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The Burning Thorns Cast

Since last week I shared why I want to write Burning Thorns and gave a peek of the style and feel of it, today I thought it’d be fun to get a look into the characters. Yes, I’m totally going to be one of those grandmothers who carries 20 dozen photos of her grandchildren around and shows them to every person she passes on the street. I love my babies, I make no apologies.

And yes, you’re probably going to be sick of hearing about Burning Thorns by the time this novel is actually written. I may apologize a little for that. But again, I love my babies, whether they be fictional people are unwritten novels. Don’t judge.

A couple weeks ago you got a glimpse of my Beauty and Beast characters via Beautiful People, but today I’m going to get a little deeper into them, and introduce a few more peoples. So without further ado. . .

~The Burning Thorns Cast~


RoseThe majority of the tale centers on my Rose girl. Way back when this story was just an idea and I was planning the original novella, I had thought Rose was going to be the quiet, mousy type. But then I decided NAH. Let’s make someone who would annoy the Beast! And thus Rose was born.

She’s a live wire. It takes a great deal of skill, patience, and not-so-subtle hints to get her tongue to stop. She could probably talk for eternity and still have things to say, though she’s not above letting others get a word in and lending an ear when the need arises. She loves to talk and listen and just in general be around people. Her favorite activity is laughing, and she does her best to coerce people around her to do the same. An aura of cheer clings to her and spreads wherever she goes.

Despite the many family issues she’s forced to endure, growing up has never been on her repertoire of things to do. She forever holds on to that child-like wonder, perhaps even as an escapist for her struggling home life. Unfortunately, this often results in naïveté. She always looks for the best in people, and thus finds herself too trusting for her own good. It doesn’t take much to confuse, trick, or manipulate her.

Overall though, Rose is a sweet, nurturing daydreamer who believes good can be found in everyone.

The DragonThe Dragon

I knew who my Beast was the moment I had my very first spark of a Beauty and the Beast idea. I never once questioned who he was or how he was to be portrayed.

The Dragon, in short, is a temperamental, selfish guy who spends far too much time alone. I mean, when you start pointlessly burning rosebuds and mumbling to yourself, you know it’s time to go find a girlfriend. Really.

Once upon a time, he was a charismatic soul who knew how to get people to do what he wanted, but after he brought a curse upon himself that caused him to grow deformities and sent a shadow on the world, he never let that charming, fun-loving boy out again. Regret gnaws deep within him. To avoid it, he shoves it down, down, down with layers upon layers of hate, feeding at the selfishness boiling inside. Hate rules his being.

Obviously, he’s not much of a people person. And people are not much for him either. Thus he lives in solitude in his enchanted castle in the midst of the Forest, the land of the fae. When a girl named Rose stumbles into his rose garden, the regret he’s tried so hard to shove away resurfaces, and he discovers maybe solitude isn’t what he wants. . .

Despite his many (and many more) faults, I adore my Beastie boy. There’s a lot more beneath the half mask and dark clothes he hides himself under. More than even he realizes.


SeliaSelia’s story ties into that of the Dragon’s curse. She is a fae that haunts the castle in the Forest and is the Dragon’s only companion for years and years and years, much to his disgust.

I won’t say much about her due to far too many spoilers revolving around her character, but I will say her story is a tragic one. A story that almost wants a prequel so it can be told, even though I’m determined this is going to be a standalone novel. I didn’t have much chance to explore her character and background in the novella due to a word count limit, so I’m looking forward to discovering her at a deeper level this go round.

She also may have to undergo a name change. I just learned there’s a Selia in The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale which is a pretty popular fairytale retelling so. . . >.> If anyone has a good idea for a name, please share! Changing a character’s name feels like taking away part of their soul to me, so I’m kind of stumped.




Larke is a brand new addition to the book. There was no Larke in the novella. While figuring out how I wanted to expand the story, a mischievous fae boy popped into my head and that was that. Technically he’s a villain, but I kind of love him. . .a lot. Per the usual, the characters that I don’t plan steal my heart, and the ones that tend to be the troublemaking, sarcastic, charismatic type, which Larke is. My poor heart really had no hope.

