Monday, July 24, 2017

Beautiful People - All About ME!!! *cue scary music* {July 2017}

Well, guys, for once I’m going to do a Beautiful People post not using one of my characters from Burning Thorns.
I KNOW, RIGHT??? IT’S BEEN AGES. So who am I going to feature today?

*pause for dramatic effect*


Now before you think I’ve turned into a complete narcissist, I’m only doing this because the Beautiful People questions for this month are centered around the author. So see? It’s not even my choice.

(But really now, over half this blog is me talking about my writing. Oops?)


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. . . THE AUTHOR . . .

1.) How do you decide which project to work on?

I pretty much force myself to have only one project at a time and make sure I finish whatever draft of that project I’m on at the time before starting another. It’s the only way I ever do actually finish things. And when I get a new shiny plot bunny I’m dyyyying to write, it gives me drive to finish my current project quickly so I can write that shiny new story idea. Alllll this to say, I work on whichever single project I have at the time.

Now, how do I decide which new project to begin is a whole ‘nother thing. Usually it’s just whatever I’m most excited about at the time, or whatever I feel like needs doing the most. Like right now I plan for my Next Big Project to be more edits on Burning Thorns because I want to start pursuing publishing with it.

Long answer short (but you guys know by now I’m incapable of short answers): I start stories that I’m feeling the most excited about, and don’t begin anything new until the first drafts are done. (I’m reeeally bad about writing a gazillion first drafts and never editing, but I’m working on breaking that habit!)


2.) How long does it usually take you to finish a project?

If it’s during NaNoWriMo, I do my best to finish within the month. (My record of finishing a book is 22 days.) But that’s only during NaNo. Any other time of the year it takes multiple months. Anywhere from 3 to 6 months I’d say. And to be clear, I’m talkin’ first drafts! If this means finish finish a project—first draft to fully edited—well…I’ve yet to have a full manuscript completely finished. (I seriously have a first draft addiction, guys! IT’S BAD.)


3.) Do you have any routines to put you in the writing mood?

Get a beverage of some kind, sit in chair, put on novel’s playlist, open word document, put hands on keyboard, and— OH. My phone dinged. *rushes to check email* *somehow finds self on twitter* Oh, oh! I should check to see if there’s any new blog posts on my dashboard. *scrolls through blogs* Wait, wait, I was writing. *puts on serious face* *stares at word document for 0.7 seconds* You know what, I need inspiration. *goes to novel’s storyboard on Pinterest*

*3 hours later*

How did I end up looking at funny Doctor Who memes? I just came on Pinterest to get some inspiration! Wait, it’s nighttime? It was daytime last I looked up from the computer screen! Okay, I’m writing. FOR REAL THIS TIME.

*writes 100 words*

Welp, it’s late. Better go to bed.

Oooookay, that’s a slight exaggeration. Maybe? Really, if I have a goal set in mind for how much I want to write that day or how soon I want to get the novel done, I do actually get busy writing and do my best to avoid distractions. Buuuut, distractions and procrastinating does happen. Heh. The main way I get in the writing mood is to have my novel’s playlist going. Nothing makes me want to write more than music that fits my book. It’s so inspirational!


4.) What time of day do you write best?

I write my best at night with all the lights out and everyone else in bed. I can fully immerse in my story then. But I actually don’t write at night very much, to be honest. That’s usually when I just want to chill and read or whatever. Most of my writing happens anywhere between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. Really, those are my main “work” hours. Whether it be writing, blogging, emailing, etc.


5.) Are there any authors you think you have a similar style to?

I…have…no…idea. o.o I aspire to write as gorgeously as Anne Elisabeth Stengl but HAHAHAHAHA. No. No way on this earth I can capture the enchanting beauty with words she does.

I honestly can’t think of a single author whose style has reminded me of my own. What do you guys think, for any who has read my stories? Does my style remind you of anyone? I’d love to know!


6.) Why did you start writing, and why do you keep writing?

I started because I loved stories and thought it’d be fun to write my own. I was right.

Why does one keep breathing? Because they have to. It’s the same with writing for me. I have this insatiable urge to create stories. Stories are 96% if what goes on inside my head. It controls my life, the way I see the world, everything about me. Writing is my oxygen and I can never stop.


7.) What’s the hardest thing you’ve written?

Are we talkin’ which novel was the hardest or what scene?

