Monday, August 4, 2014

The Great Big Post of Awards {Part One}

I fail at blogging quite often. It’s true. For example, if some sweet blogger passes an award my way, it may take me months to get to it, if I ever do. Which is silly, because I adore tags and am always so thrilled and honored to have one given to me.

Being as how I’ve spent the majority of the year so far writing, I’ve been setting aside all the wonderful awards passed my way for a time. And now, finally, I’m getting to some! There are four (yes four, I told you I’m horrible) so I’ll post two today and the other two next Monday (hopefully). And I do hope I haven’t forgotten any because that happens a lot too. My brain is hardly ever fully functional. But I’m a writer, so we’ll blame it on that, yes?

Firstly Kiri Liz @ Lianne Taimenlore awarded me with the Beautiful Blog Award all the way back in April! And yes, I’m only just now getting to it. I told you I fail at blogging.

Thank you so much, Kiri! I’m so happy I’m finally able to do this. I was extremely excited when you passed it my way. ^_^

Beautiful Blog Award Button


1. Favorite superhero (any will do)?
That’s a tough question for me. My first answer usually is Iron Man. I seem to like the snarky ones, I don’t know why. But then there’s Captain America. He’s so nice and, well, heroic (ha ha) and just an all around great guy. But THEN you have Hawkeye who uses a bow and arrows. A BOW, PEOPLE. Bow and arrows is my weakness. If someone in fiction does archery, I instantly like them. It’s just how it works. And have you seen Hawkeye’s bow? So, yeah, I don’t know. I think it depends on what mood I’m in on who’s my favorite.

The Avengers Poster

2. What color socks are you wearing right now?
Clear? Eheheh. I’m not currently wearing any socks. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s rather stuffy in my room and I have no desire to wear socks at the moment.

3. If I were to visit you for the afternoon, what would you plan on doing?
Kiri? Visiting ME?? IF ONLY. I’d probably take you down to the large pond just beyond our house and show you all the fun places there. I think you’d appreciate it. Then again, it’s awfully hot right now. How about we watch some LotR until the evening when it’s a bit cooler and then go to the pond? Or we could just sit around talking and squealing about being together and discuss everything under the sun. That’s my favorite thing to do with friends. Just talk. ^_^ And by talk I mean laugh hysterically at totally random and ridiculous things.

4. Best pizza topping?
PEPPERONI. It’s pepperoni. What else do you need? Except cheese. Cheese is good.

Pepperoni Pizza

Yes, please.

5. Can you introduce us to your family in less than three sentences?
*blinks* You do like the hard ones, don’t you, Kiri? Okay, let me see what I can do. . . *deep breath*

A crazy bunch of five (including me) whose favorite activity is eating, is probably the most scattered family out there, but loves the Lord and works together to try to survive this insane thing called life. There’s also lots of donuts involved.


6. If you could be proficient (as Lady Catherine says) in any instrument, what would it be?
My favorite instrument is the piano, which I do play, but I don’t think I’d say proficiently. I’d love to be much more skilled than I am. So I’d definitely go with that. Although the violin is awfully tempting.


7. Five favorite Disney songs off the top your head. Go!
>.> <.< >.> <.< REALLY? Okay. . . I’ve Got a Dream from Tangled, Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty, Everybody Wants To Be Cat from The Aristocats, Winnie the Pooh (the theme song) from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. I know for a fact those aren’t my total favorites, probably not even my top favorites. But you said off the top of my head so there we go. But gracious there are just so many good Disney songs!

Disney Songs

It’s sad how accurate that is. And I am in fact 22. XD (Also I See the Light would be another fave.)

8. Your opinion of maple syrup, please?

9. What's your favorite soup?
Mmm. . . I’m not much of a soup person. But Olive Garden’s Toscana soup is kind of to die for. I enjoy pretty much any potato soup. Mainly because POTATO. I love the potato in all its forms. <3

10. Which fictional hero/heroine would you want as a sibling?
My! As a sibling? I can only choose one? Can I just become one of the Pevensies instead? Okay, okay. For serious. . .um. . . *peruses bookshelves* Walter from Bryan Davis’s Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire series would be a delightful guy to have as a brother!

