Thursday, November 12, 2015

Beautiful Books #2 - The Day and the Life of a NaNoer {November 2015}

We have survived the first week of NaNo and are halfway through week two! How is this even POSSIBLE?!

My NaNo has slowed down considerably because apparently there’s this weird thing called Life that you actually have to do when you grow up. I thought that was just a myth! I didn’t mean to grow up, it was an accident! Where’s Peter Pan? I need him, quick!

Despite Life being rude and trying to wedge itself between NaNoWriMo and me, I’m still surviving (. . .I think?) and continuing to absolutely love my NaNo and spend what time with it I can. So today I shall babble about my NaNo writing life because guess whaaaat? The next Beautiful Books is HERE.

During the NaNo season, our ever delightfully imaginative Sky and Cait are taking a bit of a detour from their Beautiful People linkup to instead give us Beautiful Books where we can share all about our current WIPS and things. This month they’re more focusing on your writing process. Fun stuff! And remember this is open to ALL writers, not just ones doing NaNoWriMo. So hop (or skip if that’s more your thing) over to their posts here or here, snag those questions, and linkup!

Beautiful Books Button

1. Is the book turning out how you thought it would be, or is it defying your expectations?
Well. . .I outlined, um, rather thoroughly (and by thoroughly I mean a 11k word, chapter by chapter outline *cough), so I had quite a good idea how it’d turn out. And since this is the 6th book of the series, I’m preeetty familiar with the setting and feel by this point. So I’d say definitely turning out almost exactly how I thought it would. Maybe even a little better which is encouraging. The actual plot and events haven’t surprised me, but a few characters’ actions have. A couple character developments leaped out of the pages as a happy surprise. I never seem to be able to plan character development, it just has to happen naturally. So I was thrilled to see it sneaking into the story. I looove me some deep character development.

Also two characters ended up sort of becoming a “couple” when I hadn’t given them permission to do that yet. So that was a thing.

2. What’s your first sentence (or paragraph)?
I’ll go with a paragraph since my first sentence is one word. XD

West. Why in all of Aerigethel was he walking west? What would he find to the west?

Cael plopped down to the cool earth, Sii's body even cooler on his shoulder. He absentmindedly stroked the gwacier's white-blue feathers, their icy temperature not making a difference to his leathery skin. Besides, he liked the cold. It felt like home.

Not that he had a home.

(Well, okay that wasn’t exactly a “paragraph”, but apparently I like making one sentence paragraphs so I cheated a little.)

3. Are you a plotter or a pantser? Have you ever tried both methods and how did it turn out?
I feel like I’ve dabbled in all the methods, and I know I’ve blabbered about it before, so I’ll spare you. Short version: For NaNo I do intense, ridiculous amounts of planning (which you probably guessed by the 11k outline), but I started my writing life as a pantser and still consider myself one. These days though (if it’s not NaNo at least), I meet them halfway and do a bit of plantsing. But, really, my method changes with each book.

I'm so Changeable GIF

4. What do you reward yourself with after meeting a goal?
During NaNo? Updating my wordcount on the site. XD Also internet breaks. I don’t allow myself to even touch the internet until I’ve reached 2k words for the day. That definitely keeps me writing. After that, I’m allowed an internet break after every thousand words.

Basically the internet. Though cheesecake is often largely involved.

Pinkie Pie Cake GIF

Really though, reaching my word goal is my reward. Nothing like the satisfying feeling of finally hitting that goal after tugging (or violently tearing) at your brain particles for words.

5. What do you look for in a name? Do you have themes and where do you find your names?
I find my names inside my weird brain and then regret it. Since I mostly write fantasy, I just make up names on a whim. My main method is simply choosing the letter I want the name to start with and making up stuff from there. As a result, I end up with the dumbest, most unpronounceable names and wonder later what in the name of tangled tongues everywhere was I thinking. This was especially bad in my younger days. Some names *I* don’t even remember how they’re supposed to be pronounced. Needless to say, once I rewrite this fantasy series some names are being changed. Or at least spelled differently. >.>

Character NamesI do this with my own characters.

6. What is your favorite to write: beginning, middle, or end — and why?
ENDINGS. Give me allll the endings. From endings of a scene, to the last page or two of a chapter, to the big climatic ending of the whole book. I just really love endings. In fact, I wrote a whole post about it. Beginnings are the hardest for me, it takes so long to get into that groove, but once I’ve set the stage and have the momentum going it’s smooth sailing. I don’t mind middles too much, honestly. But endings are like diving into a delicious dessert after being forced to eat all your vegetables.

