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Beautiful People - Marigold {June 2016}

Beautiful People tiiiime! And oooh, Sky and Cait have cooked up something special. This month we get to answer questions about our character’s CHILDHOOD. How fun is that? Although, as I thought about who to choose, I realized half my characters’ childhoods are apparently spoilers?? Not even sure how that works. BUT I finally settled on someone who’d probably be harmless.

Since I’m still very much deep within edits of Burning Thorns, I’m mostly doing BP posts for those characters. Today I shall be doing Rose’s (my female protagonist) sister Marigold.

Marigold is the middle of the three sisters—Anya, Marigold, and Rose. The best word I could use to describe Marigold is: Bratty. She has serious “middle child syndrome” in that she thinks everyone ignores her, and spends all her time vying for attention. Fun stuff, fun stuff!

Somewhere along the way, she stole my heart even though she’s such an ignorant, annoying little thing. FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, GUYS. They do these things to us!

Marigold being Marigold, she decided it’d be much more fun for everyone if she answered these questions for herself. And I relented because I’m a pushover.

"You're a child!" [Marigold said.]

Wiping a tear from his eye, [Larke] gasped for breath. "And you're such an amusing little pet."

She had a long response to that, a response that included much shrieking and foot stamping, and continued on for the rest of their hike. At least it kept her occupied.

Her seemingly never-ending well of words did actually fade as the smooth, mossy ground underfoot turned to ash. The steady footfalls behind him hesitated and he turned to find his pet looking ahead, the before redness in her cheeks now drained.

"It's big," she said.

He followed her line of sight to the castle tucked between the trees before them. "Unlike you humans, we fae aren't small minded."

"No, just bigheaded." And the fiery spirit returned. Good, she'd need it.

~ Marigold ~

1. What is their first childhood memory?
I vaguely remember walking through town with Mother and Anya and wandering off and getting lost. I hid in some alleyway for probably hours before Mother found me. Well, Anya declared it wasn’t even quite an hour but it felt like hours. Mother had said it felt like hours to her too, and she hoped she never lost me again. . .

2. What were their best and worst childhood experiences?
Rose and I used to love playing in the gardens and making flower crowns for each other. Though the best times were when Mother joined us. She’d even sometimes pull us out of bed in the middle of the night to catch fireflies and pretend they were fairies. Of course, such things are childish now. I outgrew Rose and all our silly games years ago.

Mother died when I was ten-years-old. I dare you to come up with a worse experience than that. Mother was the only one who ever paid me any attention. Everyone changed after she left. Everything changed and. . .

Actually, never mind. Can we go to the next question now?

3. What was their childhood home like?
BORing. Father was always busy and Anya followed him around and claimed games were for children. Which they are, of course. But often Mother was busy too, and Rose would hide somewhere to read or run off and play games with other children below our status. I didn’t want to play with them. And no one else would pay me any attention. So I had to entertain myself. There was never anything to do.

4. What’s something that scared them as child?
I don’t think that’s any of your business.

(*rolls eyes* I’ll answer this one for her. She was terrified of being unloved and unwanted. Her biggest fear was of her parents up and deciding they had no use for her and sending her away. She’s since learned that thought was absurd, but she still very much fears not being wanted and. . .doesn’t always go about fighting those fears the right way.)

5. Who did they look up to most?
When I was a child, I always looked up to Mother. Though Anya says Mother was too frivolous and never took anything seriously. I guess she’s right. I see now I should have spent more time in my studies like Anya and learning from Father than out playing with Mother and Rose.

6. Favorite and least favorite childhood foods?
Least favorite? Turnips! I refuse to eat turnips in any form or fashion. Also artichokes. UGH.

My favorite is definitely chicken. Especially when it’s extra salted and covered in carrots and potatoes. Meats are always my favorite parts of meals. Although Anya says that isn’t very ladylike. Hmph. I don’t care. I’m not going to spend all my life just eating greens and fruit. What’s the fun in that?

7. If they had their childhood again, would they change anything?
I’d spend less time playing Rose’s silly games and more time proving to Father I‘m perfectly capable and can be just as useful as Anya.

I’d also convince Mother to not go to Mysira where she contracted that stupid disease that took her life.