Dragons in Our Midst-Oracles of Fire Covers

11. Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland?
Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland?

Um. . .WHAT. WHAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!
You just broke me, Kiri. Totally and completely broke me.
DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE BOTH OF THOSE THINGS? THEY’RE BASICALLY MY LIFE. To choose between them. . .? No, I can’t. There’s no way. I love them both too much, and they each have a special place in my heart. I’m sorry but this question is impossible.

Okay, those questions were way too fun! Even though some of them broke me. *pointed look* Thanks again for the award, Kiri!

Next Candice @ O Ye Scribes nominated me for the Liebster Award. Back in May. . . Shameful. Thank you so much, Candice! You’re too sweet!

Liebster Award Button


1. Thank and link back the person who nominated you
2. List eleven facts about yourself
3. Answer the eleven questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
4. Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can't nominate the blogger who nominated you)
5. Ask them eleven questions
6. Let them know of their nomination!


1. Pizza and I are soul mates.
2. I’m ashamed at how few books I’ve read so far this year.
3. I’ve been writing way more than reading, which I think is a first for me.
4. Cheese is awesome, just sayin’.
5. I think pan flutes are fabulous creations.
6. I’ve spent way too much time on pinterest the last couple of days (and, ya know, since I joined over a year ago).
7. I’ve been craving hotdogs lately, which is sad being as how I’m allergic.
8. I’ve been watching the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic marathon on The Hub Network some today. (Yes, I love that show. No, I’m not ashamed.)
9. Pinkie Pie is the best pony. Hands down.
10. I’m still a little kid at heart (if you can’t tell).
11. I think mushroom are cute but not to eat. Bleh!


1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Definitely meeting all the other lovely bloggers out there. I’ve made such wonderful friends through blogging.

2. What do you find most challenging about it?
I post weekly, usually on Mondays, and I get a bit stressed coming up with a post every single week. I don’t know how some of you awesome bloggers do more than once-a-week posts. I bow to your superiority. You’re truly amazing.

3. Suppose the authors of the classics were blogging today, whose blog(s) would you follow?
Oooh, interesting thought! DEFINITELY J.R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis! I’d be joining their blogs so fast I’d get whiplash. I’d love to follow a blog of Maud Hart Lovelace, the woman who wrote the Betsy-Tacy series, which is basically my childhood. I also seem to have a lot of similarities with that author. And oooh! What about Lewis Carroll and J. M. Barrie? Louisa May Alcott would be fun. And Jane Austen, too. Although I’m not a huge reader of hers. In fact, I don’t read classics much at all. Terrible, I know. They kind of bore me. . . With a few exceptions obviously.

Lord of the Rings Book Covers

4. What is your favorite genre of book?
FANTASY!!! Need I say more?

5. Name a book you have read over three times.
Hahaha! I reread so much there’s plenty. It’s sad really. How about The Hobbit? I’ve read that one about 10 times I think. I lost count somewhere around 7 or 8. . .

The Hobbit Book Cover

6. If you could change the ending of any book, which one would it be?
Goodness. Tough question. o.O Most books I’ve read I’m quite satisfied with the endings. I’m looking at my books and realizing I like the endings to basically all of them! Well, I think we all would have rather Laurie and Amy not gotten together in Little Women. Does that count?

7. Random, music-related question: what do you think about bagpipes?
Epicness all around! I mean, come on. Bagpipes are awesome!

8. Do you have a pet? If not, what animal would be your ideal pet?
Ooooh yes! I have a grey poodle named Navi who has full rule over me. I’m basically just here to serve her. Ehehe. No really, I love her to death, and I don’t know what I’d do without her. But if not for Navi an ideal pet would be a dragon. *nods* Then again, she has her days. . .