7. Who’s your current favorite character in your novel?
HAHAHAHahaha. . .hahaha. . .HA!


Remember how I’m writing a book involving alllll da characters from the previous books in the series? They’re my baby children, you’re really going to make me CHOOSE?
Ugh. Okay, okay. Maybe Cael, who is basically a villain but sometimes it’s hard to see him like that. He’s such a polite villain. And he’s also sort of best friends with one of my protagonists and it’s just a wonderful mess. Then there’s Airen, the prince of the kingdom all the characters are from. He’s a total jester and always lightens the mood and is completely ridiculous annnd I love him. (Just don’t tell him because if his head gets any bigger it might explode. and I have a big enough mess to clean up with this novel.)

Why I Write MemeOr listen to them complain. >.>

8. What kind of things have you researched for this project, and how do you go about researching? (What’s the weirdest thing you’ve researched?!)
It’s about dragons.
And over half the books on my bookshelves involve dragons.
So. . .yeah. My researching involves reading stories. Also TV. Research, I’m telling you.
. . . . .

9. Do you write better alone or with others? Do you share your work or prefer to keep it to yourself?
Definitely alone! Which is a bummer because there are so many times (like this very moment) where I’m around people and need to be writing (again, right now) but can’t because people (so instead I write blog posts). For me writing is like a portal. To write properly I have to jump through that portal into my world. To become my characters, get into their heads, live within their world. Unfortunately, when people are around I just can’t go through that portal. People are too distracting, and no matter how hard I try to write around them, it never works. It makes me sad.

That said, with something like NaNoWriMo, where I know others are writing right along with me, brings this thrill I can’t even describe. And you get the best of both worlds. Because you can be a hermit writer, but still have the camaraderie of fellow writers. Writer bliss!

As far as sharing my work, I’m getting better. Used to I’d never ever let even the people closest to me read a single sentence I wrote. Write to myself. Keep it to myself. Total hermit status.

Cat Hiding GIF

But over the years I’ve befriended the bestest of best writing buddies and they’ve coaxed me out of my writer shell. I’m still a little wary sharing, but I’m learning.

10. What are your writing habits? Is there a specific snack you eat? Do you listen to music? What time of day do you write best? Feel free to show us a picture of your writing space!
Not too long ago I actually wrote about my writing process. But during NaNoWriMo it’s a smidge different. Pretty much during NaNo I use every second possible writing like a maniac, tell myself I should be writing every second I’m not, go to bed at horribly irresponsible hours because I’m writing, speed through meals to get back to writing, and fall asleep (you know, for those few hours I actually sleep during NaNo) with words behind my eyes. Then by December 1st I tear my bleary, burning eyes up from the screen and wonder what year it is and if I’m still on earth. And I love every second of it.

I don’t usually eat while writing. Emerging from my lair for food is about the only time I get a break. (I do take breaks sometimes, and ya know, FOOD. Because food.) But I do consume immense amounts of caffeine while writing.
Music is essential. Only instrumental though, lyrics distract me from entering that writing portal. But the right instrumental song eases me right through.
I write best at night. (Because who needs sleep? *cough, cough* ) But again, it goes along with that portal thing. At night, when the world is dark and quiet, I can completely forget about my own reality and enter my characters’.

Sleep Deprived Writing

Despite this, the majority of my writing gets done during the afternoon.

My writing space is mostly the chair in my room.


I also completely love writing out on the deck.


We have a screen porch I write on as well, and I’ll move to my desk if I’ve been sitting in my chair too long. I like to move around every now and again during NaNo since sitting in one spot for hours on end prooobably isn’t exactly a good idea. I also firmly believe shifting positions and changing scenery stirs around those creative juices. *nods*

And there you have it. My NaNo Life. It’s. . .something. XD

Okay, guys, are you making it through the NaNo Week 2 Blues? Usually after the first two weeks it starts feeling much more like a downhill journey. We’re almost to the halfway point, we can do this! How are you surviving NaNo? If you’re not doing NaNo (like a good, sane person) are you enjoying this lovely November? And I’m curious, can you write with people around or have to shift into hermit mode like me?