8. What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?
I don’t know! I just. . .was.

(Okay, I’ll take over this question as well. Marigold has a mischievous streak. She often caused trouble, mostly just to get people’s attention. She could be quite the wild-child and as stubborn as a rock. Though her Mother and Rose were often good influences on her and kept her under control, and she could be a lot of fun when in the right mood. When she got a bit older, she started really looking up to Anya and stopped her “childish ways” to be more like her regal older sister. She took on a very superior attitude. Though neediness still very much controlled her attitude.)

9. What was their relationship to their parents and siblings like?
Father was always too busy to pay me much mind, and Anya thought she was too old for me and ignored me most of the time. Mother was really the only one who cared about me. At least she wanted me. I guess Rose and I used to have fun together. . . Not that that matters anymore of course. Rose is too childish. Once I matured, Anya and I became much closer.

10. What did they want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?
I always wanted to be something great. Like a great ruler or. . .anything really.
Want to know what I am now? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Life is completely unfair.

Well, there we go. I guess it could have gone worse. XD
Do you have any “bratty” characters? (Hey, at least they’re
good for some fun character growth, am I right?) ALSO.
Have you joined in Beautiful People this month???



    Erm, yeah, it's true that character's childhoods usually have spoilers. o.o This is why I did Teague instead of Tare. XD Tare's whole childhood is a spoiler, whereas with Teague we kinda know most of the stuff anyway...

    Ooh, a look at Marigold! Iiiinteresting. :D ...Middle child syndrome, eh? I... don't think I'm like that. o.o *twitches* *cough* Ahem. XD


    The one with her and Rose and their mom playing! EEP. She sounds like she wasn't such a bad kid... whatever she is now. ;)

    I love how characters don't like to answer about the scared question. XD

    #5: Heart. Broken. D:

    Chicken and meat! Yesss. :D I like that she defies Anya on this one... she doesn't seem to on many things... :P

    WELL. That was... interesting. o.o She's definitely a bratty one, all about me-me-me, and I absolutely LOVE how her character comes across the way she answered the questions! You're always so good at that! :D She may not be a very pleasant person but it makes me hope she'll change and not become like Anya... >.> She's definitely very real! I LOVE WHEN YOU DO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, LAURI, YOUR CHARACTERS ARE SO MULTI-DIMENSIONAL! ^_^

    1. I NOTICED THAT. IT'S SO THE BEST. BRAIN TWINS FOREVAH! (D'awww, thank you! But YOU'RE the one with amazing BPs!)

      Aha, so I'm not the only one. It's funny how that works. And yeah, Tare is DEFINITELY a walking spoiler.
      I actually wanted to do the Dragon this month because...I don't think he's ever had a BP. o.o But he's so spoilery all around it's really hard answering questions for him! Marigold was fun though, so it worked out.

      I don't think you have middle child syndrome at all! I don't think I do either... My family and I sometimes joke around about me having middle child cliches, but it's more a joke. For the most part I really don't. (If anything I act more like the eldest. XD)

      *GRIIIINS* HE DOES. Annnd...he means it in a very literal sense. But you shall seeee.

      She really wasn't all that bad of a child. I mean, she had her moments, but I think she was more tolerable than she is now. Heh.

      I know. They're so vain! XD

      *sniffles* ...Yeah.

      It's true, she usually follows Anya around like a dog, but she's also very stubborn and can be defiant about certain things.

      Hahaha! Definitely interesting. XD
      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love my characters, and when people say they're real it makes me feel so HAPPY and accomplished and just lskjdlfjsldjf. THANK YOU!

    2. By the way, I know you don't do tags very often, but I wanted to tag you anyway so... I did. XD No pressure or anything, just thought I'd let you know! :)

    3. I actually LOVE it when people tag me. They're so fun and always there to fall back on if I don't have anything else to blog about. And this one looks SO EPIC. Thank you!!! <3

  2. Lovely character, Christine! :D

    And Marigold, don't you think that you aren't loved. I'm sure all the present readers of Burning Thorns care for you a great deal, and I'm sure future readers will too. So just sit tight. ;)

    1. Thank you!

      Aren't you so sweet!! I'll have to pass on your message to her. Even if she already struggles with vanity... XD

  3. Oh my gosh, Marigold sounds amazing. She's already stolen my heart as well <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. EEP. THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I'm really glad you think so! Because she's such a brat, I worried people would just be annoyed by her with this interview. XD

  4. Ooo, this is such an insight into her character, and explains a lot of her behavior. I like her quite a bit too, even if she is a brat :D

    Nearly all of my character's are brats.

