Monday, August 14, 2017

The Writer’s Brain Disease

There are many different types of writers.
Some write on occasion as a hobby, others make it their career, while many write all the time simply because they love it. We all have different goals and dreams and reasons why we write. But whether it’s a hobby or your full-time career, I’m afraid I have terrible news. Once you’ve started on that writing path, your brain forever changes.

Writing is like a plague. The moment you begin dabbling into it, it creeps into your brain and spreads and spreads and spreads. Then, next thing you know, it’s happened.

You have Writer’s Brain.

I am sorry to say there is no stopping the infection from spreading, and there’s no cure once it has taken root. That moment you label yourself as “writer”, there is no going back.

“But wait, Christine!” you’re probably crying. “Is there any hope at all?”

Um…no. If you’re gonna be a writer, the disease is going to infect you. You’re basically doomed.

BUT. Knowledge is power, yes? And, as with any disease, it’s good to be knowledgeable about what exactly is affecting you and what symptoms you’ll be experiencing. That way you won’t get caught off guard and can take actions accordingly.

So, because I love you all, I’m here to explain exactly what Writer’s Brain is and the side affects that go with it.



/ˈrīdərs brān/


A disease that affects primarily those who have taken up writing in which the brain’s thought process of literature, media, people, all means of entertainment, and the world in general changes drastically.

Ex. “She couldn’t enjoy reading the book due to her Writer’s Brain wanting to rewrite the poorly written sentences.”


In short, it changes your view of EVERYTHING.

And you may not even realize it. Self-awareness of the disease can often come gradually. But, eventually, it will hit you. At that point, there’s no going back. So we may as well rip off that band-aid now!

Let’s look at how the symptoms affect every aspect of our lives.




. . . READ . . .

Before you were infected with Writer’s Brain, you used to just read a book and that be that. But once the disease hit, reading became a vastly more complicated endeavor.

Now that your brain is solely focused on words and plot structure and characterization, it automatically searches for these things whilst you read. Used to, you’d read a book and merely did or did not like it, and that be that. Now, your silly brain pinpoints every. single. minute. detail. on why you did not like the book or why you thought it was the greatest creation to ever be produced and wonder hoooow did the author come up with such brilliance. Because now you understand what exactly it takes to write a book.

You discover every single typo because, hey, just a bit ago you spent 3 hours scouring your own manuscript for those pesky things. You notice the way dialogue is written, or how world building is weaved into the story, or the exact structure the author chose to write the book. You can often foresee what will happen next, because you noticed the author mentioned that knife on the table so it’ll be used to most likely stab that guy in a moment. Or that person is probably going to end up being the villain judging by the way his character arc is spiraling downhill. You notice patterns and writing tricks and basically EVERYTHING EVER.

Once upon a time, your conversations may have gone like this:

Person: So what did you think of that book?

You: I loved it! I was totally hooked on that plot and got very attached to the characters.

Now it probably goes something more like this:

Person: So what did you think of that book?

You: IT WAS GENIUS. The author’s ability to foreshadow blew my mind. And the way they used fragments to get the heart pumping was perfection. Although the pacing may have been a bit too fast. But Character A’s motivation that led up to the climax was so relatable and made me completely fall in love with them. And I couldn’t get over how unique the third act of the book was structured. The writing style was beautiful, too. Although some of those typos did distract me from the story. But still, I kept taking notes because wow, such genius.

Person: …….


Reading is no longer reading anymore. It’s accidental research because you can’t help but notice every. little. thing. Your brain is just wired that way. I’m so sorry. Because sometimes you just want to read. But noooo. Now you have to pick apart every itty bitty detail. You’ll find yourself even mentally rewriting poorly written sentences! Or even the whole book.

Side affect of Writer’s Brain. There’s nothing we can do about it.


. . . WATCH TV . . .

This is really about the same thing as reading. Although you’re not looking at sentence structures, you’re still seeing how a team of writers chose to layout a plot, bring their characters to life, etc., etc. And, once again, instead of turning your brain off to settle in for some relaxing entertainment, your new Writer’s Brain switches to research mode and analyzes every slight detail.

“Oh, that facial feature that character just did was so expressive. I need to figure out how to describe with words.”

“Wow, the dialogue is so sharp and witty. Gotta take notes on that.”

“This is such a good fight scene. I need to pay close attention to each movement so I can properly create my own fight scene in my story.”

“Whoa, they ended that episode with such an amazing cliffhanger. I’ll have to remember that for when I end my chapters.”

It never ends, guys. It never ends.

But your Writer’s Brain is not just gathering research. It’s picking up IDEAS. And this applies to both reading and watching TV. Ideas from something simple like, “Hey, I really like this genre this show is set in. I want to write something like it.” To ideas from the smallest things. Like that person in the background wearing the yellow hat in that one scene that literally has no name or lines but your crazy Writer’s Brain suddenly has a plot bunny sparked by them and next thing you know you have an idea for a 10-book series, a prequel novel, and at least 3 or 4 companion short stories. All because of that one background character with the yellow hat.

