Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Returned, Refreshed, Reworked

BooksWell, hello there! How are all my lovelies? I’ve been doing splendidly. I just had a grand ol’ time out of town staying with my bestie for one of the best two weeks I’ve ever had. It was glorious, with much talking and laughter to the point where our throats were sore (literally), complete with a great amount of squealing over books, because we’re kindred spirits like that.

But I am officially home and attempting to settle back into things. Though I desperately miss my “second family” as I like to refer to my bestie and her family, being under the same roof of my own first and foremost family and being able to snuggle with my much missed poodle makes up for the melancholy that comes with farewells.

My inbox is close to exploding, I have a handful of new books calling my name to delve into their pages, half a dozen stories from friends are waiting to be critiqued, and my own stories are demanding to be told. It’s funny how much can pile up in merely a fortnight. But after days of carefree fun, it’s almost nice settling back into everyday life.

Stress over many silly things was threatening to crush me before my vacation. The chance to spend two amazing weeks with my best friend was beyond a blessing, and a wakeup call. It came at just the right time. That much needed vacation gave me a chance to step back and look at things from a new perspective, and before I knew it, all the stress was lifted, replaced with a drive to tackle all the demands of life with vigor.

I’m quite content back in my own house nestled in my green wing back chair with my laptop in hand, ready to take on those many projects I left behind. Back in the norm of life.

So what do we have on the menu?

Well, originally I was going to use the month of August to write my Beauty and the Beast retelling novella for the Rooglewood Press contest. Then, come September, at least get a good start on Fallen Matter edits. I need October to catch up on life and plan out everything for NaNoWriMo before, ya know, NaNoWriMo comes. And December I always like to just rest from writing after NaNo and enjoy the holidays. But now, well, September is only a few days away (WHAAAT????). So my plans are going to have to be reworked because, obviously, better plans came my way.

To be honest I’ve, shamefully, not gotten much done at all on my B&B retelling. It can only be 20k words long, yes, but I still need to write the whole thing, edit it, get my beta-readers to look it over, edit it again and again. . .and again. All before getting it sent out. So short or not, it’s still a bit of a process. And now that August is nearly done I realize September will be the month to focus solely on it. Which means no Fallen Matter editing. As I said, October and November are NaNo focused and December is rest time. That means Fallen Matter edits are getting pushed all the way to. . .January. As in 2015. o.O

I had really hoped to get a good start on it this fall, but I'm realizing that’s going to be impossible. When I do start editing it, it’s going to need my full attention. There’s going to be some major doings reworking that thing. Working on it in between projects won’t do. Besides, it deserves better than that. I love that story, and I really want to make it my best. So 2015 it shall be. And while at first that idea upset me, I’m realizing it’s probably for the best. The longer I step back from it, the fresher it will be when I return, giving me a better perspective on what needs changing. In the end, I think it will turn out better after taking a many month-long break from it. That might be just what it needs. I think my plans getting rearranged may be for the best all around.

Beyond my own writing, I also have other writings from some seriously (I’m talking seriously) talented people who have so kindly given me the chance to look over and critique their works. It’s such an honor! Hopefully very soon I’ll be taking on those projects as well.

So that’s my writing plans for now. But, as you’ve seen, plans do tend to erupt everywhere and make quite a mess. One can hope these will stay intact. I feel as though they’re more solid this time.

For the next few weeks I’ll hopefully be busy pounding out words for my B&B novella. I might even talk about it a bit, but since it is for a contest I’m being a mite secretive about it. I do apologize. Oh, and if I’m not writing continuously on it will you yell at me and tell me to do so? I fear I’ve been awfully lax about it. I seriously need to start putting most of my time into it now, so any prompting or a good kick will be much appreciated. Every writer needs ‘em sometime.

So what are your writing plans for September? Who’s all doing the Rooglewood contest? Can you believe it’s already time to start thinking about NaNoWriMo? Terrifying thought! Who’s all participating? Can you believe it’s almost SEPTEMBER??? Did you have a good summer?

Alrighty, off I go to start at least scratching the surface of that to-be-done pile. Farewell, lovelies!