9. What is your favorite season?
This question always throws me. I LOVE spring. Seeing everything come back to life, fresh and new. It’s beautiful. And the weather is so nice. But I also adore cold weather, so fall and winter are both wonderful. Summer. . .well, I can’t stand the heat but summer has its own charm that can’t be overlooked. So I guess I’m basically happy whatever season it is.

10. Do you prefer an E-book or a traditional book?
Oh goodness, traditional book without a doubt!! I read ebooks sometimes, but pretty much only because I was able to get one for free. But I prefer reading a solid, smelling good, real book a thousand times more.

Old Books

11. What is one piece of advice you would give to beginning bloggers?
Ready for some cheese? Here we go.
Just be yourself.
Yep. I’ve learned to not try to be fancy and over the top. Just be the real, beautiful YOU God created you to be, throw your personality onto those posts, and people will admire you for it.

Lots of great questions there, Candice. Thank you so much!!!

And since these are really old I’m going to cheat and skip passing them on to specific blogger. Instead I’m going to nominate everyone. Yes, YOU, there, reading this. Consider yourself nominated! But really, these are some amazing questions, so if you want to answer any or all of them please feel free to take them and answer them on your own blog. Be sure to let me know if you do so I can read your answers!

If you don’t want to go to all that trouble how about answering some (or all) here in the comments? Sometimes I read these things and think, “Wow, those are really fun questions. I wish I could answer them.” So if you’re doing that, answer them! Seriously, these were fun. Which fictional hero/heroine would YOU want as a sibling? Do YOU have a preference over Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland? Which classic author’s blog would YOU follow? I want to know these things. So TELL ME.

And do have a blessed week. <3


  1. Yay awesome post! :D I always love when you do tags because it's sooo fun to see your answers! ^_^

    I'm bad about awards too... >.< I LOVE them like you said but getting around to it... meh. I's a bad blogger. XD I hope to get around to doing the loverly Olaf you gave me, though!

    HAWKEYE. ALWAYS SAY HAWKEYE. Or... y'know... I will, anyway. ;)

    I... actually have never READ the entire Alice in Wonderland... *scuttles quickly to hide behind couch* *peeks around it* Can... can I still be your friend...? >.> *cough* Ahem. And actually, I'll pick Peter Pan in Scarlet over Peter Pan itself. I know, I'm bad, and I love Peter Pan to bits, but I love the sequel THAT much. <3

    YOU'RE DOING ALL THE AWESOME WRITIIIIIING!!! ^_^ You're amazing. <3 I'm definitely doing more reading than writing this year. Eheh. It's bad... >.>

    Pinterest. Hee. Heehee. Heeeee. *COUGH*

    Now I'm just thinking of all my favorite authors from eons ago with blogs and I'm going---> :O :O :O :O O___________________________O I will have to think about this. But maybe this is why I love reading Tolkien's and Lewis's letters so much, and essays and things by favorite authors? Because it IS the equivalent of their blogs! o.o

    CHANGING ENDINGS. I'm going to have to think about this too. Because yes. I think there's stuff I wanna change... Hmm... Now there are two things for me to muse upon... Your elf musings are useful! :D

    YAY BAGPIPES. Except uilleann pipes are better. <3 (And I can never remember EXACTLY how to spell them... But they're fantabulous.)

    And speaking of pets, I wanna pet puffin. Cuz it would be adorbz to no end. <3

    Also I'm going to email you tonight still if I can! *waves pen with determination* Ack. Life keeps kidnapping me allll day. -_- I wish it would let me do things. >.> Talking of which I'll probably be not-internetting this week after replying to you, so if I'm absent till Sunday/Monday/ish that will be why. I need to catch up on things... But I thought I should inform meh Lauri! *huggleses*


    Love you deary and looking forward to next week's award answers!! ^_^

    1. I feel the same way about YOU doing them! Your answers are always so hilarious and witty.

      Yeah, I don't know what it is about awards, but I procrastinate doing them to no end. But I was determined to do these because they were lovely and had fun questions and everyone was so nice to award me! Even if it is taking me months. XD In fact, one you passed my way is up next and I so look forward to answering the questions you came up with.

