Monday, November 28, 2016

NaNoWriMo Week Four: 100k Words, So Much Turkey, and Benedict Cumberbatch


Oh, what is that I see? *squints* It looks like a…finish line? It couldn’t be. But maybe it is because….because…IT’S THE LAST DAYS OF NANO.



Just think. Thursday morning you will open your eyes and it will be DECEMBER 1ST. No more NaNoWriMo!

Unfortunately…I’ll probably still be pounding at my keyboard like a mad octopus (not sure why octopuses would be mad at keyboards but…?) on December 1st. And the few days thereafter. Because…my novel is not done. In fact, I have 11 chapters to go, and seem to only be writing about a chapter a day. BUT. Having 11 chapters out of the 46 that this book will hold IS NOT BAD. I’m gonna finish this things, guys, I AM.

Week Four was pretty great. Muchly exciting things happened!



  • I hit 100k words. Which means I did a double NaNo and I’M HAPPEH. Especially since this book is probably going to be near 150k. o.O I needed to get as many words in as possible! I try to do a double NaNo most years, but this year I wasn’t 100% I was going to be able to, but it has proven to be a much less busy month than I suspected. So HUZZAH for writing time!



  • Two news ships began this week. Because I didn’t have enough couples in this series. *rolls eyes* But one of these ships involves two hilariously energetic people and the other involves two quiet, awkward ones and they both amuse me endlessly. Though right now they’re just friendSHIPS but ya knoooow. #IStillShipThem (Am I the only one that gets obsessed with their own couples? Please tell me I’m not alone in my weirdness!)


  • THANKSGIVING. Thanksgiving happened. Which is important because TURKEY. AND OTHER FOOD. And I may still be full from it and have eaten turkey and dressing every single day since Thanksgiving with NO REGRETS. *twirls* Ours was a pretty quiet Thanksgiving, but I suppose that’s not always a bad thing. It was very pleasant and foooood.



  • ALL MY CHARACTERS ARE TOGETHER. I’m pretty sure this book is just one big ol’ reunion. But they are ALL together. FINALLYYYY. I feel like this is a historical moment because they separated at the beginning of book ONE. I’ve literally never written them all together for 7 years now. But this week I finally got alllll meh dragon riders +friends/family together and just LET ME HUG MY BABIES. (Although I’m discovering I’m not the best at writing scenes with a big group?? It’s fun, just…hurts my wee brain. Oops.)


  • I made it to Part 3 of my novel. See, I sectioned my book off into 3 parts, and as of Friday, I am on the last part! WHOOO! Somehow it feels so less overwhelming now. Like…I can maybe see the end? Speaking of which…


  • I’m on the pre-climax climax. Because layering climaxes makes sense, yes? Okay, what I mean is my characters have officially made it TO THE FINAL BATTLE. Like, the major battle that involves their entire WORLD. Yes, that battle. Buuut a lot happens in it. So it’s not like THE climax yet. But it’s kinda the climax of the whole series, if not the specific climax of this book. Make sense?? No…? Yeah, I don’t know either. ANYWAY. The point is, I’ve got to get through this battle, then wrap things up, then IT’LL BE FINISHED. Let’s just pretend that this whole last climax doesn’t overwhelm the socks of me because all. the. fighting. I mean, there are other things like rescue missions and hilarious conversations IN THE FIGHT. But also fight scenes. So many fight scenes… Who outlined this book anyway???


I almost died when I saw this in Civil War because THEY STOLE IT FROM ME. I’ve had this exact thought toward my characters for yeeears. They always end up talking in the middle of war and I’m just like YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY BAD GUYS PAY ATTENTION.


  • I SAW DOCTOR STRANGE. Been meaning to do that…almost all month. But, ya know, NaNo. I finally saw it though! And really enjoyed it! Not my faaavorite Marvel movie, but who even cares because BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. AS A MARVEL HERO. The world is complete now. Although he had an American accent in this which is NOT OKAY. You don’t cast Benedict Cumberbatch as something and then tell him not to use his gorgeously perfect British accent. IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. I do not care that Dr. Strange is American. GIMME THE BRITISH ACCENT. But aaanyways, I totally enjoyed the movie. There’s really nothing I disliked about it (though the whole spiritual world type stuff was…weird), I just love a bunch of the other Marvel movies so suffocatingly MUCH this one got placed a bit lower on the totem pole.



