Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Changes, New Adventures, and Lots of Feels

For a long while now my ol’ blog and myself have needed to undergo some changes. And thus this week I set out on the (not exactly) grand adventure of doing just that.

Firstly, you may have noticed I don’t pen under the name Lauriloth anymore. If I have hopes of ever getting published I figured I might need to start looking a smidge more professional. (Although I still have delusions of being an elf. We can just pretend, right?) But don’t you worry, I’ll still always be Lauri, so feel free to address me as such if so desired. I’ll answer to pretty much anything. Lauri, Christine, Stormageddon. It’s all good.

I’ve added things, taken things away. Just made my blog a bit more clean and fresh.

Want to know a funny story? I was this *holds thumb and forefinger half an inch apart* close to starting an entirely new blog. See, I’ve been in quandary over this for many a month, knowing I wanted to make some changes but unsure how I wished to go about it. I like new starts. My perfectionist self likes to have a whole new, clean slate to work with. But I’m also rather sentimental. So the idea of totally abandoning this blog hurt a little. It really shouldn’t have been that big of a decision, but to me it was for some reason. I spent many a night tossing and turning, weighing the pros and cons. Finally, this weekend, I made a decision. I was going to make a new blog.

So yesterday I jumped right in and hit that “New Blog” button. Then a few minutes into setting it up my brain went, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???”

Ten minutes after starting a new blog I deleted it.

And that, my friends, is a Christine moment if there ever was one.

Decision making and I. . .don’t coexist. Let’s put it that way. Having to decide things is probably my least favorite thing to do ever. So what shouldn’t have been a big deal turned into months of fret and despair. ‘Cause that’s how I roll.

But, all that to say, I’m glad I made the final decision I did. I feel at peace now, comfortable with my trusty blog. I like Musings of an Elf. It has been the dumping ground for all my crazy thoughts and whims for 3+ years. I don’t want to give it up. So instead, I gave it a little makeover and got the best of both worlds. And here we are!

I have a couple of new pages, fixed up my sidebar, and also made a new blog button to more match my theme.

Blogger Button

Feel free to take it. In fact, I’d be honored! ^_^

I’ve also taken the leap on a couple of other things as well.

I now officially have a Google+ account. Google has been practically screaming at me to do just that everywhere I turn, so I finally gave in. Not sure what to do with it, but it’s there.

And then I made a rather huge leap for me and jumped into the twitter boat. That would be another thing I’ve been debating if I want to do for, well, to be honest years probably. Yes, I’m sad, I know. Again, not 100% sure what to do with it yet, but I suspect I’ll end up using it a fair amount in the end.

Oh yes, and one more rather exciting thing. I’m taking part in Rooglewood Press's Five Enchanted Roses creative writing contest!!! I’m quite excited! (And a little nervous.)

B&B Contest Button

If you haven’t heard of this contest just click on that button right up there and you’ll find all the details. But basically it’s where you write a Beauty and the Beast retelling between 5k to 20k words. If they pick yours it’ll get published along with four other winners inside that beautimous cover. Pretty fantastic!

This is their second contest to do. The first they did is titled Five Glass Slippers featuring Cinderella stories. I hope to get my hands on that lovely thing soon!

When I heard they were doing another contest featuring Beauty and the Beast I knew immediately I was going to participate. Beauty and the Beast is my absolute FAVORITE fairytale. So having the opportunity to write a retelling of it with the (probably very low) possibility of it getting published? How could I pass it up?

Currently I’m only 5k words into my retelling, but come August I plan on fully tackling it. Or maybe “hope” would be the better word. Because plans do tend to laugh at me maniacally before exploding in my face. At least I have a start to it though. I hope of all hopes I can keep it under the 20k limit. I think we all know how long my books are. I’m not meant to write short stories and novellas! But I want to try anyway. However daunting a task it might be. No one (and I mean no one, except for maybe non-writers) ever said writing was easy.

Also, I’m spazzing a bit over NEW HOBBIT TRAILER.


That ending gives me so many feels.

So that’s what’s been going on in my life. Changes and new endeavors and feels everywhere.

Who else is joining in the Rooglewood contest? How do you feel about the next Hobbit movie? (I’m quite wary myself after Desolation of Smaug but we won’t go into that.) And tell me, how do YOU handle the oh so dreaded decision making?


