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Burning Thorns 
Status: Second draft finished, 94,853 words {Currently editing to pursue publishing}
Genre: Fairytale Retelling (Beauty and the Beast)
Synopsis: With the sting of betrayal barring her way home, Rose flees to the one place she knows no one would ever dare follow: The Forest, the land of the fae. But shadows grow deep inside the roots of the otherworldly woods. Stories of the Dragon have filled Rose's ears since her crib days, so when a masked man clad in black rescues her from the dark fae, she can hardly believe he's supposedly the one that cursed the fae kingdom and thrust the world into darkness. This quiet young man who offers her a room in his castle is anything but a beast.
In Rose's hope that she has finally found a haven from those who want to harm her, she is blinded to the shadows under the man's mask, and the sacrifice that must be paid to end the curse forever.

The Cubed City Trilogy
Fallen Matter (Book #1)
Status: First draft finished, 164,474 words
Genre: Dystopian
Synopsis: In the year of 3023, when the Earth is threatening to be annihilated completely, an indestructible cube is built around one of the last remaining cities to preserve human kind. But now supplies are running short and the Cube may become a tomb instead of a haven. When Breighly Matterdon awakes in a strange lab with no memory, she quickly discovers she was given an ability no human should have and, unfortunately, it might be the very key to opening the Cube again.
Colors of a Dragon Scale Series
In the world of Aerigethel, in the peaceful region of Sivral, ten young people have finished their training and celebrate their new call of a dragon rider. The merry festivities of that day are quickly ruined when the princess of Sivral, Princess Iraila, is captured by mysterious beings. Though they have only been real dragon riders for less than a day's time, the new dragon riders of Sivral are each sent out in pairs all across Aerigethel on a quest to find the princess and bring her back safely.
Though many wars have taken place throughout its long history, Aerigethel has had a few years of peace. But now Iraila's capture is just the beginning of many perilous events that causes this world to fall into war again, and the dragon riders might be its only hope.
More Blue than Sky (Book #1)
Status: First draft finished, 214,744 words
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: Eryth, a kindhearted half-elf, and Bryth, a subdued elf with a mysterious past, are amongst these new riders along with their shimmering blue dragons, Neriin and Reshin. Together, these girls travel far from home to find the princess, who is also a dear friend to them. What was first just a rescue mission turns out to be a very hazardous quest, growing more and more dangerous and perplexing with each passing day. Through their journey, the girls find strengths they did not know they had and secrets they wished they never learned.
More Pink than Sunsets (Book #2)
Status: First draft finished, 136,738 words
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: The rambunctious twin brother and sister, Naidren and Nyria, are sent off westwards with their curiously pink dragons, Ferrleth and Afayleth, in search of their captured cousin, Princess Iraila. But their search comes to an abrupt halt when war threatens to break apart their allying kingdoms. How can they stop the kingdoms from falling as well as rescue their lost cousin?

More Purple than Amethysts (Book #3)

Status: First draft finished, 143,300 words

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: Eldoren, a pompous, conceited boy who has been in want for nothing his entire life, and Riana, a mysterious girl who seems to want nothing to do with people at all, are more than surprised when they find themselves with the same color dragons and thus thrust together as dragon rider partners. Surprised...and highly displeased. What starts out as an already bad situation grows only worse as Eldoren, Riana, and their dragons, Irevik and Razel, run into one peril after the next. They find themselves being hunted to the dark corners of Aerigethel by a raging red dragon and mysterious man, while rumors of war whisper across the lands.

More Green than Envy (Book #4)
Status: First draft finished, 113,867 words
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: Darven has never been one to take to people. His last wish is to be partnered up with someone as energetic as Leiden, an overly hyper elf who seems to have way too much to say. Peril is thrust upon these two riders and their dragons, Barveris and Gaelasil, as they discover tyranny, enslavement, and the threat of a looming war across all of Aerigethel in the borders of a supposedly peaceful region. Imprisonment, torture, and loss force these young men to learn to rely on one another, and that even in the direst times there is always hope to cling to.