    1. D'awww, that makes me happy! I had fun getting deeper into her character myself, to be honest.

      Bwahaha! Gotta love 'em. XD

  5. Haha, as a middle child myself, I found that I could really relate to Marigold. I didn't find her bratty at all!

    You can see my BP here:

    1. Fellow middle child here as well! *raises hand* I'm always happy to hear when my characters are relatable. Thank you!

      Oh yay, you did one too! Reading BP posts is so FUN.

  6. MORE BURNING THORNS!! *devours*

    Marigold is a great character, Christine! You did a really good job at making her a middle child *nods*. And that snippet you posted is awesomeness, I loved it!

    I, uh ... I have had multiple bratty characters through all my writings. Most of them are bratty+arrogant, so ... that's kinda fun :D.

    1. *BEAMS*

      Awww, thank you! That really makes me happy to hear! I was surprised at how much FUN I have with her, because at first I thought she'd just annoy me. But her POVs are some of my favorites.

      ME TOO. My stories always seems to draw the bratty, arrogant ones and...I love them. It's so funny! I'm glad I'm not alone in this. XD

  7. Oooh, this character is super intriguing! I am very curious about this story. You must publish it SOON!

    I don't know if I have any bratty, arrogant characters yet, but they seem like a lot of fun... I must find one. Well, okay, Marik is fairly arrogant.... :)

    1. WELP. My day has just been made! You're so nice. Though IF (big if there) I ever get published it'll be a long ways away. But something I'm pursuing for sure!

      They're very fun! In the I-want-to-slap-you-but-also-hug-you type of way. XD

  8. She sounds like a fun character.

    I sympathize with having too many spoilers in childhoods. In fact I still may have given away some information that people aren't meant to know straight away. Not anything major, buy still...

    1. Thank you! I have a blast with her for some reason. XD

      Glad I'm not alone in this! It's so hard to answer these questions without revealing so much. BUT I also think by the time people read the stories they'll have forgotten answers to BP questions. So some little spoilers here and there is probably harmless.

  9. Haha she is a bit bratty but she must be fun to write. I don't like turnips much either. I've managed to like them in things but not by themselves. But artichokes are yum. ^ ^ Best wishes writing her!

    1. Such a brat! XD But yes, I actually have a TON of fun with her. She amuses me.

      Honestly, I can't remember ever having turnips or artichokes. o.o But knowing me and my finicky ways, I'd hate both. XD

      Thank you!

  10. You did Marigold! Heh, she sure lives up to her name, doesn't she? Pretty but...kind of stinky (attitude-wise) once you get close. XD

    Oh my goodness, she IS such a brat! Terribly self-centered, but I have a feeling that if she were to really open up, we'd see how vulnerable she is. How starved she is for approval. *sniffle* Poor girl. And you can totally tell how much she looks up to and mimics Anya, even going so far as to reject Rose AND their own mother because they're too silly and fanciful in Anya's eyes. (Knowing Anya, she probably enjoys having Marigold as her built in lackey to follow her around and do things for her. >:P Or maybe it's just annoying.)

    But ugh, yes, childhoods are chock-full of spoilers! Aaaand it seems I totally forgot to do June's BP. Oops. Because these look like great questions I could've used for one of the Shifters. Ah well, we'll see what sort of questions we get this month. XD

    (Also I very much need to catch up on Burning Thorns to find out how Marigold becomes Larke's PET. o.o)

    1. You know...I really don't know much about marigolds or knew that they smelled. o.o I probably should look into these things before naming my characters. I didn't even MEAN to name her that, I wasn't super wild about the name, but she insisted that was her name and that was that. XD I'm so professional...

      Wow. You just summed her up PERFECTLY. Bratty, vulnerable, and Anya's dog, pretty much. And yeah, I think Anya likes it for the most part. She definitely enjoys people following her around and doing what she says. >.>

      THEY ARE. I loved this BP but it was really hard!
      Oh noes! I hate you forgot it, because I looooove reading your BP posts and hearing more about your characters. But yeah, at least there's always the next one!

      (Hehehe. Actually, I haven't even gotten there yet with the edited chapters. So I haven't posted it yet. But we're getting there!)


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