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Beautiful People - Lystraea {June 2017}


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It’s meh favorite time of the month. BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE TIIIIME. And I haven’t actually done one since March. *gasp* *shock* *ack* So I’m super excited to be doing one today! It’s only my favorite linkup ever.

Today I decided to feature Lystraea from, you guessed it, Burning Thorns. (Really, do I ever do BP posts for any character from my other novels anymore??? I only have like 23849834 characters from my many, many novels. Sheesh.) It occurred to me the other day that I…haven’t done a BP post for her. Or if I have, it was ages ago and my goldfish memory has no memory of this place. But either way, WE’RE DOING LYSTRAEA TODAY. And I’m a smidge excited.

Lystraea is an elf, and her story is quiiiiite the mystery. (And she may or may not be trapped inside a mirror. *cough*) So if my answers are vague, I apologize. She’s not a main, main character, as in we don’t see her a whole lot, but she kind of ties the whole plot together. Like…the WHOLE plot. So yeah, spoiling things about her would basically spoil the whole book… BUT WE’RE DOING THIS THING ANYWAY.



White haze swirled inside the mirror. Nothing more. Purely white mist and silence. Not even the air felt real—ethereal, weightless. Like floating through a dream.

She never hungered, never thirst. She merely was. A soul with no body, existing in the nothingness around her. All substance came from the outside world.

A rounded window that vanished and appeared at her will allowed view beyond the hazy prison. Small, webbed cracks now tainted her sight to the tangible world.

Her view had changed from the rooms of the castle her feet—real, physical feet—had walked within for not an entire fortnight before the curse took hold of her. Now she peered through the window inside another, smaller castle. Here she had no ability to transport from mirror to mirror with a mere thought as she had done in the Forest castle.

Sometimes she thought she felt it, the Forest trying to tug her home, bring her back to its borders. But the connection weakened by the day.

Never had she thought her prison could become smaller.




1.) What’s their favorite place they’ve ever visited?

Well, she adores her home in the Forest of the Fae. (All the people that live in the Forest are called “fae”. Her race is an elf, but in general she’s a fae, like we’re called humans…if that makes sense.) Honestly, she loves it more than just about anything. But she does have a sweet spot for the human world, and has traveled all across the many human kingdoms outside the Forest. She loves learning the ways of humans, and also teaching them of her ways. Many stories are passed around of the elf woman who visits human villages giving away breathtaking, unearthly white roses. It’s kind of her thing.

One of her favorite places is the exotic kingdom of Mysira far to the south. The wild dances of the people fascinate her, and she loves their colorful clothing.

2.) What’s one mistake they made that they learned from?

She learns—in a very difficult and drawn out way—that trying to force someone to follow one’s beliefs may cause the opposite effect and drive them away. That there is a very fine line between justice and mercy. Mercy often overpowers justice. And that love is so much more important and powerful than law. (And yes, I know it said one mistake, but this all does connect, I promise!)

Lystraea is naturally a kind and loving person, but her strong beliefs in law and justice often get in the way of that part of her. She has to go through a lot of growth.

3.) What was their favorite subject in school? Or favorite thing to learn about?

History. Lystraea can never get enough of learning about the history of her people, the Forest, and even the human kingdoms. She loves culture of all kind.

4.) What’s their favorite flower/growing thing?

Well, this one is easy. Roses. Her rose garden is her pride and joy. Especially the white ones. She could spend hours upon hours amongst her roses.

But she does love all growing things. It kind of comes with being an elf. The elves’ very purpose is to grow things, and have mastered the art to a spectacular degree.

5.) Have they ever made someone cry? What happened?

I think Lystraea has caused angry tears more so than sad ones. Remember the whole she-had-to-learn-mercy-over-justice thing? Her strong sense of the law and justice has caused some…problems with a couple of people.

OH. And she did cause both Rose and the Dragon to shed some tears at a certain point or two. But, um, I can’t really tell you why.

6.) Would you consider them a reliable or unreliable narrator?

