Monday, June 15, 2015

That Time Christine’s Brain Went Missing and Other Odd Tales

This morning I woke up to a note on my pillow—

Gone to Hawaii for the week. Have fun without me.

                                                                         Your Brain

It could have given me a week’s notice or something. Sheesh. So here I am, brainless, trying to write a blog post. It’s obviously not going well.

Or I may have contracted a minor cold and am a little out of it today, but I still think my brain went off on vacation without me. Do you know how trying it is for a writer to be left brainless? I have all these character running willy-nilly in my head and now that I don’t have my own thoughts they’re taking over the place and making a horrid mess. I can’t even keep up.

Peppermint Patty Peanuts Comic

My calendar tells me we’re halfway through June. Um, excuse me, Calendar, but I did not give you permission to jump that far ahead. But since it’s so insistent on being on that little halfway marker, I suppose I could recap what June has looked like so far.

Hot for one. And stormy, I hear thunder out my window this moment even though the sun in shining. I’m pretty sure the weather has been as confused as I have lately. We’ll step out, everything all bright and sunshiny, and the whoosh! Rain! Thunder! Lightning! “I’m going to kill you allll!” the weather crackles menacingly. “Nah, changed my mind.” Sunshiiiine. Uh, what? Literally moments ago it was raining and THERE WERE NO CLOUDS. Doesn’t that defy the laws of. . .stuff? I don’t even know anymore.

Because the weather is apparently on an emotional rollercoaster, I’ve done my best to avoid it as I do most summers. This involves taking safety precautions by staying safely inside away from the glaring, ominous, deadly ball of light in the sky that laughs maniacally every time it looks upon my pale skin. Then of course I use a protection spell called A/C and crank it up to its ultimate power. Take that ridiculously high temperatures! (I just really hate hot weather, okay? Reeeeally hate.)

But summer has not been so bad thus far. Honestly, I rather like summer as long as sunscreen, A/C, and my laptop are always at hand.

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, I’m doing a JuNoWriMo goal of 30k words this month. I hit 15k words yesterday, so I’m keeping to par. Life keeps laughing at my goal and insisting I fall behind, but I’ve stayed on top. . .for the most part. And writing in general has been going quite well. This week I experienced writing through the point-of-view of a particularly bratty character named Marigold for the first time and giggled to myself through almost the whole chapter. Turns out being inside the head of a brat isn’t as terrible as it sounds. It’s quite entertaining, honestly. And then you thrust one brat with my impish character Larke and. . .well. . .

"That? That's our destination?” Marigold said. “The thing looks like it'll collapse if I breathe on it!"

"So don't breathe, then."

Larke gifDon’t give me that sassy face, Larke.

Yeah, it’s been interesting.

I’d probably get more written if not for the call of the TV. We’ve been rewatching ABC’s Once Upon a Time (and yes, I used a character from that show as Larke’s face character, do not judge) and enjoying it just as much as the first time through. But I’m totally calling it writing research because if I could weave a tale as well as those writers, book contracts would be exploding through my windows. Yep, definitely writing research. *nods* (Or more like Christine sobbing over all the ridiculously good writing, but research sounds better.)

I’ve also been running on Hobbit feels. For the past couple of weekends my sister and I have rewatched the first two Hobbit movies. And by watching I mostly mean me providing a very lively commentary about allll the things that should or should not have happened. Said informative commentaries involve going as far as pausing the movie to supply very detailed Middle Earth history with the occasional threat to throw rocks at Tauriel’s head.

Funny Hobbit MemeThank you, Legolas.

Ahem. Yeeeah, I may not be the most fun person to watch the Hobbit movies with. But my ever patient sister assures me I’m quite entertaining. She agrees with me on my theory that they should have tried petting Smaug before provoking him. A good rub on the tummy may have been all the poor dragon needed. *I* certainly would have tried. Petting a dragon is on my bucket list after all.

Dragon's are a Girl's Best Friend

Yesterday we watched the last Hobbit movie. It was my first time to see it since theaters, and my sister’s fist time period, so (other than making many gagging sounds during Tauriel/Kili moments *chokes*) I kept quiet and behaved myself. I was very proud. Besides, it’s a bit difficult providing a commentary while gasping back sobs because of certain deaths. But I digress! (Whoa, I almost rhymed.)

The Hobbit movies are fabulous, I simply hold a loyalty as fierce as a dwarf’s to the book.

Bilbo gifYes, your wonderful book that certain movie makers ruined.

IT’S RAINING WITH THE SUN OUT AGAIN, GUYS. So beautiful, but so strange.

Where was I? It’s so hard to know without a brain. June! Right. I believe that covers the highlights. Missing brains, emotionally compromised teenage girl-type weather, lots of writing, long exposure to unfairly good TV, Hobbit feels—yep, it’s been a good month thus far. *nods, nods* Hopefully the second half of June shall bring many more words and adventures Bilbo-style. (Because I really want to find a dragon and pet it, okay??)