Sometimes you’ll get a bunch of different ideas from the most random things and put them all together into one novel. Like that inspiration you had from that one book and your favorite TV show and sheesh! you even got a great idea from an iHop commercial that would fit in this novel. Yep, you’re not safe from watching commercials either. You’re never safe again. Once the Writer’s Brain has infected you, it is wide open for the plague of plot bunnies.

Like I said, you’re doomed.


. . . VIEW PEOPLE . . .

Our Writer’s Brain doesn’t just change our view of our sources of entertainment. Oh no, it doesn’t stop there. It changes our view of actual, real life PEOPLE in our lives, too. Which is dangerous. Because often us writers go into full-on stalker mode and creep everyone out.

While sitting in a coffee shop, we may study everyone there. Because, oh wow, that guy with the beard looks like he’d be perfect in your new dystopian novel. Hm, that couple in the corner are having an awfully lively conversation. What could they be talking about…? *cue your Writer’s Brain coming up with an entire short story based off of them* That girl at the register has such a cute fashion sense. I want my protagonist's clothes to be based off hers.


But it’s not just studying strangers. You’ll probably creep out your friends and family, too, when you begin to notice everything about their personalities and their mannerisms and understand their motivations for things and can tell them offhand exactly what Myer-Briggs personality type they are. Or describe the exact facial expression they made last Tuesday when they were talking to the cashier in the grocery store about ripe fruit.

We writers are intuitive people. It comes with Writer’s Brain. We just can’t help it.


. . . LOOK AT SCENERY. . .

You and your family are going on vacation to the mountains. Wonderful. Some relaxing time to just unwind and— WHOA. Look at the creek right there, with the sharp boulder above it. What if a character was running from the authorities and slipped and hit his head on that boulder? OH. And over there, that hollow tree. A fairy could live there and heals him and then they find treasure down in the valley between those two mountains and—

Yeah. No turning off the Writer’s Brain. Everything you see is story potential. Everything.



Interesting experiences aren’t just stories to tell your friends now. Just like watching TV or reading or even sitting in a coffee shop, everything you do is now research.

Oooops. The knife just slipped while I was chopping vegetables and now my hand is bleeding all over the counter and I’m experiencing horrifying pain. Well hey, now I can describe that hand wound scene in my novel accurately!

Oh, look at that, I just burned my hair with the curling iron. I guess now I know what singed hair smells like for that chapter with the fire.

Ouch. I just slipped, fell off the porch onto concrete, and am lying here with half of my body broken. Huh. Now I know precisely how my character felt when I made him leap off that building.

I mean, it’s not just injuries we experience that we view as research. It can be fun things, too. Like riding a rollercoaster or taking a trip to Paris or horseback riding or singlehandedly eating that entire cake in one sitting. But let’s be real, we injure our characters a lot, so…

. . .

I think you get the idea. Everything in our lives is now viewed via the Writer’s Brain filter. The world is no longer the same. Everything is story inspiration and research.

But it’s not just that. Your entire imagination and thoughts are centered around STORY. When you go to bed, you fall asleep by playing stories in your head. When you’re brushing your teeth, you’re plotting the next scene in your WIP. When you’re waiting for your lunch to finish cooking, you’re using your phone to research common ways wars are started (#truestory). Your life is now 100% centered around your novels.

Honestly, I often wonder what non-writers even think about. Seriously, all my thoughts are focused on my WIPs or my next blog post or new plot bunnies or how to fix that problem in that one novel and just…WRITING and STORY. If I wasn’t a writer I literally have no earthly idea what my brain would occupy itself with.

Because I have Writer’s Brain. And it’s an incurable disease.

But guess what? You know how I said there’s no hope at all and we’re all doomed? I LIED. Well, I mean, no, you can’t get rid of Writer’s Brain. That’s impossible. If I got your hopes up…sorryyyyy. BUT. It’s not just an incurable disease.

It’s also a superpower.

Because you are more intuitive and have a deep understanding of people. You enjoy scenery more, because that creek with the sharp boulder isn’t just water and a rock to you. You can take every experience you have, even the bad ones, and appreciate them because #RESEARCH. Books and television are so, so much more than mere entertainment.

The entire world is a blank page just waiting to be discovered and painted with stories by you.

Sure, it can be annoying when you’re trying to read and instead you’re taking mental notes on the author’s three-act structure. But it’s also fun to understand storytelling. When I was younger, if I didn’t like a character or something I’d often wonder why. It honestly confused me. Because wasn’t I supposed to like them? Or shouldn’t I enjoy this story? What’s wrong with it anyway? Well, now I can usually answer those questions.

I love how I can scroll through pinterest and be inspired to write an entire story by one little picture.

I love seeing a new place and thinking it’d be the perfect setting for a novel.

I love having story after story after story rolling through my head 24/7.

I love having a Writer’s Brain.

