Monday, February 13, 2017

10 Screen Couples Who Give Me ALL the Heart Eyes

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Or, as some may call it, Happy Eat as Much Chocolate as Possible Day! Except I don’t like chocolate. *gasp* It’s truuuue.

Ahem. SO. In honor of this smushy, heartsy time, I thought I’d do something fun. Today I’m going to list 10 of some of my most favoritest screen couples! Why only screen couples? Because last year I did a list of My Favorite Book Couples via Tracey Dyck's brilliant Valentine’s themed book linkup she had hosted. So since I’ve already shared some of the most adorable bookish couples (though at that time I had yet to read all of The Lunar Chronicles or Percy Jackson, so you can add Cress & Thorne and Percy & Annabeth to that list now), this year I’m going to give my TV dears the spotlight!

I’m limiting myself to only 10 since we don’t want this post to take so long it’ll be next Valentine’s before you’re done reading it (I SHIP A LOT OF PEOPLE, OKAY). BUT. I still feel like I forgot someone super important. Who even knows? I JUST LOVE ALL THE BABIES.


The Doctor & Rose
Doctor Who

The Doctor is lonely. HE IS THE LAST OF HIS KIND. HE’S SEEN SO MANY PEOPLE DIE. NOTHING IS OKAY. He needs someone at his side—to keep him company, to keep him from making mistakes, to hold his hand when everything falls apart again and again and again. But he can’t just have anyone. They have to be brave, someone who can hold their own, someone who’s kind and selfless but isn’t afraid to put the Doctor in his place.

Then comes a girl named Rose. Who sees the human side of the Doctor, who accepts him and lives for the dangerous, adventurous life he leads her on. She’s everything the Doctor ever needs.

And just…

No, no. I’m fine. My heart just made an explosion bigger than that time the TARDIS exploded. JUST LEAVE MY TO MY PAIN. WHATEVER.


Merlin & Freya
Merlin (BBC)

Merlin is much like the Doctor in that he’s LONELY. He has to keep his magic secret otherwise, ya know, HE’LL BE BRUTALLY MURDERED. He has basically the whole of Camelot’s fate on his shoulder. And being Arthur’s servant is, erm, not easy.

With Freya, he doesn’t have to hide who he is. Freya gives him hope of a quiet, simple life away from his burdensome destiny. A life to live with someone who accepts his magic and loves him for it. Someone just as sweet, selfless, and gentle-spirited as he is. THEY WERE PERFECT. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT.



(Disclaimer: Merlin and Doctor Who are my favorite shows of all time, even if they make me want to stab everything and/or cry enough tears to fill a second ocean.)

(Also shoutout to the Doctor and Merlin for being my two most favorite TV characters period.)


Shawn & Juliet

Yes, let’s move away from the BBC shows to something light.

SHAWN AND JULES THOUGH. Shawn is the biggest manchild to ever exist, and we all adore him for it. His ridiculousness and ability to reference every TV show and movie to ever exist knows no bounds. Then we have Juliet— or “Jules” as Shawn adorably calls her—who is just levelheaded enough to rein Shawn in when he needs it (which is a lot), but also has the perfect amount of a carefree attitude and good humor to let Shawn be himself and appreciate his absurdities. She also speaks quite fluently in Moviequote-ese herself. The perfect couple? I THINK SO. Ooooh, is the shipping hard with this show. SO MUCH SHIPPING.


Rapunzel & Flynn

Are you even surprised?

Not only is Flynn my top favorite animated Disney guy to exist, Rapunzel is basically my spirit animal. Flynn literally has every. single. one. of my favorite traits for fictional characters—humorous charm, an amazing reluctant-hero character arc, he’s a THIEF (I have this weird thing for thieves in fiction, I DON’T EVEN KNOW), a golden heart hidden deep beneath a tragic past, it’s just all there! Then there’s perky, fun, oblivious but utterly sweet Rapunzel that brings out the best in him and just SLKDJLFJ:LSDJJF. I LOVE THEMMM.



Ella & Kit
Cinderella (2015)


Cinderella has always been one of my top, top favorite fairytales. I probably watched the Disney animated version around 29389434 times when I was little. I’ve always loved and admired Cinderella herself because of her sweet spirit. She never grew bitter, even though none of us would have blamed her if she did. The whole story is fantastic except…we see the Prince like ONCE. He doesn’t even have a name! Do you really expect me to believe they fell in love after one, like, 2 minute dance? Who even IS this creepy guy going around forcing girls to try on a slipper? It’s all just WEIRD.