Larke is cocky, full of mischief, and has a snarky comment for everything, which he never holds back on. He oozes a playful charm that easily draws people in, but holding friendships is not part of his daily life. Manipulation and backstabbing is more his forte. He knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to achieve it, no matter the roadblocks that come his way. His favorite pastime is tricking humans, and to him bantering is a reason for living. It takes a lot to bring him down. His carefree, impish attitude sticks deep, though he'll hold a grudge to the end of his days. And as a fae he has a lot of days.

This boy causes a whole lotta trouble for my poor charries, and has fun doing so. Why do I love him so much? *shrugs* I’m a writer. Do I need another explanation? Crazy comes with the title.


AnyaAnya is Rose’s oldest sister, and I guess you could call her a villain as well. She can really only be thought of as sour. Jealousy toward her overly perky youngest sister turned into hate, which caused her to do terrible, terrible things to Rose.

Her entire outlook on life is to build herself higher than others. In her attempts to claw her way to the top, she's developed plenty of skills in blackmailing, charming, and manipulation, all of which she uses frequently. Her high and mighty attitude led her to detest silly and childish things. She has always been able to control her emotions, and calculates every move, word, and facial feature she expresses. As a result, she's learned how to easily read other people as well, which aids in her need of blackmailing.

Yeah, she’s not a pleasant person.

Her part in the book takes a much bigger as well as darker turn than in the novella. She plays a very dominant role in the plot, and though she’s malicious, her character intrigues me for some reason. She’s a fiery one, and attempting to keep a hold on her is going to be interesting.


As the middle child, thinking she’s inferior to her older sister Anya and out charmed by her younger sister Rose, Marigold feels cheated in life. I think the best word to describe her is “sulky”. Sulky over being the middle child of the three girls, sulky that everyone ignores her, sulky for never being chosen for anything important. These thoughts formed a very bratty attitude. She's an extremely needy girl, doing everything in her power to gain attention, whether that's getting into trouble or being as cute as possible, she'll do it all. It doesn’t take much to get her to do something just from her deep desire to be needed, and as a result, she’s easily manipulated.

Her downfall is her deep admiration of Anya. Anya’s regal demeanor awed her as a young girl, and ever since, she’s followed her older sister around like a puppy. She loves to laugh and have fun, but attempts to suppress these desires since Anya thinks they’re childish. Like Rose, she talks a lot, even if half the time no one is ever really listening.

In the novella this poor girl literally only had one line, so I never really knew who she was. During plotting the novel, I deeply explored her character and, despite her totally bratty-ness, for some reason absolutely fell in love with her. Sure, she’s stubborn, annoying, and selfish, but she doesn’t hold that maliciousness of Anya. She’s merely a naïve girl who wants to be acknowledged from time to time. She’s getting multiple points-of-view scenes in the novel, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about her larger role.


And that’s my cast. Together these people are going to learn a lot about what the cost of betrayal and sacrifice really is. I can’t wait to take the journey with them.

*folds pictures and stuffs them back in wallet* Grandma’s finished. You may resume your life now.

Ha! Just kidding. I’m going to hold you ransom for a moment longer, because now it’s your turn. I want to know about one of YOUR characters in your current writing project. Who’s your favorite of your cast? What’s he/she like? I never, ever get tired of discussing characters, so spill!


  1. You could name Selia "Golwen" which means "Wise, or Learned"

    1. Oooh, I like that a lot. I did kind of want her name to have a meaning that fits her. Now you've got my brain ticking. Thank you!