  • I killed another character. Oops? But wait now! They were actually a villain. SO THERE. Except they were also related to one of my main characters. Sooo it was kinda sad, but also kind of a relief since THIS PERSON WAS SO EVIL. A sad relief? (I have no idea…)

And that was NaNoWriMo Week 4. Between turkey, Marvel, and endless reunions in my book, I’d say I had an amazing official last week of NaNo!

Although, I’m gonna admit something to you guys. I’m tired. Like REALLY TIRED. Like want-to-bury-my-computer-at-the-bottom-of-the-ocean-and-sleep-for-54-years tired. My creative juices are draaaained. Even writing this post just hurts my poor, tired imagination who really needs to go take a walk. To the moon. And not write another sentence. Like…until I’m 40 or so.

BUT. I’m gonna contradict myself here (what’s new?) and say I looooved my writing sessions this week! All this week I was writing the “calm before the storm” part of the book. Letting my characters rest and regroup and form deeper bonds (thus the two new ships) and just BE ADORABLE. Am I the only one that tends to like those sections of books? Especially to write. Like I said, battle scenes…overwhelm me. But fun conversations, I can do that! So even though I’m getting reeeally tired of writing and desperately need a break, I had a wonderful time this week! Like last week, I think the big problem here is I have no motivation to write when I’m not writing. But once I START I enjoy myself. Which I seem to forget…on a daily basis.

So did I have a good week? Yes. Am I still enjoying my book? YES. Am I ready to be finished? YESSSSS. I love writing. I. LOVE. WRITING. I think that’s preeetty obvious. But I have to say, writing around 5k words a day for nearly a month will drain the energy out of even the most enthusiastic lover of words. Eheheh.


Basically me at this point.

I shall not despair though! (Or just drink coffee and force my over-caffeinated brain to push forward.) I think I can finish this thing by the end of the first week of December, or somewhere thereabouts. If I don’t die first. Which is entirely possible because I think this book is secretly trying to kill me. *glares at it* My characters are behaving oddly well though. Probably because they know the faster I write, the quicker I’ll finally be DONE destroying their lives, and leave them alone. They just don’t yet realize the things I have planned for the climax. *cackles*


Since this will be my last post before NaNo ends (!!!), I wanted to give a shoutout to all you amazing NaNo participants. You guys have done AMAZING. I’m so proud of each and every one of you. I know some of you have even already completely finished your novels of which I say YAAAAAY!!!!! *throws confetti and pulls out the pizza and cake* I’M ECSTATIC FOR YOU GUYS.

But, if you haven’t finished yet, DO NOT DESPAIR. A lot can be done in 3 days. I’ve seen people write 30k words in one day! With that said, just the fact that you participated is a complete and utter pizza-worthy accomplishment. Joining NaNo is a brave feat! WRITING is a brave feat! Any and every word you put down is a step of growth, a step toward getting those beautiful stories from your head to paper.

You are all amazing people and it has been the best doing this crazy NaNo thing with you. <3

And another shoutout to those not doing NaNo and putting up with and encouraging us crazies. Even when we completely explode your inboxes and blogger dashboards and what-have-you with NaNo posts, you still cheer us on. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Here’s to the last days of NaNoWriMo 2016! *raises coffee cup*

SPILL IT ALL (but not the coffee ‘cause that would be tragic). How was your last full week of NaNo? Are you almost done (or are done) with your novel? Did you have a good Thanksgiving? AND WHO ELSE HAS SEEN DOCTOR STRANGE??? (Fangirl with meee.)


  1. So, now is it safe to say you're "so close" to the end? I hope. . . unless it takes longer to wrap things up than you thought, which I find is the case because my characters are all like "no, you've destroyed our lives for long enough, we demand an equal amount of reward!"
    I know how the slow creeping of burnout feels. At least your story is exciting enough that once you start you can keep going (isn't it weird how starting can be so hard? You'd think it would take the least effort). After writing that 17k in five days I had three more writing projects for school with imminent deadlines, and it got hard to care enough to write --- even about things I'm usually passionate about --- and push the words out when I just wanted to be done with words.
    But then I had the weekend off for the snowstorm, and did a lot of reading, and eventually got to the point where I wasn't going batty because I was critiquing things as I read, even when it's C. S. Lewis and you pretty much can't.
    And then it was Thanksgiving break and I had almost a week off, so I went and did some editing and revising of my novel (which at 64k is a mere baby compared to yours) and got a lot done. Pretty soon I'll consider it ready for beta-reading. Since it was just my family (which numbers four) and no visitors for Thanksgiving, we didn't even have a turkey. It was nice and relaxing, which meant more time for books. The only really special thing we did was watch Cyrano de Bergerac, which had the effect of reminding me of all sorts of things about being a writer. There's no way to get away from being a writer, even when you try.