For the novel, I’d say More Purple than Amethysts, the 3rd book in my Colors of a Dragon Scale series. I had some life stress going on during that NaNo and just wasn’t getting into my story as much as usual. Though I still had some golden moments and look back on that story and time with it with fondness. But I’d definitely say it was my least favorite novel to write. It’s really the only novel I’ve written that doesn’t make me all nostalgic and happy-ful thinking about my time with it. Yes, during the writing process I can get stressed and overwhelmed and exhausted. But, overall, writing a novel is the most magical thing to me and memories of writing each story brings a smile to my face.

As far as scenes…well, I’ve always hated writing fight scenes. Which brings the questions whyyyyy do I always include a gadrillion in my stories? I guess I like torturing myself???? I DON’T KNOW. Just…trying to write a play-by-play of a swordfight hurts my brain.


8.) Is there a project you want to tackle someday but you don’t feel ready yet?

There are quite a few vague ideas rolling through my head that don’t feel quite ready to tackle. But there’s one in particular.

For probably 3 or so years now I’ve had this Arthurian legend story in my head. (Because, really, I never run out of Arthurian legend stories. I’m a total King Arthur fangirl and there’s sooooo much you can do with those legends.) It takes place in both modern times and King Arthur’s day and involves immortality and Arthur’s returning and running from the authorities on motorcycles and all sorts of weird stuff. But it’ll take place in modern day London as well as King Arthur’s time and, for once, I don’t want it to be a fantasy version of those days. I want to make everything as accurate as possible, including London’s layout, which will require immense amounts of research. Like visiting London and writing the novel while I’m there. But seriously, that’s the dream. And just…stuff. I think it’s a deep book, maybe even a thriller, and I just…don’t foresee myself writing it for a long, looong time. It’ll be completely different from my usual stuff. But one day I really want to. It’s already become special to me, and is pretty vivid in my mind. One of those types of stories where I get snippets of scenes in my head quite often, ya know? It just won’t let me go. So…one day. But for now it’s not ready.

I do have a fairly long ramble of it in my writing journal for safe keeping when it does feel ready though. Juuust in case my useless memory decides to discard it one day…


9.) What writing goals did you make for 2017 and how are they going?

*scratches head awkwardly*

*crickets chirping*


Okay so…I had big plans for 2017. BIG PLANS. Like get Burning Thorns super edited and have a query letter ready and find some literary agents to send it to and be super active on my blog/instagram/twitter and basically DO ALL THE THINGS. This was going to be the year I actually worked toward being a published author.


I wrote one short story back in February and that’s basically the extent of my writing ALL YEAR. I’ve barely touched Burning Thorns, I took two month long blogging hiatuses (something I haven’t done in 4 YEARS). I’ve just barely even been a writer this year!

But you know what? It’s okay. Because, yes, I wrote an elaborate list of 2017 writing goals, but then God said, “Nope, not this year”. And it’s been good. Great. I’ve had lots of changes going on and exciting things happening, all of which I’ve been able to focus on and soak up instead of being cooped up in my room writing. And, not only that, but I haven’t had a writing break this long for, sheesh, 7 years? o.o It’s really helped me gain perspective on things and grow as a person. And, most importantly of all, it’s made me realize something: I love writing. Yes, not writing has made me realize I love writing.

See, for a while there I was really stressed, even to the point that I wondered if I really wanted to be a writer for the rest of my life. But this break has caused me to see that I can’t survive without writing. The longer I don’t write, the more I want to, the more I miss it, the more stories plague me, begging to be written. As I said before, writing is my oxygen. I needed this break to realize that.

So it’s been good. And I really do plan on returning to writing soon. I’m at the point where I’m about to erupt from lack of story making. But that’s so much better than the stressed out, exhausted mess I was at the beginning of the year.

Moral of the story: Let God interrupt your plans. You’ll thank Him later.

Also, never be ashamed of taking writing breaks. They’re a necessity for writers.

(And wow…that got deep and rambly just for a simple question. SOWWY.)


10.) Describe your writing process in 3 words or a gif!



. . .


Well, there you have it. A peek into my writing life. (Though I suspect you all already knew most of these answers since we’ve already established the fact that I talk about my writing life on this blog way too much.) Do we share any similar writing traits? And have you joined the Beautiful People linkup this month??? (Because, ya know, YOU SHOULD.)


  1. Great post, Christine! I like the Arthurian legend idea.

    I'm afraid I have to pass BP this month - too many things on the blogging plate between Rebelling Muse and Rebellious Writing (which is being released in *counts* 16 days!!!!)