Well, Disney fixed their mistakes of the animated version. This live action one is PERFECTION. Not only do we get to actually know the Prince, Cinderella gets to as well before going off and marrying him! *gasp* What a crazy idea! And hey, turns out he’s a completely sweet guy. The perfect match for our gentle-spirited Ella.



Hiccup & Astrid
How to Train Your Dragon & How to Train Your Dragon 2

We all love these two, am I right?

The dynamics between Hiccup and Astrid are the BEST. Obviously their relationship starts off a little rocky. Astrid is the tough girl who doesn’t want this scrawny boy getting in her way. But I LOVE how Hiccup earns her respect. She may fight dragons, but he can train them and ride the most feared dragon in the land. SURPRISE!

And can we talk about how they didn’t do the stereotypical the-couple-must-break-up-in-the-sequel-to-add-tension nonsense that always happens in sequels???? Hiccup and Astrid were still their adorable selves, and would do anything for each other in the 2nd movie. No stupid fights and useless couple drama. And *gasp* it was still a good movie! Who knew???

True love.


Fitz & Simmons
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

These two, my word. Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons became best friends in their time in the S.H.I.E.L.D Academy and are the “brains” of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D team, Fitz being an engineer and Simmons a bio-chemic. They’re such good friends that everyone in the show just refers to them as Fitz-Simmons because they’re basically the same person.

Actual representation of their relationship.

I’m a sucker for the couples who started out as complete best friends, and Fitz-Simmons are the MOST. ADORABLE. While everyone else is off shooting bad guys, they’re locked up in their labs and are kind of the innocent children of the group. I kind of get frustrated with this show a lot, but I keep watching it because of Fitz-Simmons.


(But I haven’t seen any of season 4 yet so if there are spoilers, NO SHARING PLEASE.)


Westley & Buttercup
The Princess Bride

I couldn’t decide if to do this one since The Princess Bride is a book (which I have read). But I think most of us know The Princess Bride as a movie, and I’m specifically talking about the movie version.

But ANYWHO. Westley and Buttercup! They’re anything but perfect—Buttercup is kind of a brat, and Westley is a bit cocky and, ya know, becomes a pirate. BUT. They bring out the best in each other, and I think that’s what makes their relationship work so well. Brat though she may have been, Buttercup becomes a much softer person when she falls in love, and throws away any prejudices she may have had. After all, she’d rather marry a serving boy/pirate than the prince. While Westley would do absolutely anything in the world to keep his Buttercup safe. I mean, they’re not exactly a role model couple. *cough, cough* But come on, guys. IT’S WESTLEY AND BUTTERCUP. Even the little boy, who wants nothing to do with “kissing books”, was shipping them by the end.


Robin Hood & Marian
Robin Hood (BBC)

Oh look, another BBC. Show. Hahaha. Ha. Ha. Ahem.

Well, Robin Hood and Marian are obviously a classic! And I love the portrayals of them in this show. The ever charming Robin Hood is not exactly secretive about his feelings for Marian. While Marian is much more levelheaded and reluctant, but, deep down, you know she cares for him.

I mean, sometimes he still gets on her nerves.

I particularly love this Marian because she manages to be very much a girl and have a sweet heart, but isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty if she has to. She’s the perfect ally for Robin Hood. She will put her life in danger to help the people of her village or get Robin out of sticky situations, but she’s not the type that absolutely has to be “one of the boys” that’s so popular for female characters in this culture. That show, erm, was rather low budget and had its flaws (though I still adore it, cheesiness, historical inaccuracies, and all), but the writers did an amazing job of creating a couple that makes sense. Some fictional couples are ridiculous, because in real life those people would in no way work as a couple. But these two compliment each other perfectly.

But I’m also a total Robin Hood nerd so I may be a bit biased. *grins*


David & Mary Margaret (a.k.a Prince Charming & Snow White)
Once Upon a Time

The amount of couples in this show go on for daaaays, but the writers always come back to these two. Why? Because their relationship is BEAUTIFUL.

These two have a solid relationship. (Once we get past the first season that is.) Most stories add drama and tension by constantly causing tiffs between the couples. Which, yeah, is a good story device. I’ve done it many a time myself. But sometimes it’s a breath of fresh air to just have a couple that genuinely loves each other. One that you know will never break. Something real and eternal, like marriage is supposed to be. And that’s exactly what David and Mary Margaret have. Sure, they have some hardships. Any two people do. But they always, always have unshakable love for one another. It’s their very love that keeps not only themselves, but everyone else around them on stable ground when all seems hopeless. It’s their love that keeps them from never, ever giving up, however many horrible things happen to them. (And, let me tell you, a lot of horrible things happen to them. o.o)

Mary Margaret’s gentle and sweet nature and David’s chivalry and selflessness makes for an unstoppable team.

