Monday, June 23, 2014

Elan’s Second Try

ElanOkay, we’re going to try this again. For those of you who don’t know, my author Christine is busily trying to finish the story I’m from, Fallen Matter, so us characters have occasionally been taking care of her blog for her while she does. I had a post a few weeks ago but my little bro Cyrus rudely interrupted it, so I’m gonna give it another go. He’s not around right now but it’s only a matter of time, so I’ll have to be quick. Everybody be sure to keep your voices low so he doesn’t hear us, okay? Great.

According to Cyrus I was being boring last time so I’ll try to do better. Now, normally I’m not wild about talking about my wings, but all of you seem so interested in them I guess I can try a little, at least for the sake of not being boring.

So yeah, I have wings. Um, they’re basically giant, mutated bat wings. They work and all but I haven’t exactly had much of a chance to test them out. I live in a city that’s locked away inside this giant cube. Not exactly the best place to go flying. Plus, way too many people around for that. The looks people give me when they see me. . . Well, never mind. It’s taking a lot of adjusting. They’re just so cumbersome. You all probably think having wings is cool, but try sitting or sleeping with them for the first time. You might change your mind. And running with them is like running with two giant things behind you pulling the wind in the opposite direction. Plus they make my back feel. . .weird. And kinda sore sometimes. I’m not one to envy, I promise.

How ‘bout we talk about something else?

Um. . .let me see. . . Well, Christine’s friend Celti gave some suggestions so I’ll try that. One suggestion was to talk about the other characters. I like that. Gets all the attention off me.

Well, you’ve probably gathered my thoughts on Cyrus. He’s a handful but, hey, he’s my brother. I love him even though he does try to take my posts away from me.
Breighly. . .I think she’s great. It’s just hard to get inside her head sometimes. I never really know what she’s thinking. She seems so sad all the time and I barely know why. I want to help her but sometimes I feel useless. I just don’t know what to do. I’m trying my best to be her friend but, well, it’s not always easy. Nothing against Breighly though! I know she’s had it rough, we all have. Hopefully time will heal.
Isaac? Mmm. Not exactly my favorite person. I think he’s hiding something and I can’t figure out what. I don’t trust him.
Tiff is a lot fun! She reminds me of Cyrus sometimes. It’s good to have her around for a laugh, which is something we all need from time to time. I’m glad she’s made friends with Breighly. I think Breighly needs someone like that.
And Lykan? Don’t even get me started on him. It wouldn’t be pretty.

What else did you ask, Celti? Let’s see. . . What’s my favorite thing to do? What’s my favorite color? Okay, these look easy.

I think my favorite moments were always one-on-one talks with my dad. He was always so wise and we had some pretty great discussions about life and everything in between out on the fire escape of our apartment. I really miss that.

As for a favorite color? Blue, I guess. Green is cool, too.

And you want me to tell you something silly about Cyrus? Oh, that’s a good one! I’ve got plenty of stories. There was this one time that he—

Oh, drat! I think I hear him coming. Sorry, guys, I gotta go!


  1. Thanks for the post, Elan! Such a pleasure to learn more about you. Wow. You have wings? That's incredible! Despite their cumbersome-ness. :] I've always dreamed of having wings, even though I'm rather terrified of heights. . . Heheh, weird combo, right?

    Anywho, friends are good to have. Maybe all that Breighly needs right now is someone who will listen, or at least know that someone will be there for her. It's great to know that God is ever-present and on our side, but it's also such a comfort to have a physical friend nearby.

    Now I've gotta go. Have a great week!

    1. You're welcome! I enjoyed writing it (without Cyrus interrupting this time).

      Yep. I do have wings. I understand the appeal in them, they're just not all people think they are. I think everyone's dreamed of flying, so that's not so weird. Heights aren't the issue with me, it's more the being on the ground part that feels awkward now. They're so...inconvenient.

      Great advice! It's good to have a girl's opinion on these things. Thanks a lot, Sarah! Lauri has some pretty great friends.