    1. You are too sweet! Thank you!!! I think it'll be a fun story to write when the time comes. :)

      Awww, that's sad, but I understand! I've missed it occasionally myself because I've had so many other things going on the blog. It just happens sometimes. But at least you know there's always next month! Plus, you have exciting things to look forward to! :D

    2. No kidding! I've been looking forward to this release for a while. Hope I can do a BP on Gareth from "The Apple in the Snow" next month, I was kind of bummed that it was an author's one this time around.


    3. Oooh, I'd love to hear about your character from your Snow White story! I'm sure next month we'll be back to character questions. I look forward to it! :D

    4. I'll let you know when it's up!


  2. I get it about letting God interrupt your plans. Because he's always planning something, and it's always better than what we could have imagined. Even if we don't think so/see it at the time. :p

    Good luck on BT. I hope you can spend a little time on it this coming month.

    1. You said it! So many times in my life I've wondered why things are going the way they are, only later to find out God was working on something FAR better than my silly little earthly plans. Those God surprises in life are the BEST. He is so good!

      Thanks, girl! I hope so too. It's WAY past time to get back to it!

  3. Love this post! <3 *huggles it*

    I don't stick with one thing which is why I get NOTHING done... >.> *cough* Short stories are good for me though, to learn to focus and finish. XD

    Your "routine" under #3 is hilarious and so accurate. XDDD And I work best at night toooo!

    Actually, you DID remind me of AES a little when I was reading Burning Thorns... Other than that, I'm not sure? I'm not good at comparing things like writing styles. XD I think you write like LAURI and that's fantastic and one of my faves! ^_^

    Fight scenes are harrrd. -_-

    #8: ......
    :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
    OH MY GOODNESS THIS ARTHURIAN THING SOUNDS LIKE THE MOST COOL AND EPIC THING /EVAR/ AND ALSKDJFLKDJSLKJ I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS IDEA AND NOW I NEED IT TO BE A THIIIIING!!!! *flailing* I mean, I totally understand that it will be a far-in-the-future thing, like some of my own things that aren't ready to be written, but I NEEDS IT SOMEDAY PRECIOUS ACK!

    "Let God interrupt your plans. You’ll thank Him later." I love this so much. ^____^ I'm SO glad your break has been helpful! I should probably take a break sometime too. Keep reminding me that it's okay because I need to hear that. XD


    Anyways this post was GLORIOUS and I love. <3 Not doing BP because WHERE DO I FIND THE TIIIIIME??? But I enjoyed yours, as always! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

    1. *beams* THANK YOU!

      But you DO get things done! Because if you're not motivated by one project, you can go do another one. Where with me, if I'm feeling unmotivated about my current project I just...don't do anything writerly and it's a problem! (Like right now for instance. *cough, cough*)

      Hehehe. I wish I could say I was just joking, but my writing routine has looked like that before... *cough*

      REALLY? *flails* That's of the BEST compliments I could receive! THANK YOOOUUUU!!!! And awww, I'm glad you like the Lauri-Style. Hehe. YOU JUST MAKE MY DAY! <333

      Fight scenes are so hard. Ugh. There are SO many of them in my CoaDS series and it hurts my braaain. I've kind of avoided them in other stories, now that I know I don't like them. When I started that series, I had no idea I hated writing fight scenes. XD Now I know! Eheh...heh... *collapses*

      MEEP. You think so? AGH. THANK YOU!!! Yeah, I guess I haven't mentioned it to you...? It's just something I honestly don't think I'll write until I'm way more advanced in my writing career. It feels too heavy for me right now...if that makes sense. So I just don't really talk about it. But I DO really love the idea and so hope I will actually attempt it one day. And your enthusiasm is making me want to write it even moooore! :D

      I understand needing to be reminded that it's okay to take a break! Even still I sometimes beat myself up for not really writing all year. I'm MOSTLY okay with it, but there are some days... I think we writers are just too hard on ourselves. But I'm here to remind you again: IT'S OKAY TO TAKE A WRITING BREAK. Good, even. Seriously, breaks are magical, wonderful, NECESSARY things and you should never, ever feel guilty for taking one. *hugs*

      The GIF is me 99.7% of the time. XD

      Thank you so much, my dear Celti!

      I understand that! You have SO much going on with your blog right now! Sometimes we can't fit EVERYTHING in. *nods*

  4. I loved reading about an author's life! As a blogger who doesn't write books (*gasp* what???), I always enjoy reading about how people write and the inspiration and the editing and everything!

