Monday, July 11, 2016

Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag {2016}

So apparently 2016 is halfway over and EXCUSE ME HOW DID THIS HAPPEN I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS. Shouldn’t it be like February still? Or at least March? Or NOT JULY??


Since 2016 is being all rude and halfway over now (actually halfway plus a little over a week over but DETAILS), I’m joining in on the Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag. Because BOOKS. And MID-YEAR. AND FREAKING OUT.

Humongous thanks to my girl Deborah @ The Page Dreamer for passing this my way. Basically the point of this is to answer questions about the books you’ve read during the first half of the year. Just another excuse for me to flail about books! LIKE I DO.

From January 1st to June 30th I’ve officially read 20 books. Whiiiiich isn’t a whole lot, to be honest. Turns out when you get older you have RESPONSIBILITIES and can’t stay up to 3 a.m. reading. (Not that I did that when I was young, noooo.) Also I’ve read a fair amount of larger books this year, so we can blame that as well. Yes? Yes. (Or I’ve just been watching a lot of Doctor Who during the times I could be reading BUT YA KNOW.)


And, if you’re feeling especially nosy, you can check out my 2016 READS SHELF on GoodReads to see them all listed and with my ratings and all that fun stuff.

(All links and book covers lead to their respective GoodReads pages.)

1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2016
CRESS. I mean, I adored the whole Lunar Chronicles (SO MUCH ADORE) but Cress was hands down my favoritest of them all.

It was so feelsy and hilarious and has my newest favorite baby children (*pets Cress and Thorne*) and so much was happening. And just GAH. I LOVED IT SO MUCH.

But almost ALL the books I’ve read so far have been marvelous. 2106 is proving to be a good reading year!

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2016
Erm. . . I haven’t actually read a sequel, per se. I’ve read a couple of series though. So would the second book of a series count as the “sequel”?? (I DON’T KNOW THINGS.) In which case I’ll go with Scarlet. Which was the second book in the Lunar Chronicles, and, to be honest, my least favorite of the series. But it was still fantastic! The others were just even BETTER.

3. New release you haven’t read yet but want to
*falls over* SO MANY HALP.

Okay, so I’m bad and not always up to date on what’s releasing when or not. But I do know there are like a hundred thousand books out there I want to read, and many of them are new. The first one that pops to mind is King’s Folly by Jill Williamson, who happens to be one of my top favorite authors. And King’s Folly takes place in the same world as my favorite series by her, the Blood of King’s trilogy. SO YES I NEED THIS NOW.

OH. And I also desperately need A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. Another author I’m completely in love with. And this story is a loose retelling of the TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES, which happens to be my second favorite fairytale (after Beauty and the Beast) and just WHY HAVE I NOT READ THIS BOOK YET???


4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year
Like I said, my ability to actually pay attention to dates is severely lacking. But I am super de duper looking forward to the Five Magic Spindles collection, which releases fairly soonish I think. . .? But I LOVED Rooglewood Press’s first two fairytale collections, and this one sounds. . .different. I’m extremely curious about it!

And this cover may be the greatest thing my
eyeballs have ever seen. O_O

5. Biggest disappointment
The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. With all the hype, I was expecting it to be really good but. . .meh. I didn’t really like it. At all. I felt nothing for the characters, the plot never seemed to be going anywhere, not to mention the language that should have not been there. Blergh. It was just disappointing all around.

6. Biggest surprise
We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. Not only was I shocked how addicted I got to it (this coming from the girl who barely ever reads contemporaries), it was also just SURPRISING. Dat ending. *falls over* I’ll never recover!

(Although, I can’t say I recommend it because it, too, had language everywhere that completely ruined what otherwise was an amazing book. WHY must these secular authors put language eeeverywhere for impressionable teens? I ASK YOU. I keep wanting to read secular books but realize I don’t need to because LANGUAGE. EVERYWHERE But, erm, let us not get into that rant. *cough*)

7. Favorite new author
New as in an author that has debuted this year, or new as in new to me? I’m going to have to go with the latter, either way, because I haven’t actually read any books by an author who debuted this year yet. . .

