Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Only the Beginning of the Adventure

“I’m falling.”

Those two words popped into my brain on December 10th whilst doing my nightly teeth brushing duties.

“Huh,” I thought, “that’d be an interesting way to start a story.”

These thoughts buzzed louder than my electric toothbrush, festering and growing. A whole prologue of a girl falling through nothingness had come alive by the time I was ready to rinse and spit.

Hurrying to my room, I pulled out my Author’s Journal and scribbled the few nonsensical lines down. “Someday that could be cool story,” I said to myself as I slipped the little journal back on the shelf, knowing good and well most of the random ideas constantly whirling inside my head never make it out. Besides, just ten days before that I had finished NaNoWriMo. No writing was to be done in December. It was time for a break.

But as I slipped under the covers that night and closed my eyes, the words came back to me. “I’m falling. . .”

Why is she falling? Where is she falling to? Maybe she’s just in a coma? What happens when she wakes up? What if she doesn’t remember anything?

“Stop it, brain! I’m trying to sleep. I can’t think of a new story right now. I just finished NaNo and I already have decided what the next book I’m going to write will be. Now be quiet.”

But. . .

“I’m falling.”

The words were back by the next morning, and the falling girl wouldn’t leave me alone as I went about my daily business.

“But I can’t start a new story right now. That’d be insane!”

That night, when I crawled into bed, I pulled up my laptop and opened a fresh new word document.

“I’m falling,” my fingers clacked onto the empty white page.

And Fallen Matter was born.

Fallen Matter Cover

For six months now this story that never even supposed to exist has kidnapped me in a solid grip, constantly on my mind, constantly demanding my attention. So I let it have its way, and I’m so glad I did.

Never has a story surprised me as much as this one. It threw away all my notions of disliking sci-fi. It proved to me that veering away from my comfort zone can be a good thing. That I am actually capable of writing something far, far away from medieval fantasy and *gasp* enjoy it, a lot. It completely turned around my great hatred of first person. Basically, it took one look at my comfort zones, crumpled them up, and tossed them out the window. And I’m so glad! This book took me on an adventure that made strides in my writing journey and I feel so much more confident because of it.

Ever since that December night, my life has been centered around this single story. Most of my days have been spent clacking madly on the keys, pounding out this weird, wild tale. I’ve enjoyed most of the stories I’ve written, but never once has any one captured me so tightly as this. I couldn’t stop, I didn’t want to stop. Usually, I end up getting burned out at some point in the story and writing becomes a chore. But not with Fallen Matter. Sure, there were days I had to push myself to reach a word count goal, but those times were few and far between. I got immersed in the world, the confusing plot, the intriguing characters, rooting them on, wanting to stay with them through the entire journey.

And then, last night at 8:25 PM, my fingers tapped out the much anticipated words.

The End.

I had done it. Six months of mad writing and Fallen Matter was done.

*cue the dancing*

So what now? Well, this is just the beginning. Have I mentioned Fallen Matter is the first of a trilogy? That’s right! The adventure has just begun!

As much as I love this book, it needs work. And I mean WORK. I think this is the one I’m going to attempt querying with and poke at that prospect of getting published, which means this draft is just the first of many as I twist and shape and squeeze this book into something worth reading.

Did I mention it ended at 164,474 words and 49 chapters?


That’s not going to work! I really didn’t want it to be any longer than 100k. How it got to be 164k words is still confusing my poor brain, and how I’m going to cut about 60k words out of it turns said brain into soup. BUT those worries are for another time. Right now I’m simply reveling in the feeling of it being WRITTEN.

This idea that started out as two words, I’m falling, transformed into a story with such a big, confusing plot I’m still trying to sort it all out. I honestly had zero plot and no clue what was happening when I had already written three chapters! And now I have a full, 164k story. Naturally, this first draft would be a bit on the messy side. But I discover the story while I write, so now I have something to work with. If I hadn’t plunged in, I’d have nothing. Now I have the building materials I need to really create and shape this story into something worth reading. And it excites me beyond belief!

For now, though, Fallen Matter and I need some time away from each other, as hard as it is to separate. I need a good long break to sort things out and give myself time before tearing my baby apart. For the duration of June I’ve been writing like a mad person, critiquing books and things for friends, and catching up on those ever stacking emails. But now I’ve finally completed my tasks and caught up on things. Goodness does it feel good! I love doing those things but sometimes I need a bit of a breather away from the computer, you know? A special thanks to some of Fallen Matter’s characters, Cyrus, Isaac, Tiff, Elan, and Lykan (and Elan again), for taking care of my blog for me while I wrote their tale. *winks* You guys were great. Well, some of you. *looks pointedly at Lykan*

Fallen Matter Collage

As for July, I’m going to LIVE. I’m going to swim and paint my nails weird colors and watch movies with my siblings and waste away the day on Pinterest guilt free and read and maybe even write a short story which is a subject for another time. But the main thing is I don’t have any huge projects demanding my attention. So for a while I’m just going to breathe a bit and maybe take some time away from the computer. If I’m not prompt on email answering and such, that’s why. (Because I’m always so prompt already, riiight? *grins*) And then, once I’ve gotten my breath of fresh air, well, we’ll see what August brings.

For now I’m going to enjoy the lazy days of summer and celebrate in the satisfying conclusion of another adventure.