Maybe it makes us seem a bit odd and occasionally creepy and awfully eccentric.

But hey, that’s just the burden we superheroes have to carry. *winks*


Tell me, do you suffer from Writer’s Brain? Do you experience any or all of these symptoms? Are they an annoyance or fun to you? And do you have any symptoms to add to my list? Speak with me! Together we can support one another with this incurable disease.


  1. OHHHH yeah. It's gotten 10 times worse since I started writing more frequently. Now I shamefully eavesdrop (and even take notes) from other people's conversations. Random pictures on my Pinterest provide numerous plot bunnies. I'm not so far gone that I analyze books on the first time reading them...yet.

    Great post, Christine!


    1. Saaaame! I can be such an eavesdropper. And basically my WHOLE pinterest account is solely for my writing. Almost All my boards are for writing inspiration--whether it be people, settings, prompts, what-have-you.

      I suspect the book analyzing will come. It always happen to us eventually... Thou art warned. *wriggles eyebrows*

      Thanks so much! ^_^

  2. BOY YES. This is so creepily accurate Christine! You had me laughing the whole time because AHHH SO RELATABLE and the way you write is precious...I MEAN IT'S GENIUS, how can you take such a huge truth and put it in one post *sobs*

    But in all honesty...GREAT POST Christine! <3

    Anna |

    1. Aaaahhhhh! Thank you, Anna! I can't stop grinning over your comment! And, well, my posts tend to be MONSTERS, so that's how I manage to put things in one post. XD I just write so much your eyes are probably bleeding by the end of it. *cough*


  3. YES I DO HAVE IT. *faints*
    It's okay at some moments, but it also gets so ANNOYING.
    And embarrassing.
    Like when you're reading a book, and you try to make the face that a character is making (so you know how it looks in real life)...
    And you don't notice a bunch of people staring at you as your face morphs into these strange/creepy expressions.

    1. LOLZY! Oh my goodness. We writers are so crazy! I don't thiiiink I do that while reading. But I absolutely, 100% do it when I'm writing! I'm ALWAYS making the expressions my characters are making when writing. And not just expressions, often gestures, or even saying their lines out loud to see how it sounds and what tone should be used. I always write alone because I look like an insane person whilst writing. XD

  4. I'm so far down the rabbit hole that there's no turning back, I've know that since I was twelve! XD

    Last night my family and I were watching NCIS, and I literally had a notebook on the character's facial expressions and how the scenes were cut and cued, my family just sat in the corner of our couch staring at me... THERE'S NO RETURN. I'M DOOMED, AND PROUD OF THAT FACT!!!!!!! XD

    1. Once we've fallen down that path, there's no climbing back out. XD

      Oh my goodness, that is the BEST. YOU SHOULD BE PROUD. I'm actually wanting to do that now! Having a notebook and purposely taking notes is genius! Yep. I may have to start doing this when watching certain shows. Just one more thing to confirm to people I'm absolutely crazy. *grins*

  5. "The entire world is a blank page just waiting to be discovered and painted with stories by you."

    Thank you, Christine. I have it so bad. It's so painful, but I still am very thankful for it. For the most part, I view it as a blessing and not a curse, like Gray... but it can still be kind of terrible. But it's so accurate, especially the part about slicing your hand open and using it for research. Every time I get woozy because of my low blood pressure I store it away in my Writer's Brain so I can reference it later when one of my characters is passing out. XD

    1. Awww, I'm so glad you liked it!

      I think it's a blessing, too. Like I said, it's totally a superpower. And with great power comes great responsibility. ;D Sure, it makes us different and strange, but it's also totally fun and great!

      That's so sad you struggle with low blood pressure. I do too quite a bit and it's no fun at all. But, yes, at least we can write proper passing out scenes. XD

    2. Finding the blessing in the curse XD

  6. Yes, these symptoms are very familiar. I have Writer's Brain...and I love it!
    I do have one problem with it, however. It distracts me at the wrong times, like when someone is talking to me (or when I am driving).

    "Ouch. I just slipped, fell off the porch onto concrete, and am lying here with half of my body broken. Huh. Now I know precisely how my character felt when I made him leap off that building." This is hilarious!...and accurate.

    1. It's pretty great, isn't it? XD
      Oh my goodness, YES. I should have included that in the post! That we can be spacey and disappear into our minds. Yes, yes, yes! That is DEFINITELY a problem. It's funny, because we can be so in-tune to something and yet...we're SO focused on that something we may miss the obvious thing going on. We get attached to the small details and sometimes forget to pay attention to the big ones. Or I know I have that problem!

      *griiins* Everything is research. ;)

  7. This is so accurate! All your posts on writing our. Some of these things I didn't even realize I did. I for sure have a writer's brain!
    Perfect post as always Christine.

    1. Awwwww!!! I'm glad to hear it! I think we all have a ton of these little quirks that we don't even realize. It took me years to figure out that I subconsciously did these things. And I'm sure there are dozens of other things I do that I'm not even aware of!