  1. WHAT? A new blog? To tell you the truth, my heart jumped when I heard that. "WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO MUSINGS OF AN ELF?" It yelled. But it's still here. This dear, lovely, wonderful blog is perfect. I love it. I love you. Say, did you ever notice that we have the same background? Your's is pink and mine's blue, but they're still the same. <3 :D

    I like Christine. Is that your real name? But I like Lauri, too. Ugh, stop having so many nice names! I shan't know what to call you anymore! But I know what you mean. I've been contemplating changing my name so that it matches my real and published name (Kirsten Fichter), but I really am Kiri Liz. That's my nickname, and I'm rather partial to it. So.... *shrugs* I think I may just keep it the way it is. For now. Maybe.

    AND I LOVE YOUR PICTURE!! Gorgeous! :)

    Yup, I do Google+ and Twitter.... along with way too many other accounts. Search Kiri Liz and I pop up EVERYWHERE! Can one be too stretched? Like butter scraped over too much bread? Hey, it's advertising, I tell myself. I'm not so popular off-line, so I gotta be everywhere online. *puts thinking cap on* Yes, yes, that makes sense. :)

    Seriously cannot wait to see what you come up with for the BatB contest! :D I think I may be changing my entry, though. Bonnie Rose may just be too big to fit into 20K. Actually, yesterday I finished a completely new story in 17K that I think I'm going to enter. It's BatB on its head with quirky characters, hot air balloons, and some scientifical (yes, I think that's a word) stuff. If you're still interested in a swap-n-critique-thingummy, *coughs* you may be seeing an email from me in the next couple of weeks.

    THE HOBBIT TRAILER!!!!!!! How can I express the many ways I love thee??? It's... well, amazing in every way. PIPPIN'S SONG!!!! AHH!! How can we wait until it comes out??? And I won't get to see it until next spring when it comes out on DVD!! *glares at Peter Jackson* I need this movie NOW.

    1. Lolzy! Well, I'm glad I decided to stick with Musings of an Elf then. It's such a thrill to know others really do enjoy my blog. ^_^
      YES! I have noticed that. It's so funny. Great minds think alike, eh? ;)

      Hahaha! You can call me whatever you wish. Or maybe a conglomeration of both the names. Lauristine? Erm...maybe not.
      Exactly! It's such a hard debate. I got so accustomed to being called Lauri around the internets it was really hard making the switch. But I think it's for the best.

      *blushes* My goodness, thank you! ^_^

      Advertising, yes. They say if you want to get published you really do need to get your name out there, everywhere you can. So you're doing good!

      It is SO hard keeping under that 20k cap, isn't it? I think (think) I can pack my B&B story into that few words, but if it doesn't win there's a huge possibility I'll end up turning it into a full novel. I almost like it in novella form, but I know there could be so, so much more to it. And I've always wanted to write a B&B retelling anyway, so why not?
      YES, YES, YES. I still absolutely want to do a story critique swap! So send it my way! And...wait... Quirky characters? HOT AIR BALLOONS? I NEED THIS. Did you know I have an obsession with hot air balloons? I don't know what it is about them, I just love them! SO YES I WANT TO READ IT. Also quirky characters are my favorite. <3

      PIPPIN'S SONG. I nearly died when I heard it on there. Ah, it was amazing. Although I didn't exactly see any scenes that looked like the book but...maybe it will be good.

  2. I love the new design! Your blog looks amazing! I've been meaning to do a bit of refreshing on my own blog, streamline the design a bit more. We'll see when I ever get around to it. I had the exact same thought process that you did a few months back. I also created a whole new blog, and then deleted it within ten minutes. Crazy huh? Oh and your picture is really lovely, you look very sweet. :)

    Yay for the five enchanted roses contest! I know so many people who are planning to enter that I have no idea how the people at Rooglewood press are ever going to choose! I have just a little bit over 1K right now on my retelling, but it's mostly planning. I haven't really even started writing the story yet. There's time though. I'm really excited about hearing more about your retelling in the future, if you plan to share about it. It's so amazing how many, and how different retellings can be from each other, considering that we all started with the same basic story. :)