  1. Sounds like a positively lovely holiday, Christine!

    Goodness, your writing plans are so structured! ^.^ Mine aren't nearly that well organized. Currently I'm focusing on B&B (which you knew already). After that's done, I'll have some editing advice from a dear friend to go over for my fantasy novel. That thing has been a WIP for years, but it's finally becoming beautiful. And that novel's sequel is in desperate need of rewriting at some point, as is the third book in the series. O_o Anyway, I was going to say that I have no idea when one project will be done and another will begin. Ah, well, such is life. :)

    I eagerly anticipate any hints you may drop on your B&B retelling in the coming months! ;) And I hereby agree to giving you a kindly kick in the pants, as it were, when necessary. Which shan't be often, methinks. (Wow, I sound British or something...)

    I've never done NaNoWriMo, surprisingly! Although I do want to at some point. It's never really looked like an option with school and such, but now that high school is in the past -- wait, never mind. There's work and general adultness now, including college sometime in the near future. *sigh* Someday I'll find a way to make it work! Good luck on your NaNo!

    And yes, my summer was great. Just too short. :)

    1. It was indeed. ^_^

      Oh goodness, it's not THAT structured. I try to always keep things planned and know when I'm doing what, but it's very rare that those plans succeed. Plans and life never seem to get on very well. ;)

      Oooh, sounds like you have some great things to work on right now! Yessh. Your B&B story. I cannot wait for more! :D
      Fantasy!!! My absolute favorite genre! I admire your dedication to it. It's so satisfying having something you've worked on for years become something great. Sadly, I rarely get that far with mine. So many first drafts... I overwhelm myself. Lol. Good luck on your projects. They sound fantastic!

      Sounding British is not a bad thing. Hehe. And thank you! I'll certainly need it.

      You haven't? Oh, you must try it at least one year! It's what has shaped me into the dedicated writer I am now. I wouldn't have gotten this far or passionate about writing if it wasn't for NaNo. Plus, it's fun! If not a bit...crazy. But so worth it. I sooo understand though. I didn't even attempt it until I graduated highschool myself. Life does like to get in the way of such things. But I do hope one year you'll find time to do it.

      I'm glad to hear it! But yes, it went by sooo fast. Where has the time gone? o.O

    2. Mm, yes, plans don't always go as... er, planned. :P Modifications are practically inevitable.

      Yay for fantasy! Thank you, dearie. :) It is very satisfying. Kind of like the feeling of spending all day doing some sort of strenuous physical activity outdoors -- you go to bed tired and happy and proud of yourself.

      Aw, but think of how much potential all those first drafts have! And at least this way you can pick and choose which projects look the most promising...

      No, 'tisn't a bad thing at all. I sometimes wish I had a British friend so I could call them up and say, "Just talk to me for an hour, will you?"

      I KNOW I REALLY MUST! I want to! When I entered the Five Glass Slippers contest last year, I only had a month to write an entry since I found out about it so late. So that was kind of a miniature taste of NaNo, writing and editing a 20,000 word story in 3 or 4 weeks. But I do want to do the official NaNo sometime!

      Time is far too finicky -- fleeting when we want it to linger, achingly slow when we want to speed it up. Or perhaps that's not Time's fault, but merely our own perception of it. o.o (Don't get me started spouting meaningless philosophical comments!)

    3. Isn't that the truth!

      Yes, exactly! Hard, satisfying work. I love the way you put things.

      I suppose you're right. And my writing improves with each book. But I do wish I had at least something polished and perfected. Maybe next year...

      OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS YES. I'm always saying the exact same thing! Whenever I come across a British person I just want to listen to them talk for eternity. ...And that sounds extremely weird. But, ah, how I love their accents. My friend works with a British guy at her college's library and I was there waiting for her to get off work one day and she told me I should come up to the front desk to ask for a pen or something so I could hear the guy's accent. We're quite crazy. XD

      WHOA. You did the contest in only a month? Now that's brave! I love NaNo but it sure does produce messy first drafts. I can't imagine writing something in a month for a CONTEST. You're amazing, girl! And it sounds like you'd be a pro at NaNo.