      Thank you! <333

  8. OH MY WOOOORD THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST RELATABLE THINGS I HAVE EVER READ. xDDD I literally laughed out loud while reading this, so true and hilarious and I just RELATE. SO HARD.

    1. *FLAAAAILS* I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT! And someone saying my ridiculous posts actually brought laughs is like THE best compliment ever. THANK YOU!!!

  9. It's also embarrassing when you have a family member *ahem* who is a writer, and who just happens to see one of her characters in Walmart. . . it was one of those "No, I am not related to this psychopath! Really! I'm not.... that's why I am steering her through all the people, and telling her to stop staring at that guy! Totally don't know her."

    1. Oh, I'm a psychopath now, am I?

      Now this is funny. . . the incident she refers to here involved the exact same guy I wrote about in the first paragraph of my comment, without knowing what she was doing!

      That /was/ a funny scene, though, come to think of it --- maybe I should post about it sometime?

    2. LOLZY! You two. XD I'm just over here snickering at your comments.

      But you do bring up a point, Olivia. It probably IS hard for the family members of us insane writer people. o.o I mean, you guys have to put up with our crazy quirks after all! Sowwyyyy. *sheepish grin*

      @Sophia - That is insane you both happened to comment on the same thing! Wow. XDDD It seems to be a sibling thing. It's hilarious how often my brother or sister and I will be saying or thinking the exact same thing.
      And I'd LOVE a blog post about this incident. :D

  10. All of these are so accurate. They all have advantages and disadvantages. It's nice to get to know a guy well enough just by watching him that you can successfully predict what he'll do or say on more than one occasion --- nice, that is, if he also happens to be a character of yours without knowing it. But when you predict or explain him in public, with people who aren't writers, they just think you're creepy.

    I do the stalking thing a lot at school, because I sit by the library, so sooner or later *everyone* on campus comes by. And when you're reading a good book it's even better, because now you know *why* it's so good, and you can learn from it. And someone (not a writer) will ask you, about your new favourite book, "Surely there was something wrong with it? I mean, it can't be perfect, can it?" and you say, "Well, when the villain was first introduced, she said, 'Well, well, well,' and that's cliched, but other than that. . ." and your friend says, "You /notice/ that?"

    1. I LOVE predicting what people will do. Or guessing what type of people they are. At the bookstore I work at, I love to guess what types of books each customer will buy. I've gotten quite good at it, too. I can quite easily now guess what kind of genre a person is into just by looking at them. We are definitely creepers. XD

      People watching is so much fun! And yessss. It's SO satisfying actually understanding WHY you love a story or not. Down to the most minute details. And surprising people on the details we notice is quite satisfying as well. XD

  11. This is hilarious and also SO TRUE and just yes. XD I don't pick apart stories usually because I'm not a critic and I hate abiding by rules and doing things like everyone else, BUT I do get inspired by books/shows and I do sometimes analyze them and if there's something I don't like, then, yes. But otherwise absolutely. XD Can't turn it off and wouldn't want to. ^_^ (Seriously, what DO non-writers think about??? I... I can't comprehend this. .-.) Great post!!! Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. Tehehehe! I'm glad you think so!

      I love how you're not a critic and can just enjoy stories how they are. I wish I had that more! Sometimes criticizing every little thing can be annoying... And make me feel, well, critical. Heh. I like it a lot of the time, but sometimes I wish I can turn THAT part of my brain on or off. XD

      I mean, seriously. What's there to think about other than stories??? I can't even imagine!

      Thank you so much! <333

  12. Oh my goodness I was snickering through this entire post. XD So great. WE HAVE THE WRITERS BRAIN. But it's a superpower and we can be superheroes if we can treat it properly. *nods wisely*

    1. *beams* That makes me happy to hear!

      YES. INDEED. Hooopefully none of us will become superVILLIANS with our powers. ;D (Although we do tend to make people scream and cry with our stories, sooo... *cough*)

  13. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. By this point, reading can be really hard work, especially if the print is small and the book itself is uncomfortable to "consume." I'm a very intent reader, and I try to read (and consume all media, yeah, and even nonfiction, really) from all of those points of view. As someone who loves constructing arguments and trying to picture all of the sides to different events and arguments, that can bog me down too, especially in nonfiction, but in fiction too (frequently my favorite types of fiction, stories in which all of the characters are in a gray area between right and wrong).

    1. So true! Sometimes you just want to READ and turn your brain off. But noooo. We have to analyze every little thing.

      And I do very much the same thing! I very rarely take one side of things. I naturally look at all points-of-view and put myself in each person's shoes and really THINK about why they think the way they do. Which means I also do this with fictional characters as well. I'm just all about analyzing people and why they do the things they do. But...I actually love it. It can be so fun! And I agree about the gray area thing. It's really intriguing to try to figure out right from wrong there, and think about how WE would react in that position. And and and...yeah. I go all nerdy when it comes to analyzing people and their actions. I should probably stop. XD

      ANYWAYS. All that to say, I absolutely relate with you! Reading can be a very thought-provoking activity. Definitely not mindless!