And that, children, is why I should never attempt writing a blog post with a cold. I better post it now before my brain comes back and scolds me for even thinking about posting this. (And if you see a lone brain vacationing somewhere could you send it back my way? Thanks.)

What has the first half of June looked like for YOU? Come across any dragons to pet? I firmly believe they’re grumpy all the time because everyone is poking them with sharp objects instead of showing them affection. Don’t you?

Smauglock gif

I really should delete this.
. . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . .


  1. That line from your book! To be honest, you made me give a rather unladylike snort, well done! :D

    Sorry about your cold though.

    The weather has been crazy here too!


    1. Hahaha! Mission accomplished. XD

      Awww, thank you! It's nothing major, probably will pass in a couple of days. Hopefully.

      Yours too? I guess it's just something about the summer. But yeah, it's insane! I never know what each day will bring.

  2. BAHAHAHAHA. I sound immature, but honestly. This was HILARIOUS. I was grinning the whole way through, and my brother saw the part about petting Smaug and just doubled over with a snort. XD

    I think our brains might be vacationing in Hawaii together. *nods* I have felt somewhat brainless this past week as well. :P Not fun. But methinks my brain is coming back. And I loved the "I'm going to kill you alllll" weather part. XD Not many thunderstorms here, but lots of fluctuation between warm, humid days of sun, and cool, cloudy days. Make up your mind, will you, weather?

    *chokes back a laugh over Hobbity stuff*

    Heh, my first half of June has consisted of scheduling and rescheduling work and life stuff, having my feels torn to shreds by certain novels, and wavering over my Magic Spindles idea. Figuring out character names today was like pulling teeth. XP Hopefully things will flow once I start the actual writing!

    (Seriously, though, how are you so ridiculously funny?)

    1. If you sound immature I don't even want to think about what *I* sound like. XDDD Hahahaha! I'm so glad it was amusing. I was worried it'd just scare everybody off. Hehe. And that's so funny about your brother!!

      Your too? Sheesh, these brains. Whatever are we going to do with them?
      Maybe the weather's brain has disappeared off somewhere as well. It seems so confused right now.

      Oh, oh, ooooh! You're working on your Magic Spindles entry? *SQUEALS* So exciting! I haven't done a single thing with mine. I don't even have much of a plot! Much less named characters. JuNo has taken up all my time. But I still plan on messing around with my idea and seeing if I want to write it. I just need more tiiime!

      I don't think it's me being funny as much as my randomness spilling out uninhibited under the influence of a cold. XD

  3. Love post like these, makes me feel like I'm not the only one who has bouts of crazy. :) Loved that snippet, William (my beast) and Larke would get along no doubt.

    1. Oh, girl. Trust me, you're not alone. Actually, I don't have bouts of crazy, I have the occasional bouts of normal and crazy takes over all the rest of the time. ;D

      Oooooh man! I can just imagine the snark-off that meeting would include. XDDD

  4. Haha, I love this post! It is annoying when one's brain goes vacationing, isn't it? I have been struggling to write lately, too. I haven't seen the final Hobbit movie yet, but I guess I'm not expecting much . . . I suppose I just want to see the book wrapped up, so I'll watch it anyway. And yes, we should be nicer to dragons!

    1. Tehehe. It's a relief that I'm not scaring all my followers off. XD

      So annoying, yes! Things have been a little better today though. Maybe it'll cut its week vacation short and come back to me.

      You haven't? You need to see iiiiit!!! I like it a lot better than the second one. I mean, it still made me upset in some parts, but overall it's still a really, really good movie.

      I think we need to start campaigning for dragon rights. *nods*


    I'm sorry you're not feeling well though. :( But I'm fairly sure my brain went with you sooo... maybe they're having fun together? *shrug* We can hope. (Plus, we always say we're braintwins, sooo... XD)

    But seriously. I love love love love this post and it is hilarious. GAAAAH. <3 *huggles post and you* I also diiiied at the protection spell against the sun called A/C. XD

    Keep going on you JuNo!!! YOU'VE GOT THIS. That is a hilarious snippet and they sound like quite the pair. *giggle snort*

    Also wise words on the subject of Tauriel (great pic of Legolas!) and Hmm, that's definitely a thought about petting the dragons... I would not be brave enough, but that's what you and Bilbo are for. ;)

    "The Hobbit movies are fabulous, I simply hold a loyalty as fierce as a dwarf’s to the book." YES YES THIS. The book is the besssst but I do love the movies too, in their way. :P

    WE HAVE HAD WEIRD WEATHER TOO. O_O It's uber weird.