  1. *huggles post*
    Okay, I love that we both did Beautiful Books on the same day and had some similar answers. XD BRAINTWINS.

    I'm sorry life has been being rude! D: *huggles* (Peter Pan is definitely needed, yes...) I hope it will get less insane for you!

    I'm so glad the story's going how you wanted it to, and possibly better! THAT'S FANTASTIC! ^_^

    Caaaaael! *huggles him* He needs a home. D: (Loove seeing snippets from this thing! *flails*)

    Gifs of win, btw! :D

    I answered updating wordcount too! o.o It's such a reward just getting the words DONE, yes.

    Most of my names are Irish this year, which means they're even WORSE to pronounce than made up ones. XD But yes, fantasy books... I know the feeling. XD

    CAEL! (Polite villain. I love. <3)
    AIREN! *giggles at what you said about cleaning up messes*

    I... am... that cat. O_O

    I adore the pic for your writing on the deck. It looks so inspiring there! *flails*


    /end of monstrously long comment I promise

    1. I knooow! :D We were even next to each other on the linkup. You were #23 and I was #24. I love it so much! FOREVER BRAINTWINS.

      Life has slowed down a smidge the past couple days. I don't know if it'll stay that way, but at least I've gotten a moment to breathe again. Heh. Oh, the NaNo life...

      *griiiins* All right, technically I planned for them to be a couple, sorta kinda. It just happened WAY faster than I expected. And I'll give you a hint: Purple. (Okay, I have no idea if that'll make since.)

      Updating the the worcount is seriously the best part of NaNo.

      BUT I ADORE YOUR IRISH NAMES SO MUCH. I was kind of drooling reading them all on your blog. THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS.

      Eeeeee!!! CELTI. You always make me even more excited about my novel and NaNo and all the things. THANK YOU SO MUCH. And you keep writing tooooo. You're doing AH-MAY-ZING. <3333

  2. I just checked your wordcount for the month (because I'm nosy *cough, cough*), and all I can say is WOW!! You're such a writing wizard O.O I can't believe you're already past 40k!

    I have spent my November thus far in a studying coma (ah, the life of a student), trying to squeeze in a ludicrously minute amount of writing, and attempting not to panic as a big Christmas program approaches. Oh, and there's also this little thing called being social that I have to worry about. (You mean I'm actually supposed to TALK to people??)

    So...yesh. November has been slightly insane. I keep wanting to write and participate in NaNo, but I am consoling myself with the fact that I can participate in Camp NaNo when that rolls around. When I do write, I am the exact same way as you. I CANNOT write with other people around. I have to be in a quiet environment, and I sadly can't even concentrate with instrumental music most of the time. It's unfortunate because I have a slight obsession with soundtracks and wish I could listen to them while I write.

    Goodness gracious, this comment is turning ridiculously long! O.O I should stop rambling and let you get back to all your important writing fabulousness ^_^

    1. I'm constantly checking everyone's wordcounts. Hehe. You are not alone. ;) And THANK YOU. I wouldn't say I'm a writing wizard, just a little too obsessive. XD

      Oh man, it sounds like you've been BUSY. o.O I hope things are slowing down a little for you and you're surviving. *hugs* This time of year can be so stressful.
      Wait...I supposed to TALK to people? :O Welp, failed that one. *burrows back into writing hole*

      You're smart and very responsible waiting for Camp NaNo. It definitely looks like you've got a lot on your plate!
      So I am not alone! Yes, it's so hard writing with other people. And oh yes, soundtracks are fabulous!

      Long comments are my favorite, and your comments never cease to make me smile! <3

      I hope the rest of November will be a wonderful one for you and you triumph over the craziness of life! We can do this. *fistpump*

  3. You have the Tardis on your laptop *fangirl squeal*
    Loved the snippet!

    1. YESH. I have so many DW pics. Actually, the wallpaper on my phone is a pic of the Tenth Doctor looking firm with the words "You Should Be Writing" on it. Good motivation during NaNo. XD

      Thank you, sweet girl! <333

  4. I guess for me, there's always people around, so I usually turn my music up loud enough to drown them out. :P

    I'm so glad you posted! Ever since Monday I've been waiting anxiously. ;) But I do understand with NaNo and all...

    Love hearing about your writing!