The moral of this post? Brush your teeth often! You never know what will come of it. *nods sagely*



    Those magical words "the end" are just THE best thing ever! I totally need to finish something again someday; it's been awhile since KW1. XD And I'm so glad you're getting more confident, and enjoyed stepping out of your comfort zone! That can be such a fascinating thing to do...

    *huggles all the charries*

    You TOTALLY deserve a break after all that hard work! *nods* Ah, I'm staring at my coming month of writing and all the things I'm behind on and envying you your lazy days. XD August! Maybe August will be MY relaxation. :D (Oh, and--! *raises hand* I brush my teeth! What a good moral. Teeheehee...)


    HAPPY SUMMER AND CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! *uberglomps*

    1. *BEAMS* YOU'RE JUST THE BEST, CELTI. YES. I DID FINISH AND I'M JUST SO EXCITED! EEEEEEE!!!!!! I don't know if I would have made it without you. Thank you for being there with me through my crazy adventure! <3333

      They really are! I was shaking I was so excited as I typed them out. I couldn't stop grinning.

      Ah yes, a break. I'm so looking forward to it. Hehehe. We can switch off months. I take a break this month, you take it next month. XD But I know you need one and you DESERVE one, so I hope you'll get it!
      (I'm so very glad you brush your teeth. XDDD *giggles*)

      THANK YOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333

  2. "I'm falling." There something about those two words that capture the imagination, and refuse to let it go. That's pretty much all I know about your book, besides what your lovely characters have mentioned when taking care of your blog for you, but still I want to read it so badly!!!!

    I whistled out loud when I read your final word count 164K???? That's insane!!! Go You!!!

    Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to brush my teeth, and hope for some inspiration as amazing as yours!!! :D

    1. Awwww! You have no idea how much those words thrilled me. Thank you so much, sweet girl!

      Hahahaha! Well, I'll admit, that's pretty normal for me. My books always end up being MONSTERS. I seem incapable of keeping things short. It's quite a problem.

      Good luck! I find showering and trying to fall asleep just as inspirational. ;)

  3. This is so so exciting!!!! I am now wanting to insist you publish it someday because I really want to read it.

    1. *grins* I'm so glad you think so! And I really am truly going to attempt publishing this thing, it's just going to...be a while, especially since I'm shooting for traditional publishing, so who knows.

      (But I will eventually need beta readers... *coughity cough*)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Lauri, I am sooooooo excited for you right now!! This is marvelous!!!! AHHH!!!! :D

    Ooh... 164K and 49 chapters in six months?? *wipes brow* That took some effort! I know how exhausted I was after I finished SotHT... in 198K and 75-ish chapters. You know, seriously, I'm extremely glad that I'm not the only one to do long books.

    Uggghhh... trying to fall asleep IS highly inspirational. WHY??? I like my sleep, brains. Why can't we compromise here? Actually, I've never gotten any story ideas while brushing my teeth, but maybe that was because I may or may not have been singing the alphabet twice as well as I could with a toothbrush in my mouth. Ohh... normal people don't sing while brushing their teeth? Well, how do they know how to stop then? ;)

    But... yes. I AM SO SERIOUSLY EXCITED FOR THIS STORY!!! And the fact that's it the start of a trilogy is just AH-MAY-ZING! :D *confetti*

    1. Eeeeeee!!! THANK YOU, KIRI! ^___^

      Hahaha! Yes, it did. I went kind of mad for a while there getting those words in. Oh, what am I saying, I'm always mad! Part of being a writer, right? ;) But you wrote SotHT quicker than that, didn't you? You're quite amazing, Kiri, just so you know. And I feel the same way! It's lovely to know I have a fellow long book writer alongside me.

      Goodness, is it ever! My brain just does not like to shut off, no matter how badly I need my sleep. The curse of a writer.
      Lol! I'm ashamed to say I've never sung while brushing my teeth, although I have been tempted. It might have something to do with the fact that my singing voice isn't something I like to fill the house with. Heh.


    2. Ummm... I did SotHT in five months (six, technically as it ran from November to April, but I didn't write a stitch in January, so I don't count that). But I'll only accept that amazing from you if you'll agree to let me call you amazing, too. Because seriously, Lauri, YOU ARE! :D

      Haha!! :)

      By the way, did I mention I love your post title? "Only the Beginning of the Adventure" is probably the BEST track on the Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe soundtrack!!! And.... it just sounds amazing. *happy time*

    3. See? Totally amazing! I don't know how you did it! Okaaay, if you must. (But you're still more amazing.)

      Thank you! YESH. That's exactly why I chose it! It's absolutely my favorite track on the soundtrack. It's a magical song. That soundtrack is still to this day one of my all time favorites. All the Narnia music is just the best!

  5. I tagged you with the Writing Process Blog Tour! :) Only if you want to of course. ;) But it would be fascinating to hear your answers! ^_^


    1. Ooooh, that tag looks so much fun! THANK YOU! :D

  6. Congratulations, Lauriloth! This book sounds so flippin' exciting; I can't wait to read it! Any ideas on how soon it'll be published?:P Haha, silly question, I know, but I'm rather excited. All these fantastical books popping up between you and Kiri Liz…*sigh* whatever shall I do?:D

    1. Thank you! :D Oh wow, you have no idea how much that means to me!

      Welll...I'm going to attempt getting it traditionally published, so we're literally still looking at years here, unfortunately. IF I can even get it published, and that's a big if.

      But yes, so many exciting books! I'm sooooooo excited about Kiri's!


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