But let’s say Rick Riordan. Yes, I only just read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series for the first time this year and WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? That series was golden! Hilarious and fun and full of totally squishable character and just CALL ME A NEW MEMBER OF CAMP HALF-BLOOD.

I absolutely plan on reading more Rick Riordan in the future!

8. Newest fictional crush/ship
I’ve been screaming their names any chance I get since reading the Lunar Chronicles, so you can probably guess by now, BUT DON’T THINK I WON’T SAY IT AGAIN.


Cress is the most precious, awkward, hopeless little romantic in all the galaxies. While Thorne is that ever loveable cocky, sarcastic rogue with a heart of gold deep down and JUST LET ME SQUEEZE THEM.

Totally adorable fanart of my bbys.

But also Percy and Annabeth from the Percy Jackson books. The shipping was hard people. Very hard. They were both so awkward and I was giggling alllll the way through. #percabethforever


Okay, let’s be real here. . .

Way more accurate interpretation.
Percy all confused, Annabeth annoyed. Yes.

9. Newest favorite character
Erm. . . Cress. (SURPRISED?) But also Thorne. Like I can choose between them. I DON’T THINK SO.

But let it be known I also totally and completely adored Winter from that series as well.

10. Book that made you cry

And, now that I think of it, Japhet and Franz, the two main characters from this book, also go on my list of newest favorite characters. MY PRECIOUS BOYS.

11. Book that made you happy
Paper Crowns by Mirriam Neal. It’s sunshine rolled into a book and never ceases to make me smile.

12. Favorite book to film adaption you saw this year
Does Alice Through the Looking Glass count? Even though it’s not the actual book but a sequel to the books. BUT JUST LET ME FLAIL BECAUSE THAT MOVIE WAS PERFECTION. A lot of people seem to say it dishonored the original stories. . .? I totally disagree. ME. The girl unhealthily obsessed with Alice in Wonderland! I HAVE MANY THOUGHTS ON THE SUBJECT. Buuuut, that’s a discussion for another time. *grins*

I also saw The Jungle Book and quite enjoyed it. Though. . .I’ve never actually read the original book. Oops?

And I want to see The 5th Wave movie because I’ve heard some people say it made up for the book’s meh-ness. But I sadly haven’t yet.

13. Favorite post you have done so far this year
Oh, wow. Um. . . *glances at list of posts*

Well, here’s a few I rather like:

-Thank You (A personal thank you to Jesus for that Ultimate Sacrifice He gave.)
-The Circle of Creativity (A look into a way to refill our creative barrels.)
-7 Elements I Love to Write (My favoritest things to write!)

14. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year
*writhes on floor moaning* SO MANY PRETTY THIIINGS.

Prooobably either Illusionarium, Winter, or Paper Crowns. JUST ALL THE GORGEOUSNESS.

15. What books do you need to read by the end of this year

No, like, all. of. them.

You know at this point I think I own more books I haven’t read than have? NOT KIDDING. Between a humongous library sale in April and bookstores and thrifting and such, I AM DROWNING IN BOOKS. (And not complaining a wee little bit.) So. . .I don’t even know. There’s probably hundreds I need to read!

Some I’d like to get to soonish possibly maybe would be. . .

The Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight. It’s a tragedy I have not read those yet! I’d also really like to finish The Safe Lands trilogy by Jill Williamson. I’ve read the first one but not the other two, even though they’re literally sitting on my shelves. What is wrong with me?? The Book Thief is also one I very shamefully haven’t read yet and want to quite soon! Yet another just sitting there on my shelf, staring at me, demanding I read it! AND the Divergent series. Yet again, I OWN THEM ALL. But have I read them? NOPE.

I could literally sit here for hours listing books I should read soon (and will probably continue putting off for absolutely no reason for another million years or so), but we’ll leave it at that.

~ ~ ~

Whew! That was long I know, but once you get me talking about books there is no end. *cackles*

Now it’s time to pass this lovely thing on. . .


Katie Grace @ A Writer's Faith | Skye @ Ink Castles
Lisa @ Pickle's Pen and Trinkets | Jameson @ Lovely Whatsoevers |
Victoria @ Wanderer's Pen + ANYONE else who wants to join!