    1. Lol! Yes! I think it's safe to say that at this point. I've got a little less than 10 chapters left, so not too bad! I can sorta kinda see the end in sight. But yes, endings *do* tend to drag on sometimes, and this is an ending to a 7-book series so...we'll see. *laughs nervously*

      It IS odd how starting is hard. I'd think after writing for a long amount of time, I'd be worn out, but I actually get more into it the longer I do it. Goodness, girl, it sounds like you've had a lot going on too! But Christmas break is coming up soon, right? Just a bit farther!

      Oh, oh! You're nearly done with revising. SO EXCITING! I'm so glad you had a relaxing Thanksgiving. I know you needed a good break!

      It's true, once you're a writer, there is no going back. But I actually LOVE IT. Seeing the world through a writer's eyes is fascinating. I can't imagine seeing it any other way now. I mean, it CAN be annoying when you're trying to enjoy reading and end up critiquing every. other. word. buuut still. I love the crazy writing life!

  2. You got this, girl!

    Also I love how you're like "I'm so tired of writing words" and then wrote a HUGE blog post (don't worry, I love long posts!)!

    1. Thank you! I hope so... Eheheh.

      NO LOGIC FOR THIS GIRL. Psssh, logic. (I don't even know. Once I start typing it all just comes out, even if I'm dying...)

  3. Great post, Christine! And GOOOOOO you!!! You are an insane and awesome superwoman and HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU WRITE ALL THE WORDS?! (btw, I love how attached you are to your characters <3 =))
    We had a great Thanksgiving! With our immediate family and some of our extended family together, we had thirteen people here. We ate lots of food (and I tried Turkish Delight for the first time), played games, sang lots and lots of hymns ('cause we loooove singing together! =)), and all in all had a great time!

    1. Awww, thank you! That's a relief, because these NaNo posts are such nonsensical rambles. XD

      AWK. THANK YOU, ARIEL!!! Your encouragement is the sweetest!
      Lol, I don't know. I think I have too much free time. XD

      Thirteen people? FUNNNN!!! AND you had Turkish Delight? SO COOL. I've always wanted to try some. Did you like it? I love how you guys sing together. That is THE. FUNNEST. THING. Your Thanksgiving just sounds lovely! ^_^

    2. You're most welcome! =)
      Yes, we always have a full house with eight people here most of the time...we've got a big family anyway. XD I know right?! I wanted to try it because I wanted to say that I did...and it also looks like it would be REALLY REALLY GOOD. Did I like it? Welllll...that's a bit of a complicated question to answer because it all depends on the flavor you have. I like pistachio--it basically tastes like a sticky, fruity candy covered in powdered sugar. Better tasting than it sounds. XD My least favorite was definitely the rose-petal-flavored one (and yeah, I think they are literally flavored with rose petals in water or something *grimace) cousin said they are his favorite though. Mom said the rose-petal-flavored ones tasted like antiseptic, my cousin said some say it tastes like yeah, that should describe it pretty well. Overall, I would have to say that they were pretty good. Other than the rose petal one. XD
      We did have a pretty epic Thanksgiving! =)

    3. Sticky, fruity candy... That actually sounds super good! But...ROSE PETAL? Uuugh. That does NOT sound good. Haha. I can actually imagine it'd taste like soap. Makes me think of rose-scented body wash or something. XD Whyyy would you put that in FOOD? *shudders* I actually didn't know there were different kinds of flavors. I must try some sometime!

      The real question is, are they good enough to sell out your siblings over? XD

  4. My last week of NaNo has been relaxing. Sitting back and trying to scramble together something vaguely like a life routine again. :P

    And realising that December is looming right there and I haven't even braced myself for summer yet. And Christmas. And the end of the year. And agh, just so much. But it's all cool and fun. :)

    1. I'm so glad you've had some time to relax. You earned it! But man, do I know what that's like. It's a little disorienting after NaNo trying to return to normal life. It's like, "Oh there's a world outside my novel?" XD

      Isn't it CRAZY how we're almost to December and the END OF THE YEAR???? My brain can't wrap around the fact that 2016 is almost over. *flails* Where did time gooo?

  5. I'm really quite impressed by this! You have already done so much, and you're still going at it with part three, a pre-climax climax, more ships (, and another death)! Sounds like an epic finale.

