Monday, November 4, 2013

*Cannot come up with title because NaNo is strangling me*


So you know how I’ve mentioned before that I have OCD tendencies? (At least I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that. . .) I can get awfully obsessive with things and go a little, erm, overboard. Well, let’s just say when it comes to NaNoWriMo those OCD, obsessive tendencies rev up tenfold.

NaNoWriMo 2013 Wordcounter (25k)

Yes, that wordcounter is right. I’m halfway to 50k just 4 days into NaNo.


Someone make me stop. Please? I can’t. . .seem to. . .stop. . .writing. . . *gasps*

I feel horrendously guilty if I’m not writing at every single waking second. Even right now something keeps screaming in my mind, “What are you doing? You shouldn’t be blogging! Go write your NaNo!” It doesn’t help that I keep setting these huge, ridiculous goals for my daily wordcounts and refuse to go to bed until I make them.

NaNo just started, Christine, chill.


So yes, I may be writing a tad (*cough*) bit too much everyday. But. . .

*shifty eyes*

I’m pretty excited about hitting the halfway point.


In my defense, I am shooting for a double NaNo instead of 50k. So to make it to 100k I do need to be writing a whole lot, I should just. . .maybe take a break from it now and again. But you know what? I’m sort of having a blast.

It was a bit of a struggle the first day of NaNo, but once I really got into the story I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. I’m sort of in love with Leiden and Darven. It's highly amusing watching impulsive, naive, happy-go-lucky Leiden and intellectual, quiet, melancholy Darven try to work together. They make quite a pair. There’s never a dull moment with those two, that’s for sure. Not to mention Leiden’s flighty (no pun intended) dragon and Darven’s hot tempered one. Between the four. . .well, it’s not boring anyway! XD

So, all in all, despite NaNo taking me captive and enslaving me, everything is going extremely well! I’m looking forward to the weeks to come! I doubt my characters are though. *cackles*

How has the first few days of NaNo been going for you?? I’d love to hear about everyone’s NaNo 2013 beginning adventures!

Off to continue writing!

Favorite Writings of the Day: (I did this for the last two NaNos, may as well continue the tradition!)

“And we don't even know if they're the ones that took Princess Iraila!" He started at this thought and jumped to his feet. Pressing himself against the bars, he squinted out, eyeing each cell in front of him.

A snort came from Darven's cell. "Don't you think she would have informed us if she was in here?"

Leiden slowly lowered himself back to the floor. "Oh. Right."

"Besides, I already looked into every cell when they dragged me down here. We're the only prisoners."

"So we've basically figured out nothing?"

"Basically. And now we're imprisoned because someone had to get himself caught."

Leiden sighed, making circles in the dust on the ground with his finger. "I was just trying to help," he muttered.

(Things may be a wee bit tense between them right now.)


  1. Happy Halfway, Lauri!!!!!!! If anyone deserves that much done in so few days, it's you!!

    Haha, I know what you mean about that inner voice. I can hear it right now, going, "Get off blogger, Kiri. You can do more than 2,000 words a day." And I'm going," Yes, yes. Be quiet. I'm researching." Which, technically, I am. I'm reading all about sparrowhawks for a major character in the story. And Blogger just somehow happened to be open in the tab beside the research website. *winks*

    I'm glad to hear you're having fun, though! Isn't that kinda the real goal of NaNo? Not just to write 50K, but also to get to know your story and love it and have fun? I don't think I'd be doing this challenge every November if it wasn't fun. Although, let me tell you, I don't think I'll ever write as fast as you. The most I can manage is 5K in a day. I can't even imagine 8 or 10K. Bravo!

    1. Awww! Kiri, you are just the sweetest person in the world! Thank you!

      Funny how while researching, those extra tabs just "happen" to pop up, isn't it? Not that that EVER happens to me. Nooo.....

      You're so right. It is about having fun and just learning to love your story. I often forget that though. I get so caught up in trying to rack up those words I don't think about the fact that I'm doing this challenge for fun. But I absolutely love NaNo! Oh goodness, I've never been able to do 10k in a day. My record is 8k. I've always wanted to try for 10k at least once but it never seems to happen.

  2. Lauri! Wow! Congratulation for reaching the halfway point! Your wordcould is amazing and kind of intimidating but really great!
    I am sure you can reach 100k this month!

    I wish I would feel guilty for not writing that would make saying properly ahead way easier. But I think I will be able to make it somehow!

    And your excerpt is really great!

    1. Thank you, Autschi!! I sure hope I can, but it's pretty overwhelming trying to fit all these words in each day. o.o

      I know you're going to make it! We haven't even finished our first week of NaNo yet. You've got this, girl!

      Aww, thank you!

  3. Congratulations! I think I will have to do NaNo next year if I'm not so busy, it sounds like so much fun! Good luck on your story. It sounds so exciting and creative! Do you think you'll try publishing it?

    1. Thanks! Oh, you should! It is the most fun experience you'll ever have. I basically wait all year for NaNo.

      Oh wow, thank you so much! Publishing? Well, I am trying to get a book fixed up to try pursuing publishing, but not for this series. I would LOVE for this series to be published one day, but it's got years before it's even readable. Eheh. Gotta lot of work to do with it!

  4. Just waving hello to my awesome gal, since I won't see you again until next month. :)

    1. Oh hey, Mom. Long time no see, right? Don't worry, I'll appear again on December 1st. Just a little over 3 weeks away. ;D

  5. Way to go for making the half way mark!! Everyone needs a writing experience like that. It is so much fun when you find a book whic just works so well you can't stop writing. (Though taking a break and sleeping isn't bad. Not that I should be one to talk as I've given up on sleep since NaNo started. "I can stay awake for DAAAAAAYS with no side effects!!")

    It is exciting though, the progress you're making!

    1. Thank you! I agree. It is the best thing ever when you can just write and write and the words keep on flowing. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen to me often. I am loving this book, but I'm still having to push myself pretty hard (and consume lots of caffeine) to get these words in. I really want to finish it as soon as possible though so I'm just continuing to plug away.

      Breaks? Sleep? You mean there are such things in November? :O I thought they were a myth.
      (*highfives for Meet the Robinsons quote* Love that movie!)

      It is exciting. I hope NaNo is going well for you as well! (Well for you as well?? Yeah, it's definitely November. Maybe I should get some sleep...)


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