More White than Stars (Book #5)
Status: First draft finished, 92,340 words
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: Shy, awkward Iavin never expected to be chosen by a dragon, and a white one at that, the most sacred of the species. His new life as a dragon rider is scary enough without being partnered with Sayleth, a mute, white-headed girl that silences his tongue just as much every time he sees her. It doesn't help matters that less than twenty-four hours after he's initiated as a dragon rider Princess Iraila is captured, forcing the King to send out these new dragon riders across Aerigethel in search for her. Iavin, Sayleth, and their two white dragons, Nemayn and Daeomin, venture to the frigid north where they stumble upon a mysterious boy named Cael whose hair is as equally white as Sayleth's. In a freezing world Iavin didn't even know existed, dark plots unfold, and Iavin learns the mysteries surrounding Cael and Sayleth are far deeper than he ever imagined, and the peaceful times of Aerigethel will all too soon be tainted with blood, death, and war.
More Black than Night (Book #6)

Status: First draft finished, 76,700 words
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: Ever since the ten young dragon riders of Sivral were sent out the day after their initiation as riders to find their captured princess, their lives have become entangled in the treachery found beyond their peace-loving region. Dangerous plots that have been hidden deep in the shadows of Aerigethel have surfaced, and with each shadow, Aerigethel's future becomes darker.
As Vithen, king of the dark elves, grows closer to ripping apart the allying binds of the regions, it's a race for the Sivral riders to get their loved ones out of Vithen's clutch and stop Aerigethel's greatest war from transpiring.
Just as the world is falling into chaos, a deadly beast thought only to be legend surfaces from the earth, and Aerigethel's last flicker of hope is doused. Loyalties waver, faith is shaken, and strength falters. For how can a small group of new dragon riders ever return the light to a blackened world?
More Gold than Sunlight (Book #7)
Status: First draft finished, 147,675
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: Velnoroth's forces have succeeded in taking over Aerigethel's most powerful regions, and with the Father Dragon on their side, they are nearly unstoppable. Kingdoms are enslaved, allies have fallen, and the enemy only grows stronger. Yet, even as the last gleam of hope diminishes, the dragon riders of Sivral and their friends, old and new, will stop at nothing to liberate their loved ones, and fight to return Aerigethel to the free land they once knew. But they cannot do it alone.

Only if the regions come together, can Velnoroth be defeated. But with so much already lost, so many bonds broken, and the enemy almost in full reign, can the riders ever succeed in unifying the people?

In the finale to the Colors of a Dragon Scale series, Aerigethel is racing toward a new age. Vithen seeks to bring about the age of the dark elves. But a few young dragon riders from the humble region of Sivral fight for something better. Together, with the strength of their Creator, they fight for an age of bravery, an age of unity, an age of hope.

Will Aerigethel fall forever into its darkest days? Or can it finally stand as one, and from the ashes raise a better world—a golden age?