  2. I love this, it's so cool that you get to flesh them all out. I think Larke would be my favorite he sounds so amusing. Selia might get her own novel *gasp* that would be really cool to read. Omigosh I call my beast, beastie boy sometimes too. I think our beast would get along, they both like wearing black and isolating themselves from the rest of the world.
    This was so cool to read. :)

    1. You're always so sweet. Thank you! ^_^

      I'm very much looking forward to writing Larke. I think he's going to be...something. XD
      There is a very slight possibility Selia will get her own story, though it may just be a novella. I don't know. I never really meant to write other books for this thing but ideas keep popping up, as they love to do, so there's no telling what all will come from this one little story. My stories never do like to stay single and simple. >.>

      You do?? That's hilarious! I love it. Sounds like they'd totally get each other. Then again, they may just sit there without a thing to say to each other. Lol.

  3. I have a Pintrest board for my stories (

    1. Pinterest is my looooove! Isn't it so fun making boards for your stories? So very inspiring.

      Yours is SO pretty. Looks like you write the same kind of stuff I love to. :D

  4. Christine, I literally got this swell of happiness when I saw this on my dashboard. And then I saw the pictures and I just about burst. :D EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS PERFECT. I don't know how clearly I envisioned all of them from the novella, but each picture just clicked. Each one was a "Yes, that's them" reaction for me. ^_^ And Rose is even wearing a yellow dress! aslkjfaljaakl;ak I cannot.

    Unfortunately, I have no immediate ideas for Selia's new name. I'm just as reluctant as you to replace it, because Selia is so lovely. But I shall ponder this.

    Oh goodness, I loved your, "Grandma's finished" line at the end! XDDD

    Dearie me, favorite character? I can't choose! Okay okay okay, I'll go with Leander, just for the sake of picking someone. He's a white lion, but he wasn't always in that form. He comes across gruff and unapproachable because of the walls he's built to protect his heart. His past is riddled with grief. Everything he ever loved has been taken from him. It's only years later, during the course of my novel, that 2 certain someones cross his path and those walls start to crumble. He begins to find purpose and meaning...and perhaps eventually, restoration. :)

    1. And I got a swell of happiness reading your comment! That thrills me you think the people I chose fit the characters. And it totally made my day that you remembered Rose had a yellow dress at one point! You cared enough about my story to remember a detail like THAT...I can't handle the happiness!!

      Yeah, I really hate to change it, and I keep questioning if I want to but I think I probably should, want to or not... :( But yes, if you come up with anything do let me know!

      *giggles* Thank you. I felt like one of those grandmas. XD

      I know, it was an evil question. Choosing favorites is so hard! But ooooh my goodness, I can see why this is one of your favorites! He sounds amaziiiiing! I do so, so, so love those charries with the hard pasts that eventually see the light. Maybe because they're a beautiful illustration of how we all can have restoration, no matter who we are or what we've done. AGH. The more I hear about your story the more I love it!!!

    2. They do! They fit the characters so well! Heehee, part of the reason I remembered her yellow dress was because it reminded me of how Disney's Belle wears one too. And I thought that, whether intentional or not, it was a pretty cool connection. :)

      Ugh, name changes are so hard. It's terrible trying to even decide whether you should or not, and when you want to change it, there's the problem of what to change it TO. D:
      One weird way I come up with names is looking up the etymology of a word significant to the character, and playing around with that. A slightly more successful method, though, is looking up those significant words in other languages. I just translated the word 'fairy' into Icelandic (random, I know), and came up with this: ævintýri. If it were me, I'd fiddle with it. Make it Aevin or Vintyri, something simpler like that. Fairy in Welsh is tylwyth teg...could use Tylwyth, but perhaps that's a mouthful. Mirror in Japanese is Mira. Elf in Japanese is Erufu (which sounds too cutesy.) Just some random words to maybe get you thinking. :)

      You will one day be an awesome grandma. XD

      ^_____^ Aw, thank you for your sweet words! That's putting it perfectly (about restoration and hard pasts)! <3 I love him too. ACK, BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    3. Oh! You know what, Belle's yellow dress never even occurred to me. It was an accidental coincidence. Lol! Silly me. XD

      Yes, exactly! It hurts me changing their names.
      I love doing that too! I was playing around a little with that the other day but didn't have much success. I obviously needed your brain to help me out because those suggestions are fabulous! I really, really like Vintyri. Like a lot. o.o And Mira is so pretty as well. Erufu would be an adorable name for like a little fairy or mischievous imp or elf or something. XD I'll have to keep that one in mind. I love these! Thank you, THANK YOU. My mind is really going now. :D

      *cackles* I'm glad you think so. XD

      But seriously, he sounds awesome!!!