      Even in normal, every day conversation you're poetic, girl! That was beautiful. And so true! Lol. Don't worry, I've got quite a few opinions on time myself. ;)

    4. It'll happen yet! :)

      I know, those accents are wonderful. So did you? Go ask for a pen or something? XD Speaking of which, my dad was selling his motorcycle a year or two ago, and the guy who purchased it brought a friend with him to pick it up. This friend was... I don't know, Australian or something, and had the coolest accent. I was elsewhere in the house when they came in, but then my mom told me that one of the guys had an accent and I should go outside to where they were all talking so I could hear it. I was too embarrassed to join the conversation just for that reason, so I hid in the garage and eavesdropped. XD Then my dad ran it to get something, and I told him what I was doing. Horror of horrors, when he went back out (he didn't know I was still listening), he told the guys! O.o They laughed and the Australian (or whatever he was) said something like, "Oh, she should've just come out here." Meanwhile, I was in the garage, covering my face and feeling slightly embarrassed. But it was still hilarious. (Eep, long story...)

      Yes. A month. Brave? Maybe. Crazy? Yep. It was a TON of fun, but the result was a story that was a little too cliché to be amazing, and much too crammed to fit into the word limit. I think I might go back to it one day and fix/expand it. (Aww, thank you.)

      And thank you again. :) I think I'm mostly that way on paper. Verbally, I'm not really poetic at all. Unless I've been ruminating on something for a while, and thus have a couple flowery phrases in stock. XD

    5. Sadly, I did not. I couldn't work up the courage and then he left to go work in another section of the library. BUT the next day we were walking in and he was there so my friend introduced us. But I hardly got to hear him say a word because he was super shy. I mean, I guess that was adorable too, but still. Hehe.

      Oh my goodness, that's HILARIOUS!!! I can't believe your dad told them. XDDD You poor thing! At least the guy was good-natured about it. Just eavesdropping on them totally sounds like what I would have done myself.

      See? You've got the right stuff for NaNo. Because being crazy is a total requirement to participate. *nods, nods*

      Oh man, verbally I sound like I'm not quite right in the head. I jumble up my words so badly! I'm the WORST when it comes to actual talking. That's why I love writing, I can sit and think about it. And delete things. If only I could delete some things that come out of my mouth!

    6. Awww. ^.^ That is adorable. (Poor guy. He has no clue he's being discussed.)

      XD I know, right! It really wasn't all that bad; more funny than embarrassing.

      Well then, one of these years I'll have to put that craziness to good use. :)

      I had to chuckle at that last part, about sounding not quite right in the head. XD Sometimes I think I sound the same way... Or at least, not very writer-ish. Using bad grammar, or simple being incapable to properly describe things. Ach, yes, if only we had a verbal backspace key!

    7. *sneaks into conversation and whispers:* I'm completely obsessed with Australian accents these days; I would TOTALLY have eavesdropped too if that happened. XD Awesome.

      And Lauri: Super-shy British accent library worker? :O That's just epic. XD

      Australian and Scottish accents are the absolute best. <3

      *sneaks out of conversation pretending nothing happened*

    8. *whispers back* Your sneaking is adorable. ;) I know, right? I just LOVE accents, especially British, Irish, Scottish, and Australian. Maybe it's the wordy part of me that finds different pronunciations, lilts, and dialects fascinating. And of course, for laughs, Gru's accent (whatever it is) is awesome too. XD

    9. Celti, you do not have to sneak into the conversation! Ram into it, girl! I love when you join in!

      But yes, different accents... Ah, how I love them. Irish ones are my top favorite! But basically all the ones you named are my favorites. Really anything European (and Australian, of course).

  2. MEH LAURI IS BACK! *glomples* I missed you so! <3

    Sounds like you had a blast, and all your plans sound terrific! Best of luck on them all! ^_^ Especially your Beauty and the Beast story. WRITE THE THING. I DEMAND IT!! Er... that is to say... I'm asking nicely. Because you said we can bug you. *smile smile*

    ...You said "fortnight". I love you.

    1. Dat's right, I was going to mention "fortnight!" :O Perfection.

    2. Yes I am! And I missed you tooo! *glomples back*

      I had SUCH a good time! And thank you. ^__^ Maybe, just maybe, I can make these goals...hopefully.

      Lolzy. Yes, please demand it of me. I definitely need that push.

      Hehehe. Well, as a medieval fantasy writer, fortnight is a common word in my vocabulary. Or maybe I'm just a nerd...

  3. I recently found your blog and nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

    Carly @ Books and Etc.

    1. That was so sweet of you! Thank you! ^___^


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