Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Woes of Larry

This is Larry--


When I was shopping around the internet for a laptop, I hoped very much that I would get a pretty pink one. But instead I found Larry… Ahem, yes. As I like to say, “At least he’s pretty on the inside.” (Yes, I refer to my laptop as a he, not “it”.) Perhaps the strange lightning bolt looking thing on the front does not flatter him nor me (who is a very pink, flowery, cutesy type of girl), but I still love him. He had all the specs I needed, quite a powerful little thing, and all right in my price range. He has been my faithful laptop for over fives years now. Larry and I have gone through a lot together and I don’t know what I’d do without him.

…Or do I?

This is Larry’s power cord--

Laptop power cord

Larry’s battery life is nothing to boast about. When fully charged, he’ll usually give me abut 45 minutes to an hour and no more, quite literally. So it’s extremely rare that I even bother to use his battery life. I usually only use Larry at home anyways, so I keep him plugged in at all times.

Thus, as you can imagine, that charger there has gotten in much use.

As a result…

Broken laptop power cord


Larry’s poor ol’ power cord had finally had it. It slowly became worn until it tore completely just about a week ago. There was no using it in such a shape. In fact, it began to spark while fiddling with it.

This, of course, was a big no-no--

Power outlet

Because it could result into this--

Exploding LaptopPicture not mine.

We certainly don’t want that.

Now the big problem here was that I had no power cord anymore, which meant I could not plug Larry in anymore. And, as mentioned before, Larry has barely a battery life. To put it short, no power cord, no Larry.

Sad Larry

For me, no Larry meant the end of all things. It is true I spend way too much time on the computer and rely on Larry heavily.

Not a good thing…

Something I should work on…

But I really, really needed my Larry back!

So off to the internet to find a new power cord it was.

Mouse and laptop

Fortunately, we found one for Larry’s model for quite cheap. I was very happy.

The only problem? No Larry until the power cord actually got here.

So the big question is, what did I do during the terrors of my Larry absence?

Why, abduct my mother’s laptop of course!


Alright, alright, so perhaps she let me use it because she’s wonderful like that.

It wasn’t easy though. Using someone else’s computer is not the same as your own personal one without all your things and settings on it, plus I didn’t like hogging mom’s all the time, but, somehow, I managed to survive.

Then, Monday, June 25th, I got a surprise in the mailbox.

New laptop power cord

Shiny new power cord!! Much sooner than expected at that.

I finally could plug my dear Larry back in.

Thumbs up

Which made for a very happy Lauriloth.


Happy Larry


  1. Plugging in a worn cord is definitely not a good idea. Glad you immediately got a new one. Anyway, I think you should keep from frequently plugging in your computer while in use. You should also use Larry while unplugged so that the charger can take some rest. Doing that can save you from buying a new charger again.

    > Lakendra Wiltse

  2. Laaaaaarrryyyy!!!!!!!!! Lol!
    So...I'm like so behind, but I was looking at this post (I only read Take 2), and it made me laugh so hard. You poor dear (then). I hat using other people's computers. It's not the same as my own. *sigh* I'm SO glad my notes app doesn't have new note limits because it's SO full right now. Lol
    I hope my charger doesn't...pass away. *sniffle* That's kind of sad. I'm addicted. But, for good reasons. it's to write and try to make the world a better place by sharing the gospel!
    Lol! God bless you, Christine Smith! <3

    1. Hahahaha!!! I'm glad it made you laugh! It's kind of cool that posts I wrote yeeeeears ago are still bringing smiles. ^_^

      I hope you charger doesn't pass away either! But thanks to the internet, you could probably find one to replace it. So do not despair if it ever happens! But yes, I'm addicted too. I just had no internet for the past few days and I thought I was going to die. XD I may be a bit TOO addicted. Lol.

      Love ya, girl! <3


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