Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It’s Great to be a Writer When…

(As a follow up to last week’s post.)

You’re allowed to call daydreaming “work”.

You have entire universes in your head.

You get to have experiences you never would in real life.

Every experience you do live through is fuel for writing.

Your mind is teeming with wondrous things.

Your characters become your best friends.

Creativity and imagination are the only tools you need.

It’s very therapeutic.

You realize a writer’s job title is “make stuff up”.

All the studying you need to do is simply reading books you love.

You get to have adventures everyday.

Being insane is part of the job.

You get to “meet” all sorts of new people through your stories without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Your words impact others.

Staying up at ridiculous hours and consuming unhealthy amounts of caffeine is perfectly acceptable.

You get to blast your music as loud as you want because it’s inspiring.

Your view of the world is beautiful and adventurous and different from most people.

Your stories throw out exciting surprises at you.

You make new discoveries.

You realize writing is a big, scary, tedious, gruesome, time-consuming, overwhelming thing to do but because of that very reason it’s one of the most incredible things you’ll ever experience.



  1. I love all of these points. Especially book reading, that is my favourite part of being an author.

    1. Thank you! That's definitely my favorite as well! I fear I spend too much time reading than writing though. ;)

    2. This is so true, writing is like viewing the world through a pane of brightly lit colors and deep shades. Everything is amplified in beauty and meaning, everything has the potential to inspire us to create. Coming from a fellow writer, I really enjoyed these! Awesome job, you summed up everything perfectly. I'm excited to read more of your posts!
      Lyndsey at: http://fantasyworldlr.blogspot.com/

    3. What a beautiful thought. You're so right! There's something about being a writer that makes the world look more beautiful. It's a wonderful thing!

      Thank you so much. ^_^


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