    1. I'm very glad to hear it! I fear I bore you all to death talking about my writing life so much. *sheepish grin* So it's wonderful to know even non-novel writers enjoy my rambles sometimes! ^_^

      And I know there are a LOT of bloggers who don't write books. Blogging is most certainly not just for the novel-writing community by any means! The blogging world is infinite. I love that about blogging!

  5. Loved this post! Also, thanks for reminding me about Beautiful People... I always intend to keep up with them, but then I forget. So, now I shall have to make sure I do this one, because it's fun!

    "Writing is my oxygen and I can never stop." <--- exactly!

    Fight scenes are SO HARD! I did a guest post about the things I've learned when it comes to writing fight scenes over here: which you may or may not find helpful!

    Sometimes taking a writing hiatus is very good. And I loved what you said about letting God interrupt your plans. It's so very true.

    I'm pretty sure that I'm going to finish up with July and go take a month-long nap from all social media through August..... whew... I'm exhausted... and I have editing to do!

    Lovely post! I enjoyed learning more about your process!

    1. Thank you! And you're most welcome! You should totally do it!!! I loved this edition. It was so fun! And I'd looove to see your answers! :D

      Oh my goodness, I will DEFINITELY be reading that post. Thank you, Jenelle! This is wonderful!

      I think if we're not writing ALL the time, we feel guilty about it. But very often we can write BETTER if we give our brains time to rest and rejuvenate. Something I have to remind myself quite a lot...

      That sounds like a plan! I can imagine with the SilmAwards and everything you ARE exhausted, yes! You deserve a good break!

      Thanks so much! ^_^

    2. I... I am actually thinking of maybe taking some serious internet/writing breaks during August as well... o.o *fellow SilmAward exhausted person* XD

    3. You BOTH completely and utterly deserve to take breaks in August! I highly recommend it. I know you each need it, most definitely. *nods*

  6. Fantastic post, Lauri! Thanks so much for sharing! #3 was SO ACCURATE it HURTS. Why, Pinterest, why??? And I lOVE Anne Elisabeth Stengl's novels, her writing is truly unique, but just what I've read of your stories and snippets (very little, actually...but I've LOVED every one I have read), I believe your writing has its own special voice, and that is amazing! Don't stop writing, and don't stop being yourself, m'dear. Also, I COMPLETELY understand about the dream-story-whose-time-has-not-yet-come. I have one (that sort of evolved into a spy tale... O.O) set in London, but like you, I would have to do some extreme research -- and would love to travel to do so!!! -- but that one will simply have to wait. And that's okay! Keep it up, girlie! You rock <3

    1. I'm so glad you thought so! Thank you!!!

      Oh my goodness, Pinterest is the joy AND bane of my existence. >.> It's a problem indeed...

      *clutches heart* SARAH. THAT IS SO NICE! YOU PRECIOUS THING!!! Thank you! That really encouraged me! Don't worry, I'll be writing until I'm in the grave! I don't think I COULD stop even if I wanted to.

      Whoa, that is awesome we BOTH have stories we want to write set in London. Who knows? Maybe God will take us there one day. Wouldn't that be amazing? *dreamy sigh*

  7. I need to do that focus on only one project, it must take lots of discipline. Your finishing time is pretty impressive too. Your writing routine is so relatable, basically exactly what I do. I think you and Anne Elisabeth Stengel have a lot in common because you both have such a beautiful ways with words. You enchant me with them. Really enjoyed getting a peak at your writing secrets.

    1. Honestly, I really admire people who can juggle multiple projects at once! I'd just NEVER get anything done if I did that. I'm not so good at balancing things...heh.

      I need to be more disciplined when I sit down to write. I get so distracted. XD

      SKYYYYYE. That just...that made my DAY. Or month! OR YEAR. Thank you so much! I...I don't even know what to saaay!

      I'm happy to hear you enjoyed seeing a peak into the scariness of my mind. Tehe. You're the best, Skye! <3

  8. The writing best at night thing is usually the same for me (though I can also write some horrid melodrama at night). A good percentage of my writing time, however, comes at night. I can understand the writing style thing. I think I've definitely picked up pieces from several different authors, but I don't know that I really write "in the style" of anyone. But really, I don't think too many authors write in the style of another, at least not beyond the surface.

    Best of luck with your edits and future writing endeavors for the year! I'm sort of both exceeding my writing goals and falling short of them. I'm really glad I've gotten over 14k written of a novel, because my last novel attempt (most of my work being short fiction) to reach more than a few thousand words was an 11k start back in middle school (whereas I'm going into my junior year in college now). At the same time, that 14k has spanned just under two months, and I've only written about 1,400 words comprising three stories outside of that novel in the past three months.

