Monday, May 25, 2015

Favorite Screen Characters Tag

My very dear internet/writer/blogger buddy Tracey Dyck tagged me! She is one of the most loveliest, talented people I know. Every sentence she writes is like poetry. Seriously. Go follow her blog. Like, now. You won’t regret it, I promise! She’s awe-inspiring.

Sooo technically she tagged me like a month ago. *coughity cough* I’m so behind on tags, it’s shameful. But this one I HAVE to do because it’s about screen characters. CHARACTERS, GUYS. If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time I’m sure you’ve gathered that talking about characters, any and every kind, is my favorite thing. I could do a whole blog just dedicated about fictional characters. Of course, it’d mostly be screaming, flailing gibberish. BUT CHARACTERS. It was like this tag was created for me.


-List you 10 favorite screen characters (from TV shows or movies)

-Tag 10 other bloggers

Easy, right? HA! Do you call choosing only TEN favorite characters easy??? Excuse my while I break a brain cell choosing only ten. *collapses* At least this only counts screen characters. If it included book characters too I’m pretty sure my brain would crack and shatter into a million pieces.

So let’s see if I can do this without exploding. (No promises though.)

~The Characters~

1.) Merlin


Merlin from BBC's Merlin may be the most adorable human being in the fictional world. I mean, look at him! I have a lot of fictional crushes (an embarrassing amount. . .hush) but Merlin takes the cake. He's my biggest crush. This boy has to live every single day with a secret that if revealed would get him killed. He loses so many people he loves, he gets ridiculed by Arthur daily, he struggles to fit in and keep his secret, and yet he keeps going. His loyalty to Arthur has no bounds and he'll do anything to help those in need. Also he is so awkward and adorkable I can’t. And the development of his and Arthur’s friendship throughout the show just slkdjfkj;oidjdfdf. I LOVE MY BABIES.

Merlin - Almost hug

2.) Sherlock

Sherlock GIF

I love Sherlock. Any Sherlock. From Robert Downey Jr.’s epic portrayal to Arthur Conan Doyle’s original. Sherlock is brilliant, aloof, and cocky in all his forms and I adore him. But since we’re talking about screen characters, I specifically mean my favorite screen version of the genius detective which would be Benedict Cumberbatch in BBC’s Sherlock. Do I even need to explain this one? It’s BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. And SHERLOCK. And SO MUCH WONDERFUL. He’s perfect. PERFECT. There’s no other way to describe this version of Sherlock. I don’t have a single complaint about this character.  PERFECT. And as we can’t have Merlin without Arthur, we definitely can’t have Sherlock without his Watson. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in this show, guys! It’s not even fair how brilliant they are!

Sherlock and John GIF

3.) The Tenth Doctor

10th Doctor

Okay, so if I was forced absolutely, without a doubt, had a gun to my head kind of forced, to choose a favorite fictional character I’d probably end up saying the 10th regeneration of the Doctor from Doctor Who (yes, another BBC show, they have good shows, okay?!). Each and every version of the Doctor has a huge place in my heart. It is the same man after all, and I’ll be loyal to the Doctor no matter what actor he’s played by. But David Tennant will always by MY Doctor. He’s both silly and serious, playful and tragic, adorable and dangerous. He loved so deeply and lost so much and lived and learned. I think his time during his 10th regeneration shaped who he is, who he’ll always be. And I miss him every single day. So many tears. SO MANY. And. . .and. . .HIS HAIR!

Tenth Doctor GIF

Tenth Doctor Hair GIF

4.) Aragorn


This man is my favorite of the entire Lord of the Rings cast, and that’s saying a lot, let me tell you. How can I not love this ranger who became king? The man who lived among elves. The man who faced a world of ghosts and brought them to his aid. The man who led an army straight to Sauron’s front door all to help a little hobbit. He’s kind and brave and all around inspiring. Good gravy, I love this man!

For Frodo GIFThere goes my heart.

And while we’re on the subject of Tolkien characters. . .