I think sometimes this world needs a fairytale romance.


(I’ve only seen up to halfway through season 4, so like with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, NO SPOILERS PLEASE.)

~ ~ ~

And there we have 10 of my most shippety ships to ever grace my TV screen. But, like I said, I limited myself to just 10. THERE ARE SO MANY MORE.

Honorable mentions go to: Arthur & Guinevere (BBC’s Merlin), Carl & Ellie (Up, ALL THE TEARS), Amy & Rory (Doctor Who), and Anna & Kristoff (Frozen). And probably a thousand billion more I’m not thinking of right now.


NOW IT’S YOUR TURN. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’d absolutely love for everyone to join in on this. So feel free to make a list of your own to post on your blog. I ENCOURAGE IT. And if you do make a post, be sure to link it to me so I can squeal with you about all the precious babies! Or, if you don’t have a blog or just don’t feel like making a post, list your favorites in the comments. LET US GUSH!!!


  1. And here I thought perhaps I was done writing all my February posts... but this is one I might just have to jump in on. Though I mostly was going, "Yup" to all of the ones you mentioned... (I think the only thing on there I haven't seen yet is the BBC Robin Hood)

    1. Oooops. Hahaha! Sowwy! The urge to flail over all the ships is just too strong. XD

      Oh, Jenelle, you should try Robin Hood! I mean, it's sooo illogical and cheesy and the ending is pretty awful, buuut it's still a ton of fun for us Robin Hood nerds. Hehe.

  2. I haven't seen *Agents of Shield* and I've only ever seen a few episodes of *Psych*, but I've definitely seen all the rest! AND MERLIN AND FREYA AND ROBIN AND MARIAN. OH MY STARS, YESSSSS!!!! ALL THE FEELS. (*breaks down into tears because oh, my poor little heart*)

    Ella and Kit, too! Oh, they're too sweet! <3

    Great post, Christine!


    1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is fairly good, though it's pretty dark. But Psych is HILARIOUS. Though both those shows can have iffy content, just warning you there.

      BUT ALL MY BBC BABIES. ALL THE FEELS INDEED. *breaks down into tears with you* As my sister and I say, BBC is paid by the tears of its viewers. >.>

      Ella and Kit are just PRECIOUS. It gives me all the fuzzy feels. ^_^

      Thanks so much, girl. Glad you liked it!

  3. Yes to all of them!!!!! Especially the Doctor and Rose, Flynn and Rapunzel and David and Mary Margaret (Hook and Emma too though)!
    The only one I might have added is Peter Pan and Wendy or maybe Tarzan and Jane.
    So in love with this post

    1. Yes, yes, and yes! All the precious babies! (Hook and Emma are fantastic, too! I should have put them in the honorable mentions! Though I kinda was always in the Emma and August ship as well... *cough*)

      PETER PAN AND WENDYYYYY. I would have put them actually, but they made it in my Favorite Book Couples post last year, so I left them out of this one. But they were one of my first ships, and to this day one of my most favorite. Tarzan and Jane is a good one, too! I didn't think of them!

      D'awww, thanks! I had fun making it. ^_^

  4. Wait what you don't like chocolate? But hey, I call Valentine's day "the-holiday-that-means-chocolate-is-on-sale-even-though-I-probably-won't-get-any", so...

    But omgns this post is so cute!! It's perfect for Valentine's day :D

    1. I doooon't! Isn't it crazy?? I just...can't stand the taste of chocolate. I don't even know. *shakes head*
      Hahaha! I think that's the perfect name for Valentine's! XD

      Awww! THANK YOU. It was a ton of fun to do!

  5. Hahaha! I was actually eating chocolate when I saw this post! You have great taste, I haven't seen some of these couples, or am unfamiliar (like Robin/Marian or Snow White/Prince Charming) but those I do know, like Fitz/Simmons or Astrid/Hiccup and that one, single heartbreaking episode of Merlin....ah yes, I agree completely.

    1. Were you? Bwahaha! Perfection. XD

      Fitz-Simmons and Astrid and Hiccup are so precious!