Obviously no obligation at all to participate, especially since the mid-year mark is getting away from us. *glares at Time and its hastiness*

OKAY. Are you totally in shock that the year is
HALFWAY OVER? *dies* How is reading going this year?
What is your FAVORITE book you’ve read so far??
Come, gush about books with meeee!



    1. I KNOOOW. SO MANY BOOKS I'M GONNA DIE. I mean, a happy death because BOOKS. BUT STILL.

      And I simply canNOT accept the fact that this year is halfway over. I CANNOT. ACK.

    A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold has such a gorgeous cover! I want to read it just looking at it.
    I may have to do this tag! It looks like a lot of fun :)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

      I know exactly what you mean. That cover is so drool-worthy. And, knowing Anne Elisabeth Stengl's writing, I have no doubt the story inside is just as gorgeous.
      Go for it! :D It's a super fun tag!

  3. Oh I'm planning on reading Cress this month so I'm super excited and happy that it was your favourite books of the series. Seriously, I've heard so many good things about the third book I really need to read it.
    Rick Riordan is amazing author!!! I've read Percy Jackson a long time ago, but recently I've read his new series Magnus Chace and Sword of Summer (I hope it's the right title) and it was absolutely hilarious and awesome so if you'd like another book from riordan, I recommend that one. :)
    My favourite book of this year was Map of Fates by Maggie Hall... it's about secret organization and spies and there's so much going on and it's amazing gaaah I could talk for ages about it. :)

    1. YAAAY!!! I hope you enjoy it. It wasn't that long ago that I read it, but I'm already itching for a reread. I love it THAT much.

      Rick Riordan is so hilarious! Oooh, I've heard of the Magnus Chase books. They sound fun! I have the first three books of the Heroes of Olympus series (which is kind of sequels to the Percy Jackson books I think?) and the whole Kane trilogy. So Hopefully I can get to those one day as well. Just SO MANY BOOKS I NEED TO READ.

      Secret organizations and spies? Uh, YESH. Sounds super fun! :D

  4. I was just thinking I needed to do a "recently read" blog post the other day, and so when I got to the bottom and saw you'd tagged me for this, I couldn't help laughing. Perfect timing! :) I can't wait to do this one!

    CRESS AND THORNE. *heart eyes* All the TLC couples are adorable but those two are my favorites! Too. Much. Cute.

    I haven't seen "Through the Looking Glass" yet, but I'd like to. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews but still want to see how it turned out...

    1. Really? That is awesome! Well, I'm glad to be of service. ^_^ But man, I totally haven't gone to everyone's blogs and informed them I tagged them yet, have I? Gah. I always fail at that. I'm glad you saw you were tagged since I obviously haven't done my job well. XD I look forward to seeing your post if you do it! :D

      ANOTHER CRESS AND THORNE LOVER. LET ME HUG YOU. They are much adorbz. I seriously can't. But yes, ALL the TLC crew is perfection. <3

      Oooh, you need to see it! I honest to goodness thought it was perfect. I have ZERO complaints which...never happens. Lol.

  5. Once again, amazing pictures, m'dear. Not just the covers, of course, but your own as well. I don't know if it's because of the books or if you have like the most absolutely wonderful eye for photographing them... BUT THEY ARE AMAZING! And I think I'm drooling over here. *runs to grab a rag* But seriously.... I need more book-ish pictures from you. So, please... take and post as many as you want.

    THE LUNAR CHRONICLES! All the fairy tales, please! :D I'm in the middle of Winter right now, actually. Wow. I never thought that I'd be stuck on this series, but I AM STUCK on this series! I don't know what it is, really. I want to see Marissa Meyer do more with more fairy tales. I mean, c'mon! Can't you see her twisting Rumplestiltskin or Sleeping Beauty or Princess and the Pea or something???

    Yes, yes, Thorne and Cress are wonderful. Even though I harbor a special spot for Kai and Cinder. They've been through so much... I can't help it. I seriously don't know which is my favorite. ALSO... I require your advice on something. I have not yet read Stars Above or Fairest. Tell me if I need to read them as well to complete the Lunar universe. I'm concerned about the amount of time I have this summer for reading, so I'm trying (emphasis on "trying") to be smart about my reading this summer.

