE LIFE. I hear ya there! I would have NEVER made it as far as I have without my writing friends. They're so vital, and such an amazing blessing! <3

      Hear, hear! ;D

  14. You know I've yet to do Nano, but--WE MUST BE BRAIN TWINS. Sooo many of these tips are things I've found to work really well for me too! (Y'know, when I actually have the discipline to DO them. XD)

    Whenever I get the chance to do Nano (what a glorious time that will be...) I will definitely use that advice to make the most of the first week! And to plan extensively, and to use reward systems...all of it, because this post is so smart. :D

    It's so true about the exercise. On days that I just laze around and don't even have any chores to look after, I feel so sluggish. Getting up and moving around, even if it's just a five minute walk to get some fresh air, does wonders for my motivation!

    LOL, your method of drinking water when you get stuck brought to mind a cartoonish version of you frantically guzzling water and staring at a laptop. And for some reason I found that hilarious??? XD (Don't even question my brain. It's a strange place sometimes.)

    HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING NANO, CHRISTINE! Don't freak out too much! And hey, if TBT is just too much right now with all the outlining and prepping you need to do--take a break. It's totally fine if you finish after November. I want my Lauri to keep her sanity intact between now and November 1! After that, pffft, we all know what happens. ;)

    1. Really? That's so fun! WE ARE TOTALLY BRAIN TWINS.

      I cannot waaaaait for the day that we get to do NaNo together. But I TOTALLY understand this is not the year for you. o.o Goodness, you have so much on your plate!

      I'm the same! I forget to move around...a lot. And then I just feel sluggish and blah. Plus it makes me feel really tired when I don't move much. Like you said, moving around and getting fresh air is the best for motivation!

      *DIES LAUGHING* Oh my word! XD I love your brain! And, honestly, that's probably a pretty accurate description of my writing process. LOL.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH, TRACEY! Awk, girl! You're so sweet. But noooo! I am WAY too invested in TBT. I'M TOTALLY FINISHING IT. AND SOON. Besides, I only have 7 chapters left, so it won't take long at all to finish up. PLUS I JUST LOVE IT AND NEED TO READ IT, PRECIOUSSSS. It's been a PLEASURE beta-reading!

    2. Goodness, doing Nano together will be a BLAST! One day!

      Yep, totally agree. I might make good use of that advice today and take a bike ride... :)

      XDDD There needs to be a gif of this!

      Awww, you're so sweet! I'm glad you're so invested, as long as it doesn't take away from Nano prep! ^_^ 7 chapters, woohoo!!!


      That sounds lovely! We're FINALLY having fall weather today, so I've been using the day to get out myself and it's felt wonderful. ^_^

      THERE DOES. That'd be so funny! XD

      No way! It's been no trouble reading a chapter or two a day. And I'm just enjoying it so much! <3


  16. My first NaNo, I thought it would be way easier to write an even 2K instead of 1667 or whatever it is??? Then I thought 3K would be better... than 5K.

    And thusly I finished 50K in 16 days. ;))

    Sooooooo I can totally testify to that tip working!!!

    Methinks I need to implement the exercise tip... I feel pike it makes a LOT of sense that shaking up your body could shake up your brain too (and during NaNo, your brain is quite stale and sad and muddled)!!

    1. WE'RE ACTUALLY TWINS THOUGH. Because that's basically me! I always tell myself to do 2k a day. Then I'm like "OR you could do 5k instead???? Sleep and sanity are overrated anyway!" So...yes. XD I love that I'm not alone in this though. We can be sleepless, insane people TOGETHAH! ;D

      Exercising helps sooo much! For this NaNo I would occasionally stop writing to do some jumping jacks and it definitely helped recharge my brain and help me stay motivated to keep writing. Because, yes, our poor brains get very muddled during NaNo!

    2. Right??? I always wanted to reach a higher, more round and easily divisible number (that makes me sound like a math nerd, but I'm NOT). ;))) HOORAY!!!

      Imma try that. Maybe some jump roping??


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