      Ugh, that Merlin episode. I will never, ever, EVER recover from it. EVER. *sobs forever*

  6. Yay for someone else who doesn't like chocolate. XD

    I LOVED Hiccup and Astrid. They were so great and I was insanely pleased that they didn't break up in the second movie but they just kept beside each other and ack *ships*

    Ooh yes, one couple I love is Jemma and Levi from Jill Williamson's 'Captives.' They literally spent the entire book quoting cheesy love lines from the Princess Bride. <333 They were SO cool.

    1. *LE GASPLES* You don't either??? I thought I was all alone! WE ARE SO ALIKE.

      So much yes to Hiccup and Astrid! Like, they were already cute in the first movie, but then seeing them being such a sweet couple in the second one just...sdfj;slkjdf;ljks;fdjsd! I wish there were more couples like that in fiction!

      Jemma and Levi were totally adorbz! Their Princess Bride quotes made me ridiculously happy. I really must read the rest of those books... I've only ever read the first one.

    2. YES! *does a chocolate-less dance*

      We really do need more fiction that has real, honest relationships (naturally without going to in depth). They really showed how you're not meant to fight for yourself but for the other.

      I've only read the first book too! I got it for Christmas but I'm planning on asking for the second book for my birthday or else I'm going to have to buy it myself. :P They were so great though.

    3. *eats vanilla like a rebel* >:D

      YES. We have sooo many unstable, over dramatized couples in fiction these days. What happened to the solid couples who just genuinely love each other?

      Yet another thing we have in common! I actually own both of the other books and have yet to read them. IT'S SHAMEFUL. I keep meaning to reread the first one and read them all together but I just...haven't gotten around to it.

  7. Rapunzel and Flynn are great! And I NEED TO WATCH PSYCH SO BADLY, AHHH.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


      :O :O :O ELLIE. YOU HAVE NOT SEEN PSYCH??? Stop what you're doing this instant and GO WATCH IT. I think you'd loooove it!

  8. No, no, "Happy Eat as Much Chocolate as Possible Day!" should by rights be the NEXT day... when all the chocolate is on sale. >:D I'm sorry for your lonely lack of chocolateyness. *sniffles* (Though I probably won't actually end up with chocolate till my birthday anyway which is like a month away. XD ...This ramble was long. Ahem.)

    OH MY GOODNESS A POST ABOUT SCREEN SHIPS! FUUUUN. :D *huggles your old favorite book couples post*

    "I’m limiting myself to only 10 since we don’t want this post to take so long it’ll be next Valentine’s before you’re done reading it (I SHIP A LOT OF PEOPLE, OKAY)." <---I'M DYING. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. XD *laughs forever* (Howww you so funny though? :DDD)

    I... um... haven't actually met a lot of these yet. O_O *clearly needs to re-examine priorities* Like... nearly HALF. :O I've literally only met six out of the ten couples! But those I have met are fantabulous, of course. <3 I need to meet the others!

    The Doctor + Rose, Rapunzel + Flynn, Ella + Kit, Hiccup + Astrid, Westly + Buttercup = YOU ARE MAKING ME WANT TO RE-WATCH ALL THESE THIIIINGS AGAIN BECAUSE THEY ALL SO PRECIOUS. <3

    Also The Princess Bride... we always mean the movie when we talk about it because it's one of the few that's better than the book and more classic. XD (The book's fun too, just not as awesome. <3) "Even the little boy, who wants nothing to do with “kissing books”, was shipping them by the end." <-- XDDD


    (The time the TARDIS exploded? o_____o *has apparently not gotten this far*)

    Your disclaimer though. XD
    Also: your gifs though. :D

    I'm not gonna lie... Robin and Marian... well, Marian drives me NUTS sometimes! Ahem. But they are kinda cute, I do admit... she just annoys me... and then the Thing That Happened at the end of Season 2 which was Not Okay... Basically I don't like thinking about Marian because of many unpleasant memories. -_- But yes, okay, they're cute and Robin's the best, so. XD

    I absolutely need to watch Merlin (that Arthur and Merlin gif though! XD) and maybe Agents of SHIELD and definitely Once Upon a Time... and I had no idea I needed to see Psych? o.o

    "most shippety ships to ever grace my TV screen" <-- THIS THOUGH. XD

    I... don't know who my favorite screen ships are. O_O *will have to think about this*

    ANYWAYS THIS POST WAS A DELIGHT (as you may gather by the monstrous length of my comment) AND I SO LOVED IT. :D Thank you for shariiiiiing! ^_^ *huggles them and you as well* Happy Valentine's Day -- the best kind... a fictional couples one! ;D

    1. Oh, you're RIGHT. They should absolutely make the day after Valentine's the official "Chocolate Day". XD I'd probably just eat vanilla stuff all day to be a rebel. *cackles*

      It's funny, because I always claim I'm not into romance, and then I go do something like this, and realize how MUCH I ship fictional people. XD I think I AM a romantic, I just want romance to be a SUBPLOT. Not the whole plot. The romance genre bores and annoys me. I have no interest at all in reading a romance book, but if there's romance amidst all the action, then it makes me happy. If that makes sense... ANYWAYS. How did I get off on that...?

