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Beautiful People - Larke {August 2017}


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Guess what I’m doing today?
No, really, guess. I now it’s sooo hard to tell. It’s not like the post title and giant banner there gives anything away.

You’re stumped, aren’t you? All right, I’ll tell you. I’m doing…

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Aren’t you surprised????

And today I’m excited because I’ve chosen the ever mischievous and snarky fae boy Larke from my Beauty and the Beast retelling, Burning Thorns. (It just hit me…Larke the Snark!!! XD Ahem…sorry.) The last time I did a BP for him was back in MARCH 2016!!! OVER A YEAR AGO. He was having none of that. He does so like attention. So we’re back today to answer more questions. And yes, I’m allowing him to help answer them even though that never ends well…

(His answers will be in normal text, mine are in italics.)


The steady footfalls behind Larke hesitated, and he turned to find [Marigold] looking ahead, the before redness in her cheeks now drained. He halted the pulling vines.

“It’s big,” she said.

He followed her line of sight to the castle tucked between the trees before them. “Unlike you humans, we fae aren’t small minded.”

“No, just big headed.” And the fiery spirit returned. Good, she’d need it.

He moved on, waving at the vines to follow.

“Is he in there?” Marigold skipped up next to him, moving ahead of the vine’s pace and causing them to drag along the ground at her sides.


“If he eats me, I’m going to strangle you.”

“Well, that’ll be an interesting occurrence.” A patch of white and green stood starkly above the black ash, and Larke frowned at the bush of white roses blooming defiantly in the midst of the dead. “I don’t think you have to worry. It seems our Dragon has gone soft.”

“Why are we even here?”

“I thought it’d be a nice gesture to visit.”

“Visit? The Dragon? And do what exactly?”


“Oh, that sounds like a great plan. Why don’t we have tea with him as well? And what for dessert? Charred flesh? Human eyeballs?”

“Their tongues are much tastier.” He cast her a glance from the corner of his eye, and had to bite down on his own tongue to fight back the laughter at her horrified expression. Grabbing one of the vines, he gave it a tug. “Come on.”


. . . LARKE . . .


1.) What are they addicted to/can’t live without? 

Mmmm… Myself.

Larke, seriously??

Think about it! How could you live without yourself? It’d be impossible. And you’re always with yourself, so obviously we’re addicted. Why else would we spend so much time with us? Besides, I like myself.

Yeah, well, I think you’re in the minority there.


2.) Name 3 positive and 3 negative qualities about your character.

Oh, let me start! Negatives: Controlling, manipulative, and stubborn.

Positives: A good leader, charismatic, and I stand firm in my beliefs.

Did you just turn the negatives into positives?

Yet another positive—turning the bad into good.

Pffffft. That’s literally the opposite of what you do!

That’s your opinion. It’s all about perspective.


3.) Are they holding onto something they should get rid of?

Like this strawberry pastry in my hand? Well, you can’t make me get rid of it, so there!

*rolls eyes* How about your bitterness towards a certain someone?

That “certain someone” deserves exactly what they got.

Like I said. Bitterness. Needs to go.


4.) If 10 is completely organized and 1 is completely messy, where do they fall on the scale?

I don’t know. 5? I like to keep things semi-tidy but messes don’t bother me all that much.

Obviously not, since you’re always making horrifying messes across the

*he grins* I like to refer to it as organized chaos.



5.) What most frustrates them about the world they live in?

Rules. Why does there have to be any? People are so set in their ways and following order. But why can’t we just do what we want?

There has to be rules, Larke. Otherwise people like
you go around causing your “organized chaos”.

You just don’t know how to have fun.


6.) How would they dress for a night out? How would they dress for a night in?

Oh, let’s see here now. If I were to dress up I’d choose a tunic with gold thread that’d blind everyone who looked at it. My shining smile already blinds people, but may as well give the added bonus of blinding clothes. I’d want a cloak, too. Obviously. A big bright one. Probably gold also. Oh no! Red. Yes. A gold tunic and red cloak that makes a satisfying whooshing sound when I walk, of course. And obviously some shiny black boots to finish off the look.



Sorry. I just had no idea you were so into dressing up.

Everyone deserves to get fancy now and again.

I suppose you
do like attention.

