Monday, October 31, 2011

When the Insanity Begins…

In only 1 hour for me the clock will strike midnight marking November 1st and the insanity will begin. What insanity you ask? Why, National Novel Writing Month of course! If you have no idea what I am talking about you can check out a post about it here or the official site here.

It is a tradition for many participants to start writing the moment that clock hits 12 AM. Being the crazy person (or person-ish thing) I am, of course I am going to stay up late! It is one of the most exciting parts of NaNo—counting down those dwindling hours, your fingers itching to begin writing, your characters awaiting with anticipation to come alive, knowing thousands of others are doing the same thing right along with you. Such thrill!!

I’m simply ecstatic!

All that planning and anticipation is about to collide into one month of utter insanity with a loud boom of typewriters, pencils, pens, and keypads working away.

At this point in the NaNo stage NaNo’ers are usually something like-

Excited Tangled GIF

But then, with such rigorous writing and time consumption, near the end of the month we usually look something more like-

Merlin Tired GIF

Despite it, NaNo is an utterly fun experience, no sleep, life wasting, and all!

I am not sure if I will be posting more in order to keep up with my NaNo progress on my blog, or post less because, you know, I’ll be writing like crazy, it could go either way.

Whatever this new month of crazy writing brings, it is going to be fantastic!!

Happy NaNo’ing!!!!


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