  14. I have this especially for reading and scenery! I didn't think it had a name, haha :D Seriously, I read a book and I'm like, "If I wrote this book, I'd definitely NOT use so many adverbs." Or I read a book and I'm like, "If they just tweaked the dialogue like THIS, it would be a million times more realistic."

    And then places... The grocery store? "Oooh, I can see it now. A futuristic involving an abandoned Walmart!" Or the trail? "This is it. This is the exact forest in my WIP."

    It can be annoying at times, but I also think it's fun to have Writer's Brain! :D Great post, Catherine!

    1. THAT'S SO ME. Yes! I'm constantly thinking things like, "If only they did or did not do THIS, this book would be perfect!" XDDD
      I actually made up the name and definition for this post. Tehe. I don't think this problem has an actual name. I think it's just called being a writer. XD

      OH MY GOODNESS. I've had that EXACT thought. I'm constantly thinking how cool stores or places would be in a post-apocalyptic story. An abandoned Walmart would just be too cool. That is hilarious we both think that way!

      I agree. Sometimes it's irritating, but for the most part it's a total blast! Awwwww! I'm so glad you liked it! <3

    2. Oh my word, I'm sorry I called you Catherine instead of Christine! Oops.

      I figured you made it up, lol! I'll probably use the term all the time now :D

    3. I literally did not even notice! XDDDD Here I talk about us writers being intuitive and noticing all the little details and then...I prove how oblivious I am. That's no problem AT ALL.

      Hahaha! I love it! ^_^

    4. Lila, the thing about Walmart is SO TRUE. I do that every time I go there XD

    5. It makes the monotony of Walmart so much more fun! XDD

  15. Oh goodness...I have a TERRIBLE case of Writer's Brain! XD

    I've found that it makes finding good books SO MUCH HARDER. Like, it used to be, I loved any and all types of books. Well, now, I'm very hard-set in the fantasy genre. Even if I read contemporaries, it won't be the same. And it is SO. HARD. to find a standalone fantasy, so I always end up reading these massive super series. XD

    I TOTALLY do that when I watch movies!! Too often I find myself writing and then I want to put in a facial expression that EXACTLY explains how my character is feeling...But I can't figure out how to word it, and it ends up not making any sense. XD

    But yes, I agree. Being diagnosed with Writer's Brain is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. ^_^ This was a fabulous post, Christine!! :D Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. THAT IS SO ME!!!! :O :O :O You literally described me! Because I, too, used to be good with basically ANY kind of book. But as I got older, I became pickier. And in the same way as you! Because I'm a fantasy-girl ALLLLL the way. And I read humongous series, tooo! (Though...I usually prefer them. I love big, epic, convoluted plots. Tehe.)

      I'm glad I'm not alone in this! We writers are so crazy. Literally last night I was watching a show and loved how they transitioned from one scene to the next and I was thinking, "I MUST USE THIS FOR MY NOVELS." XD

      It really is great! As much as we complain, we secretly love it. Thank you so much, Madeline! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! <3

  16. OH NO! I HAVE IT!!! *runs off screaming*

    I have almost EVERY symptom on that list. I relate so much!! I'm a notorious people watcher/eavesdropper. I'll notice something so obvious about someone and when I mention it to my family they're like "What?" People watching is the best. I get so many characters that way.

    Not to mention I pick apart EVERYTHING. I tell my mom why the story we read for school didn't work, pick movies to pieces, etc. I'm so darn picky it's hard to find good books...

    Anyway. LOVED the post!

    1. WE CANNOT HIDE FROM IT. *flails*

      People watching is sooo much fun. And it's so satisfying when you deduct something about someone. Makes you feel like Sherlock Holmes. XD

      TRUTH. I'm way pickier now too since I can find ALL the flaws in stories and things. Sometimes it can be such a hindrance. Buuut, it's also fun! Hehe.

      THANK YOOUUU!!! <3

  17. This was absolute and total genius, Christine - I laughed so hard! Not only was this hilarious but so amazingly uplifting and intuitive - a joy to read!!

    And yes - I have incurable writer's brain with every symptom you have described - but you have enriched the way I look at it!

    Allison Tebo

    1. *beeeams* Awww, Allison! You are too sweet! It makes me so insanely happy you liked my crazy post. Hehe.

      It can be so fun having it, can't it? Sooometimes a little annoying. XD But MOSTLY totally fun!

  18. THIS. IS. SO. TRUE. I never really thought about it like this until now xD, but IT IS TRUE!

    1. LOLZY! Having a Writer's Brain is pretty great! You know...MOST of the time. ;D

  19. "Oooops. The knife just slipped while I was chopping vegetables and now my hand is bleeding all over the counter and I’m experiencing horrifying pain. Well hey, now I can describe that hand wound scene in my novel accurately!"——Ohmygosh!!!! This is so true! It's so crazy, but so real. I do that ALL THE TIME.

