Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh look! I have a Blog.

And it’s very bloggy.

I should probably post occasionally.

But my brain refuses to produce even vague ideas for blog posts.

But I do have a blog.

Though it’s very neglected.

Poor Bloggy.

So this is a post for Bloggy.

Hopefully soon I’ll actually post something for real.

If my brain ever cooperates.

I’ll stop making these short, pointless sentences now.

Hey, that last one wasn’t quite as short.

Oh yeah, I’m stopping.

I shall consult my brain to make more interesting, less pointless posts next time.



Have a great day!

Except it’s actually evening where I am right now.


Have a great [place correct time here]!


  1. *Like*

    Blog posts like these make you even more awesome than you already were, Lauri. <3

  2. Oh my! You're the sweetest, Jill! ^___^


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