    1. Awww, thanks, Blue! I really am so enjoying this finale. I just hope I CAN finish it eventually. XD

  6. Congrats on the double NaNo!

    Oh no no I get extremely obsessed with my own couples. I wasn't going to have any romance in either of the novellas I'm currently writing, but then it....just....happened? And now I have an extra couple in my fantasy series. Oh dear.

    I'm not doing NaNo, but I have approximately three chapters left in the novella I have to finish in a week and a half. This doesn't sound like a lot, but I need to create and map two cities in that time, and two of those three chapters happen to be very integral to the plot. But hopefully I'll get it finished! It'll be so nice to edit instead of write for a change. :)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you!!! I'm pretty thrilled. ^_^

      OH GOOD. I was just sure I couldn't be the only one here. Oh no! Couples just LOVE to crop up everywhere, don't they? Most of my couples I don't even plan, they just HAPPEN and I'm like, "Guys, really???" *shakes head*

      EEP. That's so exciting! That DOES sound like a lot actually. o.o But I know you can do it! Go, Ellie, go! *waves pompoms*

    2. Now I'm curious, was Larigold one of those unplanned ones that just happened?

    3. Larigold was the most unplanned shocking things that my characters have ever done! It's like the epitome of my "unplanned couples". I just...I would have never thought of THOSE TWO. But hey, they're not ones to let me control them. XD (And aren't we glad?)

    4. *doesn't have time for a long comment but LAURIGOLD* OF COURSE IT WAS UNPLANNED, IT'S LARKE AND MARIGOLD xD. *loves them muchly*
      *can't wait until Burning Thorns is published* How's all the Burning Thorns stuff going, Christine?

      ~ Savannah


      *beams happily* Thank you, Savannah! Well...I haven't done anything with it since sending you guys the last chapter back in...August? Heh. I've been all about NaNo since then. But hopefully come January or February I shall be diving into the second round of edits and start researching *le gasp* literary agents and things! *hides under bed from scary things*

  7. BRO. MY GOSH. High fives for doubling up ^_^ I'm *almost* there...90k... *types furiously*

    - Aimee (To the Barricade!)

    1. *highfives back* THANK YOU!!!

      YOU ARE SO CLOSE. AAAHHHH!!!! GO AIMEE. You absolutely have this! You've done AMAZING this NaNo!


    But let's backtrack a minute and say hello, Christine, I adored reading this post! I think it may possibly be only the second of your posts I've read. But I loved it, it made me laugh a lot. (And it had Ben in the title so what else could a person want, really?)

    WELL DONE FOR DOING SO WELL! And you have done a double NaNo! So even if you're still the mad octopus over the next few days, you have 900% won! Well done, well done, well done!

    I know almost zero about your books but I am so happy all your charries are together! SEVEN YEARS IS SUCH. A. LONG. TIME. (I mean, I was eleven seven years ago. That's how long seven years is. LONG.) So I can imagine it's a real delight for them/you. (Though I also imagine you're planning to brutally murder some them in the climax. Gosh.) But yes, writing big groups is hard. (Stiefvater is queen of it, as she's queen of everything. Exhibit A: The Raven Cycle. She has all five of them on page and it works so well?? Like, TEACH ME.)

    Also, can I say I love your title? I don't know exactly what it refers to, but it has captured my imagination. I must now demand more info on the books, the premise, etc. This is the seventh book? Or am I making that up? Are all the titles as great as this one? (Also, have you like edited all the previous six or are some of them still first drafts? I'm always interested to see how other people tackle writing series.)

    ALSO, your photo is beautiful!

    (But I'll stop with the onslaught of compliments now ;) )

    "Am I the only one who gets obsessed with my own couples?" AHAHAHHAHAHA. NO. NO YOU ARE NOT. I ship my own couples so hard we circumnavigate the globe. Like, seriously, ask my betas, I never shut up about them XD

    But yeah, I finished a book today! Which is exciting. I wasn't NaNo-ing -- I started it in August -- but finishing it today makes me kinda feel like I won NaNo XD

    Now I'm attempting to write a post about it. What are words? What are feelings?

    Anyway, Christine, I shall go. This was an insanely long comment, especially considering I don't even really know you at all! Oops ... But I hope the book is still going well! You're nearly there!

    1. Okay, you are the sweetest person in the world! Your comment has me smiling so big!

      YOU FINISHED YOUR NOVEL. AAAHHHH!!! That is the best feeling EVERRRR. Congratulations! *throws confetti*

      Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you liked my post. *blushes* My NaNo posts are such a nonsensical conglomeration of rambles, I don't even know. XD

      THANK YOU!!! *flails my mad octopus arms* (Wait, wut?) I think I'm ending NaNo with 127k words, which is my record, SO I'M HAPPEH. Even if I still have 8 chapters to write. >.> But I thiiink I can finish it in about a week? Maybe perhaps hopefully?