    KING'S FOLLY WAS SO GOOD!! That book took me completely by surprise! I NEED the next one SO BADLY!! AHHHH!! Wait... wait, wait, wait!! IT'S IN THE SAME WORLD AS BLOOD OF KINGS???? How did I miss this????!??! It's been such a long time since I read that trilogy. *pouts* Why is there never enough time for all the books? *sigh*

    Percy Jackson. *happy sigh* These books are the bestest.

    YOU HAVEN'T READ THE ILYON CHRONICLES YET?!?!?!? SUFFERIN' CATS, those books are amazing!!!! YOU NEED TO READ THEM! You will not regret it, believe me. I'm going nuts right now because the third book is out and I DON'T HAVE IT YET! Also, I have a review scheduled of The King's Scrolls for KiriBeth soon, and it's pretty much the first book report that I wrote with lots of caps lock on. It just... all the feels, Christine. All the feels. I can't even. Just read them.

    1. AWWWWW!!! THANK YOU! I've still got a lot to learn, but I'm really enjoying photographing my books. I mean, it's like taking pictures of my children, so. ;D

      You're reading Winter right now? EEEEeee!!!! THAT'S WONDERFUL. I know, right? This series just pulls you in. I think it just feels so REAL. The characters and dialogue and everything feels so real, I forget I'm even reading. I feel like I'm THERE. Marissa Meyer sooo needs to do more! Her ability to stay true to the fairytales while still making the COOLEST twists blows my mind! Did you know she has a Wonderland book coming out soon about the Queen of Hearts?? I hope it's good (and clean) because ooooh my goodness, Marissa Meyer writing a Wonderland book YES PLEASE!!!

      Kai and Cinder are fantastic. Seeing them overcome ALL they went through was the most satisfying thing. Yes, I love them as well, definitely.
      Okay, being honest here, I kinda suggest skipping Fairest completely. It's not really necessary to understand much of anything AND it was...a bit shocking. The other books were pretty clean for a secular series, you know? But Fairest... o.o I wasn't NOT expecting that. And it didn't even fit the story. I think series should stick to a certain kind of content. You shouldn't make ALL the books clean and friendly and then make ONE suddenly not clean and friendly at all. Stay consistent people! It was disappointing. So, all that to say, Fairest is not necessary, no, and you're probably better off not reading. But that's totally up to you!
      Now Stars Above... I LOVED IT. There was one story, The Princess and the Guard, that I read before reading Winter and was glad I did because it brought to light a BUNCH of stuff about Winter's childhood that helped make Winter (the book) make more sense. But I guess you're already reading it, aren't you? Heh. But that's okay! Reading just the four main books--Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter--without the other stuff works fine I think. The side stories just help paint a fuller picture. BUT there is also a story at the end of Stars Above that takes place after all the events in Winter, an epilogue in a way that really satisfying. Kinda seeing what our Rampion crew is up to after all the events. But that's all I'll say. :) The rest of the stories aren't really necessary at all. They're just fun prequels and such.
      And wow, I am just BLABBERING. To sum all this up: You're fine not reading them. I actually suggest skipping Fairest. There is ONE story in Stars Above (The Princess in the Guard) that helps understand some things in Winter, and then that epilogue story that's a lot of fun. But otherwise you're fine. But, I enjoyed ALL the stories in Stars Above, so if you ever get a chance to read it I encourage it! It's a lot of fun.
      Okay, obviously asking me Lunar Chronicle questions is dangerous because I babble for eternity! Moving on now...

      I NEED KING'S FOLLY. LIKE YESTERDAY. It is in the same world as Blood of Kings! Or...I'm pretty sure. I THINK it takes place way before the events in Blood of Kings but I can't remember that for sure...

      I adored Percy Jackson so much. <3

      I HAVE NOT. IT'S A SERIOUS TRAGEDY. I literally have only ever heard amazing things about those books. I totally plan on reading them. SOON. I promise! I will not let this year go by without me reading them!