I wouldn’t want to be dressed like that all the time. Most of the time I’m perfectly comfortable in my green tunic and worn boots. It blends in nicely with the Forest.

So you can be sneaky and cause trouble?


7.) How many shoes do they own, and what kind?

Currently…one pair. The aforementioned worn boots. I used to have quite a few pairs before my life took a very…unexpected turn.


8.) Do they have any pets? What pet do they WISH they had?

Why yes! I just recently acquired one. She’s quite a handful, but what is one to do?

You can’t just drag me along like a dog!” Marigold said, shaking her bound wrists at him.

Larke’s lips stretched into a wide grin. What a wonderful thought. Not exactly the ideal pet, but he could make it work. “Come along, Goldie.” He tugged on the vines and she stumbled forward.

She opened her mouth and spewed out what he was pretty sure were very unladylike words, but he didn’t pay much mind. Nothing but yaps of an unruly puppy after all.

-Burning Thorns

That does not count! You can’t have a human as a pet!

But why not? They’re such amusing creatures.

LARKE. What sort of pet do you really want? Excluding humans!

I don’t know. I like puppies. Having a faithful dog follow me around could be fun.

Really? No Forest creature?

For shame! Forest Folk aren’t the type you have as pets. How degrading.

Oh, but having a human as a pet is fine?

Of course.



9.) Is there something or someone that they resent? Why and what happened?

Oho, do I have a story to tell you! You would resent a person, too, if they forced you down into the—

NOPE. SHHHH. SPOILERS. We’re skipping this question!

But for 100 years I was—





10.) What’s usually in their fridge or pantry?

I…have no clue what a fridge is. But as for my pantry, I don’t actually have one. I just hunt and scavenge for my meals now. I did have all the food I could ever want before that thing happened that I’m apparently not allowed to talk about. *he shoots me a glare*

Yep. We’re leaving it there. I think you’ve subjected yourself to the people enough.

Everyone loves me.

*coughing, choking noises*

. . .

So…there we go. What did you guys think? (Though please don’t give him a bigger head than he already has, gracious.) Do you have any more questions for Larke? I’m sure he would be happy to answer them… Also, have you joined in the Beautiful People
linkup this month???


  1. This was an awesome post! I love when characters talk. The snark is hilarious. Can't wait to see what's next. :D


    1. Thank you! I'm so happy you liked it! It didn't go QUITE as bad as it COULD have. With Larke, one can never be too sure. XD

    2. He sounds awesome! It seems like you have thought him out really well. I need this book! <3


    3. Aaaahhhh! THANK YOU. It just means the WORLD to me when people show interest in my stories! <333

  2. This is amazing. Addicted to himself... oh boy. I need your book, Christine. I need it right now, okay????

    1. *uncontrollable squeaks* MEEP. Thank you, Faith!!! But yeah, he's a mess. XD

  3. This was brilliant! XD
    Larke reminds me of one of my friends, who probably would've answered that he was addicted to himself too!!!

    But, I have a slight problem, I need to read your book now?!?! LIKE, I'M GETTING DESPRATE. Help. XD

    Gray Marie

    1. Haha! Thank you!
      Seriously? That's so funny! Maybe he and Larke should hang out. Then again, if they're TOO much alike it could end badly. XD

      D'awwwww! It means the WORLD to me when people show interest in my book! Maybe one day I'll actually finish editing and then actually start querying and then...actually maybe hopefully get it out into the world. Eheheh...heh. *nervous laughter*


    Okay, so this was HILARIOUS, as per usual. XD THAT BOY. WHAT WILL WE DO WITH HIM?

    “If he eats me, I’m going to strangle you.”
    “Well, that’ll be an interesting occurrence.”