      Hahaha! Hawkeye is amazing. <3

      You never read...all of...
      Alice in Wonderland...?
      *revives* Come here, you! *pulls you out from behind the couch* Of course you can still be my friend! To tell you the truth, I went a good many years longer than I should have to get to reading the actual book myself. So it's okay! And I can't say anything about you liking Peter Pan in Scarlet better than the original because I've yet to read it. But I'll tell you a secret... *shifty eyes* I actually like the Peter Pan movie better than the book. I know! First time THAT'S happened!

      Hey, the more reading you do the better writer you become. And reading just all around makes you a better person. Plus, it's the best! XD So read! I wish I've read as much as you have.

      Oh Pinterest...

      I KNOOOOW. The thought of all the old authors with blogs excited me way too much! And I probably didn't cover half of the ones I should have. Hey, that's a good thought! I should read more of those things. I'm so bad about never reading anything that's not fiction... Shameful, shameful Lauri.

      That questions was HARD. I'm still actually pondering it. I'm just sure there's a book out there that I did not like the ending of but I'm drawing a total blank right now. There are some I wasn't too pleased with the ending but I knew it had to happen. Such as the stories where people from our world go to a fantasy world and then come back, like we've been talking about. It would have been nice if Wendy stayed in Neverland but I think, in the end, she made the right decision. Sooo...I don't know. If you come up with any good ideas let me know!

      YESH. BAGPIPES. I sadly hardly know what those are, so spelling them...nope. XD I think I recall you mentioning them before though. I need to look more into these things.


      There's no rush whatsoever! Just get to it when you can. ^_^ I understand about life kidnapping. I've had that problem myself. I haven't had enough time today to do everything I needed to. :-/
      Taking an internet break is actually a super good idea... It's almost tempting in fact. I doubt I'd have the self control. I admire you for doing that! I'll miss you!! But I hope you have a wonderful, restful break!

      Nooo, stop worrying about that. I looooove your comments and long ones are my favorite! <3

    2. I have a terrible confession. No, really, it's horrificly tragic.


      Be prepared.


      I've never *gulp* Alice in Wonderland.

      Or Peter Pan.

      I know, it's terrible. I'm not sure why, I guess I just have so many books I've been wanting to read, I simply haven't gotten to them yet. I even know about Peter Pan of Scarlet. I almost bought it with a B&N gift card.

      I am ashamed. *hangs head low and tucks invisible tail between legs*

      On the other hand, I really enjoyed reading these comments! :)

      || the writeress ||

  2. How funny, I'd just come to post this:

    you have been nominated for the liebster award
    || the writeress ||

    Well, I suppose I shall nominate someone else, then! Of course, you can still do it as a bonus, if you like. Or you could have Ly– one of your characters do it. Anyway, ignore it or have fun with it.

    I'll be back later to actually read this post! I'm quite interested in what you've got to say.

    1. Oh my! That is quite funny! XDD It seems our minds were on the same path today.

      You're so sweet to offer it to me, but do feel free to pass it on to someone else. Or if you want me to do it, I could just add it to next week's post. Either way is fine. I'm good with anything. ^_^

      (I see what you did there. I fear if I let Lykan do too many posts he'll get comfortable and take over my blog completely which would be...bad.)

    2. I suppose they were!

      I'm going to nominate someone else. But if you've a spare moment, do whatever you like with it. Or don't. That's up to you. Of course, I know how busy life can get...I've currently fallen behind on a few things... yah, I should probably get back to them. Tomorrow. Hm.

      {You do have a point, there... Speaking of Lykan, do you have any sort of a date or goal for when you'll be finishing Fallen Matter? (You may have said this already, but I've forgotten...)}

    3. That's perfectly fine. I'm glad someone else is getting the chance to do it. ^_^

      Yes, life can be quite crazy. I've fallen woefully behind on so many things. Time managing and I don't get on well at all I fear.