      I was actually making myself want to rewatch all the things! Especially when I was going through gifs. XD

      YES. Someone understand about the Princess Bride! It is the one occasion where the movie is actually better. o.o And is a classic in and of itself.

      HICCUP AND ASTRID YESH. We need more couples like that in fiction! They were so solid and fun and precioussss. <333

      Erm, yeah. TARDIS explosion. *cough, cough* That happens in the early Matt Smith days...

      Haha! You know, I think it took me a bit to like Marian. She could be annoying sometimes, yeah. I don't really know when it happened, but now I love her. She grew on me at some point or another. But yes, that THING at the end of season 2. >.> My sister and I claim BBC is paid by tears. *sigh*

      MERLIN. YES. IT'S MY FAVE. And Agents of I'm not sure you'd like it. It can be really dark sometimes, and frustrating. But, then again, it has Fitz-Simmons so...I DON'T KNOW. It's a mixed bag! But yes, Once Upon a Time is amaziiiing.
      AND CELTI. YOU NEED TO WATCH PSYCH, YESSSH. Have I never recommended that show to you??? O___O It's a LOT like Leverage. It just has that same kind of feel. To me anyway. And Shawn, the main character, is one of my favorite characters in existent. Actually the whole CAST is hilarious and loveable and perfection. I honestly think you'd love it! Sometimes it has some content in it though. Kinda like Leverage, just the occasional meh scene here and there. But, man, is it so funny!

      ALL MEH SHIPS. <3

      I had to sit down and make a list of movies and TV shows and think about them to remember my favorite ships. XD It took some brain power, and I'm sure I forgot sooo many!

      I AM SO HAPPY YOU LOVED IT. I had a blast putting it together! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Bwahaha. We all know flailing over fictional couples is so much more fun than silly REAL things. *grins*

  9. Kit and Ella (I LOVE CINDERELLA!!!), Flynn and Rapunzel, Hiccup and Astrid, David and Mary Margaret ... they're all so beautiful! ^_^ Great choices! :D

    Oh, I tagged you for the Q & A Tag if you're interested:

    Happy Valentine's Day, Christine! :)

    1. I LOVE CINDERELLA TOOO! Such a perfect movie!
      Ugh, all such precious couples. I seriously can't with any of them!

      MEEP. Thanks so much, girl. That was so sweet!

      Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

  10. I mean how did you manage to just narrow it down to 10!? But great choices. I literally don't think I've ever cried as much at a TV show when Rose and the Doctor got separated. I mean why would they ever even do that to us!

    I did the Valentines Day Tag today that I found on your blog literally from like two years ago. But it's here if you fancy giving it a read anyway :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. LOL. It was not easy, let me tell you! I keep thinking of other couples now that I've posted it. THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY.

      Oh man. ROSE AND THE DOCTOR. I've watched through all those episodes probably about...5 times now? And I still cry just as much as I did the first time. IT WAS NOT OKAY NOR WILL IT EVER BE OKAY. *sobs for eternity*

      I love how you did that tag! :D I remember doing it, it's a really fun one! I loved getting to read your answers. ^_^

      You as well! I hope you've had a good day!

  11. You have such great taste, I love all these couples. With the exception that I ship Rumpelstiltskin and Belle more than the Charmings.

    1. SKYYYE. *glomples* I was literally thinking about you last night! I haven't heard from you for a while and I was hoping you were okay. It's so good to see you. ^_^

      I have such mixed feelings on Rumple and Belle. On the one hand, I ADORE them. They're so precious and Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale and Belle is one of my favorite girls in the show and obviously Mr. Gold is amazing and and and yeah. But...he's so much OLDER. It kinda creeps me out. I don't knooow. I ship them a LOT, and yet am a little weirded out by it. Ugh. That show. It hurts my brain...