    I was laughing throughout this whole post. The stalking section. *my heart* I remember going to a restaurant and I saw this couple. They were PERFECT for my protagonist's parents. People think you're being weird, but you get SO inspired. It's so funny how you pinpointed almost everything for me. You were playing my life in front of me. xD
    I saw this kid with a blackish hoodie sitting with his knees up to his chest in front of a store (Or on the ground, on the side of it, I can't remember), but it gave me so much inspiration. he wasn't even doing anything really, just sitting there. Writer's Brain has infected me. Every inch of my body. I have so much to say about books. My poor cousin. She listens to my rambling. lol

    I have to remind myself not to stare. *sigh* Another thing, that's not on your post is the acting part of writing. For me, I sometimes act out part of my scenes to help me get a feel for it. I act out my character's personality or a comeback she or he would say to another character. It's seriously helpful and I do it all the time. *Only when I'm alone though...*
    Another thing is when you look out your window for inspiration (Maybe by lifting one little part of the blinds *You may know what Im talking about, I dunno*) and people start to walk by. Your sister is looking out the window through only one slat and you're trying to pull her away saying: "THEY CAN SEE YOU!!!" The panic that rises. Lol

    This post has to be my favorite. I relate so much. I read books and take notes on how something is said and done. I read so much. it's crazy.

    God Bless, and thanks for this! I loved it so much and was laughing the whole time! ;)

    1. LOL!!! We writers are so crazy. But at least we can turn the bad things that happen to us into a positive because RESEARCH!

      That makes me insanely happy you related to this so much! Like I said, ALL we writers have it. It's just inevitable. XD
      I love all this inspiration you get from people! But yes, it is hard to remember to not stare. Because we disappear into our minds watching people and forget that, ya know, WE'RE STARING. Such stalkers we are. XD

      OH. I should have totally added that into my post. YES. Acting out scenes is such a writer thing to do. I only write alone because I make such weird facial features or say dialogue out loud or act out gestures. I probably look totally insane when writing!

      And I DEFINITELY stare out my window when writing. It's so inspiring looking outside for some reason. I don't worry about people though because I live in the woods so it's very private out my windows. Lol. I'd probably be worried about seeming like a stalker if I DID live where people were though! XD

      I'M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT. I had a good time writing it! ^_^

    2. We are, aren't we?! We're mad, totally bonkers, but you know what? The best people are. xD
      Yes, our painful experiences are scenes in our stories, but way more dramatic and serious. lol

      I do! I'm glad it makes you happy! It's so crazy how much this related to me. It's insane. lol It's a wonderful thing when you think about it. It's kind of like a superpower like you guys say. :)

      I get inspiration all over the place. Eh. I mean I just go outside and look around and I get inspired. Especially during walks at night. We ARE stalkers. I get so lost in myself and in how much of an inspiration and perfect match, these people are. I don't really think about how weird I probably look. I thought I was the only one...

      I act out my scenes so much. My weakness is that a lot of times, I forget my notebook and have to grab looseleaf paper, which I ALWAYS loose. Eh, I drive myself nuts. lol

      You do it too?!?!???? Me and my sister catch each other making the weirdest faces. It helps so much, though! xD I love the idea of writing in a library, but people would probably videotape me and post me all over the internet. *cringe* JK, it's not that bad, but I still make weird faces. We writer's have an alibi. *choking laughter*

      Lol! The outside is so inspirational. I think God made it like that to remind us of how creative we can be. :) That and to show his beautiful handiwork and give us joy. :D
      I'm glad you did! It looked fun to write. :)
      God Bless! :)

    3. My favorite quote! :D :D :D
      HOPEFULLY they're more dramatic in books. One can hope we never experience all the drama and pain book characters do... Eheh.

      Yes! It is like a superpower. It's so fun!

      You're definitely not the only one! I think MOST writers do this. As you said, we're totally bonkers! ;D

      I think that's another mark of a writer--losing paper. I think we just jot our ideas on ANYTHING and then...forget where we put the paper or whatever. We're very often an absentminded bunch...

      I DEFINITELY DO. And I agree, writing in a library would be so nice buuut I may look like a crazy person making all these faces at her laptop. XD

      You are so right! He made us to love His creations, and He made so many amazing creations TO love! There's nothing that fills my creative juices up more than enjoying the beautiful world God made. ^_^

  20. Ughhhh my whole life is writer's brain, I'm pretty sure. My family doesn't watch movies with me anymore because I spend the whole time overanalyzing and screaming about the writing quality, etc... :P

    Feels Like Hope

    1. It is seriously not something you can just turn off. Which CAN be a good thing buuuut it WOULD be nice to be able to turn it off occasionally. XD

      LOL! I do my fair share about complaining or raving over the writing quality of movies/shows, too. I probably drive everyone crazy!

