Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beautiful People - Arodathan

Lately I’ve been working a great deal on a story entitled The Avriot which is the first book in a steampunk, time travel trilogy called The Traveling Library. It’s farrrr different from anything I’ve ever written (high fantasy is my usual genre), but I’m having an absolute blast with it!

I’ve kind of fallen in love with all my characters, but the problem is there are literally 8 main characters plus Moseley. The problem here is the fact that with so many people all together, it’s hard to focus on just a single one, so I’m sometimes having a difficult time discovering each of these characters personally. I think I’ve got most of them down pretty well, but there’s one I’m having a bit of a time with.

Arodathan Clickton, more commonly referred to as Arrow.

Before I even started the story. I thought I knew Arrow pretty well, but while writing I’m learning there’s far more to him than I ever knew. I’m loving discovering his personality, he’s quickly worming his way into my heart, but, again, with so many other characters it’s making it hard. Thus I thought: Why not do a Beautiful People for him? It’s been so long since I’ve done one and it really is a brilliant way to discover one’s characters. So I dug through the archive and found one that I thought would help me the best to delve into his characters.

So without further ado…

Arodathan “Arrow” Clickton

What kind of music does he like?
Arrow lives in an 18th century-ish setting, so the music there would be similar to what we had during that time period. I suspect he likes lighthearted, peppy-type music. Something fun with a good beat.

Does he like to go outside?
Most definitely! Arrow is far from one to sit around the house all day. He likes to explore and find excitement. Happy Arodathan

Is he naturally curious?
YES. He is probably the most curious one of the entire group. Everything fascinates him and he has this deep enthusiasm for learning. He wants to know everything.

Right, or left handed?
Well, I was first going to say right handed since that’s the norm, but, you know what? I could totally see Arrow being left handed. It almost makes sense. So I think I’m officially declaring him left handed. Thank you, Beautiful People! I knew this would help.

Favorite color?
Green I would think. And probably bright colors, like red, orange, and yellow. 
Where is he from?

Ahahahaha. Now that is a question. Ahem. Technically he lives in his and his sister’s clockwork shop in a little town known as Kervais but…well, let’s just say this story is very wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

Any enemies?
Perky, fun, enthusiastic Arodathan? He’s quick to make friends, not enemies. Unless someone messes with his sister, or really any of his friends (he’s very protective). And then of course there’s the antagonist of the story, but that’s also rather complicated.

What are his quirks?
Arrow is just pretty silly in general. I’d say he’s the jester of the group. He likes to tease everyone and make light of things. He tends to be only able to focus on one thing at a time, getting so absorbed into whatever it is he’s doing he’s oblivious to everything else around him. As far as specific personality quirks…I don’t know. I’m glad I got this question though, because now it has my mind churning. I won’t be surprised if he reveals many ridiculous quirks he has to me soon.

What kinds of things get on his nerves?
In general, he’s a pretty laid back fella, it takes a lot to ruffle his feathers. He does snap pretty quickly when someone is bothering his sister though. He’s also not very fond of dull people. Being such an enthusiastic person himself, it kind of annoys him when someone doesn’t really appreciate the beautiful things of life. He cannot understand personalities like that.

Is he independent, or needs others to help out?
Arodathan is very much a people person and will not push away a helping hand, but he’s also extremely self sufficient. It’s just been him and his younger sister for a while, thus he’s had to take charge and stepped into the position well. I think he enjoys being a leader and capable of doing things himself.

So that’s Arrow. I still think there’s way more to him than what first meets the eye, but I have no doubt his personality will reveal itself fully over time. This sure helped me get a better inside look at him though! Beautiful People is marvelous.

Happy Thursday, everyone. I hope you all have a simply fantastic Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Great post, Lauri! I loved learning about this character! I may have to do this sometime...

    By the way, did you come up with his name Arodathan? (love his nickname, Arrow!) Oh, and does his surname have anything to do with him living/working in a clockwork shop?? ;D

  2. Awww, thank you, Sarah! Glad you enjoyed it!

    I did come up with Arodathan. It's rare I use real names, I like making things up. Hehe. And...yes, actually. It does sort of have something to do with that. I just thought "Clickton" sounded nice with his occupation. ;)

  3. Characters like him are fun and hard. They seem so straight forward at first, and then the more you write the more you realize how little you know them. And then they get to walk around, looking smug, and going, "HA! You knew nothing about the story!"

    A Steampunk story! Can't wait to hear more about this one! I love Steampunk. *Smirk*

  4. EXACTLY! That explains it perfectly. My characters are always so mischievous like that. They like keeping me in the dark. >.>

    Yes! I'm having a blast writing it. Unfortunately...I don't know much of anything about steampunk. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. I do love the genre, I just haven't been exposed to much of it. Common sense tends to take a back seat with my writing.


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