    4. Sometimes those accidental coincidences are the best ones. :)

      So it's not just me! :D Well then, feel free to use Vintyri, or any of them. I'm more than happy to help. I think Vintyri is my favorite out of that bunch I listed, so it wouldn't hurt so much to let "Selia" go. Aw, a little impish thing would perfectly match a name like Erufu. XD So cute! And you're welcome--let me know what you decide.

      I do. XD


  5. O_O LOVE. IT. This is great! The depth and complexity of each character is perfect. And they are each their own. Well done, girl! I can't wait to hear more!!

    And this made me laugh: "*folds pictures and stuffs them back in wallet* Grandma’s finished. You may resume your life now." Ahahaha! You are too funny. I could just picture you doing that. xD

    Hmm. Names, names. . . I love names! What about Nyree (meaning "flaxen"), or Wayra (meaning "wind"). . .? Or Eira (meaning "snow") or Vena (meaning "yearning), or Naia (meaning "wave, sea foam")? Just to give you a few ideas. You could even find a couple you like and combine them! (I just realized all of these names have a "uh" ending. . .) :]

    1. *BEAMS* THANK YOU!!! I'm sooo glad you think so!

      Tehehehe. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be one of those grandmas. I mean, I already do that with my DOG's pretty inevitable. XD

      I should have known I could rely on you to provide some brilliant names! You're amazing at finding them. I'm thinking about even going through your "What's in a Name" series to get ideas. You're fantastic like that. And I looooove these ones you've suggested! I kind of adore Nyree. I might would even use that, that really fits her to me, but I already have a Nyria in another book and that feels a bit too close for comfort. But all of these are fantastic! And yes, I could combine some, that's a very good idea. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For some reason I just hit a wall naming her, so this is just what I needed to get my brain juices flowing again. You're the best! <3

  6. These characters looks so awesome!!! :D I can tell this story will definitely be character driven. :)

  7. What an interesting take on Rose! She is always portrayed as the quiet, mousy type, so I'm interested to see exactly what you do with her (although I do like the quiet, bookish Rose...). The Dragon looks intriguing, as does Selia. Especially Selia. If for no other reason, I'd probably read your book just to find out about her story. :) You have lots of potential here, and it sounds like your characters will have plenty of depth to them (which I love)!

    1. Thank you so much! I really was hoping to make her unique, so your sweet words totally made my day. But I do agree that the original quiet, bookish Beauty is delightful. I love the sweet, quiet types but this Beauty decided to take a different turn.

      That all means so much to me. Thank you!!!

  8. I can't wait to read this! It looks so amazing, and I'm already in love with the characters. Whyyyyy??? The Dragon really intrigues me, as do Larke and Anya. No idea why Anya, but... I - I just don't know. I like her. :P
    My current work-in-progress, that I'm supposed to be plotting right now *cough* is also a beauty and the beast retelling, although not quite as interesting as yours, and probably not as close to the original, either. *trying to decide on a character* I'll go with Zylo. He's my "beast"... actually, he is a beast, if you consider a horse a beast. At the beginning, he's a normal horse, and then, through a wizard's magic, he becomes able to talk, and eventually turns into a human *not a spoiler, btw* I absolutely loooove him. He's focused and witty and sarcastic, and he's so observant. I haven't gotten very deep into his character, but I can't wait to. :D

    1. *grins* Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Having other people also love my babies makes it all worth it.
      Lol. I'll admit, I'm quite fond of Anya myself. She's going to be an interesting character to work with anyway... She may be one of those character you love to hate. XD

      You're writing a B&B story as well? Aaaahhhhh!!! So exciting! And, uh, what do you mean not as interesting as mine?? This sounds amaziiiiing!!! A sarcastic horse turned human by a wizard? How is that not interesting? THAT SOUNDS SO COOL!!! Good luck on your plotting and writing! This story seriously sounds fantastic!