5.) Bilbo

Bilbo GIF

We can’t forget the little hobbit who left his comfortable home in the Shire to face a deadly, fire breathing dragon, all for the sake of adventuring. And he kept going, even when treated wrongly, even when his life was threatened countless times, even when his chair and books called him back home, even when the whole journey wasn’t for his benefit at all. He just kept going. To help a group of dwarves who didn’t even deserve his help. Don’t be fooled by his size. His loyalty and bravery is bigger than ten dragons combined. And don’t even get me started on Martin Freeman’s portrayal of him. I’m not sure perfect is a strong enough word to describe it.

Martin Freeman InterviewI believe it!


6.) Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert

Flynn Rider Smolder GIF

Favorite. Disney. Character. Ever. And come on, is there any Disney character that’s NOT loveable? Even the villains are loveable! So claiming a favorite is huge. HUGE. But FLYNN, GUYS. I’ve always had a thing for thieves in fiction. Don’t ask me why, I don’t even know, but I just find them awesome. I also love the cocky characters who secretly have a heart of gold. So you can imagine my flailing fangirl heart when Flynn was introduced to my world. A cocky, funny, charming, adorable thief with a sad backstory who ends up sacrificing himself for the one he loves? EVERYTHING I love in a fictional character. JUST LET ME HUG THIS MAN, OKAY.

Flynn-Rapunzel Hug GIF


7.) Rapunzel


I can’t bring up Flynn without Rapunzel, now can I? She’s without a doubt my favorite Disney princess. I love how she breaks the normal heroine most movies have these days and is a little na├»ve, not even that brave, always joyful, and very feminine. She relies on Flynn to help her along the way but when he gets in trouble she finds her courage and uses what resources she has to get them out of a jam. Not to mention she’s just ADORABLE. I want to hug her, too! The babies are so precious together! *happy sobs*

Flynn-Rapunzel GIF


8.) The Mad Hatter

This one is a bit different from the others because it’s technically three different versions of the same character. I don’t even know why, but ever since I was little I’ve had this immense obsession with the Mad Hatter, in ANY form. I LOVE all the different ways he’s portrayed. I tend to love the characters who are a little off their rocker, for what ever reason, and the Mad Hatter, well, he is mad. And I just love him! Used to my favorite version was from a miniseries the Syfy channel did just called Alice set in a scifi version of Wonderland. It’s insanely cheesy but I’ll watch or read ANYTHING Alice in Wonderland. ANYTHING. My obsession for that story has no bounds. And Alice is worth watching just for Hatter. Trust me. He’s amazing.

Hatter Hat Trick GIF

So that was my favorite Mad Hatter for many years. Then I started watching the ABC show Once Upon a Time, which brought in a Mad Hatter. . .which happened by be played by Sebastian Stan. Yes, as in Bucky. THAT Sebastian Stan. *cue the screaming* Technically this was all before The Winter Soldier but Sebastian Stan is amazing in all his forms and as the Mad Hatter just. . . O_O SEBASTIAN STAN AS ONE OF MY FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS??? No amount of fangirl screaming can describe the brilliance. I still adore Alice’s Mad Hatter too though. I can’t choose a favorite. They’re both wonderful!

Jefferson GIF

And obviously Johnny Depp was born to play the part in Tim Burton’s movie.

Mad Hatter GIF

Basically, give me ALL the Mad Hatters!


9.) Parker


While we’re on the subject of characters off their rocker. . . Remember how I mentioned I loved thieves? Yeah, Parker is one of those, and one of the best, possibly, the best. She’s from the show Leverage which is about a group of thieves who take on Robin Hood-like heists, stealing from the bad to help the good. Parker used to only ever live and work for herself. She stole for the fun of it and always alone. Her people skills are. . .lacking, to say the least. But when she found herself in this band of thieves she discovered she enjoyed helping others, and found a family along the way. And. . .just. . . *sobs* It’s so beautiful! Parker is a hard person to explain. She’s very. . .childlike. For example, one of their heist jobs involved helping a mall Santa Clause and she was convinced they were helping the real Santa Clause. Then another time she stabbed a man with a fork. . . Again, her people skills need work. Parker is just kind of a person you have to watch for yourself to get a feel of, she’s not an easy one to explain. But oh my is she hilarious, and kind of adorable, in her Parker-like way. I love her so much! And that show. Go watch it, seriously. It’s hilarious and fun and skdjfj;sdjfd YES.