    1. I think I can write some seriously dramatic things at night, too. XD BUT sometimes if I have a scene that supposed to be particularly dramatic coming up, I'll purposely wait until nighttime to write it because I know I'll write it better then. Lol.

      I agree. I honestly never see books where I think, "Hey, these authors write exactly alike!" You know? Which I think is beautiful. God gave each and every one of us a unique voice. So even though there's nothing left original in the world, we can MAKE it original because however WE tell a story will be different from how ANOTHER PERSON tells it, even if it's more of less the same storyline. Anyways! That was a tangent. It just fascinates me how we each have a very different and distinct voice.

      Thank you! And the same to you! Congrats on the 14k! That's AWESOME. And don't forget, progress is progress. Whether it goes quickly or not, what matters is you're getting words in. *nods*

  9. Great post! I'm enjoying reading everyone's BP posts this month. It's so interesting to see how other people write!
    I TOTALLY get the "Okay, I'm going to write—oh, wait, social media" thing. It's so distracting! Have you ever tried the reward system where you write for a bit, and then reward yourself? (I've tried it... and it works if you are a really self-disciplined person... which is something I'm still working on).
    Also, it's really cool that your break from writing/blogging has helped you realize how much you love writing! There's a lot of wisdom in letting God interrupt and take over your plans (something else I'm working on, lol).

    1. Thank you! And I agree! I LOVE this month's BP edition. I'm totally nosy and love to see how other writers write. *grins*

      Ugh! I get so distracted or procrastinate or just...come up with every excuse in the world not to write. It's awful! But YES. I have tried that method! :D It's great! I do it pretty much always during NaNoWriMo and it helps sooo much! But...I fail to do it any other time that's not NaNo, thus I don't write nearly as much. I know it helps, so why don't I do it??? I don't know... *shakes head* Obviously, self-discipline is something I'm still working on too. Very much so! Lol.

      Oh, I'm working on that, too! Every single day. I'm the WORST about making my own plans and not leaving it all up to God. And He has to remind me again and again that His plans are better and I need to stop being a planning control freak. XD But He is merciful! And so, SO good. ^_^

  10. That routine looks all too familiar...That is literally me trying to write. XD Internet is sooooo distracting! :P

    Haha, I'm the same way about fight scenes! WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY OF THEM IF I DON'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE THEM? I will never know. XD

    Okay, so your Arthurian legend idea sounds EPIC. AND. LIKE. AWESOME. I would love to read it someday! :D

    And this ~> "Let God interrupt your plans. You’ll thank Him later." Yes. So much yes. *nods*

    1. Oh my goodness, the internet... *shakes head* I know some people turn off their wi-fi while they write. Something I've considered doing but...never had the strength to. I'M WEAK. XD

      SO I AM NOT ALONE??? I'm glad to hear it! Though not glad to hear you struggle with them as well. I don't know, I guess us speculative fiction writers just can't always avoid fight scenes. *sigh*

      *squeaks* MADELINE. You are too kind! THANK YOU!!! I really, REALLY do want to write it someday. It just...may be some FAR day. Heh.

      Isn't it beautiful how His plans are so much better than ours. He's so good! ^_^

  11. Loved reading this! #3 made me smile. That's why handwriting is good -- no Pinterest!

    Loved your answer for #8, sounds awesome! I live in Scotland so really London is not that far away, but still it's been three years now since I last properly went there! (I say "properly", because if you're travelling to the south of England from, like, anywhere else in Britain, you mostly have to go via London. But that's normally just a quick shimmy through a train station, not an Actual Visit.)

    I hope you can come and write your novel there one day!

    ~ Emily @

    1. *BEAMS* Thank you!!! Oh man, you're right about handwriting! I bet that's a lot less distracting. I honestly haven't handwritten a story in probably...10 years or so though. o.o Typing is just so much easier and causes a lot less hand cramps. *sheepish grin*

      You live in Scotland? :O That is so cool!!!

      Thanks, girl! I hope so, too. It's my dream to visit all that area one day!

  12. That Arthurian legend story sounds super cool! It's like the sequel to BBC Merlin that needs to happen. XD Thanks so for sharing. ^ ^

    1. Awww, thank you! And oh my goodness, GUESS WHAT. The end of Merlin is what first inspired the idea! :x Just...yes. It needs to happen!