    2. Christine! Really, I'm fine just stuck with really slow wi fi. I missed you too! <3

      Me too, they frustrate me incredibly. The age thing is pretty awkward, and unlike Doctor Who, he doesn't look younger. I still ship them, I am glad that the writers keep the mushy scenes to minimum with them.


    *goes into corner to cry for a million years*



      *cries with you*

  13. Guiltiest person for shipping a million couples ever.... Me. This was a great list! I especially love Flynn and rupunzel, kit and Ella, and I LOVE Wesley and Buttercup! *stops typing to go watch the princess bride*

    One movie couple I would add ( ignoring the fact that they don't actually get together) would be Christine and the Erik from The Phantom of the Opera. Those two.... I can't even. I just can't.

    Also want to tell you how enjoyable your book couples post was :) *deep breath* Eanrin. And. Imraldera. I will contain myself and say that I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVE them soooooooo much <3 and of course Faramir and Eowyn....also not safe to start me on those two!
    This post was so sweet (though I did debate reading it when I saw you didn't like chocolate) I really do love reading your posts :)

    1. I hear ya! So much shipping. o.o I just can't help it!
      Yes, yes, and yes! I love 'em! Which I guess is obvious since they made it on the list. XD And I totally made myself want to go watch The Princess Bride. Honestly, I made myself want to go watch ALL the things these couples are from...


      D'awww! I'm honored you went to read it and enjoyed it. ^_^
      Oh my gracious goodness, Eanrin and Imraldera. Not only one of my favorite book couples, but one of my favorite couples PERIOD. *collapses from all the feels*
      Faramir and Eowyn are just too much. TOO MUCH. <3333

      Hahaha! It's not my choice to hate chocolate. My taste buds just have to be weird. >.> It's rather inconvenient because basically EVERY dessert out there has chocolate so I often have to go without dessert. *sad face*

      Thank you so much! Your comment put a smile on my face. ^_^

  14. Honestly just reading this post made me want to watch Cinderella yet AGAIN. It's one of my favorite movies of all time!!! Similarly to you I saw the Disney version about two million times as a child and just...they remade it to perfection. And I think Kit might be my biggest fictional crush EVER because he's just so sweet and HIS SMILE IS PERFECTION and he wants to be a good person and he and Cinderella are PERFECT and...
    okay. fangirl moment over. All I had to do was read your little section on it and I started thinking about how much I loved it.

    Anyway, this also reminded me how much I need to go back and actually finish watching Merlin. :)

    1. I MADE MYSELF WANT TO WATCH IT. Like, literally, I have every intention of rewatching it very soon here. IT'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL.

      Fangirl away! That movie is also one of my faves. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT.

      *clutches heart* MERLIN. My favorite TV show. I love those characters so much. :')

  15. I know it's a little late, but I now have a post about my favorite screen couples. Check it out!

  16. ALL THE SHIPPY SHIPS!!! I love, love, love Flynn and Rapunzel (oh, excuse me, Eugene and Rapunzel). They are one of my favorite Disney couples. Ella and Kit, too! You're so right, Kit was a way better prince than the animated version. He actually had a personality, emotions, and goals. Unheard of, right? XD

    I must take a moment to fangirl about the Charmings. BECAUSE THE CHARMINGS ARE THE BEST EVER. Definitely up around the top of my favorite OUAT characters list! <3 I love how longstanding their relationship is, how steadfast they are. After season 1, as you said. ;) Gahhh, you need to finish season 4 so we can talk about it!!!

    A number of the other couples I haven't watched, but Merlin and Freya sound wonderful. Fitz and Simmons do too! I love best friends kind of couples. ^_^

    1. ALL OF THEMMMM. <3
      Flynn and Rapunzel is me favorite Disney ship EVER. I just can't with them. (And I'm so bad about always calling him Flynn and not Eugene. I really need to get out of that habit...)
      I know, right? What a crazy thing for Disney to make a prince who is an ACTUAL HUMAN BEING. Silliness.

      YESSSSH. I actually had a feeling you'd agree wholeheartedly about the Charmings. XD BUT THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS. It's refreshing, because there's soooo much conflict in that show, and a TON of couples conflict, but we can pretty much always rely on them being steadfast, as you said. We need more couples like that in fiction! AND YES I SO NEED TO WATCH SEASON 4. GAH. I feel like I'm never going to catch up on that show. >.>

      You neeeeed to see Merlin! NEED. I have a great desire to fangirl over my favorite show with my Tracey! XD And YES. Fitz-Simmons are the most precious thiiiings. I agree! Best-friends-turned-couples romances are one of my favorite types EVER.


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