Parker GIF


10.) Lucy Pevensie


Last, but ABSOLUTELY not least. I think we all wish we were a Lucy. Her unwavering faith, loyalty, and love inspires me daily. I adore her child-like wonder of the world, and her joyful outlook of life. Her relationship with Aslan has helped me grow my own faith in Jesus. And her friendship with Mr. Tumnus is adorable. Queen Lucy the Valiant they call her, and it’s so true. Even as the youngest Pevensie child, she stands up to her siblings and leads them in the right direction, encourages them all, inspires them. Lucy is the heroine we all dream of being.

Lucy and Tumnus GIF

Well, I made it without exploding much.

~I tag~

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And there ya have it! But not really. This was barely scratching the surface. Hardly even blowing on the surface! I miiiight have to do a part 2 of this. Before I even started, I listed out the favorites I could think of and, well, the list has a lot more than 10 people. . . So yeah, I might have to do a part 2, and maybe 3. *COUGH* I just love a lot of fictional characters! Don’t judge!

So speak with me, my fellow fans! I know I’m not alone in my love for fictional characters. What are some of YOUR favorites? Agree with any of mine? Totally disagree on any? (Don’t worry, I won’t stab you with a fork. . .hard.) I want to discuss, so flail with me!


  1. Yay for Aragorn and Bilbo! :D I agree that Martin Freeman was the perfect actor for the latter role. He portrayed Bilbo as quirky, caring, and humble, and he nailed Bilbo's character arc, too.

    Gosh, my favorite screen characters... I'd need some time to think about that. Off the top of my head I can think of Harry Potter, Captain Jack Sparrow, Thorin Oakenshield, Gandalf, a bunch of characters on Orphan Black... Ah, I'm having a brain cramp. *lol*

    1. Yes, yes, yes! I just love them so much. The original book versions, the movie versions, ALL the versions! <333
      Oh my goodness gracious, yessssh. Martin Freeman just...there are no words. He IS Bilbo. So much perfection.

      It's such a hard question! That's why I had to sit down and make a list before I even started this post. There are just so many it's overwhelming. I had to look through my Netflix list to keep my thoughts organized and figure them all out. XD
      Oooh, Jack Sparrow, that's a good one! And of course Thorin and Gandalf! I've never actually read/scene Harry Potter. I know, craziness. And I've never watched Orphan Black either. That's cool it's got good characters though. The characters just make a show!

  2. Yeeees, Merlin!!!! Gaah, the ending of that heartbreaking...
    Lately I've been on a Marvel superhero kick after seeing Age of Ultron. So my favorite fictional character right now is probably Vision, a new avenger introduced in AoU. HE'S JUST SO EPIC AND AMAZING AND HE HAS A COOL BRITISH ACCENT. :D
    Oh, and I basically love all the characters from the Emperor's New Groove. SO FUNNY.
    I could think of a lot more...but i'm restraining myself...
    You should totally do a part 2!!!

    1. AAAAHHHH, MERLIN!!! That's my favorite show and so the ending...well...let's just say I STILL get teary eyed when I come across a picture or something of that show. I've literally never cried so much in my life than at the series finale. It's a bit ridiculous but...yeah. I'll never be the same after that. Ugh, that show! D':

      OH YESSSS. HUGE Marvel fan. I reeeally wanted to list a few Marvel characters but they would have taken up like half the list, so I ended up not. Lol. But yes, Vision was really cool! AoU was just suuuch a good movie!

      Oh my goodness, I LOVE The Emperor's New Groove! It's embarrassing how many times I've seen that movie, and yet I STILL laugh hysterically, every. single. time. It's just so hilarious!

      Trust me, I understand. Just choosing a few is so haaaard. I think I might very well do a part 2. It hurts how many characters I had to leave out of the list.