Well, I think Lystraea only has one short point-of-view in the whole novel. But she’s very reliable. She’ll tell you how it is. Which is probably why she only has one POV. Being in her head is too spoiler-y. XD

7.) What do they dream about at night?

Once, she dreamed of beautiful things—of her home, of enchanted fairy dances, of new places and swirls of colors. Now her dreams are much darker. Shadows haunt her dreams. Thus she rarely chooses to sleep, because she doesn’t actually need sleep due to…reasons. Occasionally she’ll sleep out of sheer boredom, but the dark things tend to creep in and wake her.

Though, every now and again, her mind is kind to her and gives her a peek of the golden days in her dreams. It’s for those rare moments that she attempts sleep.

8.) They’ve gone out for a “special meal.” What would they eat?

The Forest boasts much delicious fruit and game, but for something special, she’d probably go to one of the human kingdoms and try a new dish. Again, she loves Mysira’s culture. A traditional dish of theirs is their exotic vegetables split open with spicy sauce poured inside. That’s something she definitely loves to partake in. She much prefers fruits and veggies over heavy meat-oriented meals.

9.) Do they have any distinguishing or unique talents?

Yes! The Giver of Lights (the God-figure of this world) gave her the gift to grow green things. As in, she can literally make flowers, plants, even trees sprout straight up from the ground with her ability. Fun stuff, fun stuff.

She also has a particular special gift she can give any one person she chooses. Buuut that’s spoilers, sweetie.

Although none of this stuff serves her anymore, since she’s trapped in a mirror. AHEM.

10.) What’s at least one thing they want to do before they die?

Heh heh. This is an…interesting question due to things only my beta-readers will get. *grins* (I’m evil, I know.)

But seriously now, her ultimate goal and purpose in life is to spread the Light. To combat the darkness, and shine the Giver’s light across the world. Her greatest task is to fill the Forest with light and keep the shadows at bay. That has always been her aim in life, since she was old enough to understand light vs. darkness.

~ ~ ~

Well then. I hope these answers were vague and confusing enough for you. Eheh. Spoiler-y characters are hard to do Beautiful People posts for, I can’t help it!

But wow, now I desperately miss working on Burning Thorns. This story is my heart, guys! It’s my goal hope to start the second round of edits on it in a few weeks. I’m chomping at the bit to get at it again (especially after writing this post!), and hopefully by then life will be a smidge less crazy. (Shhhh, let me live with my delusions.)


Speak! O fair blog readers. What do you think of Lystraea? Did you manage to grasp anything about her from all this babbling confusion? (You might not have, but this actually gave me a much deeper understanding of her. Yay for BP!) Most importantly here, have you joined this month’s Beautiful People???


  1. CHRISTINE! *tackle-hugs* *stands up* Sorry.

    This was awesome. I love your characters so much. This is so creative! (But seriously - you need to choose charries who don't give anywhere NEAR so many spoiler-half-answers! I want to KNOW STUFF!!!!!!

    I need to do this month's BP, but I'm trying to write three different projects simultaneously, so... yeah. :/ I might get around to it eventually, but blogging is really hard to squeeze in this month, so... yeah.

    1. *tackle-hugs back* HELLO, MY DEAR! You make me smile! I'm glad you enjoyed this! I had fun writing it. But...eheh, yeeeah. I do tend to pick the spoiler-y ones, don't I? Problem is, I think MOST of my characters are pretty spoiler-y. I get a leetle obsessed with giving all my characters secrets and mysterious pasts and things. XD

      Oh wow! I usually can only ever work on one project at a time. I so admire you for juggling THREE. It would be soooo fun if you did a BP, but I totally understand not finding time to blog. That's why I had gone on a hiatus. time for blogging. Life does that sometimes. I guess we just have to roll with it. *nods*

  2. I like the premise for Lysteraea! She sounds like a really cool character, and I can't wait to see more of her!

    I'm working on my BP, the character is from my upcoming Camp NaNoWriMo/Rooglewood piece called The Apple in the Snow. Hopefully it will up within the next two days or so, I'm a little behind since I've been working with the #RebelliousWriting movement for the past couple of weeks.


