Sunday, November 11, 2012

As Happy as a Smiley Face

Giant Smiley Face


Here is a perfect picture of how I felt as of early afternoon of yesterday.



I’m just kind of bouncing around with glee.

You see, it occurred to me a few days ago that if I kept writing at the rate I was going, I could make it to 50k words on the 10th. Now, if you knew me you’d know I love the number 10. I mean, what’s there not to love? It’s the perfect number. Right? 10 is awesome, there’s just no denying it. So hitting the winning 50k mark on my NaNo on the 10th was just too resisting to pass up.

Off my life went into the cupboard.

CupboardImage not mine

I was hoping it’d be safer in a cupboard than a wardrobe. One can never be sure where things will end up inside a wardrobe.

Narnia Wardrobe

And off to the land of writing I went!

And writing…

and writing…

and writing.

And then there it was! Like opening the wardrobe to find Narnia inside, 50k words! (Okay, not quite that exciting. But exciting nonetheless.)

After I hit that 50k mark, I went to the cupboard to retrieve my life back, glad (and perhaps a little surprised) to find it there and waiting.

It still may get stuck in the cupboard yet though.

Hitting 50k words does not mean my 2012 NaNo is finished. Far from it! I plan on continuing writing a great deal throughout the entire month. My adventure is far from over. NaNo 2012 has much more to give. And I look forward to it all!

Now, if only my characters would stop fighting…

Favorite Writings of the Day:

Sucking in a quick breath, Riana snatched up a long sword on the table beside her and thrust it into his hand.

Eldoren looked down at it in confusion. "What's this?"

She jerked away, doing a quick glance around to see if they needed anything else while also trying to figure out why she was even doing this. "I knew you were simpleminded but I thought by now you would at least know what a sword is."

She smirked to herself when she heard him huff in frustration. "Yes, but why am I holding it?"

"Do you have a weapon?"

"No. Unfortunately, mine got lost during our last attack."

"Well, now you have one."

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