    SO MANY GOOD ONES. Sherlock, Ten (knew you'd pick him! XD), Aragorn, Bilbo (MARTIN FREEMAN'S PORTRAYAL JUST YES), Flynn, Rapunzel, Parker... Just YES! :D Great picks. ^_^ I had no idea that Bucky played a Mad Hatter ever. O_O WUT. And I am totally behind on tags too but I NEED to get around to doing this one! I actually made my list of ten, but you're right, it's SUPER hard and just scratching the surface and I'm not even sure if they're my FAVORITE but just ones I really love but I don't know... ANYWAYS I LOVED THIS POST. :D *huggles it* AAAALL THE AWESOME CHARRIES!! ^_^ Also you found perfect pics/gifs for each of them, and I positively love your exploding. XD

    (And this is entirely unrelated buuut... Camp NaNo is actually in July... *shifty Naidren eyes* I think Mirri and some people are doing unofficial NaNos in June, but the official CAMP NaNo is July. *nod nod* So it's technically a month and a week away instead of just a week. XD Just thought I would say something because I saw you were freaking out and wanted to reply about that! o.o Hee. :D Ahem. >.> *shuffles away*)

    1. I KNOOOW. I'm the same way. This tag is just so FUN.

      Yeah, Bucky played a Mad Hatter. It's as amazing as it sounds. You NEED to watch Once Upon a Time, you do!

      Yes, yes, yes. You do need to do it. I wants to see your lissst! But I understand. I still keep second guessing this list. There's just so many I love! D:

      I'm so glad you loved it. I had a blast putting it together! Even if it was painful only choosing a few.

      (O_O ...Oh. LOL. Okay, that's embarrassing. I could have sworn it was in June. XD Silly me! Good grief, Christine, blonde much? Thanks for telling me! I maaay still do an unofficial one in June, but we'll see... I would like to get a good boost on BT during June. But I may just have to wait and see what next month brings. Hahaha! I can't believe I thought it was in June this whole time. XDD I've always hated how June in July both start with J and are right next to each other. It hurts my poor little brain. >.>)


      (I am EXACTLY the same, by the way. XD I HATE how June and July are so similar and next to each other and I ALWAYS get them mixed up. XD It's actually kind of bad. O_O But at least I know I'm not the only one! :D Heehee. But if you do an unofficial that would be fabulous too. :D)

    3. YES.
      AND YES.
      ALL THE YES.

      (I'm so glad I'm not alone on this. I know some people that have June or July birthdays but I can never remember WHICH because both the months just morph in my brain. If a date is in one or the other I never, ever remember which month it is. They may as well just smush together and be one, big month! XD I think I will try to do a 30k word goal next month. It'll probably fall apart but no harm in trying, right?)

    4. (Oh my goodness, you do that TOO? :O That's awesome. XD I always thought I was the only person who could never understand which month someone's birthday was when it's in one of the "J" summer months. XD And ooh! Well if you do, BEST OF LUCK!!!! :D I KNOW YOU CAN DO IIIIIIT!!! Because you are awesome and fabulous like that. *nod nod*

    5. No, you are definitely not alone! You don't understand. My own grandmother has a J birthday month but I literally can never remember which one! It's THAT bad. o.o

      THANK YOU!!! I have no idea what June will bring, so we'll see. But I do want to get a big boost on BT. So hopefully it'll work out.

  4. ASADLKKLOKHASDLKHADSGL your answers!!!!!!!! I loved doing this tag:D

    So I need to watch Merlin. My brother's into it, but I haven't seen much. I guess I'll have to fix that, solely for that gif;) Not really, but THAT GIF. Is adorable. What even. I haven't even seen it and it makes me happy XD

    The LotR characters! *hugsies them* I especially love Bilbo:D

    Flynn is epic. They are totally one of the most adorable Disney couples EVERRRR.

    OUAT! Ahhh! I love that show. Not as much as Leverage ;) but still a lot. 'T'is great!

    YOU INCLUDED PARKER?!?! She was on my list, too, and I'm so happy, because more people in the blogging community know about her than I thought! Isn't she the BEST?!?! I love her so much:D

    And Lucy is just the sweetest little adorable munchkin in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe!


      You've never seen Merlin? :O GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. I mean, it will destroy you and ruin your life forever, BUT IT'S WORTH IT. There are no words to express the love I have for that show. That gif, yes! Best. Scene. EVER. If you love that gif than you'll love the show. That's basically the show right there, just Merlin and Arthur being all brotherly and awkward and adorable. It's hilarious!