      Well, I did finish the first draft a month ago, now I'm letting it sit a while before I do the real work. It needs some serious rewriting. So I'm taking a break from it and will hopefully start at least looking back over it in September but honestly I'm not sure I'll get to the real heavy stuff until, like, January. :-/ Yeah, life is definitely crazy. But I'm determined to have it fully rewritten and polished before the fall of next year!

    4. Hurray and awesomeness, that's not so far away!! I really don't care if that red line keeps showing up under hurray, I'll spell it how I like. >:( Anyways... I suppose this is the perfect time to read this. Oh, one thing... I was wondering about your name! I suppose Christine Smith is your real name. Of course, Lauriloth was cool, too (and unique). So, I was wondering about that, why you decided to put your real name up and where Lauriloth came from.

  3. Iron Man!! Originally, Hawkeye & Black Widow were my favorites (after seeing only Avengers). Things shifted around a bit between movies, but those three were always grabbling for the top. Until I saw Iron Man 3. Yes, I'm afraid there is no hope for any other superhero ever to reach the top. Iron Man is my favorite. The End. (Though Hawkeye & Black Widow are still up there. Those two kind of go together in my head... um, not romantically.)

    Peter Pan or Alice and Wonderland? That's easy. Peter Pan, obviously! I mean, I love Alice and Wonderland and all, but... just, Peter Pan, okay? By the way, you don't, by any chance, watch Once Upon a Time, do you?

    Pan flutes. They are in fact fabulous. Like I said, Peter Pan. Clearly.

    Um, My Little Pony? To each her own, I suppose. My sisters love that show... I shall never understand why. It hurts my brain. >.<

    Yes, a little kid. Those sorts of people are awesome. I shall never grow up. See? There's Peter Pan again...

    Oh, I know the Betsy-Tacy series. My mom found them in the library some time last year and remembered loving them when she was younger. I didn't read them, but it's cool you know of them. I've never heard of them other than these two times. Actually, I might possibly have to try to get my mom to read this. I think she'd enjoy this post at least a little.

    I agree about Laurie and Amy. And I never liked that Jo married the professor or that she didn't marry Laurie. I know, I get the reasons for all three of those things, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about them. Especially since it was only pride, in the first place, that stopped Jo from marrying Laurie...

    Ooooh, bagpipes! Scotland and Ireland and folk dancing and wonderful musicness. Yes, yes, they are [awesome].

    Exactly who's ideal pet would not be a dragon, pray tell‽‽

    Spring. Yes, agreed, for sure. If it were not for winter, my favorite would be spring. They were actually tied for quite some time before I decided. You love cold weather‽ Yay. Most people I know hate it. You and me both, I pretty much die in the heat. My brain won't even work, which drives me crazy, though I don't really care at the moment. You know, since I'm not working right. Or at all, really. I'm just all... bleh, and "everything is sticking to me!" >:(

    Hurrah for real books! Kindles are cool for travelling. But that only works if you have the book you're reading on the Kindle also. Which I never do. So, um... yah, they should fix that. They'd make more money, anyhow. Of course, if something awesome is free, I'm all over it.

    Why, thank you. I think perhaps I shall sometime. But not right now. I can't wait for part two!!

    Um... HAVE YOU NOT BEEN LISTENING TO ME‽‽‽‽ Peter Pan. Peter. Pan. PETER. PAN.


    Iron Man and Peter Pan.
    The End, good night.
    That rhymes. Sort of.
    And bagpipes.

    the writeress || barefoot in the snow

    1. Holy flying batman, I believe I've beaten you both!

    2. :O
      *LE GASP*
      YOU TOO?
      OR PETER PAN??????

      Okay, okay. You are forgiven too! There are probably a million and one books out there I should read but haven't yet. It just happens. So many books, so little time! But you should definitely give them a shot someday. They're lovely.

      What? I don't get the red line under hurray. What's your problem, spellcheck?

      I decided to start using Christine because if I'm going to try to publishing I need to start using the name I'll publish with everywhere. I need to get my name out there, it helps the publishing process a lot if a publisher sees you have a lot of followers on whatever and people who are actually interested in your book.
      As far as Lauriloth goes, a good many years ago a friend was figuring out elven names from Tolkien's elvish language and passing them around. She dubbed me Lauriloth which means shining golden flower and I fell in love being the overly Tolkien and elf fanatic I am, so I started using it as my username everywhere and it just sort of...became me.

