Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bloglovin’ and Other Alternatives to Following Me

So you’ve probably all seen the rumors running rampant about Google Friends Connect, that lovely little thing that allows us to easily follow each other’s blogs, being taken away July 1st (I think that’s the right date). Originally they were saying they were only taking it away from non-blogger blogs, those of us using Blogspot would still have it, but now I’ve seen multiple things claiming it’s being taken away from blogger as well in order to promote Google+ instead.

Now I’m one of those people when I hear these rumors go, “Psh, whatever, it’s probably all nonsense,” and go on with my life. But I do enjoy blogging and all my blogger buddies and just in case there is that teeny chance the rumors are true, I decided there really would be no harm in taking some precautions. Couldn’t hurt anyway. I personally have no desire to get a G+ account, just personal preference, so…

Follow on Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

For some reason it forced me to put that link on my post. *shrugs*

Anyways, you can follow me through there. It actually seems to be a pretty sleek site and a nice alternative if GFC really does decide to disappear (which I’m still very suspicious about). Also, if you’re a Linky Follower user I have one of those on my sidebar as well. I’m not too crazy about that site myself though. And of course you can simply subscribe here through email. It’s all there on my sidebar.

Again, I’m not really worried bout GFC disappearing. But, in case I’m wrong (because I do tend to be wrong quite often in life ;P), I thought I’d take some precautions.

Blessings to every single one of you!

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