    1. Loud music can definitely help! If I'm forced to write around people I break out the headphones.

      Awww!!! It blows my mind that people really do enjoy these silly posts and actually look FORWARD to them. O_O Gah! So sweet! But yes, during NaNo my posts end up being much more sporadic. I do still post every week, it just doesn't always land on Monday sadly. In fact, this post I did start on Monday, and just kept working on it here and there in between the busyness of the week. I was so glad when I finally finished it and could post the thing. XD

      And more sweetness! Thank you! It's always a relief to know people really do like my writerly rambles.

  5. Oooh! You haven't forgotten us!! :D
    Just kidding, I know you're busy. I'm just so excited to hear from you again. Lol! ;)
    I've been checking your stats on NaNoWriMo pretty often, and the rate at which you write still amazes me. It is my goal in life to learn to write like you! :)
    Keep up the good work, and KEEP UP WITH THE SNIPPETS!!! :D


    1. I'd never forget my dear followers! But, sadly, during NaNo my posts are kind of all over the place. I DO still post once weekly but am not always able to make it on Monday. I sort of just squeeze blogging in here and there between my mad writing bursts. XD

      Your goal in life is to write like ME?? O.o *collapses* I...I don't even know how to respond to this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! But...but...noooo. My writing is so messy and all over the place and I don't even know. It's a disaster. And when I write fast like during NaNo it's even WORSE. Trust me, I make a mess of it. But that was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me and just slkjdfjsdl;fd THANK YOU.

      I will try to post more snippets soon! You are the sweetest! <3333

    2. You're very welcome!
      Writing a lot in a short amount of time is a miracle that has not yet shown itself in my life at present. I tend to hit writing walls rather quickly. Ah, well... someday, I'll perhaps master the trick. ;)

      Heehee! I'll look forward to the snippets! :D


    3. It'll happen, I know it will! It used to take me yeeears just to finish one novel. No kidding. It's taken a LOT of practice and discipline to learn to finish them in a decent time. (And I still often fail miserably.) Just keep pushing through!

  6. What a cute post :) I'm not actually doing NaNo this year (I'm 3 days past my due date to have a baby, and even I'm not insane enough to take on a 50k monthly goal with a newborn!) but I've totally been keeping up on what people are up to and I'm so proud of you and everybody!

    The character names crack me up, LOL!!! I used to do that when I was younger. I've written some pretty insane names. Honestly, in a lot of books I just mentally replace them (cough Eragon series cough)!

    1. Thank you! ^_^
      Oh my goodness, girl! Yes, definitely not a time for NaNo. But how exciting about your baby! I do so hope the birth will go well. <3

      Oh man, it's so bad. Struggles of a fantasy writer. Lol. I often kind of replace my own version mentally as well! So shameful. *grins*

  7. Growing up--pffft, who needs to do that, right? XD

    Whew, your 11k outline is admirably long and detailed. I'm sure that whenever I try my hand at Nano, I'll make huge outlines too. Me and pantsing on a tight schedule? Nuh uh.

    Waaaaah, poor Cael! I feel sorry for him already, not having a home. *sniffle* Really, all the glimpses into your characters and their development (and there's a COUPLE? o.o) and the plot is just so intriguing.

    And I wish it was warm enough for me to write outdoors too. I could have last Sunday--it was so nice and sunny, I could sit outside in a lawn chair to read without wearing a sweater. ^_^ Buuuut of course now it's grey and drizzly and cold again. November. :P

    I prefer to write alone, like yourself, but if I get tired of my room and need a change of scene, I *can* write with people around. I just probably won't write as fast. And I won't play music, because earbuds get tiring after a while.

    Anyway, love getting a glimpse at your Nanoing! You're amazing! *sends you gallons more caffeine*

    1. Exactly. Totally overrated.

      That outline is the only thing keeping me sane this month. (Like I'm actually sane. *cackles*) I do love pantsing, but as you, on a tight schedule it's a little too stressful for my taste. With an outline I always know where I'm going and can just focus on the words instead of struggling over the plot. So yes, pantser though I am, I highly recommend outlining for NaNo.

      We won't talk about the fact that it's kind of Cael's own fault he doesn't have a home. *cough, cough, cough* But still. He didn't really MEAN to ruin everybody's lives...exactly.
      D'awww, thanks! It's always interesting working with these charries.