      IRON MAN. YES. I saw all the Marvel movies in order, so Iron Man was the first, which may be why he's my favorite. I don't know, I think I always fall for the characters like that for some reason. >.> But Hawkeye and the Black Widow are also SPECTACULAR. Oh, they all are! And Batman. Batman is cool too. *nods* And, actually, when I was a lot younger Spiderman was my favorite superhero. I do still love him. <3

      My obsession with Peter Pan goes deep. DEEP. So much love it's not even funny. But it's the same with Alice in Wonderland. Those two things are two of my biggest obsessions. Making me choose between them... No. Just no.

      Have I seen Once Upon a Time? HAVE I SEEN ONCE UPON A TIME????? IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS OF ALL TIME. And Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Just laksjdfjs;doijra;dj;fajdlkjf. ALL THE WONDERFUL. I've always been obsessed with all things fairytales and I LOVE crossovers. So just YES. It's like that show was made for me! And then they put it in Neverland! YES PLEASE. AND THEN MADE A WONDERLAND VERSION. THE EXCESS OF EPICNESS ALMOST KILLED ME.
      To answer your questions more coherently. Yes, I have seen that show and enjoy it quite immensely. *sips tea calmly*

      I'll admit, the My Little Pony hype utterly baffled me at first. I mean, why was the ENTIRE WORLD going crazy over this little kids show? ADULTS. In fact, I think the majority of the audience are in their twenties. It confused me to no end. It was a kids show, there was singing! But my sister kept having it on, and so I kept having to watch it. And I had to admit it wasn't too bad but I still didn't understand what the hype was. But the more I saw, the more I grew to like it, until next thing I knew I was utterly in love and haven't gone back since. It's sad, I know. I don't know what it is about that show, but there's something.

      THE BETSY-TACY SERIES! See, I always loved to read, but those books are what made me realize how MUCH I loved reading. Those were kind of the first books that really transformed me into an obsessive reader. So they hold a very special place in my heart.
      Your mom might enjoy this post? Awww! That's sweet! ^_^

      I totally agree about Little Women. I was never a big fan of the Professor. It was all just pretty upsetting.


      My obsession with dragons is a bit on the unhealthy side...

      Ugh, the heat! I totally shut down when it gets too hot myself. It's in the cold where I come alive! ...For the most part.

      Whoo, this got quite long as well. XD

    3. Yes, like The Book Thief. You should most definitely read that. You've stolen my line!! Haha, I say that all the time – So many books, so little time. It's tragic.

      Yup, spell check. Annoying (in this case).

      Yes, I'm sure that would be helpful. That's really neat where Lauriloth came from!

      You used obsession and Peter Pan in the same sentence. Well, I suppose I can forgive you. ;)

      Don't *ahem* yourself, you're exactly, perfectly correct! Except, I still haven't gotten to see In Wonderland. Yet. IloveOncesomuchIreallyreallyreallyreallycantwaituntilsept28becauseitsjusttooawesomeness *dies* I believe I just fangirled... ha.

      hahahaha (your "coherent" answer) I can totally picture that whole scene, you know, the girl goes crazy, then remembers her place and act like nothing happened. And you as the audience is laughing because it's just that funny.

      Oh, by the way, I'm going to post a Once fanfic in the next day or so. Just so you know ;)

      I fell in love the way you fall asleep – slowly, and then all at once. << I've never even seen or read TFioS (yet). But that's exactly what you just told me about My Little Pony, yes?

      And I've decided all over again that I simply must read them sometime. I'm pretty sure they're buried somewhere in a Goodreads booklist...

      The professor was okay. But most certainly not for Jo. I could see, like, Beth, maybe (if she'd lived :'( ). Though, the whole way-older-than-her thing was kinda weird, too.

