Friday, March 1, 2013

It Seems Time Went Into Hyperdrive

Vintage Alarm ClockDid I go into some sort of time jump or is my calendar just lying to me?



Didn’t we just have New Year’s? And now we’re already into the third month of the year?

What happened?

Obviously Time did not listen to me when I requested more of it. It slipped away again when I wasn’t looking. So  very rude.

Regardless of this missing time (because I firmly believe I misplaced it somewhere; still trying to find it), I’m pretty excited that it’s March because that is my favorite month of the year. I’ve always loved Spring, and March is usually when it shows up ‘round here. Often we do not have much of a Spring. Our weather seems to like to jump straight from Winter to Summer with not much in between. So, naturally, it is just my luck that my favorite season would be the one we barely have.

Spring is so pleasant because the weather is not quite warm but not cold anymore either. All the plant life is beginning to sprout up and show itself again. Everything is fresh and new and lovely. What a pleasant season it is!

Although currently it is a bit unseasonably chilly out there for it to be March already. (I think even the season lost time and still thinks it should be nestled into Winter.) But this is something you will not find me complaining about. Like I said, our weather usually jumps to Summer pretty quickly, and much too early for my liking. We have very long Summers and not enough Winter in the least. I’m not fond of Summer…at all. I really, really hate hot weather. So if the cold wishes to stick around for a while I’ll welcome it with opened arms (and gloves).

……..But seriously, it really is March already???

Well, if it really is March, and my calendar and Time have not teamed up together to play some sort of trick on me, then I hope you all have a beautifully, fantastic March!

P.S. Why yes, this is a random post about weather. You know I’ve run out of blog post ideas when I’m literally making small talk about weather.

P.P.S. If anyone spots some missing time lying around, could you tell it Lauri is looking for it and would very much like it back?


  1. If you like cold weather, you should move up north. It was so cold this morning that poor Pro was whimpering and shivering on our walk this morning.

    Also, hai. I finally managed to find your blog (after, oh, two months?). I feel like such a stalker nao. :D

  2. At first I was thinking, "Who on earth IS this? O___O" And then you said "Pro" and I realized. So yep, you've succeeded in your stalkerness. Congratulations! But what do you mean two months? I gave you a link here (for like the third time) not too long ago. You need to keep up with your links. :P

    I'd love to move farther up north! But I really do love where I live, I just wish the summers weren't so unbearable. And Poor Promthe. Navi is not fond of the cold herself.


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