Wednesday, May 15, 2013


You know what?

Life is beautiful.

Summer days are beautiful.

Flower Field

Quiet moments are beautiful.


Loud moments are beautiful.

Children Playing

Are not even rainy days beautiful?


We get so caught up in life, sometimes it slips our mind how beautiful it can be. We forget that every bloom, every ray of light, every drop of rain, was created by the Ultimate Creator.

Even if the rainbows of life seem few and far between, don’t forget that there would be no rainbows without the rain.


Don’t forget that even the worst of storms put us in the greatest of awe.


Don’t forget that the tiniest seed can become the largest bloom.

Purple Trees

I think sometimes we all just need to stop and remember that God’s world is beautiful.

So don’t forget…

Life is beautiful.

Dancing in the Rain

All pictures via Pinterest.


  1. I have the distinct impression that the purpose of this post was mostly to show off cool pictures. Aye? :P

  2. What? Not at all. I actually wrote the post long before finding the pictures. I even thought about not really putting any pictures but then I thought it'd make more sense if there was something visual, so I searched around for fitting ones. So no, it had nothing to do with pictures, it is just something God has been showing me lately.

    Just like you to come in and destroy the moment. ;P

  3. RENEE? Oh my goodness, hi girl!! I've been missing you! I've been thinking about all my dear PEs lately. Hope you guys are doing well. Thank you for stopping by. :D

  4. These ARE beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. I like the girl walking carefree through the field, and the little child sitting down by the wayside, reading a book. HE makes all things beautiful in HIS time. Ecclesiastes 3:11
    ~ Abby

  5. I love those pictures as well. And yes, He absolutely does, in His perfect time.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Mrs. Abby!

  6. Ohh? What is this moment of which you speak? And how does one destroy a theoretical concept? Geez Lauri, you must speak sense if you wish me to understand it. *Shifty eyes*

    ....oh. And you know those emails that I still haven't gotten back with you on yet? I'm probably not going to be able to. My excuse is working a full time job (....while looking for a second job. Because trying to work 70 hours a week is totally possible. / is stupid). Sowwy. I'll try to make it up you with a bunch of chocolate hearts. :(

  7. Theoreti-- No. *shakes head* You just have no sense of life at all.

    70 hours? Are you trying to kill yourself, boy?! But hey, don't worry a thing about the emails! I totally understand. I've been having a hard time getting to emails lately as well...they've been stacking up. So no worries, it's perfectly fine. Chocolate? Gee, thaaaanks.

  8. Hey Lauri :) we PE's are doing alright I suppose. Well, its kinda slow and all but every once in a while an old bubble pops in to say hi which is cool.
    I put a tag on my blog for yours.. you don't mind, right? mine is in case you'd like to see it.
    I should nano mail you.... :)

  9. @Renee - You have a blog now?! Going over there right now!! I don't mine you putting my tag at all. I'm so honored that you would. Thank you!
    I would LOVE to get a NaNo mail from you. Except lately I don't even go to the NaNo site often...but I try to every now and again for the express purpose of answering mail on there. So if you do I promise I will eventually get back to you. ;)

  10. That was beautiful, Lauri. :') Keep being amazing. <3 Your blogs always brighten my day! Thank you for being you! ^__^

  11. JILLZY GIRL! Do you know how much I've been missing you?!?!

    It fills my heart to hear my posts brighten your day, because YOU have always brightened mine. I hope you're doing well.


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