  21. This is a terrific post, and SO accurate. I can definitely relate. One symptom I experience a lot is knowing what characters in a TV show or movie are going to say before they say it (because of common dialogue tropes). I'll be watching and have this spooky moment where I know *exactly* what a character's next words are going to be...and they say that very thing.

    Then, just in case, I try moving stuff around with my mind. That never works. 😂

    1. Thank you! :D
      Oh my goodness, I HAVE DONE THAT!!! And then I wonder, do I watch TV too much or do the writers need to veer away from tropes? Lol. I also guess a LOT of plot twists because, again, tropes. There's just a specific story pattern for so many things and after a while it's easy to guess what happens next. In TV shows or movies particularly.

      Ah man. Isn't it the worst when you realize you DON'T have telekinesis? Always such a disappointment. XD

    2. It is! XD I DESERVE telekinesis.

  22. I experience all of these symptoms and have for years. I remember one particular instance after I saw the new Les Mis and I was ranting about the songs voices the characters' internal monologue and my aunt and mom had no idea in heck what I was talking about. XD

    1. You are the BEST at analyzing things. I looove your posts on writing lessons from movies and books and things!

      That is so funny about Les Mis! We writers practically have our own language and I think it confuses everyone. XD

  23. This is sooooo great and true. I once had a story idea from a billboard. :P Just the other day I was thinking about how my fear from an audition gave me a better idea of what a character whose heart was pounding would feel like.

    So yeah. Thank you for diagnosing us writers, Christine. :D

    1. That sounds like me! I will look at the most random thing and suddenly have a story idea. Those plot bunnies...there's just no stopping them. And I love how you took your fear and made it research! Too great!

      Hehehe. You're so welcome! ;D



    IT'S SO ME. SO ACCURATE. And I was grinning the whole way through, almost laughing, because of how true it is! Yep, we're incurable. :D

    Yes, it can be annoying sometimes when trying to enjoy a book or movie, but the flaws are too apparent now that you can pick them out, but most of the time, I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Because I looooove figuring out why a certain novel is amazing, or why I'm hooked on a certain show, or what it is about a random stranger that piques my interest. I love stumbling upon inspiration everywhere I go, hearing songs that fit my characters, doing weird and obscure research, etc. ALL OF IT. We writers complain about a lot, but truly? Writer's Brain is the best disease/superpower to have! <3

    The stalker part is so hard, though! Like, how am I supposed to study random people without staring at them from across the store/coffee shop/church/street and looking like a total creep? XD So awkward. I feel like I should display a sign that says, "No, I am not infatuated with you. I just think there's something notable about you that may or may not end up in my next novel." XDDD

    But I just about snorted out loud at this part you wrote: "Oooops. The knife just slipped while I was chopping vegetables and now my hand is bleeding all over the counter and I’m experiencing horrifying pain. Well hey, now I can describe that hand wound scene in my novel accurately!" I HAVE DONE THAT. Okay, not with knife and a bleeding hand, but other (more minor?) injuries. Ingrown toenails, bruises, skinned knees, sprained toes (those poor toes, seriously), blisters, you know. Regular stuff. That's where exaggeration and extrapolation come in handy for descriptions. :P

    Anyway, now I'm rambling. BASICALLY, THIS POST IS THE BEST THING EVER AND YOU ARE A GENIUS. *tips hat*


      Yeaaah...we're all a hopeless case. Once the disease has hit, that's it. We've gone down the rabbit hole. XD

      YES. YES TO THAT WHOLE PARAGRAPH. Sure, it's a smidge annoying, but I wouldn't want to NOT have it. It really does feel like a superpower. Like I mentioned in the post, I used to get frustrated with myself when I didn't like certain things in movies or shows or books because, well, the writers WANTED me to like it. So what was wrong with me? But now I can pinpoint WHY I don't like specific elements and it's...freeing almost. I don't know! That probably doesn't make sense. XD But anyways, it's just fun! I often feel like Sherlock Holmes when I can pick apart stories and figure out their inner workings. Lol.

      RIGHT??? Yes! I want to people watch all the time but then I realize I've been staring for the longest and it's just...awkward. Oh my goodness, WE ALL NEED A T-SHIRT LIKE THAT. THAT IS PERFECT. XDDD

      Lolzy! It's kind of hilarious how we use our pain for research. We are such a crazy bunch! XD (But wow, Tracey, your toes have gone through a lot of abuse! o.o)

      *beams* THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I had a blast writing it and am sooo happy you enjoyed it! We crazy writers gotta stick together.


    Who gave you permission to be a genius??? *squints*

    Um. CHRISTINE. Every post you write is like gold spun into words and just...HOW?? *stunned expression*

    BUT YES. I am literally sitting here with a huge grin on my face because this post is the bestttttt. EEP. I was just chatting a little with Tracey about writer's brain, and she mentioned your post. Which I had only read part of because Life. :P Ahem. ANYWAY.