  13. Oh my word!!!!! That Arthurian legend story sounds utterly FABULOUS!!! I would love to hear more about it!! And writing a story in London is literally the best thing ever. YOU MUST DO THIS. I have this crazy dream of locking myself away in mystical mountains for about a year whilst writing a novel. It'll probably never happen, if I'm being perfectly honest with myself, but I would absolutely LOVE to travel. So yeah. I can totally understand wanting to go to London to write a book! (Especially if that book takes place in London. Sometimes Google Maps just doesn't cut it, you know?)

    Also, I know I'm just a newbie follower, but I loved getting to see your writing process! It actually reassured me, because I'M CONSTANTLY GETTING HUNG UP ON TWITTER!! It is TERRIBLE!!! ������ Seriously, Twitter is like an addiction for writers, haha! XD

    1. Okay... So my comment changed my emojis to strange question mark symbols...?? Hahahahaha!!! Sorry about that!! XD

    2. AAAHHHHH, GIRL. That is so nice of you to say! Now you're making me all excited about it all over again!

      Writing the story while on a long vacation in London is the DREAM. Who knows if it'll EVER happen though. Heh. And, like you said, Google Maps definitely doesn't always cut it. You can't experience the culture and secret little places and things by just looking at pictures of things from your computer.

      Okay, I am in LOVE with your dream of writing in the mountains. I loooove mountains! That sounds like such a magical idea. :D

      Awww, I'm glad you enjoyed my rambles! ^_^ But YES. Twitter. AGH. And Pinterest and other people's blogs and just the internet in general IS SO DISTRACTING. I mean, I COULD have more self control buuuut I'd rather just blame social media for being so distracting and causing all my procrastination. ;D

      (Yeah, Blogger seems to have a thing against emojis. It's very rude. >.>)

  14. A BP by Christine! And it's ABOUT Christine, so even better! :D

    Okay, #3 was so me earlier this week. >.< I find the distraction gets especially bad when I'm either tired or I don't know what I'm doing. In this case it was the latter. I'm writing an alternate first chapter for TBT, just experimenting with advice I got during my Realm Makers critique. Because I didn't know where to begin, I copied the original chapter into a blank doc, stared at it for a few seconds, then slunk away to answer some blog comments. Just to warm up my writer brain and typing fingers, I told myself. HA. Pretty soon the evening was gone and I had barely touched my chapter. XD

    But you say your novel playlists help you get in the mood--coincidentally, my TBT playlist got me going today! (Josiah utilized his pro playlist skills to make one for me a month or two ago!)

    Ughhh, I so hear you on the fight scene struggles! I find them difficult too, so why on earth do I write novels that require so many? XD Ooh, but have you heard of Carla Hoch? She's the one who did the fight workshop at RM. I've taken a peek at her site, I think, and she has alllll kinds of fighting and weapon related posts! Her archives might be helpful to you!

    But HOLD UP. Have I heard of this idea before? King Arthur on a motorcycle?!?! I LOVE THIS. I've known you liked Arthurian legend for a long time, but this might be the first I've heard of your story idea. You gotta write it someday. o.o

    That gif is so accurate. XD

    1. Awwww! YOU. <3

      Ugh. The struggle is reeeal. I DEFINITELY have the hardest time focusing when I'm especially tired. Or, like you said, not sure where I'm going next with the story. And I have toootally decided to go read blogs or answer an email or check a social media site "real quick" to "warm up the brain and fingers" and then...the day is gone. Yep, yep. It's such a problem! XD But, I have to say, I'm super excited to hear you're working some more on TBT! It's soooo cool you got some critiques for it at Realm Makers!

      YAY!!! That's wonderful! There's just nothing like music to inspire us. (And huzzah for Josiah's playlist making skills!)

      You too??? Why DO we subject ourselves with novels with dozens of fight scenes? We're so crazy. XD But oh my goodness, THANK YOU FOR THE WEBSITE LINK. I hadn't heard of Carla Hoch until everyone was talking about her from Realm Makers, but I didn't know she had a whole website teaching this stuff. THANK YOU!!! I'm bookmarking this right now!

      Nope! This is the first time I've ever mentioned it to anyone. It's one of those stories that's just been tucked away secretly in my brain. Hehe. For some reason, it's a really special story to me. I guess 'cause I'm such a King Arthur nerd? I don't know! But I know I WILL write it someday. Just...maybe not someday very soon... But it excites me you like the idea! :D

      I think that gif describes my LIFE, not just my writing. XD


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