      It's only just now getting COLD enough to sit outside where we live. o.o This has been THE warmest November ever. Like 85 degrees with humidity included warm. It stays warm around here, but not this bad. Usually by November it's getting quite chilly. FINALLY we're getting cool weather and I'm enjoying it every moment I can get. But I do know that drizzly cold isn't fun either. A little cool but sunny is what we both need. *nods*

      That's wonderful you can still write around people, even if you prefer alone. I need to develop that skill.

      Caffeine! :D The best thing you can send to a NaNoer! You're the best, Tracey. So glad you enjoy putting up with all my NaNo babbling. Hehe.

  8. WAIT. YOUR BOOK IS ABOUT DRAGONS AND HAS A POLITE VILLAIN!??!?!? I THINK I'M IN LOOOOOOVE. *flails rapidly around you in crazy pineapple circles* Ahem. I shall contain myself. But seriously AHHH!!! I love the sound of your book. ^_^ And your writing space looks so cosy and pretty. :) I write at all times of the day, but I find at night I'm most focused?? Because like I'm racing the clock to get more words in before I need to collapse into unconsciousness. XD But I prefer to write in the day because it's more relaxing, hehe. And I don't write + eat simultaneously either! I am not a multi-tasker. I just write and then eat at the right times and then go back to writing. I love the madness of NaNo. :')
    Thanks so much for linking up and I LOVE THIS POST BASICALLY.

    1. *FLAAAILS* THANK YOU!!!!! Yesssh, gimme all the dragons! *gathers them up and hoards them*

      I think I'm more focused at night as well, perhaps for the same reason. I know if I don't just sit down and do it I'll never actually be allowed to go to bed. XD

      Yes! I've tried eating while writing, but it never ends well. Glad I'm not alone in this.

      The madness of NaNo is kind of my favorite thing in the world. It's stressful and ridiculous and makes me question my life decisions, and I absolutely love it!

      GAH. Thank YOU so much. Your comment has made my day! <3333

  9. Hmm, you started the book off from the point of view of your antagonist? That's interesting. . .
    Ah, yes, Life. Life has been rude to me too. I keep telling it to go away and let me do school and write like, I don't know, the lunatic I am? Go away and stop bothering me! I have to ruin my characters' lives, I can't have my life messed up at the same time. It makes it too hard to concentrate.
    That said,I haven't hit any of rough spots yet; the days I haven’t written much more than 1200 words (my goal is only 30k) have only been due to not having enough time to write. Last night a friend of mine and I had a little write-in together, and it was probably the best part of my day. Today I want to reach 21,500 words. . . we’ll see how that works out.
    Lately I've been doing most of my writing at school, with people walking by all the time, so I tend to look up writing music and get out the earplugs; I don't care to look so normal, but sometimes that's the only way to get into my story. Writing with somebody sitting next to me, even if I know they're not looking, is nearly impossible.
    I haven't experienced the craziness that seems to come with a full NaNo (let alone the double goals of *some people*), but at the same time, with school, that wouldn't work very well. Maybe in another three years when I'm all done.

    1. Haha. Sorta of. Calling him a villain often feels like a stretch. There's another guy that has been the MAIN main villain for the entire series. Then Cael appeared in last year's book and decided HE was more important. I don't even know. Sometimes he's a villain, sometimes he's not exactly. Who knows? *shrugs*

      Exactly! I mean, sheesh, Life, can't we destroy characters' lives without you getting in the way? Really. Psh.

      That's fantastic! I so love the NaNos that are smooth sailing.

      Headphones help so much when writing around people. I still struggle to do it, but if the music is loud enough sometimes I can drown out the distractions. But yesss, having somebody right next to me while I'm trying to write is the WORST. I can't do it.

      I admire you for your 30k goal! I actually waited until I graduated to do my first NaNo because I didn't think I'd survive doing it with school. You are amazing taking this on with everything! Keep it up, girl! *fistpump*

    2. Your last remark is a bit funny, coming on yesterday's heels. . . I went a bit crazy and did 6k in one day, which I don't think I've ever done before, and went to bed with 31 thousand words written. And my grades haven't gone down at all --- in the one class they went up --- so I went ahead and changed my word count goal to 50. Just because my story has the potential.