Legends, Thieves, and Dragons Series
Secrets of Camelot (Book #1)
Status: Second draft finished, 110,691 words
Genre: Medieval Fantasy
Synopsis: As Lucan enters the splendorous city of Camelot, he has high hopes of a new, peaceful life. But having a fresh start isn't always easy, especially when constantly burdened by the past.
Prince Arthur just wants to be a good king someday. Knowing he'll have to fill his father's shoes one day isn't a comforting thought. So when he stumbles upon a batch of eggs, eggs that hold inside them the most deadly of beasts, banned from the world, he knows he must destroy them. But how can he murder things that have never even had the chance to see the light of day? Even if they are dragons.
Lisseria holds a secret that if discovered will tear down the life she knows and loves. But every day gets harder and harder to live a double life.
When great black birds mysteriously start ravaging Camelot, these three teenagers must draw what strength they have, learn to embrace the roles they've been given, and fight for their beloved homeland.
The Traveling Library Trilogy
The Avriot (Book #1)
Status: First draft finished, 93,867 words
Genre: Steampunk
Synopsis: Since the age of three, Ethryl Evrot has had the curious job of being an assistant to an old time traveler named Mortimer, fondly called "Timer" by Ethryl. As such, her life has been far from a dull one. Things get even more interesting when large holes in time begin appearing, threatening to destroy time completely. Along with the holes, Ethryl and Timer stumble upon a curious library that can travel in time with them. With the use of the library and a group of unlikely friends, Ethryl and Timer seek out why time is breaking. But even with the use of time travel they may not have enough time to fix it before reality itself is destroyed.
The McGuffin Book Series
The Sign of the Shy're (Book #1)
Status: On hold, 7,450 words
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Synopsis: When Emery Garnett returns home one day to find her mother missing and a strange carving on the wall, she suspects something sinister, mythical. Just like the stories her mother told her when she was young. It didn't go over well when Emery claimed to the authorities that she believed mythological creatures kidnapped her mother. So instead, this twenty-two year old travels from Cardiff to London in search of her estranged Uncle Dominic. Once she convinces this curious, stubborn man to help her find her mother, his sister, they are swept into an otherworldly adventure across the hidden places of London, discovering that fairytales and myths are far more than just stories.


  1. These stories all sound amazing! I'm so glad I found your blog! I hope you get published soon, I can't wait to read these.

    1. Oh my! You are too precious. That totally made my day. Thank you so much!

  2. Wow, these all sound simply fantastic! I would love to read them someday! :) Oh, and by the way... your blog looks so lovely. I wish mine looked this nice!

    1. *clutches heart* I can't tell you how much it means to me when someone shows interest in my silly little novels. It's so sweet of you to leave a comment!

      Oh goodness, thank you! And what are you talking about? I simply adore the format of your blog. It's so organized and well put together. And the color theme is so pleasant to look at. It's wonderful!

  3. Christine--

    I recently stumbled over your review of The Moon Master's Ball, and was completely blown away by your kindness! You have encouraged me so very much by loving my characters almost as much as I do. And if you ever need a helpful pair of eyes to look over a draft of one of those (amazing sounding) books you're writing, shoot me an email at

    Are you thinking of entering the Five Magic Spindles competition? I am, and hope you are too! :)

    1. I may have just squealed a little bit that the author of The Moon Master's Ball came over here and left a sweet comment. Thank you so much!!! Yes, I loooved your story. I think about it all the time, it left such an impression on me.

      Oh my! THANK YOU. I'm always needing more beta readers, so I may have to take you up on that offer sometime. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness!

      Sadly, I'm not entering. I entered last year's and then enjoyed it so much I turned my entry into a full novel (and keep forgetting to list it over here, whoops). I was planning on doing it again this year, I had so much fun last time. But the timing just wasn't working out for me. Maybe next year!
      Best of luck on your entry! Your writing is so beautiful, I have no doubt it's going to be fantastic.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  4. These stories all sound so awesome! My favorites are the Cubed City trilogy - the premise sounds super unique and fascinating - and the Colors of a Dragon Scale series - I love the organization and book titles! I hope you get published one day - I'd love to read some of these!

    - Ellie

    1. Aaahhhh, thank you!!

      I had so much fun writing Fallen Matter. It was SO different from anything I've ever tried, but I think that's why it was fun. But it's a monstrous mess. One day I shall go back and rewrite that thing...

      My CoaDS series has been a many-year-long project. It's very special to me. It thrills me that it interests people.

      You have so encouraged me! It always blows me mind that people are actually interested in my silly writings. You're just too sweet. Thank you!!! <333

  5. Love looking through all your pretty writings, Christine! And I was wondering: how did you make the covers for these? They're gorgeous!