    I'm currently reading a book right now that's making me cringe because my annoying writer's brain is just...there. Doing its thing. Making my life full of critical grey skies. -_- Thank you SO much, my lovely brain.

    It's just so frustrating to not enjoy a book as much because of your brain overanalyzing every. single. thing. UGHHHHH. Those are the times I wish my brain had an on/off switch. (This needs to be a thing.)

    I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THE STALKING PART BECAUSE IT'S TRUEEEEE. I do this all the time, and I'm fairly certain half my town's population thinks I'm a lunatic. XD (Okay, they're kind of correct in that assumption...but you know. *awkward chuckle*)

    "Ouch. I just slipped, fell off the porch onto concrete, and am lying here with half of my body broken. Huh. Now I know precisely how my character felt when I made him leap off that building." <-- THIS MAKES ME WANT TO BOTH LAUGH AND CRY AT THE SAME TIME. Sooooo accurate, oh my goodness. XD

    BASICALLY, A RESOUNDING YES TO ALL OF THIS. As much as my writer's brain annoys me, I can honestly say that I would never do anything to change it. :D

    (And you have the mind of a genius dragon, Lauri. This post is proof of that.)

    1. Excuse YOU for making me grin and flail and squeak to myself in happy giggles whilst reading your comment. Just...MARYYYYY!!!

      I'm so glad this post is relatable but at the same can be annoying, yeah. An on and off switch for the brain would be GREAT. Because I really honestly do enjoy having a writer's brain MOST of the time. But on occasion I miss the days of bliss when I could just read to read and not automatically critique EEEEEVERYTHING. *headdesk* "Making my life full of critical grey skies." <-- Bwahahaha! I love that! XD But yep, our lovely brains... >.>

      The stalking thing though! XD Don't worry, all my friends and family think I'm a lunatic. And...they're accurate, so yeah. I think all writers should be required to wear t-shirts that says "I'm a Writer" so people will know why we're always acting strangely. XD

      I'M SO HAPPY YOU LOVED THIS POST SO MUCH. I just keep rereading your comment and grinning like a goofball to myself.

      A genius dragon? Oh my goodness! MARY. I'm ANYTHING but that. More like the mind of a absentminded puppy. XD

  26. Yesssssss!!! I love this post so much. What are words.

    I love how you said that we look at other art differently because TRUE. I have never looked at movies and books the way I do now that I write constantly. On the one hand... I love it!!! I love being as nerd and obsessing over stuff and maybe writing 10 pages in my journal about all my feeeeeelings. On the other hand, I wish I watched CLOSER??? So I could emulate all that awesomeness!!! (And then there is that tiny part of me that wishes books or movies were RELAXING instead of emotionally and mentally draining but whatever.)

    And the plotbunnies!!! WOW. I've started jotting them all down in my notebook (because of Deborah's post which was awesome!!!) and yikes. My brain is overflowing. I used to think I would only write one book and then be done forever. Hahahahaha Kate you are so naive. Now I must write aaaaaalllll the booooooksssss!!!!!

    I had a plotbunny based off of a Jared commercial... Like, an entire book.

    And yeeeaaah... I have typed my entire family using MBTI.


    1. *squeaks* THANK YOU!!!

      Okay but EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID. I'm just sitting here internally screaming "YESSSS!" Because, well, YESSS! It's so fun analyzing books and movies, BUT I also toootally wish I did it MORE. I see these people do epic, complex posts on all these things they noticed in a movie and I'm just like...I didn't even notice that stuff! AM I EVEN A WRITER? But, on the flip side, sometimes I'm analyzing so much I'm not just chilling and turning my brain off and it can be annoying. So I guess either way I'm not happy. XD Writers... *shakes head* Whatcha gonna do?

      Ooooh yes, the plot bunnies. O_O They never stop! I love that you keep a notebook to keep them in! That's fantastic. I desperately need to do that... Because, like, ALL THE PLOT BUNNIES. And oh my goodness, I am SO glad I am not the only one who gets ideas from commercials! Because it happens allll the time and I thought I was so crazy! That is the BEST you do the same. XD We're seriously twins.

      You too? Again. TWINS. I'm constantly trying to figure out people's MBTI. We so crazy!

      IT'S SO MUCH! Crazy and weird and even exhausting at times BUT STILL SO SO SO FUN!!!
      Thank you! Your comments make my day every time! <3

    2. Yes yes yes!!! I'm TRYING to train my brain to be on the lookout constantly. (It's great at being on the lookout for SHINY NEW IDEAS and not so good at being on the lookout for how experienced writers do TRANSITIONS and TRAVELING SCENES and all those things that I'm terrible at...)

      Ohmygoodness... like those theory people on Tumblr??? My brain is not that smart. Sorry, guys. *collapses*

      My bunnies are running rampant. I have a doc on my kindle, a notebook full, I jot them in my journal, on scraps of paper... it's getting out of hand. I'll never write THIS MANY books!!!



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