    "I LIKE myself." Oh my word. *snorts* XD

    So, if you can't live without yourself, then the only remaining question for you, Larke, is: "Can you live with yourself?" >:D

    "Like I said. Bitterness. Needs to go." Dying of laughter. XD

    The rules though. :P

    Sounds like he wants to dress up like a superhero. o.o Dressing up is awesome, soooo, no judging. XD


    And when you stop him from spoilers in #9. :DDDDD

    "Everyone loves me." *dies*

    You two are SO FUNNY together!! THIS WAS HILARIOUS AND I LOVE IT. XD *hasn't done BP in ages and probably should sometime again*

    1. Hehehehe! Your reaction tho! XD

      Larke: "Can I live with myself? Why sure. I'm very fun."
      Me: Yeah, you can live with yourself. But the problem is no one ELSE can live with you.
      Larke: *smiles*

      Oh my goodness, it DOES sound like he wants to dress up as a superhero. And I was literally JUST thinking more like a supervillain than a superhero, and then I saw your add on! So accurate. XD Now I'm imagining Larke in a superhero book... It could almost work. o.o But can you imagine ALL of Burning Thorns as an AU superhero story? LOLZ. That'd be so weird! XD

      Larke: "Says you."
      *groans some more*

      Always the spoilers... And it's REALLY hard to make him hush.
      Larke: "At least I'm not as bad as Marigold."

      I'M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED THE POST. I...may have had a bit too much fun doing it. (And looking for gifs. *cough*)
      You should totally do another BP sometime. THAT'D BE AMAZING!!!

  5. GAH I love Larke!!! And the snark is hilarious! I really enjoyed reading this fun post Christine <333 ^.^

    Anna |

    1. Tehehehehe! THANK YOOOUUU. <333 I had a lot of fun putting it together!

  6. LARKE THE SNARK *collapses in giggles* From what I've read in your snippets and BP interviews, it seems quite the fitting name! :D

    Oh my goodness, this was so much fun to read. I've been giggling through the whole thing. Larke is adorable.

    1. I may have died when I realized how perfect that nickname was. He's not living it down now. XD

      *beams* I'm really glad it brought some giggles! It was lots of fun to do. But goodness, don't tell him he's ADORABLE. I'll never heard the end of it! :P

  7. Omigoodness this post! It's sadly true, everyone does love him. I know I do the little snarky imp. Your gif use was spot on! *Hugs this post*

    Basically everything I needed today!

    1. It IS a problem. He's too charismatic for his own good...
      I may have had...a little TOO much fun looking for gifs. *grins* It wasn't exactly a hardship. *cough, cough*

      D'awwwww!!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! <333

  8. I AM IN LURVE WITH THIS LARKE. Send help! XD He reminds me of Puck from The Sisters Grimm series. Have you ever read that??? Only, Larke sounds maybe even better!!!

    I want to read your book sooooo bad, Christine! (I called you by the right name this time. Yaaaay!) XD

    1. Hahahaha! Being in love with Larke is a dangerous thing, trust me. XD
      I've heard of The Sisters Grimm and really want to read them, but I haven't yet. I NEED TO THOUGH. But that's so cool there's a character in those books like him. And what's funny is a lot of people have compared him to Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream. So apparently he's just a very Puck-ish character. XD

      *flails wildly* Aaaahhhhhhh! THAT IS SO NICE. It makes me ridiculously happy and encourages me so much when people show interest in my stories. Thank you so much! <333

  9. I love Larke so much. When I found this post, I was like, "YES! Another post on Larke!" I've been seriously waiting forever for another post on him.
    I really can't wait 'til you finish your book!!!!! XD

    1. Awwwww! Well, I'm happy I did it then! It WAS getting a ridiculously long time since he's been featured in a post. I knew it was time. XD

      Thank you so much!!! I really do need to get to more edits and get this thing rolling...

    2. I am, too!!!!! *flails* XD Indeed, it was. X3
      You're very welcome! I wish you all the best of luck! XD

  10. Ahhh I love Larke. XD He sounds like a quirky bundle of oddness. XP

    1. Thank you! LOL. A quirky bundle of oddness--that is SO perfect. I'm dying! XDD

  11. *flaiiiiiiils*

    *hugs this post*

    *almost hugs Larke but thinks better of it*


    Oh my word, though--the snark levels of this post are INSANELY HIGH. AHHHHHHHH. I may or may not have died laughing multiple times. (Apparently reading your blog is very dangerous now. *shifty eyes*)

    But...but...LARKEEEEE. He is so hilarious and full-of-himself! I have the feeling putting him with 90% of my characters would end up in disaster. (Or organized chaos, as Larke likes to say. XD)