      Bilbo for always! *fistbump*

      They arrrreeee. I love them so much! <3

      Another Oncer, yaaaay! That show is so amazing. It HURTS it's so amazing. Sadly I haven't even watched the newest season yet. I need to! D:
      I can never decide if I like OUAT or Leverage better. I think I love them equally. They're both just so different it's hard to compare them.

      OH MY GOODNESS LET ME HUG YOU. I was afraid I'd be one of very few who knows who she is. You even put her on your list, too? YOU ARE AN EPIC PERSON.

      Definitely! I just love the tiny little Lucy of the first movie. She's so squishable! <3 She grew up too fast!

    2. Hee, it sounds like Merlin is going to be another Robin Hood sort of thing for me. So I'm a little hesitant, hehe, because I just finished RH, and that totally destroyed me but it was totally worth it, too, so...I'm not sure if I'm sufficiently emotionally stable to handle another feelsy medieval show XD

      Yeah, I haven't watched the newest Once season yet either. I've heard it's quite a ride! :)

    3. Oh man, Robin Hood, YES. It hurts so bad! D: Something about BBC shows... *shakes head* I'm pretty sure they get paid by the tears of their viewers. The end of Merlin destroyed me more, but I think that's just because I was more attached to it than Robin Hood. (But don't get me wrong, RH is actually one of my favorite shows.) I think I just loved Merlin a little TOO much. But yeah, you might want to wait to recover from RH a little bit before taking on Merlin. XD

      It's good to hear I'm not alone! Yeah, I've heard the same thing. I'm both excited and terrified. These TV shows are just going to kill us!

  5. Ahhh, I was so happy to see this on my dashboard a couple of days ago, but then work and life swamped me in a temporary deluge--thus the late comment.

    I've never seen Merlin, but like Olivia said, THAT GIF. XD They seem completely and utterly adorkable.

    Teehee, Sherlock. I know Benedict Cumberbatch best as Smaug, so seeing him as a detective is just kind of funny. Which is strange because you'd think his Smaug role wouldn't affect things that much; it's only his voice, after all.

    His HAIR, my word, his hair. XD Another show I haven't watched, but from the pics I've seen, this guy looks hilarious!

    ARAGORN. AND BILBO. *smushes charries* (That Martin Freeman pic--so funny!)

    AND FLYNN AND RAPUNZEL, THOSE DEAR ADORABLE PEOPLE. I'm so glad they made your list! Aren't they the best? <3

    That's...that's Bucky. *sniffles* I don't care if he's supposed to be the Mad Hatter, that's BUCKY. *wails* But now this is yet another reason I must watch more OUaT!!

    Never *cough* seen Leverage either, but your description of Parker made me think just a tiny bit of Peter Parker... Both kind of dorky, right? Maybe? I could be so off.

    And now we come to dear Lucy. Oh how I love that girl.

    So so so glad you did this tag! I loved all your answers so much! And I just have to give you a giant internet hug for everything you said in that first paragraph. <33333 You're the bestest!!!!

    1. Do not apologize for having work and life! Being busy is good. *nods* But can I just say I got this huge grin on my face when I saw you comment.

      MERLINNNNN!!! It's my favorite show, Tracey! THAT'S how good it is! Well, it, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. I can never decide between the three but I tend to lean a little more toward Merlin. I mean, all the fantasy medieval, Arthurian Legend goodness. My favorite things! And then just MERLIN. The character. ALL THE CHARACTERS. They're just wonderful. And ooooh my yes. They are SO adorkable. It's hilarious. One of my favoritest bromances of ever. Their friendship kills me. XD

      He's a detective dragon. *nods, nods* I saw Sherlock long before the Hobbit movie became a thing so when they announced Martin Freeman as Bilbo and Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug, well, it took me days to find all the pieces of my heart because it exploded so immensely. Benedict Cumberbatch (who may be my favorite actor) in the movie version of my favorite book as my favorite fantasy creature. YES. PLEASE. Plus I've ALWAYS loved all things Sherlock, so smush Sherlock and The Hobbit together and you have an exploding Christine. It's probably my favorite thing that's ever happened in the TV world. XD

      HIS HAAAAIR. You NEED to watch Doctor Who in all its cheesy, epic glory. It's not a show one can explain. You just have to watch it.