    I saw the new Hobbit trailer yesterday, and while I'm excited I'm still disappointed. I really think that Peter Jackson went waaaaaay too far with the movies. I mean seriously three or four movies out of one book? I'm not really bothered that much by Taurel and Legolas, but it was originally a children's book, and it's way too dark now, and way too long. I love Martin Freeman as Bilbo, and Benedict Cumberbatch makes an amazing Smaug, but still the movies seem bloated with too much information, and they keep reusing things from The Lord of the Rings. If you listen carefully you can hear that they even recycle a ton of the dialogue! ...Well done ranting now... :P

    1. Awww, thank you!
      Are you serious? That's so funny!!! Indecision is quite the crazy thing, isn't it? XD
      Thank you! That's quite a compliment coming from someone as lovely as you. ^_^

      Oh, I know. There's going to be some amazing entries, I already know. I cannot wait to see the final product. I have no doubt it's going to be amazing.
      Hey, 1k is a good start! And there's definitely still plenty of time. It's exciting you're joining in as well!
      I agree! It's so neat to think about how one story can be told a million different ways.

      Giiiirl, you just put all my thoughts into words! Yes, yes, and yes. I'm extremely excited about the next Hobbit movie but I have so many complaints. I think the biggest one is how dark a turn Peter Jackson made it take. The LotR films are pretty dark but that fits the LotR story. It's not a children's book after all. It supposed to be dark. But The Hobbit always had a lighter tone I appreciated and Peter Jackson is just stripping it away of that, making it far too depressing. All the hilarious parts in the book he turned into dark, serious scenes. And that really upset me. Plus, as you said, he's stretching it out way, way too far. It could have easily been one movie. I can complain for hours, so I'll stop there, but I absolutely agree with everything you said. Thank goodness for Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch at least! They're perfection. <3 Also Bard. I'm so glad his character wasn't ruined.

    2. Aw, thanks. :)

      I know, I can't wait to read the final product either! Of course we're both crossing our fingers that our stories will be included in the collection of course, though I'd love to read it even if I didn't win, and I'm sure you would too.

      Exactly, the Hobbit is a book that you can read to your kids, and laugh out loud to. The movie is nothing like that, and I can't help but be extremely disappointed about the bloated dark mess that Peter Jackson has made it into, but I'm still going to see it when it comes out. Martin and Benedict save it for me. Bard is good too, but I find it weird that he looks so much like Orlando Bloom. I am pretty excited to see what they do with the next part of the story, though I'm sure I'll be complaining for at least a month afterwards. :P

    3. I definitely feel the same way. I'd love for our entries to win, but I know it will be an amazing read no matter what!

      I guess Peter Jackson just wanted to make it the same feel as LotR. I don't know why, they're both wonderful books, but they're DIFFERENT. And that's okay. I love having the heavy, serious read of LotR and I love a light read like The Hobbit. There's no need for them to feel exactly the same. I'm just so disappointed in Peter Jackson turning Tolkien's masterpieces into a money scheme.
      It is so weird how much Bard looks like Orlando Bloom. XD It's going to be weird seeing them interact.

  3. I like the changes to your blog. I'm entering the Five Enchanted Roses contest too! And that Hobbit trailer...wow. Even though I'm not a dedicated Hobbit fan, that trailer made me pretty excited.

    1. Thank you! ^_^ You are? How fun! There's going so many awesome entries! It's so exciting!

      I knooow! Such an epic trailer! Let's hope the movie lives up to it.

  4. LAUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So wonderful! Your portrait is absolutely gorgeous! I will always think of you as my Elf friend.

    Love this post. Again, I see so much similarity between you and I. ;D I can totally relate to wanting to start over with a clean and new slate. The feeling is marvelous when you start something new! But I too, am sentimental with my things. For example, when it came time to give away some of my dolls and toys years ago, I was afraid they would feel sad that I would give. . . them. . .away. Heheh, funny, I know, but 'tis true!

    I understand the pen name dilemma as well. . . If you truly are serious about your writing (and I know you are), it is wise to use your real name. I love knowing more about the authors whose books I'm crazy about! Good choice, m'lady. :]

    Five Enchanted Roses!! Haven't read the first novel, but I want to. This one sounds fantastic! I'm hoping I can enter, but my writings have been rather sporadic as of late. . . I haven't done much more than fiddle with character names. . . But I can't wait to hear more of your version! (LOVE Beauty and the Beast)

    THE. HOBBIT. Need I say more? :D

    Lovely post, my dear. Looking forward to more! Have a blessed week!