    When he turned all the negatives into positives--bahahaha! *cracks up*


    I could go on for daysssss but this comment is already a beastly thing. But needless to say, I LOVE LARKE SO MUCH. (And I need him. Please? *puppy dog eyes*)


      Ah, you can hug Larke. He likes hugs. I don't think he'll stab you or anything. You know...probably not. XD

      Hahaha! Larke does have a tendency to put the snark levels to a dangerously high level... But oh dear, DON'T DIE. Look what you're doing, Larke!
      Larke: *shrugs* "I can't help but slay people with my charms."
      *rolls eyes*

      OH MY WORD. The idea of him with your characters... o.o There would be deaths. Probably deaths from overdoses of snark, but still. That'd be INSANE. Now I'M dying at this thought! XDDD

      Only HE could spin his bad traits into good ones. >.>

      LOLZ. It was so awful. I think he really does think she's his pet. o.o Someone save me now. These characters... *shakes head*

      LOL. Do you reeeally want him? He's...a handful, to say the least. XD

  12. GASP I LOVE LARKE!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO PETER PAN GIFS HELP ME! I want to read your story like right now Christine!!! All the wonderfulness!


    1. *grins uncontrollably* Lol! He's a mess. And yeah, I cast Robbie Kay/Peter Pan as Larke because he was PERFECT. XD

      Aaahhhhh! THANK YOU!!! That is so sweet of you to say! <333

  13. Larke seems to be the kind of guy you want to strangle most of the time and yet secretly love. And yes, I agree with everyone comparing him to Puck! I look forward to reading this book!

    1. Ohmygoodness, you described him to a T. That's precisely him. And yes, he is very Puck-like. He's...something. XD

      Awww, thank you! ^_^

  14. This is one of the best BP posts I've read for ages! That gif for #9 - he looks so enthusiastic and ready to tell alll about that person he resents xD I expect Larke [the Snark] must be a bit hard to control? but he sounds like someone I'd love to read about!
    Jem Jones

    1. AWK. That is one of the best compliments I've ever received! EEP. Thank you! That makes me so happy!

      He can be very chatty. You have to watch him. *shakes head*

      Ooooh yes. He kept throwing SO many curve balls at me while I was writing this book. I honestly never knew WHAT he'd do next. Writing him was definitely not a, erm, BORING experience. XD

  15. LARKE?!?!?!?! My sister yelled at me from another room and said: "Christine Smith is doing a Beautiful People post. Guess who she's doing it for?! LARKE!!!" — So, yes Larke's the best.
    I do wish he would have spat the spoilers. I want them so bad...snippets. *puppy dog eyes* *begs you* We must have snippets, Christine! Lol, JK. It's all up to you.
    *hugs Larke* He seems like he'd let you hug him, but may be a bit surprised about it.
    I have a question, and it may be a weird one. lol I've seen people call you "Lauri". I wondered

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! You know we love Larke! xD
    God bless you, Christine. <3


      Tehehe. No spoilers, sowwyyyy! BUT. I did do a snippets post a long while back if you want:

      Larke actually likes hugs, yes! He PROBABLY won't harm you if you give him a hug. XD

      That's not a weird question at all! A lot of people probably wonder that. Lol. See, I used to go by the name Lauriloth (which means shining golden flower in Tolkien's elven language) back before I started using my real name on social media. So a lot of people called me Lauri for short. I used that name so long, a ton of people just got in the habit of calling me Lauri. It seems to be a permanent nickname now. Lol!

      Thank YOU for your comment. Made my day! ^_^

    2. Seriously!!! We always look forward to Larke. lol <3
      *Snatches link* You know what I'll be doing. lol Thank you so much for the link! :)
      xD I'm glad for that. *hugs him*

      I bet it took forever to create the Elven language and stick with it. I love the name Lauriloth. Lauri's an adorable name. I didn't see how the name Christine Smith had anything to do with Lauri, so that's what confused me. lol That's what I get for being a newbie. Thanks for telling me! <3

      You're welcome! I'm glad it made your day! :D
      God Bless!

    3. Lol! Careful, you're gonna make his head even bigger!

      Oh, I know. Tolkien was amazing. o.o
      Awww, thanks! Haha, yeah. It probably confuses a lot of people. But I do still use that name in some places. It's kind of part of me now. Lol.