  2. I'm really enjoying these posts! How nice of Lauri to have such wonderful characters to do this for her! I just wish I had the same confidence in my characters... I don't dare let some of them on my blog. Imagine what some of them might say... horrors!!

    Yep. I think wings are cool. But... I will say your description there is kinda making me rethink that. I'm sure it must be more enjoyable in wide, open spaces where you don't have to worry about people, or cubes.... or other things to run into. I'd still like to fly, though. Hey, Elan... have Lauri get you in touch with Peter Pan. He may be able to give you some pointers on flying. He doesn't have wings, but I'm sure you guys would have a wonderful time.

    Ah, Cyrus! I have a younger brother, so let me tell you, I completely understand. I guess I'm lucky since he hasn't ever tried to hack my blog... my sister, on the other hand, has. Which... now that I think of it, may be worse than if my brother hacked me. *shrugs* Oh, well... siblings. Gotta love 'em. Can you imagine how bored we'd be without them?

    1. Why thank you! We are pretty great, aren't we? *winks* Oh, Lauri isn't always too keen on the idea, to be honest. I've heard there are some of her characters that can't touch her blog with a ten foot pole. Though of course this is Lauri, so she may have been dramatic. Of course Lykan got a post, and if there's anyone who shouldn't it's him. >.>

      Maybe if I didn't live where I did I'd be more open to the idea of wings...maybe. They're still mighty uncomfortable to sleep with. Or merely sit in a chair properly...
      Ha! I always enjoyed the Peter Pan book when I was younger. I think he and I would get on well.

      Yes...siblings. They're something. But you have a point. I can't claim life ever being dull once Cyrus came around.

  3. (To Lauri: alksdjflksdjflkj how do you find such pics?? That one is so stinkin' CUTE aaaahhh Elan's so adorbz!! <3)

    Yay! I got so excited when I saw the title of this post, I mayyyy have squealed aloud... So great to have another, PROPER, post from you, Elan! :)
    Very interesting thoughts on wings...
    And aaahhh you used my suggestions! *settles down to read* Verrry fascinating to hear your thoughts on them!
    "I love him even though he does try to take my posts away from me." Ahaha! Yep, Cyrus is pretty great. :D I'm glad you still like him, even THOUGH... ;)
    D'awww, Breighly... <3 *sniffs tear* I'm sorry you feel useless, but as long as you keep being there for her I'm sure it will help. ^_^ YOU'RE SO NICE ELAN.
    And yes, heheh, I get the idea your thoughts on Lykan and Isaac aren't very... *ahem* happy-kissable-dandelion-fuzz, eh? Notthatitwouldn'tbeawesometohearitanyway. *cough* >.>
    Your dad sounds stupendous. ^_^ I'm glad you have happy memories!
    And... noooo I wanted to hear about the silly Cyrus thing...! D: Heheh.

    Awesome post, Elan, and please tell your author that I wish her luck in finishing your book this week!! <3

    1. (I knooooow!!!! Pinterest is fabulous like that. I just loveth my Elan! <3)

      Squealed? Over me? I have to say, that's the first time I've made a girl squeal out of excitement. I guess that's...a good accomplishment?

      I certainly did. You had very good suggestions and I'm extremely grateful for them.
      Cyrus, well, guess you can't help but like him despite his...Cyrusness.
      Eh, I don't know if I'm always that nice, I suspect Cyrus would disagree with you, but I appreciate you saying so, and for the Breighly advice.

      Errr... What is dandelion fuzz and why would I want to...kiss it? That's not something I want to think about while on the subject of Lykan and Isaac. Uh...anyway....

      I think stupendous is the perfect word to describe my dad. :)

      To tell you the truth, I could probably write a whole book on crazy things my little bro has done. I'm sure he'd enjoy that, don't you think?

      Why thank you, Celti. I owe it all to you and your brilliant questions. Apparently talking about myself isn't exactly my strong suit.

      I'll let Lauri know. Right now she's an incoherent, babbling mess and I'm not sure she's aware of anything going on around her, but that's pretty normal when she's in the writing zone. She'll get over it I'm sure.

      Thanks again for the help with the post. It was nice talking to you again!


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