    2. *creeps into conversation* Yes, King's Folly is in the same WORLD but not the same CONTINENT as Blood of Kings, and is also like ages beforehand. So either way, it's easy to not see a connection. :P

    3. THANK YOU, CELTI. I knew there was something about it I was forgetting, and that was it, that it's a different continent. But I was thinking it was long before Blood of Kings stuff. *nods*

  6. Yayyy you did the tag! THIS POOOOST!!!! <3 *huggles it* I adored this. :D

    *pauses and collapses while staring at the first pic* AAAAHHHHH LAURIIIIII. I AM DEAD HOW DO YOU TAKE SUCH GORGEOUS PICS. *drools over pwetty watch etc.* Aaaand while I'm on the subject, I also can't handle the gorgeousness of that pic with all the books you've read this year. ACK I ADORE IT! *flails and stares for a year and a day* I love how all the books you've read are in the pic together. IT'S AWESOME. It also means you've been reading physical books that you own... Eheh. My books of the year couldn't all fit together because a lot of them are ebooks or borrowed from libraries. XD (And that was random. *cough*)

    Oh, don't worry, I ALWAYS feel especially nosy and look at your 2016 reads shelf. XD I like seeing what mah Lauri's reading. *nods*

    Moral of this post:APPARENTLY I NEED TO READ CRESS! O_O Ahem. I plan to read the entire series sometime... it's just unfortunate that the first one is the one I'm least-interested in so it of COURSE has to come first. XD

    "SO MANY HALP." That is me too. XD So many new releases! *flail* YUS KING'S FOLLY.

    Ugh I'm sorry The 5th Wave was such a disappointment. That's the worst when things let you down. :-/

    It's so funny when I get addicted to a contemporary too, because we like never read them so it's surprising when they're good. XD Or... at least semi-good. :P

    I must admit I never considered reading Percy Jackson until I saw you enjoying them... now I'm sliiiightly curious... Hmm.

    Cress and Thorne! Okay then! XD (Also I laughed so hard over the Percabeth pics even though I don't know them--it was still funny. :D)

    ALL THE PAPER CROWNS HAPPY. IT'S SO EPIC AND PERFECT AND I LOVE IT AND YESSS. <3 It's never a bad time to fangirl over Paper Crowns. ;)

    I'm soooo glad you liked Alice Through the Looking Glass since you're such a fan! I haven't seen it but it's splendid you liked it. :D


    I'm drowning in books too and also not complaining, but yes, so much to read. XD I do need to get to Ilyon as well...



      Yeah. Honestly, mostly what I read is physical books I own. I have a TON of ebooks I keep meaning to read but...I just never do. I want meh physical books! Annnd I have an obsession with owning books so tend to buy them and be broke instead of going to the library like a reasonable person. >.> Sometimes it's a problem. BUT BOOOKS.

      Bwahahaha! I like seeing what you're reading too. We'll just be nosy together. XDD

      YES YOU NEED TO READ CRESS. Well, ALL of them, because it's the kind of series you do have to read in order. BUT CRESS IS STILL MY FAVE.
      The first one is actually AMAZING. I mean, to me anyway. It hooked me instantly. The second one is actually my least favorite (and I kinda sense it'll be yours too...?) but I still loved it, so. I JUST LOVE ALL OF THEM.

      SO. MANY. BOOKS. I can't keep uuuup! D:

      Yeah, it's hard to spend valuable time reading a book that's not even good. I mean, it sorta kept my interest...? Enough for me to give it 2 stars instead of 1, but it was still pretty bleh.

      Our random contemporary phases are hilarious. XD Because that genre is so not us, but sometimes they're just...interesting. I don't know!

      You know, I actually think you'd quite like the Percy Jackson books! They're just fun adventure books, pretty much, with totally adorable characters. I mean, they're WEIRD, but a good weird. XD Just fun and bizarre!


      YESH. Fangirl about Paper Crowns FOREVEH. <333

      I hope you get to see Alice Through the Looking Glass sometime. I feel like you'd enjoy it.

      We just need more tiiiime. SO MANY BOOKS.