      They HAD to make my list! My precious babies. <3

      It is Bucky! *cue the waterworks* YES. Watch more OUAT. You won't regret it! Except he doesn't stay in the show for too long because Marvel kidnapped him. But hey, he's BUCKY. I can't complain too much. He'll also make you cry in OUAT. Because he's good at that. >.>

      Hahaha! That's okay. It doesn't seem like an as popular show as some. Which is a shame, because it's so GOOD.
      Mmmm... I don't think she's much like Peter Parker. She's more of a Mad Hatter than a Spiderman. XD I'm trying to think of someone to compare her to but I can't. She's just...Parker. Very unique. Lol. She kind of acts like a 4 year old that likes to explode things and bungee jump of buildings. Yeah... Parker. I don't even know.

      Lucy, always. <333

      I'm so, so so glad you passed this tag my way I can't tell you how much fun I had doing this. YOU'RE the bestest!

      And goodnight! this comment got long. Sorry, talking about my favorite fictional charries is sooo my favorite thing and I just get too enthusiastic.

    2. Usually, yes! But sometimes I'd like to send a clone of myself to work and other things, so I could devote more time to writing. >.<

      Favorite? Or at least in the top three? This I must see one day. Fantasy, middle ages, King Arthur--YES. See, now I must make a third clone to watch all the things.

      A detective dragon. XD Christine, you're hilarious! Favorite actor in the movie of your favorite book, playing the role of your favorite fantasy creature--I'm thrilled for you! And for myself too, of course. I love The Hobbit and adore dragons. ^__^

      So I've heard! And the list of reasons to clone myself is mounting...

      Aw, he doesn't stick around for long? At least he's there for a bit. And...*lip quivers*...he'll make me cry there too? What is it with this guy? D':

      *points to cloning mention*
      Okay, that makes sense. XD And a four-year-old exploding things and jumping off buildings is a...scary picture. LOL.

      Aw. You should totally do a part two. And a part three, since you undoubtedly have enough characters to talk about! (And what you said in the post about it being good that it wasn't BOOK characters: oh mah word, you said it exactly. That's just the thought I had when I did this tag. Picking my favorite book characters would be impossible. I have ten thousand, not just ten.) So. Don't apologize for length! Like I said, I love discussing charries too! :D

    3. I get that, too. *nods* It'd be sooo useful having a clone. Then again, my clone would probably be just as lazy as me and we'd end up watching TV together all day or something...

      YESH. FAVORITE. I love it so much!!! It definitely has some cheese, but by the third season the quality gets a bit better. But I love it no matter what, cheese and all.

      Well, that wasn't my original thought. Smauglock the detective dragon is a thing and it's glorious. I mean, look at this:
      And then there's also this wonderfulness:
      If you just look up Smauglock or Cumbersmaug all sorts of scrumptious things like that pop up. Benedict Cumberbatch, as Sherlock, as Smaug. It's my favorite thing on the internet! I love crossovers, and this just SDFKJ:DSKLJGJD:F. And of course Martin Freeman is both Bilbo and John Watson so it gets even better and things like this happen:
      Okay, I'm going to stop now. I get a liiiiittle over excited about these things. XD

      A world full of Traceys would be a better world!

      No, he doesn't. :( They even made a spin-off series set in Wonderland (which is just as good as the original OUAT in my opinion) and he wasn't in it. A Wonderland story with no Mad Hatter! Horribleness!!

      Hahahaha! Parker can be scary sometimes. XD

      I could probably do ten of these posts and still have more charries to put! Lol. But I would love to do another list.
      Oh my goodness, I knoooow! Listing favorite BOOK characters? O_O No. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.

    4. XDDD

      Oh goodness, I can handle some cheesiness. My own humor can often slide into the cheesy side of things. :P

      Hahaha, those pictures! Thanks for the links! Those are hilarious, especially that last one, but they all made me laugh. XD

      Hehe...I'm not so sure about that, but thanks. ^.^

      Aw, really? Horribleness indeed!!