    "And that, children, is why I should never attempt writing a blog post with a cold." I don't know, I kind of loved it. XD Not that you should ever ever have a cold because I want mah Lauri to feel well (*gives you more tea*) but still... Also, that totally made me think of Florian... except it just occurred to me I don't think you've read Lloyd Alexander's book Westmark. O_O

    Um. Long comment. >.> I had so much to say.


    1. *grins* I AM SO GLAD. In a few days I know I'm going to be mortified I posted this thing. At least it's bringing laughs. XD

      I've improved muchly today, so maybe by tomorrow this cold will be fully gone.
      (And that's true. :O Who knows what our twin brains are off doing together. *shakes head*)

      A/C: Keeping fangirls safe from the outdoors for years.

      THANK YOU! Writing today has been going really well, so I'm feeling positive! And yes, those two were interesting together. XD

      But Celtiiii. Pet ALL the dragons!

      *high-five* Precisely! We love them, just...warily. XD

      Same for you??? My goodness, what is up with this weather?!

      Hehehehe! So glad you enjoyed it, as crazy as it was. And no, I have never read that. o.o The only Lloyd Alexander book I've read is The Book of Three. It's SHAMEFUL! D:


      Oh my goodness. I went to read Cait's post and about died at how similar it was to this one! I wrote this before even seeing her post! I mean, we both have colds and have been writing a lot and are recapping life things. We seemed to be braintwinning without even knowing it! XDD

      *snorts* I wouldn't call this smash of thoughts brilliant, but you sure do make me smile. *HUGS*

  6. And next thing you know, June will run into July, and the year will be half over. :O It's mind-boggling how fast time goes by, isn't it?

    The weather here has been weird, too! It's been warmer than usual here for the most part, so I've already had to run my AC during the day. It's also been very dry; not much rain, and we could use some. Although yesterday was wet and we might be getting some showers again today and Thursday, so hopefully that won't make it so hot. I'm more of a spring person, not a summer girl.

    Glad to hear that things are going well with writing Burning Thorns! I'm curious about this Larke character; I know about Marigold and her sisters. Maybe he might be worth exploring in a future Beautiful People post? ;)

    I enjoyed the Hobbit movies, though I had a LOT of issues with Battle of the Five Armies. I remember walking out of the theater sorely disappointed that a certain character's funeral had been cut. :( Apparently the scene was filmed, so I'm waiting until the Extended Edition comes out in the fall and then getting the trilogy then.

    Summertime / late spring colds are never fun. I had one once while vacationing in Florida. Ugh. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Tell me about it! Didn't this year just START? Craziness!

      I wish I could give you some of our rain. We seem to have a random burst of it every half hour or so, clouds or no clouds. XD I'm so with you. LOVE spring, summer...not so much. At least the hot temperatures part.

      Oh, Larke will DEFINITELY be getting a BP post one day. He's already loudly expressed his feelings to me about not having one yet. There just haven't been the right set of questions for him, but he'll get one. I promise!

      I had so many issues with all 3 movies. >.> Mostly Desolation of Smaug though, the other two were better, but still plenty of atrocities took place that slayed my Tolkien loving heart.
      Oh! I didn't know they filmed a funeral scene! I so hope it makes it to the extended edition. Because I NEED more scenes to cry during, obviously. XD

      Ah man. Being sick while on vacation is the WORST. I've been there. And thank you! I'm feeling much better today, so hopefully by tomorrow it'll be fully gone.

  7. I LOVED THIS!!! AHHHH! You always know how to make me laugh. Your brain may be in Hawaii, but you are doing marvelously without it, m'dear. Glorious. Stupendous. I wish I could be like this when my brain takes a vacation.

    Maybe the problem is my brain doesn't go to Hawaii. I'm not sure where it goes, because it never tells me. Just sorta pops off whenever it feels like it.

    I HAVE NOT YET SEEN BOTFA!!!!! Can you believe it?!?!?! I'm going nuts! Nuts, I tell you!! But I will side with you and gag appropriately at the Tauriel/Kili moments. *glares at PJ* Why? Just.... no. No. And this is bad because I haven't seen how they act in in BotFA. My Precious Hobbit! *holds movie close* Dragons. Books. *nods* Bilbo, you've got it right. What else do we need?