      I LOVE FANGIRLING ABOUT BOOKS WITH YOU OKAY. Your comment made my day! <333

  7. I literally just finished Cress this morning, after reading it for four hours in the past twelve. (10 pm to midnight, 8 am to 10.) Obviously I LOVED IT. And Iko got an escort droid body! And the Cinder + Kai ship FINALLY. SAILED. And Kai now is among the revolutionaries and knows Cinder is Princess Selene! And I met Winter! (I loved. This. Book. Possibly more than Cinder. Yes, more than Cinder. And I agree, Scarlet I didn't love quite as much.) Of course, there were bad things, too. Like death. And Scarlet being on the moon. But still. (I think I am just using this as an excuse to fangirl. #ifeelnoshame)


      No, feel no shame! FANGIRL WITH ME. That book was amaziiiiing! I was so ecstatic that Iko finally got a proper body. And the WAY she got it. *girlish squeeing* I LOVED how Kai joined the team. Too great! And just just just EEEEEEEE!!! IT WAS SO PERFECT.

      I hope you enjoy Winter! It's amazing also. (Though Cress will forever be my favorite of the books.)

  8. Thanks for tagging me! I probably won't do this tag till August, but who cares? I'm actually kind of happy this year is halfway over since it hasn't been a very good year for me. I'm looking forward to fall and cool weather, because I always feel a sense of renewal during that time. I love Percy Jackson. That series rocks. I need to read more Rick Riordan and I also need to read more Lunar Chronicles. XD It's on my to-read list. I'm making a point to read a lot of popular books this year, so I can get back in with the crowds haha. Happy reading!

    1. You're so welcome! I kept meaning to go over to your blog and actually TELL you I tagged you, but never did. ACK. I so fail. But anyways, yeah, it really doesn't matter when you do the tag, or if you do it at all. It's just for fun! ^_^

      Awwww! I am SO sorry this year has been hard on you. I know exactly what you mean about cooler weather coming in. That's my favorite time as well. Summer heat and not get along. So I'm looking forward to the fall as well!

      Percy Jackson is too fun! I definitely need to read more Rick Riordan myself. And YES. READ MORE LUNAR CHRONICLES. Soooo good! Haha! I know what you mean. I always feel accomplished when I read a popular book. It's like, "Finally, I know what everyone's talking about!" XD

    2. Ditto. I can't stand this 90 degrees crap. XD

  9. READ THE ILYON CHRONICLES. Do it. Now. And then go read the Divergent series.

    Ahem. Now that I am done shouting at you... I've seen nothing but good things about The Lunar Chronicles, yet I'm still wary of them because I'm not a huge fan of fairy tale retellings (I also didn't like the super-hyped Tales of Goldstone Wood, so...). It sounds like maybe I should give them a chance, though. I also haven't read the Percy Jackson series, but my husband adores those books, and I liked the movies, so I need to read them, too! Even though I don't typically read middle grade anymore. Apparently I need to stop shouting at people and go jump out of my comfort zone. :)

    Also, congratulations on reading 20 books -- it may not seem like a lot to you, but it is! I've read 25, and that feels like an enormous amount to me! Especially considering that most people don't read that many in an entire year (or even three...).

    poetree {blog} | editing services

    1. I NEED TO YES. AND I WILL. SOON HOPEFULLY. I've literally heard nothing but good things about the Ilyon Chronicles! And I know the Divergent books are supposed to be good. SO YES I SHALL READ THEM.

      Oh man, the Lunar Chronicles was amaziiiing. They're not your average fairytale retellings by any stretch. So even if that's not your thing, you can still enjoy them I'd think. They're also VASTLY different from the Goldstone Wood books. There's like...nothing in common between those series. So, all that to say, you may still enjoy the Lunar Chronicles!

      And the Percy Jackson series is just rollicking fun. If you ever get in the mood for something hilarious and fun, I'd say give 'em a try.

      Thank you! I think I needed that reminder. I tend to compare myself to all these bookworms who are reading like 20 books a MONTH, and I forget the average person, well, does not do that. Heh. Besides, it's not a comparison game. I read for FUN. So thanks for reminding me of that! And good on you for your 25 books! ^_^

  10. Ah, The Lunar Chronicles was so good! And King's Folly ... AMAZING! I love that book! ^_^

    EEP! I really, really want to watch Alice Through the Looking Glass!! The first movie was just so strange and delightful and I really enjoyed it!