    1. Awww, thank you so much! I used to have an obsession with Photoshop but sadly I don't have access to it anymore. I think is very Photoshop-y though but free, so I may try it sometime. Of course, I can't do anything with these covers. I just like making them for fun just 'cause. Hehe.

  6. All of these look very interesting. :) You have written a lot of books. :D I am especially interested in Burning Thorns; the synopsis is so intriguing!

    1. Thank you!!! I am excited to hear you're interested in Burning Thorns! That's the one I'm currently revising and hope to start querying with. Or...trying. We'll see how it goes. :)

  7. O.O Querying? Wow, that must be really terrifying. But I'm all for it. :D Can't wait until you're published so I can read your writing! :)

    1. Honestly, I'm TERRIFIED of the idea. But my dream is to get published, so I guess I gotta shove down the fears and chase that dream. First though I have to edit and polish this thing to death to get it READY for querying. step at a time? Heh.

      Thank you for the encouragement! I can't tell you how much I need it. <3

    2. Okay, so I just had to ask... will you perhaps be doing beta-reading rounds for one of your fabulous-looking stories? BECAUSE I WOULD TOTALLY SIGN UP. <3

    3. Excuse me while I flail for a minute, because this just absolutely, totally, completely MADE. MY. DAY. It never ceases to blow my mind when people actually WANT to read my stories.

      Annnd...I'm actually beta-ing Burning Thorns at this very moment. I'm giving my beta-readers a new chapter as I edit it. We're at chapter 15 (out of 36) currently, but you are absolutely welcome to join the team! If you don't want to, that's perfectly fine! Trust me, I understand. But if you are interested feel free to email me at Lauriloth(at)gmail(dot)com.

    4. Oh, I'd love to do that! Unfortunately, life is just about to get hectic, so I'll have to pass. :/ But I can't wait to read your stories one day, Christine! They sound amazing! :D

    5. No problem whatsoever! I've actually had to turn down a ton of beta requests this year myself, because I just haven't had the time. So I absolutely understand!

  8. WOW!!! You have so many things finished. I am really impressed. I just stated writing last year and am just finishing up my first novel.

    1. Oh goodness, thank you!! My problem is, I write a ton of first drafts and then just leave them in all their messiness, no editing. I've got to work on that.

      That's so exciting you're finishing up your first novel! :D The first novel is always so special.

  9. Amazing! You have such wonderful stories planned/finished! You truly do have a gift with writing, my friend :)

    1. GIRL. You're going to give me a heart attack with all the niceness!!!

      (I actually should probably update this page. It's been ages since I've revised these blurbs. Heh.)

  10. Another elf! ;) I just found your blog tonight and had to follow! Even though I'm not the biggest fantasy fan (not that I have a problem with it, it's just not my genre), your actual writing is good enough to pique my interest. I've always loved writing (started out by writing poetry from about the age of 6) and I'm looking forward to Nano too! Keep up the good work :)

    1. Aaahhh, another elf! Hello there! :D

      EEP. That is so nice of you to say! Like...AWK. So nice! I'm honored to have you over on my little corner of the internet. ^_^ I just love finding fellow writers. And you're doing NaNo? AWESOME!

      Thank you so much!

  11. Ack, you have written so many books!

    I loved reading this and getting to know the series you (EEEEP!!!) finishing this NaNo. I'm still fairly new around here, so some of it was new to me.

    I love how you managed to make each name color-related... The color of the dragons, right? Brilliant!

    1. NaNo helped a LOT with that! Lol. I produce books muuuch slower during non-NaNo months.

      Thanks so much! Your excitement is contagious! And yes, it's the color of the dragons. :D I'm so glad you like it!

  12. I wanna read your books SO BAD!!! I'm gonna get em soon...

    1. Aaaaahhhh! THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Thank you!!!

      Well...none of them are published. Haha. And it'll probably be yeeeears down the road before ANY of them will be because I hope to traditionally publish. But your interest toward them pushes me forward to keep pursuing my dream. Thank you so much! ^_^


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