    1. Awww, thank you! I may have to do another BP post for her one day! *nods*

      Oh, oh, that's soooo exciting you'll be doing one from your Rooglewood entry! And it's exciting you already have a title and everything for your Snow White story. MEEP. I love seeing everyone already getting to work on their contest entries! :D

    2. Thanks, I'm really excited for this one. So far I haven't done much plotting yet...

      I finished my BP last night, here is the link in case you are interested:


  3. I need to feature one of my characters on Beautiful People sometime! I'm sooo glad that I've found another blogger who's writing a fairy tale twist. Those are my favorite to read and my favorite to write. In fact, my novel is a twist of FOUR of them!
    Lysteraea sounds amazing. I can't wait to hear more about Burning Thorns!
    ~ Delilah Red (

    1. YES. Beautiful People is my favorite linkup. It's sooo fun!

      Another fairytale retellings lover! LET ME TACKLE YOU. *tackles* Fairytale retellings are my faaaaaave. I can NEVER get enough of them! And oh my goodness, the more fairytales put into one story the better. That is awesome!!!

      Thank you so much! ^_^

  4. Aww! I hope the poor girl escapes. *cries uncontrollably*
    Anyway, she is SO INTERESTING. Your characters are so cool!!! XD

    I've been working on putting some more.... strange characters in my book. There's this one dude names Darien Orion with MPD, and he's quite..... special. *cringes*

    1. Hahaha! I'm so cruel to my characters. XD

      But THANK YOOOUUUU. That means a lot! ^_^

      Strange characters are my FAVE. I bet yours are all so fun! :D (I love the name Darien by the way!)

    2. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!! lol
      You're welcome!!!!
      I thought Darien was a perfect name. XD

  5. Excuuuuse me. But trapped inside a mirror? WELL THAT SOUNDS LIKE EXCELLENT FUN. Really cool idea though. And I looooved that snippet/scene/thingamy at the beginning. It's got such a cool style and it gives me excited shivers.

    1. *griiiins* I've actually ALWAYS been fascinated by the idea of someone trapped in a mirror or a mirror world or just...MIRRORS. I have this weird obsession with mirrors. It was only a matter of time before I threw a character in one. XD

      Thank you, Jaaane! <3333

  6. I like Lysteraea! She's got a really pretty name. ^ ^ I also like that she grows things. :)

    I did Beautiful People too!

    1. Thank you! That makes me feel better you like her name. She went through a name change and I struggled for the LONGEST finding a name that fit her. And I still sometimes wonder if Lystraea works. But I think it'll probably stay that now. ^_^

      Oh yay! I love your BP posts! I must go read it. I haven't had internet in the last few days and am so behind on blogs. But I've missed reading everyone's posts!

  7. I love Lystraea's name! It's so pretty!

    She's trapped in a mirror? Poor gal. The mercy/justice conflict is super intriguing and such an interesting theme to explore (especially alongside the fairy tale theme of your novel). :)

    1. Thank yoouuu!!! That makes me really happy, because I actually struggled with naming her for the LONGEST. And sometimes I still wonder if I named her the right thing. So you're making me feel better. ^_^

      I have this weird fascination with mirror, so it was only a matter of time before a put one of my characters in one. XD
      It was really interesting for my to explore the mercy/justice thing, yes! My characters actually taught me a lot during the writing process! Funny how that can happen.

  8. Lystraea sounds so interesting! (And I love her name!) I can't wait to learn more about her when Burning Thorns is published! ;)

    And that exceeerrppt. <3

    I did Beautiful People, too! And my character's favorite flower is also roses! :D

    I loved reading about Lystraea, Christine! <3


    1. *flails happily* Thank you, Liv!!! I actually had a hard time with her name, so it makes me really happy to hear you like what I finally settled on. ^_^
      Hehe. It is my dream to have it published. Maybe one day...

      You're just so sweet, girl! <3

      Ooooh, you did BP, too? I MUST READ YOUR POST. I haven't had internet lately and am sooo behind on blogs. But I WILL catch up and read everyone's posts!

