Monday, October 14, 2013

Beautiful People - Darven

In last week's post I was talking about how I’m working on developing my two main character for my novel, More Green than Envy, for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Last week I did a Beautiful People for my elf, Leiden. This week I’m doing the same for my other MC, Darven Morshar.

Darven is just about as opposite from Leiden as a person can get. He’s a recluse fellow, not having much to do with people. He gets easily annoyed (especially with overly energetic, talkative people. . .like Leiden *cough*). His life hasn’t been an easy one, making it where he doesn’t trust easily. Poor Darven has a lot to work out.

~Darven Morshar~

Do they have any habits, annoying or otherwise?
Is ignoring people considered a habit? Because he does that an awful lot. He tends to zone out a lot into deep thought and block out everything else around him, especially when everything around him is getting on his nerves.
Sometimes when you ask him a question he’ll just stare at you without answering for the longest, making for a very uncomfortable moment. The reason for this is he is a deep thinker and doesn’t like to answer anything until he’s given it long consideration, but for the other person it’s awfully awkward.

What is their backstory and how does it affect them now?
Darven was raised in a shabby, unhappy home with a temperamental father, an older sister that basically had nothing to do with him, and a sickly mother. As a result, he was left to fend for himself most of the time. When he was 13 years old, his mother, the only one that really cared for him, died from her illness. Soon after, some men mysteriously murdered his father and burned down their house (who they are and why they did that is still a mystery to Darven). His sister fled without him and he was taken in by a harsh dwarf whom his father worked for. His family was in debt to this blacksmith dwarf and being as how Darven was the only one left, he had to work to pay off that debt. He was the blacksmith’s assistant for 7 years before the dwarf sent him on his way. Darven wandered for a bit before learning a king of another kingdom was in need of a blacksmith. It was the only thing Darven really liked doing, and he was good at it too, so he managed to snag the job. He’s been living quietly as the royal blacksmith for a few years now when, to his great surprise, a dragon chose him as its rider. (That got long, sorry.)
Darven’s past affects him a lot. Having a hard home life, losing his family tragically, and then working for the dwarf who was pretty abusive, turned his heart cold. It has made it hard for him to trust easily. He’s learned to rely on himself only since his childhood and that’s a hard habit to shake for him.

How do they show love?
Show love? Darven? Ehehehe. He. . .doesn’t? Okay, okay, so he did love his mother an awful lot and he does get better as his story unfolds. Still, he’s a quiet guy and showing love is hard for him. A nod of approval is about all you’re going to get from him. But if someone he cares about is in danger he will practically fight to his death to get them back. Currently though, he doesn’t really have anyone he cares about. Not yet anyway. Hee.

How competitive are they?
Darven has a very “I don’t care” attitude. Frankly, I don’t think he gives a thought about being better than anyone else. He lives only to survive, worrying about competing against other people isn’t exactly high on his caring list.

What do they think about when nothing else is going on?
He ponders the events of his past during almost every quiet minute of his life. He still wonders who those men were that killed his father and why. His mother fills his thoughts a good deal as well And, though he’d never admit it, he thinks about his sister a lot because the fact that she abandoned him bothers him, though he tries to convince himself it doesn’t.

Do they have an accent?
Mmm. . . Not really. I imagine him with a pretty normal American-type voice. Kind of a deep tone.

What is their station in life?
He was a peasant but now, as formerly mentioned, he’s the royal blacksmith. Er. . .no, not now. Now technically he’s a dragon rider which is a step above a knight. So he’s moved pretty far up in the world.

What do others expect from them?
Being as how he tries his best to keep to himself, others don’t expect much of him. The King expects the finest weaponry from him I suppose because he has always produced the best. He has a knack for weapon making and never disappoints. Other than that, I think people know not to expect too much from him.

Where were they born, and when?
He was born in a village just outside a large city on the northeast side of the world (it’s a made up world, but that’s pretty obvious). The land he lived in never did have a good reputation for the most. . .erm, respectable of folks. A pretty dangerous, shady place to be raised. When? Uh. . .25 years ago. He’s 25 so. . .yeah. *shrugs*

How do they feel about people in general?
Hahahaha. I think I’ve answered this one multiple times already. He does not like people. He wishes people would leave him alone. That sums it up pretty well. Eheh.

Yeppers, that’s Darven for you. A bit different from Leiden, wouldn’t you say? They’re going to make quite the pair when they’re thrust together on a perilous adventure. *rubs hands together wickedly* I quite look forward to it.


  1. This is great! I like him. Isn't it fun to throw a couple guys together who has totally different personalities, where they must learn to work as a team or the whole world ends?? I love this!

    Who's next?? =]

    1. Hahahah, yes! It is totally the best! I'm going to have way too much fun torturing Darven with Leiden's personality. *cackles* There's going to be a lot of mishaps due to lack of teamwork from them for a while...

      That's basically it for this NaNo. I always have to main MCs for each book of this current series. Other people always pop in, but there's still always the two core people. Maybe next week I should talk about the actual book...


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