Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You’re in for a Treat AKA Lykan’s Turn

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Why hello there. Name’s Lykan, but hopefully you already knew that, and if you didn’t, well, be glad you do now. Your life just got a whole lot better. Trust me.

Supposedly I’m expected to write some sort of dribble for my annoying author. This kid named Cyril or Simon or Cyrus or something, I don’t know, don’t really care either, told me as such. I don’t even know this kid and was going to brush it off as drivel, but then it occurred to me, my author has some mighty pretty friends. I couldn’t deprive these ladies of getting some Lykan time, now could I? That would be very ungentlemanly of me. So here I am. Now then, what do you ladies want to know about me, hm?

“Lykan! NO flirting with my friends. Bad!”

See what I mean about annoying? I get scolded for being nice. Psh. Authors. Can’t be too mad at her though, she did create me after all. What would the world be without some Lykan gracing it with his charms?

*Christine facepalming noises in the background*

I’m also apparently doing this so said author will have time to actually write the book I’m from. And hey, the quicker it’s written the quicker I get out in the world, so if this helps move it along then I’m all for it. I think it has more chance of getting out there though if I was the main character. Breighly’s got a pretty face but the thing is scared of her own shadow and barely talks. Do you guys really want to read about her? But I guess having a novel centered around me wouldn’t be all sugar and spice. I don’t do backstories, so if you’re thinking about asking me about my past, don’t. In fact, forget about asking about my personal life in general. That’s no one’s concern.

Now you may be wondering what I’m going to post about if I don’t talk about my life. Well, don’t worry your pretty little heads over it. There is a vast number of conversations we could have. Like how good I look in leather jackets. Or that I, in fact, don’t actually use gel in my hair. Yeah, it just looks like that naturally. Not that I could get gel in this wretched place they call a city even if I wanted to. I’d much rather take my chances with the monstrosities destroying the Earth than being locked up inside a stupid cube. But let’s not focus on that subject. Don’t want to start upsetting anyone. Back on the subject of me. . .

Oops. Christine is giving me dirty looks, and since she has threatened to kill me off (twice) I guess I’d better stop talking about myself. Don’t want to  upset her highness, now would we? Really, I was only teasing anyway. Where’s your sense of humor? I can’t bring some smiles?

She suggested I talk about my thoughts on the other characters. The other characters? Really? I’ve only ever met Breighly and Bat Boy. I think I’ve already expressed my feelings on Breighly. And Elan, well, let’s just say he’s not my favorite person. Too protective. And just annoying. Breighly can at least show herself useful. I see no point in the winged thing. What’s that about anyway?

You know what, I have a better idea. Why don’t you tell me what you want me to talk about. Ask me questions, I would love to get to know each and every one of you better. But we’ve established no personal questions, right? Good. I very much look forward to chatting with you all.

Lykan out!

(Disclaimer: Christine here. I feel like I should apologize for my character. I never approve of anything he does. . .ever. I just. . .don’t know what to do with that boy. Sorry. *facepalm*)


  1. Haha! This is great!

    *Lauri facepalming noises in the background* <-- XD

    Loved it! I like learning more of your characters this way. So fun and refreshing!

    So, Lykan. Do you have any special skills/abilities? Please be honest, and don't over-exaggerate. I know how your type are. ;]

    Till next time!

    1. Hey there, Sarah. It is quite the pleasure learning about me, isn't it? And it's MY pleasure to meet you.

      Special skills and abilities? Darling, if I answered truthfully we could be here all day. But do you really believe I'd over exaggerate? That cuts me deep. I'm as real as the Earth.

      Lauri? Will you stop making all those choking noises? It's very distracting.

      Now then, Sarah, where were we? Special skills, right. Well, I do have one in particular but that's my little secret and Lauri would deem it as spoilers, so we'll keep quiet about that now. As far as natural skills, I'm quite good at reading people. It's not easy to keep secrets around me. I'm also very persuasive. If I didn't consider courtrooms so stuffy I might would have become a lawyer. That would have been highly amusing. Also, I think we can all agree possessing this face is a skill in and of itself.

      Lauri, REALLY, get some cough drops or something!

  2. A charmer, eh? I have a character who I think you would get along with. He thinks he is dashing but has a bit of trouble with girls.

    Questions? Hm....Where were you born? Siblings? Favourite place to play as a boy?
    *Evil grin* Thats what you get for not being a better character to Lauri. Us Authors have to stick together.

    1. Is that so? Well, maybe I can help the poor chap out. The ladies and I have no trouble at all.

      Where was I born? In a rotting city stuffed inside a forsaken cube where it's supposedly "safe", that's where.
      Siblings? Ha! Definitely not.
      When I was little, I stumbled on an abandoned basement apartment. I liked to gather things and put them there. It was nice, imagining it was my home sometimes because... You know what, forget it. It's not important.

      Well then, I'd be a terrible author because I'm more of a loner myself. But really, you authors sure do have a sick sense of humor.



    That is to say, Nice to meet you, Lykan! :)

    *raises hand* /I/ would read a book all about you! Or... I think I would. Unless you got too annoying after the first chapter or two... sometimes it's hard to say how much of a good thing one can stand. ;)

    :O She threatened to kill you off?? That's horrible! I condone with you... I've threatened to do some pretty horrible things to my characters (yes, I admit it...) but killing off hasn't been one of them. Poor Lykan. *pets* Though perhaps you deserve it; I'm not sure Lauri would say these things otherwise. ...What aren't you telling us, Lykan? *eyes suspiciously*

    Questions: Favorite color? Favorite food? Worst enemy/thing you hate most?