    4. Lol, he can't be that bad! He's cute and thought he may be a bit cocky, I bet he's a sweet boy. Deep down....xD

      He was! It's enough to come up with the language, but to make sure you stick with every syllable and word, is amazing!

      You're welcome! Well, Lauri (xD), I think it suits you. Esp. from your profile picture. It's a good one. :) Plus, you're hair looks kind of golden. lol <3

    5. Wellllll. Erm. *whispers*He's sort of the antagonist*whispers* He's might not be as sweet as you think. *COUGH*

      RIGHT??? It's just insane! I can barely keep up with how the English language works. LOL. So add that to making up my own? Noooo.

      Awwww! Thank you! I'm glad you think it suits me. ^_^

  16. Can I mention that I was simply shrieking with glee and happiness when I saw the title of this post? Because LARKE. <3 <3

    And OH MY, this was obviously the best thing ever posted. LARKE THE SNARK, AHAHA. I'm going to be laughing about that for DAYS. And all the gifs were perfection ;D. THANK YOU to Larke for popping in and adding his snark to everything. I LOVES IT xD.

    ~ Savannah | Scattered Scribblings

    1. Tehehehehe! He seems to have that effect. Which is not good. Goodness knows his head is big enough. o.o

      LOL. I may be utterly amused at "Larke the Snark" too. I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before! XD I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm just over here grinning at your comment! <3

  17. *laughs* That was really fun to read. XD

  18. But everyone DOES love Larke!!!!! Goodness, he is so precious. :D LOVE IT.

    1. LOL. I don't know if "precious" is ever a word I'd use for Larke. But he is something for sure. XD

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!

  19. He's a handful. XD Attention seeking characters can be quite troublesome. XD

    1. He is DEFINITELY that. I just never know what to do with him. *shakes head*

  20. Wow, this was so great!

    Question #9 literally was torture!!!! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED *calms down*

    Anyway... This was really funny and enjoyable to read :) Larke really reminds me of Carswell Thorne
    ( and that is a good thing )

    1. *grins* Thank you!

      Bwahahaha! *presses finger against lips* We must keep secrets.

      He reminds you of Thorne??? BEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER. Thorne is my faaaaave! And I guess they have some similarities. Though Larke is quite different, too. But still, THORNE. <333

  21. OH MY WORD THE SNARK. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. XD Can I just have this story already please and thank you.

    1. *smiles uncontrollably* Thank you! He's a mess, for sure. XD And aaahhhhhh!!!! That is so sweet you're interested in it. Thank you so much! ^_^

  22. I enjoyed this so much! *flails* And NO, of course I did not read it and reread it a dozen times! (haha just kidding I totally did)

    I really just want to comment on every single part of this post but I can't really or this comment would be the size of a short story and my comments are long enough already. But I just must say that the part about him having a human as a pet was so. funny. ;D

    "Everyone loves me."


    1. OKAY BUT YOUR COMMENT LIKE MADE MY LIFE. I can't stop grinning!

      Bwahaha! Thank you so much! He's...erm, something. XDDD He is not one who can be tamed. *shakes head*

      GAAAAAAAH!!! I CAN'T WITH ALL THIS NICENESS. That just MAKES. MY. LIFE. that you're interested in my story. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I needed that today. <333

  23. IT'S LARKE THE SNARK! XDDD Oh my goodness, that one's going to stick.

    And of course the gifs abound in a post like this! But I wouldn't have it any other way. I think I read some of Larke's answers in Peter Pan's voice... XD

    He looks so miffed about having only one pair of shoes! Such a diva.

    I would mention so much more, but I'm falling asleep over here, sorry. Larke the Snark never fails to bring a smile to my face, though! <3

    1. Yep! It's his title now, whether he likes it or not. XDDD (Though I think he actually likes it...)

      Let's pretend I didn't have the time of my life looking for all those gifs. *COOOUGH* And that is perfectly all right you read his answers in Peter's voice. That actor is just so perfect for Larke.

      Hahaha! He is a diva, isn't he? XD Although I think he's miffed about WHY he only has one pair more so than the actual lack of shoes. 'Cause he's such a ball of bitterness. But still!

      That's okay! You get your sleep! I'm just glad this post brought a smile. (I may have had too much fun putting it together. *grins*)


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