    Paper Crowns is just so pretty, and I really, really need to read it! :) Such lovely book covers & pictures, all! *flails*

    But anyway, wanted to stop by and say that I tagged you for the By the Book Tag! If you want to do it, the please do! :) If not, no worries.

    Blessings! <3

    1. The Lunar Chronicles was just amazing! I could fangirl all day!
      Now I need to read King's Folly even MORE. I've only heard good things.

      I ADORED the first movie, and loved the second just as much or even MORE. It was that good! me anyway.

      Oh Shantelle, you SO need to read Paper Crowns. It's so very adorable and precious.

      Awww, you sweet thing. THANK YOU! <333

  11. I have this bad habit of faithfully reading a blog for months but NEVER commenting! I think this is the first comment I've ever made on your blog BUT I've enjoyed reading your posts for some time now (found you through my friend Sarah, from Sarah, Plain and Average).
    Anyway, THE LUNAR CHRONICLES!!!!! They are my favorites! Throne is the best but I think my favorite heroine is Winter. I'm going to read the whole series again before I finish with "Stars Above". You know that she's publishing a new book set in Wonderland, right? I'm counting down the days till it comes out.
    Wonderland + Marissa Meyer!!!! Can't wait!
    ....and yes, Alice Through the Looking Glass is the best! My sister just had a birthday and got the little pop character Time, which I'm tempted to steal from her =)
    Enjoy reading your blog!

    1. D'awww, I'm so glad you decided to comment. Yes, Sarah is one of my most favorite bloggers! It's very nice to "meet" you! ^_^ But I totally understand. I have a ton of blogs I read constantly but never comment myself!

      YAY! Another "Lunartic!" *tackles* Oh, I just adored Winter. She was so precious.
      Yes, yes, yes! I do know she's about to publish a Wonderland book and I am SOOOOO exciting! I am so ridiculously obsessed with all things Wonderland, so to hear she's making a Wonderland retelling...I CAN'T HANDLE THE EXCITEMENT. I do hope it's good.

      Oh my goodness, a Pop character of Time? I do not blame you wanting to steal it, I would too! XD

      Thanks so much, girl. I'm glad you commented. Made my day! ^_^

  12. All of these gorgeous books, I know what you mean Christine. I never find time to read any more, it`s sad.
    I loved Through the Looking Glass too, it was stunning!

    Thanks for tagging me!

    1. I just loveth them! *huggles book* You too? It's a tragedy. I WANT to read all the time, but life doesn't allow it. :(

      You loved it as well? Wasn't it just wonderful! GAH. I loved that movie so much!

      You're so welcome! ^_^

  13. ACK I thought I already commented on this post! SOWWY.

    *dies because Christine's book pictures are so PRETTY*

    I NEED TO READ THE LUNAR CHRONICLES SO BAD. Like, Cinder is sitting right next to me (literally; right next to my computer, looking all beautiful and delicious) AND I STILL HAVEN"T GOTTEN TO IT. I MUST FIX THIS.

    The Percy and Annabeth pictures made me laugh XD. Have you watched the Percy Jackson movies yet (I think there are two)? I haven't and I can't decide if I should because it doesn't look like they'll do the books justice by a long run ...


    1. LOL. That's okay! My ability to remember ANYTHING is...none existent. XD So I understand!

      Oh you! <3 SO SWEET.

      YES YOU DO. YOU SO DO. I think you'll really enjoy it! Suuuuuch epic books!

      I have watched the Percy Jackson movies, yes, but looong before reading the books. I thought the first movie was totally dumb and the second sorta okay. So now that I've read the books I'm not sure I can even stomach rewatching the movies. XD I've heard they're the worst book-to-movie adaptions ever created, and thinking back on them, I think I agree. I feel like if I watched them now, I'd just be utterly disgusted. But my curiosity may get the better of me because I don't remember them super well, and I'm curious to see just how badly they really did portray the books. So...we'll see. XD (And wow, that was a long answer to a simple question.)