    1. No, no. It's nice to meet YOU. Very nice indeed.

      Well, of course you would. Most people would. I don't understand why my author refuses to see this. But wait a moment now, annoying? Why, Deborah, the hits right at the heart. I'm deeply hurt. Truly.

      Yes, she did. Do you see what I have to put up with? And you're calling ME annoying? Can you only imagine how many would suffer due to my death? All those weeping girls. Really, someone needs to talk some sense into my author. I add so much to this world after all. Keeping me alive is for the good of everyone
      Oh! And another knife in my heart! Of course I don't deserve it! Well... No, definitely not. Not I!

      I like black. Mainly to wear. Bright colors distracts people from my face, which would be a tragedy, wouldn't it?
      Anything and everything French or Italian.But I'm not picky. If it's food, I'll likely eat it. Your taste buds start to dull when you're fed mushy canned food for the majority of your life.
      You seem like a fun person, Deborah, so I don't want to darken your outlook by answering this question. Let's just say there is a very big list of things I hate and leave it at that, okay?

  4. Oh my word. Yes, I did whisper-scream when I realized which story this was. ELAN. (Sorry to take the spotlight away from you, Lykan, but I have a 'winged-thing' character too, so I hope you can forgive me.)

    1. Lauri: Hahaha! Yes. This cast of mine is...something. XD

      Lykan: Oh for goodness' sake, another Elan fan? Seriously, people, have you SEEN a human with wings? It's not as glamorous as people make it out to be. But since you asked nicely, Lisa, I'll do my best to forgive you because that's just the kind of guy I am.

      Lauri: *snorts*

  5. Hahahahahahaha. Lykan, I hate you.

    Regardless, I definitely enjoyed this post. Don't apologize, Lauri, I understand. Characters can be such a bother sometimes, yet somehow we still love them...

    Oh, I found you via Cait & Skye's BP linkup, by the way. You distracted me with this link. I don't mind though.

    Since you're so eager to talk, Lykan, why don't you tell me 1) how to pronounce your name, and 2) what the book you're in is about.

    Alright, back to your BP2 post, Lauri...

    the writeress @ barefoot in the snow

    1. Lauri: Hey there! It's nice to "meet" you! I like you already. I mean, you have Hook as your profile pic, what's there not to like?
      So glad you enjoyed the post. ^_^ Lykan is...something. That's for sure.
      That's so true. They're so annoying and terrible but we love them to death anyway. I guess we can't choose who are children are. XD

      Lykan: Hate me? *clutches heart* I can't take it. It hurts too much!

      Lauri: Lykan, cut the theatrics. >.>

      Lykan: *rolls eyes* You do know how to spoil the fun.

      Now then, Miss Jones (can I call you Cap? I think I'll call you Cap). Now then, Cap, my name is quite easy to pronounce. Just take off the G in liking and you've got it. Likin' the Lykan. See?

      What's the book about? Not ME. *looks pointedly at Lauri* Fine, fine. Basically it's in the future (your future, not mine, obviously) and giant robots are destroying the earth, yadda yadda. So these brainy guys thought, "Hey, the human race is about to die, we should do something about that." Their oh so brilliant idea was to build an indestructible cube around a city and stuff a bunch of humans in there to live and keep the human race alive. So that's where I am, stuck inside a stuffy city in a cube. Fun stuff. But, lo and behold, more brainy guys live in the city and decided it would be a good idea to give teenagers weird abilities. Breighly (she's the main character, which isn't me... Bummer, right?) wakes up to find she can read people's memories (lots of potential there) and the story goes from there. Lauri annoyingly doesn't like giving away too much, spoilers, so she says, and is already giving me dirty looks so I guess I'll stop before she threatens to kill me off again. Boy, is she annoying.

    2. I know, right? And who doesn't love discovering a fellow Oncer? Not me!

      That is so true, I suppose! My sister told me once (as a character of mine was bugging me), "He's your character. You can make him do whatever you want." I was just like: "Uhm..." *breaks out in hysterical laughter* *ahem* "No. No, not at all. But, don't I wish, sometimes..." Okay, not exactly. But that's basically what I was thinking. Wouldn't you agree?


      Oh, you'll get over it Lykan.

      Sure, call me Cap, why not? And I will call you Boy. No complaining.

      Ah hah! So I was right. Excellent, very good.

      Haha, you think so much of yourself! But thank you for that synopsis. I'll give you the pleasure of my saying I enjoyed it.

      Guess what? New question for you: How old are you, anyway?

      the writeress @ barefoot in the snow

    3. Lauri: Not me either! Once Upon a Time is the BEST.

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Make him do whatever you wish. Now THAT'S funny. XD You have to be a writer to understand... (Although, as annoying as they can be, I do love how they become someone real and make their own decisions. I just wish SOME of them would make better decisions. >.>)

      Lykan: You know, you're very cruel to my delicate persona.

      Boy? Hey, I've been called worse.

      Have you seen my face? Really, I only have so much reserve.

      Quite the pleasure indeed. Hey, maybe I should consider writing. Think I could make an interesting tale?

      Mmmm...lower twenties. That's all you're getting.

      Lauri: Don't feel bad, he hasn't even told ME his precise age. I honestly have no clue why he's so secretive about it. I mean, he's obviously in his lower twenties, so why not specify it? He's so weird. -.-

    4. hahaha I know, right? Funny thing is, she HAS written. Apparently not enough yet. She'll get educated on this point sooner or later, I'm sure.


      Hmm, I'm sure you could use a little cruelty every now and then. Maybe I'll try and be a bit nicer, though, eh? Maybe.

      Yes, I have seen your face. It's in this post. Duh.

      Haha, funny you should mention that. Go look at my most recent comment on the other post and follow the link. Yes, I certainly believe you could.

      Hah, good enough.


      Tell me about it. Characters. *smh*


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