      Hurray for Ireland and Scotland!!! Hurrah! :D

      Well, I can say my youngest sister and I fit right into that category with you... (HTTYD? Yes, please?)

      Yes, yes, that would be me exactly. In fact, it happened just tonight... then my dad finally said those magical words: close all the windows and turn the AC on. jfkdlafjkld;ajfkldsa;jfkldsajfklsajfklds;a!!! XD

    4. Someday I will read The Book Thief! I will! Hopefully someday soon.

      Peter Pan IS an obsession, so. XD I've gone crazy over Peter Pan in all its forms since I was tiny. Ah, how I love it.

      YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED IN WONDERLAND? YOU MUUUUST. No, seriously. It's amazing. Just...yeah. Watch it. And it's only like 12 or 13 episodes. Plus they're going to tie it in a bit with the next season of Once Upon a Time so you NEED to watch it. *nods, nods*

      I see you have the fanfic up now. I shall be reading it soon. I can't wait! :D

      THAT'S IT. That explains my MLP experience perfectly. XD
      I haven't read/seen TFiOS either. I want to but...there's stuff in there I don't approve of so I'm not sure if I will. I don't know.

      Yes, you must! They're delightful books. And I don't even read that genre, but I love them. They're so fun. ^_^

      Yeah, the professor just wasn't working for me. As a person, sure, he was all right. But not for our dear Jo.
      Beth. *sobs* She was always my favorite character.

      HTTYD YESSSSSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333

      Hurrah for A/C! Probably my favorite invention ever. XD

    5. You won't regret it! (Though, as my sister's reminding me, there is an unfortunately amount of language in it... just a warning.)

      I meant that I could forgive you for not choosing Peter Pan over Alice In Wonderland. Yes, it is. ;)

      I've been meaning to. They're going to tie it in?! Well, then I certainly shall! And before September 28th, too.

      Like what? (In TFioS.) Tell me, if you don't mind. I'd like to know beforehand if there's something I've overlooked about it...

      Beth wasn't ever my favorite, but it was terribly sad and unfair that she died. (Not that Alcott made a mistake with that, I don't think she did.)

      Hurray!! We (my youngest sister and I) told them (my unbelieving family members) there'd be a third one. (I just found this today.) Ha! The movies are so well-written, and there's so many things they can do with sequels. It's a series that could go on for several sequels without becoming watered-down (if that's the right word for it... you know what I mean?). And I must say, I loved the Toothless's blue glowiness when he broke through the ice.

      You know, it's pretty cool to know someone else my age obsessing over such things!

      This is definitely the longest blog discussion I've ever participated in, and with the longest comments. XD

    6. Okay, so I realize I'm like a hundred years late on responding to this... I got super busy and then left town to stay with my bestie for a couple of weeks (which is where I am now) and just never found time to. o.o But I wanted to answer your TFIOS question.

      From what I've heard there's a bedroom scene. Well...not an actual scene at all, you just know they did something. Which is still bad because firstly and most importantly they're not married (duh) and secondly they're like 16 for goodness' sake! That just makes me mad. And I've also heard there's an f-word in there which, just, no. I really don't want to read anything with THAT in it. So yeah. It's disappointing because I really do want to read it. That's all I know. There might be more but probably not. Just letting you know.

      So The Book Thief has language in it? Really?? I had no idea! Ugh! That upsets me because I really wanted to read it but I pretty much always avoid books with any language whatsoever. *siiigh* Why must so many books be that way?

      As far as I know a character from In Wonderland is going to be in Once Upon a Time. I'm not sure how closely they'll tie the stories but I definitely think you're going to wanna get to know this character and his story before the next season.

      A THIRD HTTYD??? EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I HAVE NOT HEARD THIS. SO EXCITING! And yes, Toothless's blue glowiness was kind of the best. <3

      I act like a 4 year old when it comes to things I'm excited about. XD I'm so over excitable.