    3. OH MY GOODNESS, GIRL. THAT'S AMAZING!!! Aaahhhh! I'm so happy for you. :D You've got this. Go, go, go! *waves pompoms*

  10. Ack! two of your characters became a couple without asking permission?! That certainly sounds ... complicated :D.
    An 11k outline??? Wow, you are definitely prepared :). I don't normally do outlines (at least not huge ones) since my story doesn't tend to follow them anyways :D.
    I don't blame you for not being able to pick a favorite character, all of yours sound amazing! You NEED to get published so that I can get my hands on your pretty little books!
    I *can* write with other people around, but that's not saying I really *like* to. I don't typically care if other people are around, as long as they're not bothering me or reading over my shoulder without permission ... I get seriously peeved by that ... A lot of the time I write while sitting in my bed or tucked in the corner on my computer :).
    I can't believe you've written so many words already! Something tells me you're going to hit the 50k mark well before the end of November ... :D. You're doing amazingly awesome!!! *throws glitter and confetti*

    ~Savannah Perran

    1. LOL! Wellll...I knew it'd happen eventually, I just didn't know it'd happen so FAST. I really never know what my characters will do. I have no control over them. >.>

      I don't normally do outlines myself, but I'm terrified of going into NaNo without a plan so...yeah. I maybe prepare a little too much. But having such a thorough outline helps soooo much. Though I do adore pantsing. Just not during NaNo. Heh.

      Oh, you precious thing. Thank you! <3

      That's great you can write with other people. A wonderful skill to have. But yes, it's not fun. And ugh! It's one of my biggest pet peeves having people read over my shoulder. Just noooo. Sometimes I'M scared to read what I just wrote, so having other people do it? No no no no no!

      I, um, go a bit insane during NaNo. But I also do a double NaNo and make a goal for 100k words because I obviously don't value my sanity. XD So got to get the words in!

      You are such an encouragement! Thank you so muuuuch!!! <333

  11. I can't get over how it must be so exciting to work on the sixth book of your series! Craziness! I don't have any stories in my mind that last that long. Just trilogies and four books for me lol. I'm glad you're doing well in NaNo! I also don't listen to music with lyrics while writing for the same reason. Meep. That pic with your pretty tea cup so close to your laptop scares me. I had mine that close and spill it on my laptop and ended up wrecking my keyboard a few months back. XD Best of luck with NaNo!

    I did Beautiful Books too!

    1. Sometimes I can't wrap my head around it. The years go by so fast! I WISH I'd stop having stories that go on so long. XD Such a problem. I must learn to write shorter things.

      Ah, so I'm not alone. I feel like most people always listen to all these lyrical songs and I'm just like HOW? I wish I could, but it's too distracting.

      To be honest, it sometimes scares me, too. o.o I try my best to keep my laptop far away from drinks, but I don't really have much choice when I'm out on the deck. So far I haven't had any accidents, but you never know... That's awful it happened to you! D: I'm so sorry!

      Yay! You did a BB post! :D So much fun!

      Thanks so much, girl. You as well! <333

  12. Sounds you've had a good NaNoWriMo so far! How many words do you have right now?

    I like your excerpt in #2! It tells me just enough about the protagonist and what is current predicament is to get me interested in reading the rest of the chapter. ;)

    Every writer seems to have different words for the happy medium between plotting and pantsing. Plotsers, plontsers, plantsers - what are we?? *lol* I'm one as well. I like to have an outline so I have an idea of where I'm going, but I like to discover surprises along the way, too. And I also don't like to eat when writing, and need instrumental music to help me imagine my protagonist's mindset or "emotional state."

    Er, um, so I actually dug into the Beautiful People archives and did one of those posts instead of Beautiful Books, since I'm not doing NaNo. *blushes* But I did a tag (Behind The Scenes Writing Tag) last week where I answered a lot of the same questions, so I didn't want to repeat myself.

    Here's my post:

    1. It's taking me so long to get to comments, I'm sorry! Right now I have 65k words... I'm just trying to keep writing and actually make it to the end of my novel.

      Oh, thank you so much! That's a relief. It was written at midnight under the influence of exhaustion, so I had no idea if it was any good or not. XD

      Huh, you know. I haven't even heard those other words. I've always just seen plantser. That's so funny there are so many different ways to say it. XD But hey, we're writers. We love our words. ;)
      Yes, yes, and yes. I'm so the same way! Discovering surprises is half the fun of writing, but having an outline is also extremely useful, especially for something like NaNo.

      Don't worry about not doing NaNo! That was the sane choice, really. But that's great you still did a BP post. I love BP so much. I'm going to read your post right now! :D


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