      AGH GIRL. Your enthusiasm is making me feel all the warm, fuzzy things! Seven years IS a long time. o.O And yet it feels like I just started this series. It's craziness!
      You know what's sad? *whispers*I've never read a Stiefvater book.*whispers* I've always wanted to because I hear they're amazing, but I haven't. (Though I've also heard there's language which I do like to avoid for the most part in books which makes me sad because I REALLY WANT TO READ THEM. D:)

      AWK. Thank yooou!!! My titles are a play on the series name which is Colors of a Dragon Scale. Each title represents a color of a dragon. This is the 7th books, yes! If you click on the "My Stories" page, there's a list of all 7 of the books with their titles, should you be interested. ^_^
      Edited? Eheheheheheh. *hack* *cough* I have not even edited like, a single sentence in the entire SERIES. So. Ahem. I decided to just write them all out and explore the series before even thinking about that. Which I'm SO glad of! I've learned sooo much about this series and what works and what doesn't. Now that I'm finishing it up, I know everything that will need changing for the rewrite. And I mean REWRITE because my writing 7 years ago was just... *shudders* Let's just say I've grown with this series. XD The first 3 especially are nausea inducing. Lol. But hey, at least I HAVE improved.

      Oh gracious, thank you! I feel like all I'm doing is thanking you but you're so niiiice!

      COUPLES. YESH. I knew I couldn't be alone in this. It's just so hard NOT to fangirl over the precious dears (even as we destroy their lives *cough, cough*).

      That is THE. COOLEST. you ended up finishing today!!! And NaNo or not, that is an awesome amount of time to finish a book! Sometimes it takes me a year to finish a book when it's not a NaNo novel. August to November is fast. WHOO!!! THAT'S SO GREAT!

      Hahaha! I understand. I'm already trying to think about my post once I finish this book and I'm just like, "HOW DO I WERD???"

      I love insanely long comments, they're so fun! And YOU'RE so fun. Thank you for coming over here. You brought me a smile today! ^_^

  9. That's so exciting that you reached 100K! What are you at right now? Did you finish? Yay for ships. ^ ^ I love Doctor Strange. It thought it was such an in depth movie. ^ ^ Merry Christmas!

    1. Awww, thank you! I am quite excited about it myself. ^_^ I DID FINISH!!!! :D I finished December 6th with 147k words. *collapses* Let's just say I'm verrrry happy to be having a writing break for a bit. Haha.

      Doctor Strange was great. And yes, the depth and character development was superb!

      Merry Christmas! I hope you have a blessed one! <3

  10. I confess that I've been snatching up your recent blog posts the very day you publish them...but I've somehow forgotten to get around to commenting. (I thought I was 2 posts behind, but oh look, it's actually 3! *cough*)

    ANYWAYS. All the encouragement and you can do its and pompoms are a little late now. Just know I was thinking all these things a couple weeks ago! *sends lovely thoughts*

    Ugh, battle scenes can be so hard to write. >:P I was actually just writing one last night, and it went...surprisingly well? It probably needs extensive editing, but I was having FUN writing it--a feeling I treasure these days, tbh.

    But ships sailing and charries dying and pre-climaxes and everything!!! So thrilling!

    (You saw Doctor Strange? O.O I want to see it almost as badly as I want to watch Civil War, which I STILL haven't watched. skalfjaslkfjas)

    1. Girl, you lead a crazy busy life! There is not always time for commenting, and that's okay. And I do notice how you always like my posts on Google+ which gives me a little thrill each time. ^_^

      That's so sweet you were sending me mental encouragement! You're seriously the best, Tracey!

      Battle scenes, gracious. o.o I don't know what to DO with them. I've started putting on really fast music and doing word sprints with them--typing as fast as possible and not even thinking about what I'm typing. It gets them done, just probably not done WELL. XD
      That is so wonderful you enjoyed writing one! Those times are treasures indeed! I do so hope you have many more. *hugges*

      Doctor Strange was awesome!!! You MUST see it sometime. haven't seen Civil War?? TRACEY. YOU NEED TOOOOOO. Or maybe you're being wise and sparing your heart from complete and utter brokenness. Eheheh...heh...heh. *lays on the floor weeping*


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