    Smaug's "laterz"....... DY.ING. :D :D

    Oh, yes, and a great big huge congrats on your 15K. You're such an inspiration. So motivated. So getting things done. You put me to shame really. My whole summer thus far has been taken up in editing, and I haven't made the progress I've wanted to make on that. So bravo to you for being diligent. I'm looking forward to learning more about this story. ;)

    1. Hehehehe! Glad to hear it! At least I bring smiles to people when I embarrass myself. ;D

      Oh, I don't think my brain is REALLY in Hawaii. I'm pretty sure it just said that to throw me off. >.>

      KIRI. YOU HAVE NOT SEEN BOTFA YET? YOU MUST GO SEE IT. RIGHT NOOOOOW!!! In my opinion it wasn't nearly as good as the first movie but much better than the second. It followed the book at least a little better than the atrocity that was Desolation of Smaug (I mean, I loved DoS but it made me angry with so many, many things).
      Oh good gracious, Tauriel and Kili. Why? WHY???? I can't. *shudders*

      Thank you!!! But trust me, I understand. I only decided to try this challenge because writing was going sloooow and I was like, "Okay, I need to do something about this."
      Editing is good. Very, very, very good! You're going to get it done, I know you are. Just don't forget to enjoy your summer, too, 'cause that's important. *nods*

  8. Lauri, I love you. This tickled me pink! I think my brain left, as well, but I'm told it's been gone for quite some time.
    And I love your description of the weather, even as a summer girl. XD (I'm from Nevada).
    Once Upon a Time. I am /addicted/ to this show. We must fangirl together.
    Tauriel. Let's shoot her. My sister's read a good portion of the book and could not /stand/ the contrived romance between her and Kili. Grooooosssss.
    And I agree about the dragons. Yes.

    1. Lolzy! I'm so glad it brought smiles. XD You know, I thought I lost my brain years ago. Apparently it's just been sitting uselessly in my head forgotten and finally decided to go off and see the world. Or...something.

      I WISHED I didn't mind the summer, but I just hate hot temperatures. I'm a wimp when it comes to the heat.

      *griiiiins* LARKE. YESH. I kind of love him too. (Just don't tell him or I'll never hear the end of it. >.>) I'M SO HAPPY YOU LOVE HIM. ^_^

      A fellow Oncer! YESSSH. *tackles you* I haven't even seen the newest season, isn't that shameful? We're going to rewatch all of it first before starting the latest season. But I'm sooo anxious!

      Let's, yes! Honestly, if not for her I really wouldn't have THAT much to complain about over the movies. But she just ruined them! It's not so much her character, but just the fact that SHE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO EXIST. Ugh. UGH. I'm sorry, but I get so ferocious whenever I think of it. Bleeeeh!
      I've read The Hobbit more than any other book. Literally if not for that book I wouldn't be the Christine you know today. It introduced me to fantasy and so many things. It's the basis of everything I love. And then they went and did THAT to the movies? *long sigh* It's unforgivable.


  9. THIS POST IS LIKE A MILLION PERCENT INCREDIBLE AND I RELATE. Colds are the worst. I'm totally sure they just convert brains into cotton wool and then sit back and laugh and laugh while we try to flap around and do useful things and fail. I FAILED. My cold made me crawl into bed and just hide there watching Game of Thrones and sobbing. GAWSH. Watching sad things + cold = terrible sadness. XDXD AHh, I need to see the third Hobbit movie, still. I'm so behind. Tbh, I would tried petting Smaug too. He's just like a bit lizard. I'm sure a pet and maybe a small cake treat or something could've changed the entire situation.

    I finished my JuNaWriMo book even though I DIDN'T KNOW I WAS DOING IT. It only occurred to me that some of Mirriam and her little goblins were doing it and then I DID IT TOO WITHOUT NOTICING AND HANGING OUT WITH THEM WHILE THEY DID IT. Gah. So. I shall try to fix that in July. I might be crazy, but i want to write a book in July too. xD

    Someone needs talk to the calendar about maybe not moving so fast?? BECAUS GEESH. Seriously. It's June?! when did that happen. *panics*


    1. Cait likes my post. I FEEL SPECIALS.

      Colds are so the worst, and your theory absolutely makes sense. I failed tooo. I'm feeling better today and was actually *gasp* productive, but the two days before I was just like, "I need to do stuff but meeeeeh." So useless. And you're right, sad things + colds never end well. I've been there before myself. XD

      Meep! You haven't see BOTFA yet? CAIT. GO WATCH IIIIT.
      YESH. *highfives* Maybe he was just lonely. Did anyone ever even consider the dragon's feelings? I mean really!

      YOU ARE A NINJA WRITER GIRL. But that is so exciting! And kind of hilarious that you accidentally did JuNo. You're the only person I know who ACCIDENTALLY partakes in a humongo challenge and then blows us all out of the water. XD You put me in awe. And you want to write another book in July? HA. Love it! I'm actually considering writing a novella in July if I can finish up my current WIP pretty soon. But we'll see.

      I KNOW RIGHT? June??? This is just wrong.

  10. I don't know why, but I totally love this post.....but then I like all your post.
    Thank you!!


    1. Oh my goodness, thank you! That makes me feel so much better, because I kind of wondered WHY I would post such a thing. It's so random and ridiculous. At least I'm not scaring people away when I show them how my brain REALLY works. ;D


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