      I KNOW RIGHT. IT'S A CRIME. *dies with you*

  14. Hmm... I wonder if you like the Lunar Chronicles... YES THORNE AND CRESS ARE THE BEST AND CRESS WAS THE BEST BOOK. And I agree, Scarlet was my least favorite, although it was still good. I got Winter for Christmas and was finished with it three days later. XD

    I must read the Percy Jackson series! My bookish friends keep telling me I should... I just haven't got any of them yet.

    1. I know, it's so hard to tell, right? XD


      Oh, yes you MUST. I really think you'd love them. They're such ridiculous, fun books. XD But I understand not getting to them yet. I've been meaning to read them since I was a young teen, and here I am in my mid 20s only JUST getting to them. >.> It's sad.

  15. AHH. Thank you for tagging me! These questions are evil. Like, "favorite read of the year?" HOW COULD I CHOOSE ONE THAT'S TOO MUCH.

    I read Paper Crowns a loooonng time ago when it was still yet unpublished, but I can hardly remember it and really want to read it again, now. :P It's such a pretty cover. ^.^

    1. You're welcome! ^_^
      But yes, some of them are totally evil. Like you expect me to CHOOSE between my baby children?? I DON'T THINK SO.

      YOU NEED TO READ IT AGAIN. It's so delightful. And also that cover. *drools*

  16. I might be getting mixed up with another book but I think my friend said that The Book Thief has a lot of language in it. As I said before I might be getting mixed up with another book.


    1. Oh really? Thanks for the warning! Bleh. That's awful. I may still give it a try and see how bad it is, but that's really disappointing if it does have language.

  17. *runs in late and glomples book post* AHHHH THIS WAS SO GREAT. I've read a similar number of books too. (I'm so behind on my 52-book goal... Oh well.) There are seasons, I guess, of reading lots and reading...*sniffle*...less.

    CRESS. I can't wait to read it! Because Thorne, obviously. (Also, how's the future? 2106? XD Sorrrrrry, I couldn't resist making a joke.)

    I very much need ABOSABOG and FMS as well. Speaking of which, I recently bought Five Enchanted Roses!!!

    Oh! I recently heard from Emily @ Ink, Inc. that We Were Liars was quite good. Now that you enjoyed it as well, I definitely want to read it. (Though the language is unfortunate.)


    I'm really curious to see what you think of the Divergent trilogy! I keep waffling on my opinion of it, but for the most part I really enjoyed the books. (The movies, on the other hand... *cough* Okay, I loved Divergent, Insurgent was 'meh,' and I've heard even worse about Allegiant.)

    By the way, your pictures are GORGEOUS. All the beautiful books!!!

    1. You're never late, remember? You're Gandalf. ;D BUT THANK YOU.

      I've had to accept that fact too, that I can't read as much as I once did. But at least you set a goal! I didn't even go that far. #lazy

      I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO READ IT TOOOO. So you liked Thorne? I mean, I can't imagine NOT liking him, but ya know. XD But yeah, if you liked him I'm just sure you'll LOVE the book Cress. And also Cress herself is my precious baby girl. <333
      (OH MY WORD. I didn't even realize I typed 2106 until you said that. Bwahaha! Funny I said that while talking about the Lunar Chronicles, too, since it IS in the future. XD)

      YESSSH. Must have all the pretty fairytale thiiings. Isn't FMS out now? BECAUSE I NEEDS IT PRECIOUS. Oh, oh! You did??? EEEEEE!!! YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT. :D

      We Were Liars was a fascinating read! I've never read anything like it. But, yeah, the language was QUITE severe, so just be warned...


      I keep meaning to get to it but other books grab my attention. Shameful, shameful. Lately I've been trying to get through some smaller books since I have SOOO many that need reading. I figured if I got through a bunch of small ones real fast it'd make me feel better. XD BUT YES. I shall read it someday, I will! (Oh man, are the movies proving to be disappointing? Why do these movie producers never learn? *shakes head*)

      D'awwww! THANK YOU!!! I'm still very much learning this the book photography thing, but I do so love taking pics of my "babies". ;)


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