  9. Sounds like a fascinating character! I'd be up for reading her story!

    1. Thank you, Blue! There's no greater compliment for a writer than someone saying they're interested in their story! ^_^

  10. She sounds so interesting! What a cool name, too. Though I'm not sure I'd be able to pronounce it... But those are the best kinds of names. Excited to read this story! - Abi

    1. Thank you so much!!!

      Haha! I wondered if I spelled her name in a weird way. I've considered respelling it. I'm bad at figuring out how I want to spell my strange fantasy names. XD It's pronounced Lih-stray-uh.

  11. Ahhh, I love the snippet you included! Lystraea sounds like such a fascinating character <3 like an antagonist, but not a villain? If that makes sense XD she kind of reminds me of Javert from Les Mis, in a way, in how she's naturally a kind person but her thirst for justice can get in the way.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. MEEP. Thank you, Ellie!!! Hmmm... Her character is pretty confusing. It even hurts my brain. XD I wouldn't say she's an antagonist...not exactly. She's really one of the nicest characters in the book. XD She's just a little misguided sometimes. Haha. I have NEVER thought of her like Javert. That is a very interesting comparison. o.o Huh. Maybe she is a smidge. What a thought!

  12. Lystraea sounds like such a fascinating character! (yes, I had to look back at the post to see how to spell that... xD) And she lives in a mirror? My, still trying to figure that one out - so intriguing!

    I don't care if you only do characters from Burning Thorns, because they all seem magical. :) I can't WAIT to read it one day.

    1. Awww, thank you, Emily!!! (But yeeeah, sometimes I wonder if I should change how I spell her name. Haha.)
      Yep, she lives in a mirror. For some reason I have this weird fascination with mirrors, so I couldn't help myself. XD

      WELP. That just made my day. Thank you!!! <333

  13. Number 10 :). It's kind of fun to read the vague hints and know what you're getting at. I did not think to compare her to Javert until I read Ellie's comment. That's sort of mind-blowing, especially the um, contrast, in the way both characters end up.

    Also, it's about time you got more done on BT :). I mean, it's good that you're not rushing things. Good things done well take time, and it's worth it. But I will probably should for joy when you announce that you've got a publisher.

    1. I love leaving little tidbits that I know only me beta-readers will fully understand. Like little Easter eggs for you guys. Hehe.

      I know, right? I would have NEVER thought of comparing her to Javert but...maybe a little? It's such a strange but fascinating thought!

      IT IS SO TIME. I am ashamed that I haven't gotten to the second round of edits yet! But life has just...been pretty insane. But don't worry, it WILL get edited and queried. IT WILL. I'm just not always super speedy with things. Eheh. But you guys constantly cheering me on (and threatening me with frying pans XD) pushes me forward. <3

  14. Ooh, what a neat post! :D I always love your BP behind-the-scenes on BT (or whatever else) posts! ^_^

    Oh my goodness, knowing Things about her and the book as I do, this was verrry interesting to read. XD Eheh. I'm amazed you were able to say ANYTHING (let alone so much interestingness!) without giving away aaall the spoilers! Heehee. :D (Just shows your brilliance again. ;))

    :O That pic of her!! So cool!

    *has not joined BP in ages either and is slightly sad about it but hasn't had inspiration either sooo*

    Anyways, I sooo enjoyed this, and it makes me super excited that you're hoping to get back to editing again!! YESSS! :D

    Thanks for shariiiiing! ^_^

    1. D'awwww, thank you, Celti! I have so much fun writing these!

      Hahaha! I always feel like these are much more interesting for my beta-readers, since I can never actually say much without spoiling things for everyone else. I'm so bad. But...I try. Haha. But thank you! Yeah, she was a tough one to do, and I probably ended up spoiling things even though I tried not to...

      I miss you doing BP! I'm sorry you haven't had any inspiration. D: D: D: POOR CELIT. *quickly whips together inspirational cookies for you*

      Thank YOU! Your comments always, ALWAYS make me so happy! <333

  15. Lystraea, Love that elf. I love being in on the secret. Even though I know quite a bit about her, I will take any additional information I can get on your awesome characters. I will never get tired of them, so I really enjoyed this post! <3

    1. *beams* Skyyyye. You never cease to make me smile. I honestly didn't know all this about Lystraea myself until I started making this post! That's why I love BP so much. It always helps me get a deeper grasp on my charries.