      Hahaha! It's been fun though. ^_^

    7. Hmm, thanks for letting me know! (about TFIOS)

      Yes, which is sad, because it's such an amazing book, minus that, of course.

      hehe, I've long since watched all 13 episodes of In Wonderland. I absolutely love Will. But how could they NOT tie him into the next season? I mean, the first place you see him is in Storybrooke. And he's just too awesome to not, anyway. I loved In Wonderland, though some things seemed a bit sloppy; more... plot holes?... than the main series. OUAT seems more clean than In Wonderland is, but I still loved it <3

      haha excitement can do strange things...

      Oh, yes, it has been! XD

  4. Haha! Great post, Lauri! I loved ALL of your answers! Far too many and too little time for me to review them. . . :]

    Have a lovely week!!

    1. Thank you so much! ^_^ Hahaha, there was a lot in that post. XD

      The award you gave me a while ago will be showing up in the next post. I can't wait to do it!

      You as well!

  5. Thank you, Blogger, for eating my last comment. Now I have to start ALL OVER! Why do they do these things to us? Why?

    *cough* Okay, enough with the dramatics.

    I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVEN'T COMMENTED ON THIS POST YET! What's wrong with me??? Too much to do and too little time in which to do it. I'm so sorry, Christine.

    Ha. My brain just mushed your two names together and I almost wrote "Lauriltine." I think I need more sleep.

    Don't worry about being late. To be honest, I would be still that excited to read your answers if you waited a year (or more) to fill them out. :)

    LOTR, pond, random, fun?? I'M SO THERE!! What are you doing this week?? I'll be there in two hours. :D

    Ohh... I knew #7 was going to be a hard one. But your choices... AHH!! I love those classic Disney songs, really, I do. Even though I'm 21 today. And I sing them all. This morning I sang "I Wonder" from Sleeping Beauty while I did the dishes, and my sister looked at me and asked what it was from. Dis.a.point.ting. What was funny was this weekend my cousin didn't believe my claim to know just about every Disney movie, and asked me if I knew the songs from Aladdin 3 (yes, I'm referencing sequels again). I astonished him by singing "Father and Son." I don't know that I could even limit myself to five, even off the top of my head, so that was horribly mean of me to ask my friends to do it.

    YES! Walter would make an epic brother! Not that my brother isn't (I still love him to pieces!!), but Walter is just so hilarious! I literally cracked up during his proposal... "Alliteration. Creative." :D

    Hahahaha!! I mean... *wipes tears from eyes* I'm so sorry I broke you! *receives pointed look* Okay, okay, I REALLY am sorry!! But I still love your answer. I hope you've forgiven me by now. I really don't want you broken. Can I send some gingerbread or something to make up for it? *puppy dog eyes*

    Ah, I need to step up! I've only read The Hobbit 5 times!

    Okay, I'm going to post this before Blogger eats this comment, too. Love ya, Christine/Lauri! :D

    1. Shame on you, Blogger! So mean. I've gotten in the habit of copying all my comments before posting them because too many times blogger has eaten mine as well. >.>

      Don't apologize! I haven't even been home so I'm not commenting much or anything either. I mean, see how long it's taking me to respond to your comment? No worries at all!

      Lauriltine? XDDD I think I just died. Too, too funny!

      YESH. COME TO MY HOUSE. Except I'm not there right now... But we'd have so much fun together!

      Yes, you evil person. #7 was exceedingly difficult. :P Pssh. Doesn't matter how old you are. You can never stop loving Disney. Like I implied in my post, I like Disney songs better now than I did when I was little. XD
      Awww. Isn't it sad when people don't get Disney references? But she'll learn. I have confidence in you to teach her. *nods*
      Hahaha! That's awesome. Sadly, I'm quite terrible at remembering song lyrics, but I do try. And no, in all honesty I had a blast thinking of some of my favorite songs. ^_^

      Oh my goodness gracious! Walter's proposal! I always go back to that scene in my head and relive it just because I loved it so much! He is seriously the best. XD

      Gingerbread...? Wellll, I GUESS I'll forgive you for breaking me. I think I've recovered...sorta. ;)

      Love you too! Thanks again for awarding me and passing these fun questions along my way. <3


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