      That would just be torture of the highest kind. O_O How in the world would we ever manage it??

  6. I love all of them, well I haven't seen Leverage, but I will. When I do I know I will love Parker.
    You have great taste. The Tenth Doctor is my Doctor of choice too. He is just so ... wonderful.

    1. They're all my precious babies. *huggles them*
      Oooh, I bet you'll LOVE Leverage! It's such a fun show, and Parker GAH. I love that girl. But, honestly, I adore everyone from that show. It's worth watching just for the characters alone.

      YESH. *highfives* Ten is...yeah. Wonderful is a good word for him. Gracious, I love him so much!

  7. OMG YOU WATCH LEVERAGE?!!! I LOVE LEVERAGE!! I've literally only met one other person who sees it and afjdklsa I have so many feels for that show and I literally ship Parker and Hardison so so hard. Ultimate OTP. (And Eliot is ma baby.) *squeaks and flails with you*

    OH AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT REALLY SWEETLY WONDERFUL COMMENT ON MY BLOVERSARY POST. I'm just going to sniffle and then dance a bit, because you're so nice. Squeeeeee!!! And YES! I'm a Mirriam stalker too, mostly on facebook and not on emails so I'm not surprised our paths don't cross very much in that case. >_< DARN IT. But that shall change, because I'm following your blog! As soon as I finish this comment.... Also I'M SO PLEASED I converted you to Maze Runner and Throne of Glass!! AJDFLKSA MY FAVOURITE LITTLE DUMPLINGS. Okay, I totally have a lot of favourites, but it's the only way to survive life as a fangirl. x)

    ANYWAYS. I shall be a creepy stalker on your blog from now on too, so HELLO AND YAY AND YOU ARE SO FABULOUS.

    (I also love the Mad Hatter. Mostly Johnny Depp's versions, but tbh, that's because I haven't seen many other kids and I NEED TO BECAUSE MAD HATTER. <3)

    1. YES LEVERAGE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITEST SHOWS EVERRR. Parker and Hardison and perfect together! <333
      There's a funny story about you and me loving Leverage. Deborah O'Carroll is my internet bestie and I had told her a good while back how I love Leverage and that I thought she should watch it. Then I think you mentioned it to her or something which brought it back to her mind and she remembered I had said something about it as well. So she ended up watching it and loving it. And thus, basically, we unknowingly teamed up to get her to join the Leverage fandom. XDDD I think that's pretty great!

      *FLAILS IN ALL THE HAPPY FEELS* I cannot tell you how excited I got when I saw you among my followers. I feel like a celebrity is following me! YOU'RE the nice one and I'm so thrilled you commented and are following me and I'm just so happy right now!!!!!

      Cait thinks I'm fabulous. I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW. *collapses from too much happy*

      The Mad Hatter. YESSS. My obsession for Wonderland things has no bounds.

      Thank you again for commenting and following. I AM JUST SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW THERE ARE NO WORDS. <333

  8. Thanks for tagging me, Christine! I love your list of characters! I'm watching Merlin right now, so Merlin made it onto my favorites as well!

    1. Of course! I was more than happy to. :D

      Another Merlinian! LET ME HUG YOU. *tackles* I think it's a little unhealthy how much I love that show...

  9. thank you for the tag!! I wonder if I have time to do it...(I tend to get lost when I start looking at favorites...XD it could take me hours...) also I wonder if I could do it without doing all Kdrama characters... XD lol

    O.o and another person who likes Leverage...I need to watch this.... :D

    1. You're most welcome! There is absolutely NO obligations to do it. Trust me, I skip doing tags all the time. And I know you're busy. o.o But I thought you'd appreciate a tag like this. And goodness yes, choosing is SO hard. I was going to do a follow up with some of my other favorites but then I realized there were just waaay too many. Instead of another post it'd more be like a whole series of posts with a never ending list of characters. XD Too much fiction love!

      YESH. Leverage is amaziiiing. If you haven't seen it you MUST!!!


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