  9. Lauri, I... I... I literally cannot express how much I love this post. O_O Caps and exclamation points don't even seem like they will help. *twitch* I LOVE IT SO MUCH OKAY. I can't even put into words how beautiful it is and how BRILLIANT you are with writing up little bios for your characters. These were so awesome! You have such poetry in your words and seem to know your characters far deeper than I could ever hope to know mine. They have so much depth and personality! YOU'RE AMAZING. <3

    And ROSE and BEAST. I WUV THEM SO!!! <3 (AND ROSE BBY IS SO CUUUTE!!!! AND BEAST SO HANDSOME! ;) I laughed so hard at the line about burning rosebuds and mumbling and needing a girlfriend. XD *snorts* AAAAHH I LOVE HIM. <3)

    Poor Selia. D:
    *hisses at Anya*
    *makes curious faces at Marigold and especially Larke* Hmmm... I will have to see what he is like. o.o You silly writer, you, always falling for the villainish ones. ;) *giggle*


    (And it was so funny how you likened it to a Grandma with grandchild pictures. *snorts* YOU SO FUNNY. XD)

    I am the worst at renaming characters, sorry. :-/ If it was me I'd probably try to have something similar-sounding? Like... Saila, or Seyala or... something. *shrug* I HOPE YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT! Name problems are the worst. -_-

    And favorite of MY characters currently... well, we all know that Tare stole my heart nearly three years ago and has never given it back. ;) Heehee. I am missing Sir Durand though, and have also been thinking of my new Teague. <3

    (Meep, my comment is so long. *hides behind habitual Burning Thorns tapestry*)

    1. Oh my goodness. o_o I was scared this post was annoying and no one would care. You totally just made my day!!! Like...whoa. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! And you like how I write their bios? Really? I feel like I just smash a bunch of stuff together that won't even make sense to anyone but me. I don't even know what to SAY. YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD.

      It makes me so happy to have others loving my bbys! <333

      Hahaha! Your reactions to the other charries are priceless. XD
      Yesh, those villains do like to steal my heart. I guess villains DO like to steal things...

      I was thinking along the lines of just doing something similar sounding as well, and those are very good suggestions. Thank you! Hopefully she'll have an official name soon. Everyone has been so sweet to help me out. <3

      Sir Durand sounds fabulous from what little I've seen. I'm pretty positive I'm going to fall for him when I read the book. CAN'T WAAAAAIT.
      And Teague sounds so awesome, yes!

      I LOVE YOUR LONG COMMENTS AND I AM GRINNING SO HARD RIGHT NOW I LOVE YOU. <3333 (And I also love how you still bring up the BT tapestries. XD You're the best!)

  10. I love your characters SO MUCH!!! They're all so diverse, seeing them together will be awesome!

    Characters are definitely the best part of books.

    What if you named her Sheila. It's similar but not the same...

    I can't wait to hear more! Eeeep!

    1. Oh my goodness, usually my email tells me when I get a new comment but it has been acting weird and failed to inform me you commented! I don't even know if you'll see this but I am sooo sorry I'm only just now seeing your comment and replying! D:

      That just makes me so happy to hear! THANK YOU!!! <3

      Totally! I love characters so much.

      Ooh, that's a good one. You are all so sweet to help me name her!

      That just made my day and is a huge relief, because I'll probably be babbling about it for a while. XD

      Sorry again I'm getting to this late. And your comment was so sweet, too. <3

    2. It's no problem at all, hopefully I was helpful!


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