    1. Good gracious me! I don't even know how to respond. You're too sweet, Sarah! <333

      It's crazy how alike we are! It's hard balancing sentimentality and perfectionism, isn't it? Whenever I give away or store up my toys I always think of Toy Story and it makes it 1000x harder. (I won't tell you I still sleep with a stuffed bunny. Shhh.)

      I agree, I think it's for the best.

      Me neither. I'm really, really hoping to get it very soon. Cinderella is another one of my favorite fairytales. But Beauty and the Beast takes top favorite.
      Oh, I hope you enter! That would be so much fun!! And if you decide to I'd love to do a critique swap of our stories. If you'd want to, of course. But I totally understand about having sporadic writing. I kind of meant to write more of my retelling this month but it just didn't happen. Hopefully next month will be more productive.

      No, no you need not. Because HOBBIT. <333

      Awww, thank you! You as well!

    2. Haha! Awww, a stuffed bunny? I occasionally *cough* pull out my *cough* panda bear sometimes. . . :] And yes! Toy Story just makes it worse.

      I would love to do the story swap! That is, if I get anywhere with it. . . You inspired me! So, today I wrote an awesome prologue for my retelling. At least I think it's awesome. Nobody's had a chance to read it yet, to tell me what they think.

      Do you ever get the feeling what you are writing right now is beyond fabulous, and then you come back to it a day later and think, "Wow. That's awful." Then come back again and LOVE it?? I hope I'm not the only one. . . My writing feels like a roller coaster. . . O_o

    3. Yes! And she is so originally named "Bunny". Hey, I was 7. ;) PANDA BEAR. D'awww!!!

      That'd be so fun! I inspired you? Awww! What an amazing feeling! ^_^
      WE ARE SO ALIKE. I started out mine as a prologue as well and I was pretty proud of it. But I've also had no one to look at it yet, so who knows. XD But I'm sure yours is amazing!

      YES, YES, YES!!! I cannot even tell you how often I do that! Sometimes when I'm writing I'm thinking, "Hey, this is turning out super well!" Then later I go back to read it and wonder what in all the earth I was thinking. And THEN, after some time later, I'm back to liking it. A roller coaster, perfect way of putting it. I never really know if it's good or not because I'm so indecisive. XD

  5. As far as I am concerned you are and always will be an Elf. I am convinced.

    I am glad you kept this blog. I am attached to it. It feels like you and I like showing up here when I click on your name.

    I am following you on twitter now.


    1. You have no idea how happy that makes me. I've always wanted people to see me as an elf. I'm a silly person, I know.

      Awww! That means so much! It's so humbling to know people really do enjoy my silly little blog here. ^_^

      YAY!!! :D

      I KNOOOOW!!!!!

  6. *bad Celti sees this post and squeals over it and then forgets to comment on it till like a week later*

    Er... that was... incoherent. 0.o Ahem.

    Echoing everrrrrybody else, YESH I loveth your musings blog and am so happy you're keeping it! *hugs it tight*

    And as I've said, you'll always be Lauri to me, but I'm proud of you for your big steps! ^_^ LOVE YOU. <3

    Decision making? Pft. That... exists? o.o Eheheh... DON'T ask me about decision making, because that is a non-existent skill as far as Celti is concerned... >.>

    (This is totally irrelevant but I FINALLY SAW THOR TODAY AND ALKSDJFLSKJDFLKSJD I JUST LOVED THAT MOVIE WAY TOO MUCH AND JUST I CAAAAAAAAAAAAAN'T. Ahem. And yes, it's apparently my bad habit to randomly mention movies I'm watching in comments on your blog... XD)

    1. No, no, no! I've totally done that too! Or worse and forget so long it kind of becomes too late to comment at all. XD

      *giggles* YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME SMILE I LOVE YOU!!! <333

      I am glad I kept Musings of an Elf. It's kind of my happy place and I don't want to give it up.

      I'LL still always be Lauri to myself on the internet. XD I like it when people call me that. It'd be so weird if you didn't. o.o So yes, I'll always be your Lauri. ^___^

      INDEED. Decision making... Just no.

      (THAT'S SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO GLAD YOU FINALLY GOT TO SEE IT! Nooo, I LOVE discussing and squeeing about movies, especially of the Marvel kind, so please! Keep doing it!)


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