      Thanks so much, Skye! <3

  16. Christine! I want to read this book soooooo bad!!!

    All of your vague answers are so intriguing:) I can't wait to meet Lystraea officially some day!
    How do you pronounce her name? Also how do you pronounce Mysira?

    1. Giiiiirl!!! You make my day every single time. THANK YOU!!! Encouragement like that helps me keep going.

      Lystraea is pronounced Lih-stray-uh. (Lih as in short i sound). Mysira is My-seer-uh. I've considered changing how I spell Lystraea. It may look a little strange. Lol.

    2. I actually think the spelling of Lystraea makes it look very elvish

    3. Awww, that makes me feel better. Thank you!

  17. Christine! I have not been to your blog for months and months! (I was on hiatus ... in Kenya!) But this was a lovely post. I LOVE the concept of being trapped in the mirror! So, is Burning Thorns a Beauty and the Beast retelling? I'm taking that from Rose and the Dragon ... mostly just going with the idea of roses and a monster ... I guess it could also be Sleeping Beauty ... or maybe even, wow, NOT a retelling?!

    Anyway. This book sounds awesome! I totally know how it feels to be so DESPERATE to get back to your story. I wrote a book in Kenya, and then I finished it, and I had seven weeks in between finishing it, and coming back to start editing the book I'm editing just now. THOSE SEVEN WEEKS WERE TORTURE. SERIOUSLY. I hate not novelling. Hate it with a passion!

    1. *tackle-glomps* HIIII!!! It's so good to hear from you! Oh my goodness, you've been in Kenya??? Aaaaahhhhhh!!!! That is amazing! I bet you had the most magical time and have a thousand stories to tell!

      D'awww, your comment is making me smile all over the place. Burning Thorns IS a Beauty and the Beast retelling, YES. You got it right the first time. And it kind of excites me that it's so easily recognizable as a B&B story. That's my favorite fairytale. It was only a matter of time before I wrote a retelling of it. XD

      Isn't it the best feeling in the world being so in love with your novel? There's just no other feeling like it! That is absolutely wonderful you're so passionate about your story!

  18. Burning Thoooorns! Lystraeaaaa! I miss everyone so much! <333 This was a fabulous BP, as always. Like Celti said, it's amazing you managed to say so much about Lystraea without giving things away!

    #1: SEE. Now I miss the Forest too!!! But is that new world building I spot? Mysira? Unless it's been so long that I forgot about it, which is quite possible. XD Either way, I love it!

    #2: That...sounds a lot like me. :P And a smidgen like Hadrian's strong drive for justice, though that issue is a lot more central for Lystraea!

    #4: Roses. Of course it's roses.

    #7: I feel so sorry for her, being trapped in the mirror! Sleeping out of sheer boredom? And the dark things creeping into her dreams? *sniffles*

    And #10: allll the spoilers, mwahaha! *feels superior and in the know* XD

    1. *BEEEAMS* AWWWW!!!!! That makes so happyyyy! ^_^
      I'm glad I was able to say SOMETHING about her. She's so spoiler-y, I wasn't sure how well this post would go. XD

      It's...both new world building and NOT new world building. (I make so much sense, I know.) There was one tiny part in BT where a foreign kingdom called Mysira was mentioned, but that was it. I've had some vague ideas of making Mysira an India-like place and setting a future book there. But I learned SO much more about it while writing this post. That's why I love BP! It ALWAYS makes me discover something new about my story or characters.

      You know what? I've actually thought about how Lystraea and Hadrian are very similar! Or they at least have the same beliefs and somewhat similar character arcs. It's fun!

      Roses everywhere. XD

      I'm so not nice to my poor charries...

      *cackles* Yesssh. It's so much fun having beta-readers because at least SOME people know what I'm talking about. XD


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